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Cancel culture also known as call-out culture is a form of witch-hunt, similar in nature, although not quite like Cringe culture and Outrage culture, that consists of either sending a lynch mob against someone or start boycotts against corporations who have done wrongdoings. At first, it seems like a good thing, but too many people get "cancelled" when they did not deserve this and this culture was weaponized as a means to blackmail and harass other people.

The kind of people who get "cancelled" the most are more often than not people who have said the N-word, with one instance coming from a decade old video of a racer saying the cursed word with a straight face.

People who DO deserve to get "cancelled" are rarely victims of cancel culture. More often than not, they have done horrible shit in their life, such as murder or rape, anything besides saying a bad word, but they never get caught.

Victims of cancel culture[edit | edit source]

/!\These lists do not include people who actually deserved it./!\

Cancel culture within the extreme Left[edit | edit source]

Whenever someone/something gets cancelled by the extreme left, they often get boycotted and their entire reputation ruined by news outlets that feed off drama and gossip. This is the type of cancel culture that people speaks the most about because in 90% of the cases, the person who gets cancelled did not deserve this and in most cases the cancellation is successful with the person's reputation completely ruined due to a lynch mob.

The most notable "cancels" are listed down there. #Metoo "cancels" are included.

  1. Cancel Pewdiepie on several instances: Once for saying the N word, another for wearing the wrong outfit, yet another time for an antisemitic joke and then yet again for wearing the wrong outfit in his video where he talks about the ADL. That did affect Pewdiepie immensely, although he still has an audience and receives a lot of money out of his Youtube videos.
  2. Cancel Jared "Projared" Knabenbauer: He was accused of adultery and was later accused of soliciting nudes from minors.
  3. Cancel Dave Chappelle: Dave and his stand-up show, Sticks and Stones, received a ton of backlash and hate. His comedy show received an extremely low score on Rotten Tomatoes with a solid 35% and did rather poorly overall.
  4. Cancel the Joker movie (2019): The Joker movie was accused by journalists of empowering incels. The "cancel" is among the 10% that were not successful since the Joker movie did astonishingly well, with good ratings.
  5. Cancel Vic Mignogna: Based on several allegations of sexual misconduct which were supposedly made out of jealousy. Vic was fired over those allegations.
  6. Cancel Markus "Notch" Persson: He made some controversial statements that come off as Transphobic or Homophobic and made several conspiracy theories. Lately, Notch disregarded the fires in the Amazon rainforest. Notch was barred from attending Minecraft's 10th birthday. It has to be noted, he apologized several times over his hot takes.

There are many more examples, but those above are the most notables.

Cancel culture within the alt-right[edit | edit source]

Unlike what the popular opinion wants you to think, the alt-right and, sometimes, the gamergaters have "cancelled" several people over the years. Their method of cancelling is far more aggressive, often using rating systems to make something look worse than it actually is or they will restlessly comment heinous things about someone and dig up their past to try to ruin their reputation.

However, they are not very good at that, so there were attempts to cancel someone/something that failed.

The most notable attempts (successful or otherwise) are listed down there.

  1. Cancel Sonicfox: For basically kicking the hive at an interview, like an idiot. He received more support than hate which means this attempt at cancellation was unsuccessful.
  2. Cancel some of Disney's live action remakes: Although the remakes were mediocre, they still did better than the original animated movies. The movies that were targeted the most were Dumbo and The little Mermaid. The other movies were given a lot of heat as well, but those were not attempt at cancellation, rather the movies were actually mediocre and people hated them.
  3. Cancel Captain Marvel and Brie Larson: For the same reasons as Sonicfox. Although the movie, Captain Marvel, did well in box offices, in Endgame, Marvel got rid of Brie Larson. In conclusion, this was more or less successful.
  4. Cancel Pewdiepie after donating to the ADL: Pewdiepie wussed out and retracted his donation, so this can be counted as successful.
  5. Cancel several Democrat representatives: Ilhan Omar most notably and that was caused by a tweet made by Donald J Trump about Minnesota being a "dumpster city". The witch hunt was not really successful, however.
  6. Cancel everyone who showed support for #BlackLivesMatter: One Angry Gamer made a shit-list of people who were supportive of the social cause, but to no avail.

There are many more examples, but those above are the most notables.

Other perpetrators of cancel culture[edit | edit source]

iDubbbzTV, who is the creator of content cop, is a Youtuber known to destroy awful Youtubers. He ruined Keemstar's reputation and turned to dust the entire career of Leafyishere. He is one of the few people that actually "cancels" the right people. He was then cancelled into oblivion after he supported his wife starting an onlyfans.

The #MeToo movement is behind most of the "cancels", some are undeserved, others are deserved. Lately, Zoe Quinn, whose friend known as Anita Sarkeesian used the hashtag, made Alec Holowka commit suicide. That caused a lot of gossip surrounding cancel culture which was already seen as a boogeyman by many people prior to the controversy involving Zoe Quinn.

Drama Alert, owned by Keemstar, is a Youtube channel that talks about gossips and drama. This channel is behind the defamation of several Youtubers like Bashurverse and the Twitch streamer that was accused of being a Pedophile. Keemstar and his news channel are used as defamation against the people he does not like.

Turkey Tom. A member of the "commentary community", called out Pyrocynical. For supposedly "grooming" a minor: Based on allegations and screenshots supposedly of him grooming a minor. Turkey Tom notably called out Pyrocynical for this, only for it to backfire on him for creating a false narrative, his dishonesty and for blowing everything out of proportion.

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