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Troll informations
Username CyberRobotnix
Type of troll Shit-talker
Status Active
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CyberRobotnix, aka Cybernik The Robot, aka Cybernik The Hedgehog is a quite peculiar case of a troll. He mostly makes cringe compilations, rants, some reviews, shitposts, and he harasses other people over the internet while claiming he is "not serious", like Leafy.

His primary Youtube channel has over 7.5 thousand subscribers and his inactive Reddit account accumulates over 25 thousand karma.

Why is he a troll[edit | edit source]

Everything wrong with CyberRobotnix in one single screenshot.
Everything wrong with CyberRobotnix in one single screenshot.

As stated in the first paragraph, he loves to harass people, especially people who do not think like him or whom he deems to be "cringeworthy", he's the less popular equivalent to Leafyishere on that aspect and most of the time he's really cocky.

Before being quite popular on Youtube (With 7'500 subscribers and 300 that are active) he was known on Google Plus as someone who would cause a drama frequently with Sonic fans due to several controversial statements and targeted attacks against several people or raids against communities. He was a part of several Sonic focused communities such as: The Lounge, Sonic The Hedgehog fans and other Sonic communities with fewer members (About 200 on average).

He always excuses his shitty behavior by saying lol it's the internet, I'm not like that IRL, a classic statement coming from internet bullies.

Biography[edit | edit source]

CyberRobotnix is a young man, possibly Caucasian, who lives in Switzerland, but was born in England based on his own claims. He currently goes to an unspecified college in Switzerland based on his statements. He speaks English, French and German. His real first name is Kevin based on his bio on Google Plus.

His relationships and opinions in general[edit | edit source]

He has many friends, which is not surprising on its own since Keemstar has many friends himself. The fact he has friends is further proven true with him receiving quite often positive feedback from them, he had a total of 225 followers as of 30/10/2018 on Google Plus which supports the claim many people liked him. When someone is not a part of any fandom he will always have the same relationship with them. He will be rude, but nice to them.

His relationship with anime fans[edit | edit source]

As stated on his Youtube about section, he hates the weeaboos and one of his obsessions is to make cringe compilations on them. He has rarely interacted with them outside of Google Plus and even when he interacted with them he would often get banned from those anime communities for harassment.

Additionally, he likes to shun people for having an Anime avatar as their profile picture.

Fun fact: While he treats people who like Anime like shit, he does like Jojo's bizarre adventure and Dragon Balls Z which makes him pretty hypocritical.

His relationship with Furries[edit | edit source]

Artwork by CyberRobotnix depicting a furry being assaulted by fictive characters at night.
He said he stopped drawing for 2 years before shitting this "masterpiece" onto Reddit.

Since he no longer interacts with anime fans, he decided to change his focus on Furries. He didn't seem to hate the Furry fandom as a whole at first, but he liked to remind them of how weird they are. Later on, his relation with Furries slowly worsened as he loved to claim "all Furries are sensitive pricks" (recently, he often compares them to "SJWs") for the reason that he keeps getting criticized whenever he expresses anything negative/any form of criticism about the Furries. He made several rant videos against Furries, although some of the videos are questionable, others received controversy over criticism which further validated his belief that Furries were sensitive. To further "prove" his point that Furries are "sensitive pricks" he always points out how all the Youtubers that make videos on Furries always have to start the video by saying "I don't hate Furries/I don't mean any harm to you if you are a Furry/etc" and he often brought up the fact IHE made TWO comment comebacks on Furries instead of one because of all the controversy that single rant IHE made on Furries sparked.

His relations with Furries was not really in a positive light at first, but it envenomed when he was being called a Furry for playing Sonic The Hedgehog, it went as far as making him change his username from "Cybernik The Hedgehog" to "Cybernik The Robot" on Youtube and replace his profile picture of his Sonic OC to random profile pictures, ranging from random screenshots of people, random memes and random drawings of robots to an artwork of Mordecai, which is his current profile picture on Youtube, he probably chose that profile picture because he's a hardcore Pyrocynical fanboy (As of 25/12/2020, he unsubbed because Pyro is a Furry). Moreover, he made several hurtful comments on anyone who even dares to say that Sonic is a Furry or that Sonic is for Furries whether the person concerned is an actual Furry or not.

