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An Anti-SJW (Short for Anti-Social Justice Warrior) is a person who claims to be against social justice warriors and the social cause of social justice. They claim to be the 'hierarchy' of the internet, when they have proven to be no better than the social justice warriors they talk about, and to top that they are massive hypocrites who claim to have higher standards than the aforementioned SJW's.

They are often very opposed to political correctness, and resort to using ad-hominem attacks and acting edgy by using slurs like "cancerous", "simp", "autistic", "soyboy" and "cuck". A few examples of these Anti-SJW's include TheQuartering, No Bullshit, and Mister Metokur. Many of these Anti-SJW's are right-wing and supporters of Donald Trump, but they can also be leftists and liberals.

This category includes all anti-SJW's with a written article on Trollpedia.