Fake or Fact?

Social media like Twitter and Reddit are formidable sources of information, but whether that information turns out to be true is sometimes difficult to figure out, especially when you are trying to learn more about a niche when gossip is still ongoing.

In fact, social media have a really bad habit of spreading misinformation far and wide very quickly causing any actual information to be buried under them.

Here are some examples directly from Twitter user DefNoodles to best exemplify the issue.

In turn, this creates cancel culture, a culture made for people who hastily jump to conclusions. In short, we can observe the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

This does not go without consequences. With defamation merchants on the loose like the notorious Youtuber DanielKeemstarKeem who likes to spread or create manufactroversies based on half-truths both for attention or to attack the character of anyone, he does not like. His most infamous case was involving RSGloryAnGold whom he falsely accused of being a Pedophile because he looked like another person who was an actual Pedophile that was arrested by the police.

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