Nowadays, he will often make hurtful comments on Furries due to all the different things that happened between him and the Furries, he even subscribed to r/yiffinhell on Reddit while he hasn't joined any anti-Furry community back in the days when he was on Google Plus which shows how much his opinion on Furries has changed over the course of his lifetime. He even uses stereotypes against Furries and calls them Pedophiles or Zoophiles. He'll not hesitate to attack anyone who defends Furries in comment sections of Youtube and he eventually came to harass several other Furries on Twitter.

It is noteworthy to add that he claims that one of his friends was a Furry.

His relationship with Bronies[edit | edit source]

It is not well known since CyberRobotnix hasn't interacted much with the Bronies. However, he owns a subreddit called r/clopinhell which hints that he does not like them.

Naturally, Cybernik often compares Furries to Bronies too.

His relationship with the LGBT and the Feminists[edit | edit source]

He does not hate gay, trans (Nevermind) or bi people per se, but he does hate feminists and Progressives even if they also happen to be gay, trans or bi whom he loves to call "SJWs" and he hates anyone who claims to be anything, but a boy or a girl (he hates enby people). Furthermore, he may not hate gay people as stated earlier, however, he is very prone to uttering the F-word at people out of anger, therefore, if you are apart of the LGBT or support it at least, you are discouraged to stick with him for the sake of your own reputation.

He often laughs at feminists whenever he gets blocked by them. Additionally, he used to mock feminists on a daily basis. On that prospect, he is quite comparable to the troll known as Milo Yiannopoulos.

He made several cringe compilations on the LGBT in the past, but CyberRobotnix made it clear he took offense to Progressivism within the group itself and to so-supposed Social Justice Warriors. Homosexual people and Transgender people who also happen to be Conservative (E.G Blaire White) will never pose a problem for CyberRobotnix. As a matter of fact, he used to be active on a subreddit called r/rightwingLGBT.

He once renamed his Twitter handle to "Two Genders" and he was posting to a subreddit called r/thereareonly2genders since he obsesses over his own Conservative ideals. Despite being a gender essentialist Conservative, he was accused of being a TERF because they tend to agree with one another on the ideological basis, however, CyberRobotnix loathes feminism among other things.

He once uploaded two videos depicting a suffragette from Red Dead Redemption 2 getting punched in the face, alongside a meme video made out of the two aforementioned videos which further proves he hates feminism as a whole. Those videos were mirrored from Shirrako's Youtube channel.

Caricature picture from CyberRobotnix titled Loony Troons
The picture speaks for itself.

With other similar groups[edit | edit source]

Atheists and Theists

It really depends, but most of the time he'll harass specific atheists and quite sometimes he'll make hurtful comments toward most religions and cults (Those who believe in Islam and the Jehovah's Witnesses for example).


Like every Conservative and Libertarian out there, he hates most of the far-right and he'll take offense to be compared to them. That being said, he is not very vocal about it.

His relationship with Nintendo fans[edit | edit source]

This is a screenshot.
Get a life seriously.

Probably the most toxic relationship on the list, he hates Nintendo fans with a burning passion and whenever he sees a comment promoting Nintendo or bashing their competitors, Sony and Microsoft, he'll be there to attack you. He knows quite well about Nintendo and he will always brag about how Nintendo lost to a lawsuit made by Gamevice. He knows most of the controversies caused by Nintendo, he uses one of his alt accounts, The True Mario Fan, to spread said controversies. He made a total of 25 cringe compilations on Nintendo fans which is twice as many as the number of cringe compilations on anime fans. Furthermore, he will often make hurtful comments toward Nintendo and make claims that they're as bad as Electronic Arts and Konami, but anyone who disagrees will be treated as a "brainless sheep" and as a "retarded fanboy". He is known to make fun of Nintendo fans which is further proven true with his collection on Google Plus which is entirely dedicated to making fun of them.

