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Troll informations
Username AndreJ HD
Type of troll Harasser
Status Active
Profile picture
AndreJ HD.jpg

AndreJ_HD is a Youtuber with a minuscule fanbase (3K subscribers and averages 300 views on his videos). He makes Youtube videos on mobile games, most of which is Geometry Dash.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

AndreJ HD has been actively harassing bigger Youtubers than himself such as Sid Alpha, BigFryTV, IGP, IcyCaress, NoBlackThunder and Anthomnia just to name a few, for criticizing a game called "Day of Dragons" ever since December of 2019. Ironically enough, he harassed the developer of the game too for whatever reason.

Bio[edit | edit source]

He is a grown Caucasian man and he is visibly chubby.

Assuming his username is his first name and 1 letter of his surname, that means he would be called Andre in real life.

He lives in Serbia.

He allegedly has autism.

Harassment[edit | edit source]

The troll has been using several forms of harassment on both Youtube and Twitter to intimidate critics of Day of Dragons.

The first known form of harassment from AndreJ comes in the form of stalking his victims on Twitter and talking shit about them. On Twitter, he responded multiple times to people using reaction GIFs to mock them and he accused the people he harassed of harassing himself. That was likely done in order to deflect the criticism to his targets and make them look like hypocrites.

Unfortunately for him, his behavior is so much worse compared to anyone else involved in this situation.

Additionally, most of his victims stayed quiet about the issue to avoid bringing him bad attention.

At some point, AndreJ HD was urging a hacker to hack the people that he was actively harassing on both Twitter and Youtube. The hacker posted the discussion he had with AndreJ HD onto his Twitter timeline. (Proof!) Andre then asked more hackers to go after NoBlackThunder and one of the hackers accepted, but nothing happened yet. (Proof!)

Since AndreJ HD could not bribe a single competent hacker into hacking Sid Alpha and his peers, he instead decided that the best way to get rid of them was by massively reporting them on both Youtube and Twitter. AndreJ HD asked his followers to falsely report them, however, that did not work either. (Proof!)

Lastly, AndreJ HD has bullied random Twitter users for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Rants[edit | edit source]

List of goons[edit | edit source]

This list includes all the pals of Andre that participated in the harassment campaign against the people that were critical of Day of Dragons, alongside AndreJ HD himself. It is unknown if they are alt accounts or not, but considering that they actively helped AndreJ HD, it is a possibility.

Andre later confirmed he had many MAGA goons that go after those who were critical of him in the description of one of his videos. (Proof!)

Playing the victim[edit | edit source]

After being exposed, instead of dropping it, AndreJ HD decided to come back a few months later with a rant video trying to "expose" the same Youtubers he harassed.

As it turns out, only his own fanboys believe him. The following videos are rant videos Andre made:

Overall, 4 main points can be taken from the videos:

  1. He claims to have stopped harassing Sid Alpha, Bigfry TV, etc. The evidence provided proves he is lying.
  2. He alleges that all the links are fake and are made-up screenshots when the website does not screenshot anything, those are readable HTML pages.
  3. He alleges that the very same people he harassed, harassed him first.
  4. He alleges that all the screenshots raised against him were made in Photoshop. You can tell a photoshopped picture and a non-photoshopped picture apart, but since this destroys his argument he did not show any and did not explain why said screenshots were supposedly photoshopped.

AndreJ HD made a similar Spreadsheet document to expose the same people he harassed. You should notice that his archives are taking tweets out of context to strengthen his delusion that he is the victim of a harassment campaign.

A good example from the spreadsheet is this comment on column A, row 5

She will shut down her twitter then claim i hacked it when she returns or just goes on YouTube or Twitch!
~ AndreJ_HD

Then there's a link to this tweet thread which reads: It wouldnt be one I my tweets without a typo XD For those wondering, If I delete. I will still be on and I also have the discord Much love to all you wonderful souls out here! Love you and maybe see you around in a few months :) ♡.

On the previous tweets before the "incriminating" tweet in question, Rachael comments on how Twitter is extremely toxic which is bad to her mental health. The tweet itself linked in Andre's spreadsheet simply says that if she deletes her Twitter account, she has other accounts on other websites. She makes no mention of hacking nor Andre on said tweet.

Besides the out of context archives, Andre took a few angry tweets actually directed at him and conflated them into harassment in an attempt to make a point.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

AndreJ HD screenshot from Parler
"Yes, I am not a homophobe, but like we should stop gays from meeting up and god didn't create Adam and Steve. Oh yeah also, did you know what YouTube did to the LGBT?"

AndreJ HD purchased subscribers. According to Twitter DMs, it is because his parents threatened to cut him off the internet entirely if his Youtube channel was not getting enough subscribers at a steady pace. This could mean AndreJ is acting in a terrible manner because his parents are very entitled. (Source of reference)

He deleted content from his Twitter account on several occasions, sometimes going as far as purging everything from his Twitter account, so nobody could frame him as a disgruntled troll.

Considering he is an adult and he lives with his parents, that makes him a basement dweller.

Several MAGApedes have harassed Sid Alpha and his peers, meaning there could be a clique of Trump supporters/Russian bots who hate Sid Alpha and his acquaintances and want them gone.

AndreJ HD was openly Transphobic and Homophobic prior to getting his account suspended from Twitter. He continues to espouse Transphobic and Homophobic rhetoric on Parler.

AndreJ HD had an account on a Pakistani website called where he made a video against someone else as seen here on this very blurry video. Looking up his name on the website gives no result, but his name does autocomplete in the search bar.

Andre complains about people who did not watch his rant videos in their integrality when it is very difficult to understand him and they are so poorly edited.

In his Youtube bio, Andre says "I only use YouTube other accounts might be fake just block!", but as evidenced by his Youtube links (One of which links to his Parler account), he is lying. Additionally, on that same Parler account he mentions that he has accounts on a website called Rumble and another one called BitChute.

External links[edit | edit source]

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Parler account

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Andre's spreadsheet:


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