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Abbie Hoffman was the leader of the 1960s hippie group the, "Yippies", and wrote a book on how to get free shit called, "Steal This Book". He is considered a historical troll by third parties, mostly for his unkept appearance, and his frequent prank activity against the US government and porkies.

One of Abbie's biggest trolls was taking tour of the FBI while being wanted by the FBI. (His FBI record is 13,262 pages long)

Other trolling activities[edit | edit source]

New York Stock Exchange
In August 1967, Abbie waltzed into the New York Stock Exchange with a fat pile of $5 bills and began to throw it all over the room, all over the traders. This made the traders quite angry, with at least one trader telling Abbie, "you're disgusting".[1]
1968 presidential race
In 1968, Abbie registered a living pig for the presidential race.
Bumpersticker Spamming
Abbie liked to go around New York City and plaster bumperstickers for Canada on US Army recruitment stations.[2]
Bomb instructions
Abbie wrote in a chapter of one of his books a recipe for making a bomb and part of his book described attaching bombs to dogs. The FBI considered busting him for this chapter, until they realized he had copy-pasted material from a publicly available army training book anyone could get by mailing the government printing office.[3]

In media[edit | edit source]

Sasha Baron Cohen played Abbie for the 2020 Netflix movie: The Trial of the Chicago 7.

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