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Website informations
Website Name rDrama
Online address https://rdrama.net/
Type of website Bullying/gossip
Availability Online

r/drama is a feminist gossip-focused troll subreddit who poke fun at other people with a userbase surprisingly similar to that of PrettyUglyLittleLiars, especially in its humor and the fact that it does not condone doxxing.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Excluding the fact that it is a gossip community to begin with, the subreddit is notorious for harassment, stalking and for randomly banning people from their sub for the fun of it.

To date, they have made at least 2 banwaves: One via a robot or a script that randomly picked Redditors to ban from their community even if they have never participated in it; And the other one was followed-through by banning any r/drama regular who was subscribed to r/teenagers with the rationale being "You must be 18 to participate on this sub", although that was somewhat effective since they did have minors on the subreddit, that was entirely done in spite of the fact that people up to age 24 can still be considered pubescent and the fact that someone could have subbed to the sub to then forget about it (Though, unsurprisingly, that also means they purged a ton of potential Pedophiles who had no business doing on r/teenagers from their sub).

Subsequently, those who got banned would either rant or complain about it and the mods would then address it and tell them to either humiliate themselves for the mods' own amusement or create a sock to bypass the ban which is a very smart idea, especially since Reddit has written rules against it.

The regulars of the subreddit then created r/drama2 because they could not post on the main subreddit that they used to actively participate in.

The mods banning everyone for participating in a sub (Which, as mentioned previously, was called r/teenagers) happened far more frequently than meets the eye. The mods have allegedly banned users for participating in right-wing or Gamergate-centric subs including r/The_Donald and r/KotakuInAction.

Weird Transphobic drawing on Microsoft Paint.
It vaguely resembles a wojak/chad vs virgin meme from 4chan.

At some point, the sub got warned by a Reddit admin for being very toxic. One of the mods' reaction was to pin a sarcastic post suggesting the users to only comment in emojis. In case they would be shut down as a result, they started their own website called "rdrama.net" which cannot be linked on Reddit as it has been blocked on-site.

Similarly to Kiwi Farms, they hosted a shocking video on their subreddit which garnered them negative attention. That video showed someone committing suicide.

Harassment and brigading[edit | edit source]

Oftentimes, they like to bring attention to a post or a subreddit in order to brigade it and they reportedly like to ping Reddit users to dogpile them directly on the subreddit.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

Aevann reportedly archived posts from the Reddit iteration in an attempt to preserve its content if the subreddit was to be banned by the admins.

Male Furry characters in arousing poses are featured across the subreddit which hint the mods who run the subreddit might be Furries themselves.

Outside of Reddit, r/Drama appears to be very unpopular.

They pretend to support the LGBTQ+ community and BLM because they think it is funny and because it angers Conservative, not because they actually want to end Transphobia and Racism. As a matter of fact, some of the members are Transphobic and Racist themselves.

It calls itself a "4channer retirement home", but it appears that both 4chan and the r/drama users hate each other. In fact, everybody who has ever been to /pol/ was probably banned from the subreddit at some point.

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