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Introduction & Explanation[edit | edit source]

What is a baiter and what is the act of baiting?

A baiter is a type of troll that tries to create a tense situation (Otherwise known as a flamewar) in which people will start angrily debating with them. They tend to say stupid or erroneous things on purpose or act very childish and easily offendable which in return will make people believe the troll is immature and start acting condescending toward them with the belief that the troll is unironically too immature to be unsupervised on the internet when, in fact, they are faking it. Although not nearly as common as regular baiters due to the fact this type of baiter can be shunned out of existence, baiters can be edgelords too with their gimmick being: Saying offensive things to garner attention. If it happens, just report them, they will most likely be banned from most social platforms and forums.

It is important to note that baiters are not very dangerous nor harmful, if you ignore them, they will not be bothering you.

For a full list of baiters see below.

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