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Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg This does not refer to all commentary channels, but particularly commentary channels that are fascinated by internet drama.

Commentary Channels also known as Drama Channels are a community which consists of YouTube and Twitter users that clout chase whatever popular internet drama is currently happening on the internet, whether it is happening on Twitter, Discord or YouTube. A lot of the content is inspired by Leafyishere, and ever since the popularity of Leafyishere, the commentary channels exploded it popularity, spawning multiple YouTube channels that witch hunt, dog-pile, and are fascinated by internet drama. Other communities such as the art/animation community have associated themselves within the commentary community, which has resulted in the commentary community attacking the users of the art community, a few examples include Spechie, TheOdd1sout, Hopeless Peaches, and Thumin. The majority of these users are female.

Are they trolls?[edit | edit source]

Some of these users are potential trolls because of their very impulsive tendencies of being accusatory, defamatory and inflammatory.

Some of these users love to talk shit and act like a bully a lot to others in their videos or on other social media platforms, some of these users include Griffin Gaming, Leafyishere, and JohnSwanYT.

Some of these users intentions are to witch hunt and dog-pile the user they talk about, which leads to mass dislike bombing, and leaving nasty comments. One example includes Leafyishere targeting a user by the name of TommyNC2010, who was being bullied and received death threats on the YouTube platform by Leafy's fans.

Content[edit | edit source]

Most of the content is often very clickbaity, showing close ups of people's faces and titles of popular topics about controversial users and drama. However this is not the case with all commentary/drama channels. What makes these videos clickbaity is how they approach the drama and make whatever drama situation look worse than it actually is.

Some of these channels are blatant copies of Leafyishere, trying to be the next Leafyishere, check out Griffin Gaming. However not all of these channels are blatant rip-offs of Leafyishere, and instead are done in a different fashion, such as making face-time commentaries.


Accusations/Tendencies[edit | edit source]

A lot of the commentary community is very accusatory, they often call other people "pedophiles" without substantial and incriminating evidence. Accusing others of being pedophiles is a popular punchline amongst the community in an attempt to cancel them. Moreover, a lot of the commentary community is built around drama and cancel culture.

They jump on the bandwagon of whatever popular internet drama about a particular content creator who did something apparently "wrong" or is being "cancelled" for something that was blown out of proportion, then make a few or multiple videos about it to gain traction and views.

A few of these members of the community like Bowblax, like to discuss and narrarate dramas on Twitter, essentially reading out how much of a toxic cesspit Twitter is, when Bowblax associates himself within this Twitter cesspool.

List of Drama/Commentary Channels[edit | edit source]

(Note: This does not apply to all channels that do commentaries, but commentary community members who are solely focused on drama)

Leafyishere (The one that started it all)

Turkey Tom

Bowblax (A hypocrite who false flagged and copyright striked someone's video, who also criticized Suzy Lu for false flagging and copyright striking other people's videos)

AugieRFC (A close friend of Bowblax, essentially a Keemstar 2.0)

Memology 101

I Bully Bullies

LtCobra (A teenager who makes "jokes" about being sexual in Discord/Twitter direct messages)

diesel patches

Griffin Gaming

Rogue, Internet Man (A user with a smug attitude, dedicated to making obsessive videos on "lolcows" and Chris Chan)

John Swan/JohnSwanYT


sensitive soci3ty






Prison Mate Luke

Declan Black (A potential troll with shit-talking descriptions, thumbnails and titles)




Nicholas DeOrio

Tommy C









Chef Bojack



Combat Wombat

Sources[edit | edit source]

(NOTE: The videos shown are explained by a user who has trolled another troll by the name of Mad Black Atheist, but despite of this, gives important information about Bowblax and AugieRFC)

That Chosen Reborn Guy:[edit | edit source]

My Problems With The Commentary Community Part 1

My Problems With The Commentary Community Part 2 Ft. Scumbag Hector

Content Fallout - Bowblax

Content Destruction - Bowblax

The Aftermath of Bowblax

AugieRFC: Allegations Without Proof

My Message To Tipster And AugieRFC

Other:[edit | edit source]

Terrible Channels: Benji, Scrubby, Memeulous, Cyrus, Kwite, AidenProjects etc.

Commentary Channels Be Like...

Commentary Channels In A Nutshell

Talking about my Online Harassment (TheMysteriousMrEnter for a vague moment describes the commentary/drama community in the best way)

Bad Commentary Channels.

See Also[edit | edit source]

Keemstar (A channel built around internet drama and "news")

Cancel Culture (What the Commentary/Drama Community is built around)

Cringe Culture

Outrage Culture


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