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Vijaya Gadde
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Del Harvey is the vice president of Twitter's trust and safety team.

Twitter's depravity explained[edit | edit source]

Twitter, that fantastic website where meaningful discussions happen and all that cool stuff, has, for a very long time, suffered from its own incompetent moderation team run by Del Harvey and Vijaya Gadde.

They run the trust and safety team, so it's their job to make sure Twitter is a safe place for everyone, but they failed on many points.

Wrongdoings[edit | edit source]

  1. Incompetence: Twitter allows for fascists, neo-nazis and tankiesā˜­ to strive on their platform. Despite being called out on it and asked to do something about that issue, the trust and safety team has remained apathetic and are not doing their job properly. Racism, sexism, bigotry, classism, cult-like behavior are still rampant problems on Twitter.
  2. More incompetence: In addition to that, Twitter has failed multiple times to address Zoophilia and Pedophilia on their platform.
  3. Even more sheer incompetence: Putting corruption/bribery aside, Twitter has for a very long time banned the wrong people over stupid reasons. For instance, you can get anyone banned on Twitter for the most meaningless things imaginable if you mass report them with enough people/accounts. False-flaggers like Shane Sartorius have managed to get many people suspended from the platform. A good example of someone unjustifiably banned that way was @s8n because of @fuckveins.
  4. Favoritism: Del Harvey is taking direct actions from demands by people like @OutOnTheMoors, @Spaziotwat and Randi Harper. Due to this, she has suspended multiple innocent people as a result, including @zachfox, Justin Whang (Temporarily) and @NotLameAsChris.
  5. More favoritism: Despite being a racist bigot, an harasser and despite stalking little boys on Twitter, Esther Baker was not suspended from Twitter. As a matter of fact, Twitter took her defense. Furthermore, Twitter defends a sexist dude named Alan Goodwin too!
    • The same could be said about @Spaziotwat who made many hateful tweets, but never got banned for any of them.
  6. Even more privileged favoritism: Blue checks are less likely to get banned for breaking the rules and more likely to get YOU banned if they report you. Donald Trump (@RealDonaldTrump) never got banned, despite breaking a lot of Twitter's rules (Verified 2020/07/05).

How can you help[edit | edit source]

You can contact @Jack, @TwitterSupport and @Twitter and let them know you're not happy with the direction this website is taking. If any petition is ongoing, it's going to appear there too.

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