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Troll informations
Username corestormy
Type of troll Stalker
Status Active
Profile picture

Amanda "Corestormy/Corestompy" Jenkins, also known under many other aliases, is an online stalker who is infamous for harassing Youtubers by claiming that they are pedophiles.

Why she is a troll[edit | edit source]

She is a stalker who likes to defame people by calling them pedophiles repeatedly. She is infamous for harassing her victims across multiple sockpuppet accounts.

Furthermore, she targeted several websites that she thinks wronged her in the past and while she thinks that she has single-handedly took them down, in reality, she has only played a small part, if any, in these sites closing.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The troll's real name is Rebecca Pisani, she is a Schizophrenic white woman in her forties. She lives with her son in the United States, Pennsylvania. According to one blog post, she might have been born in Italy.

Harassment[edit | edit source]

Her harassment campaigns span over a decade.

Firstly, she harassed users on the website YouKandy after being called out for cheating.

Secondly, she harassed the moderators on, after she repeatedly got banned from the website. One person called oCHRIS was a victim of her antics for a very long time, until shuts down.

Additionally, it appears that she is very good at social engineering since she managed to find the phone number of one of her victims.

Lastly, she started to harass several big Youtubers including Nexpo (Further discussed below), iSwampDweller, NightDocs, Justin Whang, InsideAMind, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Mama Max, Eleanor, Loey Lane, Ricky Berwick and Penguinz0 (Temporarily).

One of her longest-standing victims is known as comet0707, she is an artist on Twitter who received hateful comments from Corestormy.

She harasses most of her victims by defaming them. She will repeatedly call them "pedophiles" and reply to absolutely everything they post.

TL;DR of the situation with oChris.
TL;DR of the situation with oChris.

Nexpo[edit | edit source]

Nexpo was the first to make a video exposing Corestormy, it is available below:

According to the video itself, he originally attempted to ignore her, but eventually, he decides that the best course of action is to talk about her.

Before making that video, he made a tweet thread talking about the stalker in question which caused him to receive a lot more harassment from the troll.

NightDocs[edit | edit source]

Because of her relentless harassment, NightDocs called the cops on the troll in hope that she gets arrested.

Because of the troll, NightDocs removed his own Twitter profile, albeit temporarily. Looking up his profile results in text displaying This account doesn’t exist. The troll would later make the false claim that his account was banned, but banned accounts appear as Account suspended.

Loey Lane[edit | edit source]

Rebecca mocking someone's death.
Rebecca mocking someone's death.

She uploaded two videos onto Youtube discussing her involvement with the troll.

Alt accounts[edit | edit source]

Rebecca does not understand what "rape" means.
Rebecca does not understand what "rape" means.
Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg These lists are not ordered. The accounts are added at the bottom whenever they are known.

This section lists all of her currently known sockpuppets.

Twitter[edit | edit source]