Another thing to note is the fact he loves to compare the Sonic fanbase and the Mario fanbase and he'll always come to the conclusion that both fanbases are equally as awful, most of the time though, he'll say the Mario fans are slightly worse than the Sonic fans (Albeit with no evidence and is a biasEd claim). It also has to be noted that he always pull any of those claims out of his ass as he spends a good quarter of his time trying to look for incriminating terrible Mario artworks on Deviantart and he spends another quarter of his time trying to look for incriminating Mario videos.

All of this considered, as of 05/12/2019, he seemingly stopped having constant hate boners for Nintendo fans, so at least there is that!

On a more ironic note, he owns several Nintendo products, including the notoriously hated WII U and eventually asked people on Reddit where he could buy other copies of said console.

His relationship with Sonic fans[edit | edit source]

One quality he has over other "Sonictards" is the fact his OC is hand-drawn rather than being recolored.

It appears to be a love-hate relationship, he does show signs that he likes Sonic himself, but he hates the other fans for reasons that are not well known. Based on his comments he hates mostly specific Sonic fans and most of the Sonic fans from the community "Sonic The Hedgehog fans 2" the same one he brigaded years ago.

He owns a community on Google Plus called "Stop Sonic Wank" dedicated to debunking claims made by "Sonictards" that Sonic is universal or something alike. The community is abandoned though, it was the most popular Google Plus community he ever owned.


He attempted to raid a Sonic community which sparked a lot of unneeded controversies. The reason why he raided the community was that several of the members from that specific community were "retarded af" based on his claims. He eventually made a top 10 of the worst Sonic fans which included several of the members from that single Sonic community. The video itself received extremely negative reception. Lately, he made several alts to either bait or harass other people, the full list of his known alts are far down below.

Lately, he got into a drama that had nothing to do with him about a pedophile called "CrazySonicFan110" by defending him and harassing his detractors and saying they were lying about that Youtuber meanwhile they have provided evidence and proof that CrazySonicFan110 is, in fact, a pedophile. His denial further suggests he might have cognitive dissonance episodes like this where he will refuse to admit being wrong. He mostly targeted Flor Geneva while openly insulting him on his own Twitter page.

His relationship with Sony fans[edit | edit source]

It's one of the few relationships that are not toxic on this list, surprisingly enough he is not harsh toward Sony fans in any way, shape or form and he even further supports Sony. He has a collection of most if not all consoles ever made by Sony based on his claims.

It is unknown if he's actually a Sony "fantard" as he's not making statements like "Sony is the best". Additionally, he has made several statements that Microsoft and Valve are good companies.

Why he is a weirdo[edit | edit source]

There are several things about him that make him more special than other trolls on the net.

For example, the first time he ever talked in a video, he sounded extremely shy and insecure.

Sexual obsession with robots[edit | edit source]

His Google Plus collection "Robotic stuff".
His Google Plus collection "Robotic stuff".
He said hot while pointing to a picture of a robot humanoid.

He also appears to have an obsession over robots, as hinted by his Google Plus Collection "Robotic Stuff" and ironically, despite the fact he hates people who fantasize over weird things on Deviantart. This is further proven true with one of the posts being quite erotic in nature and the fact he posted a link to Deviantartartist Zeccch in this collection, complimenting him by saying it's the best page on Deviantart.

He owns quite the equivalent to a Furry's fursona, he precisely owns a morphsuit that heavily resembles an Android. Besides using this to cover his face, it is unknown what it's used for.

He owns a Wix website that is called "Mechchan" which's once ironically been raided. The website appears to be PG clean Family Friendly, so you can give it a look at and it is linked on his about page on Youtube as "Image Board Forum for robots".

The first thing you see when you go on
The first thing you see when you go on

Also, see Technophilia, Mecanophilia and robot fetishism on Wikipedia.

(Updated 2020)[edit | edit source]

CyberRobotnix has now a Deviantart account and while Zeccch is gone, CyberRobotnix followed a considerable amount of technophiles alongside faving several of their artworks.

