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Trollpedia is a wiki made for the purpose of documenting online trolls. Trollpedia is the troll encyclopedia in short.

It is in its entirety a collaborative work. All the articles were made thanks to our editors!

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Overview of content moderation

Trollpedia is a community project that anyone can edit, so it is important that everyone contributes positively to the project. While the terms of use are available on the wiki itself, here's an overview of some of the most important rules that you must abide by.

1. All information must be verifiable

Defamation is not acceptable, all information on the wiki must be verifiable to some degree, unaltered screenshots and archived links to websites are sufficient as evidence. If you are unsure whether something on the wiki has enough sourcing, then contact an administrator.

2. The articles must be presentable

The information laid out on Trollpedia must be presented appropriately. Minor grammar or spelling mistakes are tolerated, but incoherent articles filled to the brim with bullet points and random pictures are likely to be removed without prior notice.

3. Common sense

Evidently, it must be said, but use some common sense. Personal attacks toward other editors, publishing personal information that endangers the person concerned in real life and all forms of vandalism are prohibited on Trollpedia.


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