  • @mentalkind (Suspended)
  • @stormydollz (Suspended)
  • @stompydollz (Deleted)
  • @rebstormypisani (Suspended)
  • @dazedan8324322 (Deleted)
  • @dazedan87430652 (Suspended)
  • @corestormy (Suspended)
  • @rebecca_stormy (Suspended)
  • @rebcorestormy (Suspended)
  • @awew00628034 (Suspended)
  • @RDPCore (Suspended)
  • @amandawasframed (Suspended)
  • @rebekahpisani (Suspended)
  • @time00468624 (Deleted)
  • @csclub_Real (Suspended)
  • @banRabbitOchris
  • @AJRebeccapisani (Moved to @RebeccaPisaniAJ, Suspended)
  • @NightDocsYTHA (Suspended)
  • @rebeccadanielp9 (Suspended)
  • @downrabb (Suspended)
  • @brokeisapedo (Suspended)
  • @rebeccadanielp9 (Suspended)
  • @AkaRebecca (Suspended)
  • @dazedwithu (Deleted)
  • @StormyPisaniReb (Suspended)
  • @nm48153214 (Moved to @NexpoApedo, Suspended)
  • @dsdsad11980398 (Moved to @Nightdocsytpedo, Suspended)
  • @awew0628034 (Suspended)
  • @AmandaJpisani (Suspended)
  • @corerebekah
  • @Rebekahpisani (Suspended)
  • @stormycore (Private)
  • @PisaniJenkins (Moved to @Itsuki_chann, then @PisaniJenkins3, Suspended)
  • @weirdwithstorm (Suspended)
  • @uiouio14160866 (Deleted)
  • @stomycult
  • @gabohi3722 (Suspended)
  • @toxor51712 (Suspended)
  • @xstormys (Suspended)
  • @jhj40770576 (Suspended)
  • @stoppedoyoutube (Suspended)
  • @aka_pisani (Suspended)
  • @lea77102724 (Suspended)
  • @baraya9708 (Suspended)
  • @RebekiniP (Username overtaken by a troll)
  • @jyr55689805 (Suspended)
  • @steals99727634 (Suspended)
  • @stormy39750358 (Suspended)
  • @JenkinPisani (Suspended)
  • @stopstalkingReb (Suspended)
  • @sunroudsz (Suspended)
  • @weareloved1 (Suspended)
  • @stormy9997105 (Suspended)
  • @Dazed4412517 (Suspended)
  • @stormy18203081 (Suspended)
  • @lady88024537 (Temporarily restricted)
  • @candyca68505772 (Temporarily restricted)
  • @corestormyaz
  • @corestormyAJz (Suspended)
  • @stormy07119732 (Suspended)
  • @RabbitReddit (Suspended)
  • @DmStormymental (Suspended)
  • @Iamcorestormy2 (Moved to @DomRharrisonn, Suspended)
  • @DomRHarrison (Fake impersonation account, Suspended)
  • @stormy280116539 (Suspended)
  • @stormy13500593 (Suspended)
  • @here955112593 (Suspended)
  • @rabbitsuckz (Suspended)
  • @standwithstormy (Suspended)
  • @stormyrebelgirl (Deleted)
  • @stormyrebelreal (Deleted)
  • @stormyfans33 (Deleted)
  • @RebekahStormy (Suspended)
  • @rabbitdiscordno (Suspended)
  • @shawncooley10 (Suspended)
  • @stormygirlnet ("Temporarily unavailable" despite still existing)
  • @RdpReb (Suspended)
  • @yungbludstormyfand (Deleted)
  • @runthistownz (Suspended)
  • @rebeccadanielp5 (Suspended)
  • @rebwasframed (Suspended)
  • @rebeccadanielp8 (Suspended)
  • @truthlo22252416 (Suspended)
  • @pisanistormy (Suspended)
  • @dmhwierdz (Suspended)
  • @DRHmental (Suspended)
  • @corestormyy (Suspended)
  • @lafek47760 (Suspended)
  • @dazed5216007 (Suspended)
  • @seham98556 (Suspended)
  • @Daze19345332 (Suspended)
  • @xfactors8 (Suspended)
  • @AJCorestormyz (Suspended)
  • @diva20904466 (Suspended)
  • @here95512593 (Suspended)
  • @tema03252940 (Suspended)
  • @lee01903458 (Suspended)
  • @Dva76188322 (Suspended)

Also see this list of alt accounts made by Corestormy compiled by NightDocsYT:

And another list compiled by BrockBadatLife:

Reddit[edit | edit source]

