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In light of what happened recently, people have campaigned on Twitter to deplatform Kiwi Farms, most particularly by contacting Cloudflare and Dreamhost to hopefully get rid of it. That, however, is a waste of time.

Is it possible to deplatform Kiwi Farms?

When Cloudflare dropped support for, an extremely right-wing Mastodon instance, they instead registered at BitMitigate for DDoS protection.

When Dreamhost dropped support for The Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi news site, they instead went for another web hosting provider to keep them afloat. Keep in mind that before even joining Dreamhost, they were on Godaddy which did not want to host them either.

That is just to say that there is a hole for every bird – if you successfully get a hosting provider to suspend an account, then the person behind that account can just go elsewhere until they find someone who are willing to keep them.

There are even web hosting services that completely dismiss DMCA takedown requests, so pirates specifically register there to ensure they never lose anything due to copyright. Pedophiles register to services that have no rules against child pornography, so the web host will never have issues hosting their content.


But there must be another way to take down Kiwi Farms, right? What about lawsuits? Lawsuits have historically been ineffective against Kiwi Farms and in most cases they simply resulted into a payout for the complainant, so yeah you could argue this made Null lose money, but somehow that’s never enough to take Kiwi Farms off the internet completely.

Perhaps then, sending the police after the head honcho? Kiwi Farms rarely breaks any law in the United States, which is where it is from. The only hypothetical laws they could theoretically break are laws against harassment that are effective in Europe. Unfortunately, such laws are almost nonexistent in the United States.

Put simply: Many have tried, nobody has ever succeeded.

The one and only way someone has ever been able to rid the world of Kiwi Farms, albeit temporarily,  was by doxxing its owner, yes you heard me right. When Vordrak, an ex-member of Kiwi Farms, had an article written on him, he took it upon himself to dox Null as a vendetta.

Afterward, he called the company where Null’s mom works at and told them about Null being a pedophile. This resulted in her getting fired, then Null took down his own forum for about 1 month or 2.

If this is the extent to which you need to go just to shut down temporarily Kiwi Farms, then anything else not as extreme as this will always fail whenever undertaken.

DDoS attacks are the second most effective way people took down Kiwi Farms, but it is as effective as it would be on any other website improperly protected against that.

Kiwi Farms' logo.

1 thought on “Kiwi Farms is a behemoth you can’t get rid of

  1. Kiwi Farms is an awful site that should be shut down immediately, It actually drove some of their victims to suicide, and that is not right. There has to be an effective way to delete this site as a whole.

    Especially since I do not want any threads or mentions of me there, or else I will counterattack. The site is known for doxxing, and I do not want to be doxxed. I don’t want to be driven to suicide either since living is important. I also don’t want to be compared to Chris-Chan nor Jiminycricketfan007 because I’m nothing like them since I follow good family values, does not have a crush on anyone and is actually sane, unlike those two people.

    Hopefully, there will be someone or some group that will help shoot that cyberbully site/community down! Kiwi Farms needs to die already! Encyclopedia Dramatica also needs to die too, even if that wiki is just satire.

    I do not want to be called a “lolcow” because I’m not one. I’m not a freakin cow… I’m a kitsune!

    Nice that Trollpedia has a page about this dreadful forum with good advice on how to not end up on that site. I salute you.

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