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Troll informations
Username Anatoly Karlin
Type of troll Anti-Vegan
Status Active
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Anatoly Karlin (online alias Akarlin88) is a Russian far-right[1] anti-LGBT+ blogger[2] and anti-vegan troll who uses his social media to mock vegans and vegetarians while also criticise the LGBT+ community. Karlin denies the scientific consensus on global warming.[3][4]

He is a massive homophobe who wrote a blog post titled "Why Homosexuality Shouldn’t Be Promoted"[5] in which he claims "it’s a valid public health policy to make homosexuality culturally unattractive, as opposed to glamorizing it" and attempts to link homosexuality to pedophilia. He has used homophobic language on his Twitter such as calling people "faggots".[6][7]

Anti-vegan trolling[edit | edit source]

I am eating more beef, not just because it's healthy and delicious, but because I get a warm feeling, a real sense of pleasure, knowing that I'm voiding the efforts of some Green vegan loser in the West - as well as doing my small part to help Tropical Hyperborea along.
~ Anatoly Karlin

Karlin has made dubious and pseudoscientific claims plant-based diets reduce IQ.[8]

Screenshot examples of his posts (on Twitter and Reddit) trolling vegans:

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