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Group informations
Name or title Boris fanboys
Current Leader Unknown
Type of group Harassing
How active Active
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Boris fanboys are a groups of trolls who are fans of the child abusing father, Boris Anderson of the Gacha Life / GoAnimate / Vyond / Plotagon series: Boris Gets Grounded. Because they do not like seeing Boris getting grounded nor arrested.

Why are they trolls?[edit | edit source]

They love to make fun on the users who are doing the Boris Gets Grounded series, and abusing those users. Some of those users who did the series had to give it up and do a finale (Like Boris moves out.)

Victims[edit | edit source]

Diamond Counter was one of the victims who was attacked by Boris Fanboys that he decided to end the series with the title, Boris moves out (Series Finale). He even put a disclaimer that he cannot do Boris Gets Grounded anymore because of being attacked by Boris Fanboys.


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