(Note that a technophile is not necessarily sexually attracted to robots, it just means they have an odd interest for them, similarly to Furries whom most people online deem to be sexually attracted to animals, be thoughtful of that and respect them for who they are.)

On another note, CyberRobotnix follows multiple parody accounts, despite the fact that his motto is Cringy satire is still cringeworthy (Learn more under Noteworthy facts).

List of known alt accounts[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all his sock puppets that we know of.

Public alt accounts[edit | edit source]

These alt accounts are accounts that CyberRobotnix does claim to own.

  • Cybernik The Robot (Formerly Cybernik The Hedgehog): Main account on Youtube, the one which has over 5K subscribers.
  • Robotnix: Shitpost account.
  • CyberRobotnix (Formerly Cybersanik Teh Edgyhog): Backup account.
  • CybrRobotnik: Corruption of his username, used on Kiwi Farms and Reddit (Backup).

Confirmed Private alt accounts[edit | edit source]

  • The True Mario Fan (TTMF): Cyber's favorite sock puppet account. He uses it to spread the "truth" about Nintendo and he knew it was a good idea since he avoids getting unneeded dislikes on his main channel. The biggest thing that makes it obvious that TTMF and CyberRobotnix are the same person is how their opinions are mirrored and pretty much identical. On multiple occasions, TTMF tends to defend CyberRobotnix in arguments. CyberRobotnix once tried to hide the fact TTMF is one of his alt by commenting a link to a completely unrelated video on one of TTMF's videos, that video was subsequently added to the "important videos" playlist of The True Mario Fan. Link to video:
  • Ultimux: This alt is used to harass Sonic fans and reupload several videos owned by both TTMF and CyberRobotnix. This alt especially loves to go after Al Jerico and DarkSonic180, two unpopular Sonic trolls. It has to be noted this account used to have a transformer as a profile picture.
    Find all the differences.
    Find all the differences.
  • A Perverted Fox: The New "The True Mario Fan", he does not pretend to be an unlikable Furry on this account, unlike his TTMF account where he would be an insufferable Mario fanboy, although that appears to have been the original purpose of the account as hinted by the name itself. As to why this account is obviously CyberRobotnix's, firstly, its editing style is similar if not identical to that of CyberRobotnix's and secondly, CyberRobotnix was the first person to comment on one of its videos, he seems to have shared multiple of the account's videos as well since the view count skyrocketed rapidly with some of the videos.

Potential alt accounts[edit | edit source]

  • Sonic Adventure 3: He harasses other Sonic fans which is something CyberRobotnix do and he appears to be extremely close to Ultimux. As of 03/11/2018, he's currently inactive.
  • The Last Wah Bender: He heavily supports The True Mario Fan and it is a very recent account.
  • Super Mario (Formerly Shulk): He heavily supports The True Mario Fan and it is a very recent account.
  • Pokemaster672 (Formerly TheGameplayNess): He heavily supports The True Mario Fan and it is a relatively new account. It doesn't help the name was "TheGameplayNess" which is the original username of a Google Plus troll that died out.
  • Naruto Uzumaki: He heavily supports The True Mario Fan and it is a very recent account.
  • The True Bowser/Luigi/Yoshi Fan: Several accounts under the alias "The True X Fan" have started showing up on TTMF's channel. The reason why those are potential alts and not actual alts is due to the fact CyberRobotnix cried about these accounts being parody accounts rather than being alt accounts. He could be lying, but none of those accounts use TTMF's vocabulary, resorting to calling everybody a fanboy which supports CyberRobotnix's claim. It is noteworthy to add that all those accounts ceased all activity recently.
  • Flipnote M: He used to heavily support The True Mario Fan and it is a quite recent account.
  • FurryWatchdog (DeviantArt): Possibly an alt account.

