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Big news! I had to block 110 IP addresses in one single day because of the unbearable spam on the wiki! Recently, a slew of Black Hat SEO spammers infested the site, unfortunately for them (and for me), there is the moderation extension and the Abuse Filter, I then check their IP and ban it.

With that said, I had the intention to make this post for a while, so I saved every permalink to each IP I tested on Robtex due to how unbearable it is becoming.

Just look at everything we have gotten in the past few days:

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, it has been happening for two entire months now and it keeps getting worse. The two main proxies who hide these spammers behind their IPs are HostRoyale and Eonix.

I had decided to manually block all of Eonix’s IP addresses to curb the spammers since so many of theirs appear to be used for commercial ends, however, I am disappointed to see that Eonix does not care that they are servicing spammers.

It does not only affect Trollpedia, it affects Wikimedia, ShoutWiki and Miraheze too.

This begs the question, when do they start dealing with the Black Hat SEO spammers on their platforms? I am thinking of starting my own DNSBL and blacklisting all their IPs, so at least MediaWiki sites won’t have to deal with spam anymore if they choose to.

I am gonna put a link to both IP providers and hopefully after receiving enough messages about the plague that they are contributing to they will do something about it:

Someone compiled a separate list of spam-only IP addresses on Miraheze and many of them come from different hosts, but one that came up regularly when I checked each IP was DigitalOcean.

Here, hoping that will do something:

The bottom line

Fortunately, other than the 3 above, it seems that most online host providers are actually willing to not give a platform to spammers and scammers.

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