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For this new month of June, we dedicated an entire post to help LGBT youth browse social media in the comfort of their homes without being annoyed by a tough guy or an edgelord online.

How to navigate the net safely!

With social media being filled to the brim by malcontents and trolls, that remains a difficult question to answer. This is imperative to be somewhat vigilant online since trolling may seem very innocent at first, and in most cases it is, but some trolls are fully willing to go beyond that and harass, stalk or doxx you.

So, with that in mind, here is a list of ways to stay away from trolls:

  1. The most important thing would be to avoid attracting the attention of gossip sites like Kiwi Farms and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Per our articles on our wiki, once they latch onto someone they will gather and keep that information afloat about that someone, that is especially true for Kiwi Farms which doubles as a stalker website and managed to make 4 people commit suicide.
  2. If a single troll is particularly dangerous (Either a doxxer, a hacker or a mixture of both), then it is preferable to steer clear from them. In case they would eventually decide to pay you a visit, you should pre-emptively block them. There have been many cases where a troll has gotten real nasty just to hurt someone, in fact, some very homophobic and transphobic trolls might find it funny to leak where you live and put you in real danger. And, that is not difficult either, they can use a web packet sniffing tool to get passwords and emails from unprotected sites, but most importantly they can get your IP address, including from protected sites since your IP address is never encrypted. The best way to protect yourself would be to use a VPN, but they tend to get banned from websites because said trolls also use them to evade bans, so I hardly recommend that, but that is technically the best option to protect your privacy nonetheless.
  3. Hot takes or “unpopular opinions” are bait for trolls, don’t do that, don’t say things you might regret later on in life even if you think they are true.
  4. If you run a website, blocking their IP address is a good option, here’s how to do it: https://htaccessbook.com/block-ip-address/ Per point number 2, be aware that they might come back under a different IP address.
  5. If you see someone else being harassed by a troll, note that it might be best to report the troll and do nothing else. If you intervene, the troll might target you instead.
  6. Make sure you trust the person before you click on any of their links. This might save you from seeing NSFL content like snuff, goatse, and getting viruses that might put you at risk of having your personal information stolen from you. Furthermore, make sure to install extensions onto your browser to block ads and requests from unsafe links.

There are many more ways to stay away from trolls like the more obvious “report & block”. But, as a general rule of thumb, remember not to feed the trolls.


On the net you can find a ton of offensive comments, so to avoid that too we recommend you join communities that are willing to take the steps necessary to ban hateful conduct.

LGBT support groups

If you feel alone or rejected, give these a call.


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1 thought on “Trollpedia supports the LGBTQ+

  1. I’m asexual and a conservative for your information. Also, nice and helpful advice on how to stay away from trolls and avoid them.

    In fact, one user tried to make a page about me on Encyclopedia Dramatica lately until it was blanked later, but at least I didn’t get doxxed, but still. I don’t deserve a page there since I never started dramas.

    I’m lucky that no one on KiwiFarms said a word about me, but let’s keep it that way since I am staying away from it’s awful community and hope that site will DIE OFF for good.

    I want to continue to navigate the net safely so that I will never be bothered and harassed. At least I have good anti-virus software and add-ons that that block ads/unsafe content.

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