New Google Doodle launches series of games around Tokyo Olympics

On July 22th, Google published a new browser game titled “Doodle Champion Island Games“. In this game you play as Lucky, a ninja cat who wants to partake in the Olympics.

The player must complete a series of mini-games based on the Tokyo Olympics games against each opponent who is supposed to be an expert in their respective field.

The game has a splendid intro cutscene animated by Japanese studio STUDIO4°C.

Moreover, this game works as an homage to 16 bits games as its neat aesthetic works well in the setting while not being completely distracting.

If you wanna try it out, it is available on the homepage of Google’s search engine at


Google has previously published a doodle game based on PacMan to celebrate his 30th anniversary, another one thematized around Halloween which garnered a small cult following and yet another one thematized around Valentines.


Google and Doodle Champion Island Games are trademarks of Alphabet Inc.

Kiwi Close-up

In light of what happened recently, people have campaigned on Twitter to deplatform Kiwi Farms, most particularly by contacting Cloudflare and Dreamhost to hopefully get rid of it. That, however, is a waste of time.

Is it possible to deplatform Kiwi Farms?

When Cloudflare dropped support for, an extremely right-wing Mastodon instance, they instead registered at BitMitigate for DDoS protection.

When Dreamhost dropped support for The Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi news site, they instead went for another web hosting provider to keep them afloat. Keep in mind that before even joining Dreamhost, they were on Godaddy which did not want to host them either.

That is just to say that there is a hole for every bird – if you successfully get a hosting provider to suspend an account, then the person behind that account can just go elsewhere until they find someone who are willing to keep them.

There are even web hosting services that completely dismiss DMCA takedown requests, so pirates specifically register there to ensure they never lose anything due to copyright. Pedophiles register to services that have no rules against child pornography, so the web host will never have issues hosting their content.

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A custom rainbow flag with a fist on it.

For this new month of June, we dedicated an entire post to help LGBT youth browse social media in the comfort of their homes without being annoyed by a tough guy or an edgelord online.

How to navigate the net safely!

With social media being filled to the brim by malcontents and trolls, that remains a difficult question to answer. This is imperative to be somewhat vigilant online since trolling may seem very innocent at first, and in most cases it is, but some trolls are fully willing to go beyond that and harass, stalk or doxx you.

So, with that in mind, here is a list of ways to stay away from trolls:

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