  • u/stompymetal (Suspended)
  • u/RPDweird (Suspended)
  • u/Igozweirdz (Suspended)
  • u/RebpisaniStormy (Suspended)
  • u/StormyRebeccapisani6 (Suspended)
  • u/concernedrabbituser (Suspended)
  • u/-yungblud- (Fake impersonation account, obviously got suspended)
  • u/DomxMental (Suspended)
  • u/RebeccaPisaniCORE- (Suspended)
  • u/Rebpisanistormy3 (Suspended)
  • u/yungBludMental_ (Suspended)
  • u/wolfmoon2020 (Suspended)
  • u/rebstormy_ (Suspended)
  • u/Rebeccapisani- (Suspended)
  • u/Rebeccapisanistormy4 (Suspended)
  • u/Rebeccastormypisani (Suspended)
  • u/mentalstreams (Suspended)
  • u/RebeccapisaniStormy (Suspended)
  • u/Yungblud- (Suspended)
  • u/YUNGBLUDStormyfan (Suspended)
  • u/DomxMental (Suspended)
  • u/alienspin (Possible sock account, suspended)
  • u/rabbitProtectsoChris (Suspended)
  • u/oChrisrabbitsbitch (Suspended)

Instagram[edit | edit source]

  • corestormy

Facebook[edit | edit source]

  • RebeccaPisaniCORE
  • corestormyreal
  • ripkarenpisani
  • corestormyrebelmainprofile (Unavailable)
  • Amanda Jenkins
  • Dominic Harrison (Fake impersonation account, "in a relationship with" her main)
  • Domme (Unavailable)
  • CoreShifflette (Unavailable)

Soundcloud[edit | edit source]

  • corestormy

Youtube[edit | edit source]

  • Stormy Music
  • Dominic Richard Harrison (Once again using the name of Yungblud)
  • karmacalls (Suspended)
  • stromy core
  • theskullgirls
  • CoreFanvideos

Deviantart[edit | edit source]

  • corestormy

Discord[edit | edit source]

  • RebekahStormy#5606

Attempted vandalism[edit | edit source]

Corestormy performing an edit. Her IP address is blacked out.
Corestormy performing an edit. Her IP address is blacked out.

On the 4th of December 2020, corestormy tried to blank this article, but to no avail since the abuse filter stopped her.

The IP was confirmed to be hers when an administrator verified her geolocation using her IP address, it went back to Pennsylvania.

Of notability, corestormy linked one of her suspended accounts in the revision.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

Screenshot, it reads "send child porn to MoistCritical AidanElliot that_chapter creepshow_art NightsDocsYT DemonCreepyYT snitchery NexpoYT and Loeybug"
It reads verbatim "send child porn too MoistCr1TiKaL AidanElliot @that_chapter creepshow_art NightsDocsYT DemonCreepyYT snitchery NexpoYTLoeybug"

She was active on several obscure websites, including Suicide Girls and YouKandy. As stated earlier, she was banned from YouKandy for harassment.

Based on her blog and other sources, she believes to get bullied herself when, as a matter of fact, she is always the perpetrator and never the victim.

Additionally, she will compulsively screenshot any and all negative comments about her in the hope to make herself appear to be the victim, this is very apparent on both her Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts.

corestormy allegedly sent child pornography to Youtubers, in a similar vein to what Lily Orchard did. Additionally, she had a profile banner in one of her, now suspended, old accounts that asks people to send child pornography to the aforementioned Youtubers. Lastly, she pinned a tweet on one of her many, now banned, Twitter accounts where she explicitly asks her followers to send child pornography to people (Tweet evidence).

She allegedly sent pornography to her son, and unrelated minors while stalking them too.

On another note, she is a massive hypocrite. She complains that she gets harassed when she does exactly the same thing, she claims that someone stalks her father when she does the same thing, she calls other Youtubers pedophiles when she could be a pedophile herself and last, but not least, she obsesses about her stalkers to the point where she makes a call to one of those so-called stalkers so they stop speaking up about her and allow her to freely harass them.

Another potential troll going by the username @csclub_ on Twitter owns a website called, it is a honeypot made for the sole purpose of doxxing her. [lol]

External links[edit | edit source] (Newest blog)

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Archives/Sources[edit | edit source] (This Twitter account logs new alt accounts by corestormy. Keep an eye on this account for newly-created sockpuppets) (Blog made by the troll herself) (Does exist, but redirects to spam websites/Cannot be archived)


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