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Username Emil O. W. Kirkegaard
Type of troll Anti-Muslim
Status Active
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Emil O. W. Kirkegaard is an Islamophobic troll who uses his social media and YouTube channel to attack and denigrate Muslims.

Kirkegaard opposes Muslim immigration describing Muslims as "low intelligence", "dysfunctional" and "terrible immigrants to get".[1][2][3]

He has described Muhammad as a pedophile.[4] Kirkegaard does not draw a distinction between ordinary law abiding Muslims and Muslim extremists; he has claimed "Allah apparently is a fire God" after some extremists were involved in an arson incident.[5][6]

Kirkegaard has also tried to link homosexuality[7] and left-wing politics to pedophilia while he retweets support for far-right Pizzagate-paedophilia conspiracy theorists such as Mike Cernovich. Despite his obsession with accusing Muslims, homosexuals and left wing political activists as being paedophiles - Kirkegaard has written he supports legalising child pornography[8] as well as has described age of consent is a "fiction" and favours lowering to 13 year olds or younger.[9] In 2013, on a forum he also disturbingly linked to a child pornography filter and has attempted to justify viewing child porn, writing "you have to actually look at it to know what you are talking about."[10]

Anti-Muslim bigotry and trolling[edit | edit source]

Orban says to stop terrorism, stop immigration. Highly rational since the primary predictor of Muslim terrorism is the number of Muslims around.
~ Emil Kirkegaard

That's right. In addition to low intelligence, Muslims seem to have other traits that make them poor citizens in Western countries.
~ Emil Kirkegaard

The more Muslims in a country, the more extreme they become.
~ Emil Kirkegaard

Do you think mass Muslim immigration to Denmark is working out well? No, well, then find a way to reduce it -- in practice.
~ Emil Kirkegaard

Examples of Emil Kirkegaard's anti-Muslim trolling:

Anti-Muslim research papers[edit | edit source]

Kirkegaard has written several research papers criticising Muslim immigration to Western countries. One is titled: "What Happened to Brussels? The Big Decline and Muslim Immigration".[11] His other work controversially focuses on trying to show increase in Muslim immigration results in increase in terrorism threats and attacks.

Critics of Kirkegaard's papers point out he cherry-picks data to make Muslims look bad, uses questionable methodologies and incorrectly considers Muslims to be a homogeneous group ignoring the many different sects and denominations within Islam. For example Kirkegaard ignores Islamic pacifist schools of thought such as some Sufi orders and the Ahmadiyya movement. Critics also point out Kirkegaard publishes his dubious research in fringe-journals such as the Mankind Quarterly, not reputable peer-reviewed journals.

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