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A bigoted troll is a type of troll that shouts or types antisemitic, religious, racial, sexual, ageist, or ableist slurs on a consistent basis to ridicule, mock and piss people off who are the aforementioned. Depending on the bigoted troll, they can either be legit or just say it to get a reaction.

There are multiple types of bigoted trolls and they are as follows:

1. Ableist trolls are trolls that ridicule and mock people who are autistic or have a disability. Most of these trolls consistently resort to using ableist slurs like "autistic", "autism" (In a demeaning way), "sperg", "mong", "retard", "retarded", "cripple", "trogdolyte", "deformed", and "tard" to spite, mock and ridicule people with disabilities and autism, or piss people off. Some of these trolls genuinely hate people with disabilities and autism.

2. Racist trolls are trolls that shout racial/xenophobic slurs like "nigger", "nig nog", "spook", "beaner", "spic", "wetback", "cracker", "gook", "jap", "chink", "sand-nigger", "wop", and "guinea", or anti-nationalist insults to people from other countries like, "yank", "americunt", "limey", "britfag", "cabbage eater", "mick", "

3. Anti-semitic trolls are trolls that shout anti-semitic slurs like "jewish", "jew", "jewfucker", "kike", "jewboy", and "shyster".

4. Vulgar trolls are trolls that shout homophobic or sexual-related slurs like "virgin", "homo", "faggot", "fag", "queer", "gay", "dyke", "tranny", and "pansy" to ridicule, mock, piss others off and occasionally for their sexual orientation.

5. Ageist trolls are not uncommon these days because of the common comeback "ok boomer" has risen in popularity. Insults include, "boomer", "zoomer", "old-fart", "hag", "old bag", and "geezer" (although this term can be used to describe oneself).

6. Religious-slur trolls resort to insulting people depending on what they believe in whether they are religious. Insults like "towelhead", "raghead", "bible-thumper", "christfag", "religicunt", and "christard".

7. Political-slur trolls. Common with the alt-right and hardcore socialist elitist leftist breadtube movements. They use slurs such as "cuck", "cuckservative", "cucktard", "conservatard", "cuckservatard", "libtard" and "chud".

Other trolls like size-slur trolls that resort to insulting people for being overweight or obese to make fun of them and piss them off. These includes include "fat", "fat ass", "fat fuck", "fat cunt", "fat shit", "fatty", "blob", and "whale".

Although it is generally considered uncommon and not a big deal, people are hate people for being skinny can also be applied. These insults include "twig", "stick-man", and "scrawny".

For height, they will mock people by height using insults such as "midget", for dwarfs and "ape" for oversized people.