Memes[edit | edit source]

Although not an actual meme, CyberRobotnix likes to yell "Go back to Furaffinity" and he claims that Cringy satire is still cringeworthy is one of his slogans. On a video he uploaded in early 2017, he claims to have created a meme on Google Plus by causing controversies with comics he made, presumably created through Microsoft Paint. Video source:

General mockery[edit | edit source]

We found the king of comedy right there.
We found the king of comedy right there.

CyberRobotnix believes that picking on others is extremely funny. Of notability, he has made memes out of people and subjects generally poking fun at a group of people or at individuals. However, he does not seem very biased since he made caricatures mocking Donald Trump.

Reductio ad absurdum[edit | edit source]

On more than one occasion, he will combine multiple statements together as a way to mock them. Generally, the saying goes as follow: The earth is flat, vaccines cause autism, and there are more than 2 genders. that sentence, which we shall call "Cybernik's triforce", is then sometimes followed by more inane absurdity, notably The moon landing was a hoax, Age is just a number, etc only to strengthen the idea that he is just spouting nonsense and mixing them up for goofs. In reality, he is practicing "reductio ad absurdum" since one of the aforementioned statements is actually true, the gender spectrum is actively supported by science.

This goes without saying, but his memery is merely there to push his gender essentialist rhetoric.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

He likes Regular Show, Hero 108, The Simpsons and Family Guy. Based on his Youtube activity and subscriptions, he probably likes Courage The Cowardly Dog, Code Lyoko and South Park too.

Final Fantasy video.
VI = 6 in roman lettering, the comment section is either being sarcastic or is outright telling CR that he is incorrect.

CyberRobotnix has a tendency to act like he knows everything which occasionally made him end up look like a complete dumbass in public. This behavior is similar to that of youngdefiant and blackbond.

His egotism may remind you of Memetastic, someone who raided several Discord servers and blackmailed his fellow Youtubers out of jealousy.

He changed his profile picture to match Tfue's in order to fight back against Maximilian.

He is also known to make pretty crappy rants and pretty biased reviews, a good example of that is his review on Super Mario Odyssey. Said review got an extremely negative rating.

He's been suspended from Reddit and Twitter several times. He's been permanently banned from Twitter, if you go to his Twitter username @CyberRobotnix, you'll get the usual "This account has been suspended" message. His Reddit account still stands to this day though, albeit it is inactive.

When he hates something, he will become extremely obsessive over that something. As an example, for a while he's been mentioning both the Reddit community r/CringeAnarchy and the game Changed on his online accounts, showing that he's got somewhat of a hate boner for both. For that matter, Changed is a Furry fetish game, so considering he hates Furries, it doesn't seem way too out of character for Cybernik to have a hate boner for the game.

Due to him talking smack about other people on the net, he ended up having several raids done to his channel. You can notice how all his videos are generic and awfully similar, yet some of his videos have a like-to-dislike ratio of 50%, others haven't got a single dislike which shows a great inconsistency in his like-to-dislike ratio on most of his videos.

It appears he uses Encyclopedia Dramatica a lot since he has several screenshots coming from this single website.

He is a misologist by definition, any argument with him will often end up being a bunch of insults thrown between him and the other person he's arguing with or he'll start a strawman argument. On rare occasions, CyberRobotnix actually ends the argument without causing many issues.

Despite the fact he hates Justin Y out of all people and claims that he is wasting his time on Youtube, CyberRobotnix does the same thing to a lesser extent. He replies to every single comment he sees on many different videos.

CyberRobotnix is extremely insensitive and thinks it is a right to free speech to hurl slurs. As mentioned earlier he already calls people "Sonictards", "Mariotards", "Furfags" and he was seen uttering the F-word and the R-word quite liberally on his online profiles. This is a "quality" he shares with Blackbond and Mad Black Atheist. Whenever he does not use the aforementioned ableist slur, he will instead use its British equivalents "Spastic" and "Spaz".

It is highly likely he was influenced by people like Hunter Avallone since his older videos on Youtube suggests he was against Edgelords. He was often making fun of Mr Beast, Leafyishere and Keemstar for being insufferable.

Lastly, he hates Temtem and made a hit piece on Deviantart against the game for having pronoun options and being "too progressive".

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