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This Wiki Is Retarded And So Are You
~ Jacob Stellmach

Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED for short) and stylized as Encyclopædia Dramatica is a so-called "satire" website where its focus is on internet's history. It has a gigantic collection of memes, dramas and websites categorized into different sub-sections and was made in late 2004. ED describes itself as a central catalog for organized reference pages about drama, memes, e-pals and other interesting happenings on the Internets.

Why is it on Trollpedia[edit | edit source]

Most of the users on that website are trolls and love to piss off other people by making mocking, nasty, exploitative, hateful, and insulting articles on them. Additionally, most of the articles, consist of racial, sexual, ableist and antisemitic slurs, and are generally derogatory, vulgar, and edgy for the sake of being offensive and pissing people off.

Several users on this website love to troll people outside of Encyclopedia Dramatica, a good example would be EZ PZ, an ED moderator. He has a YouTube channel and he generally talks smack about people that are Leftist.

In more malicious cases, the users will encourage other users to dox an individual to endanger the person's life for amusement. A full dox will usually be provided in some articles, depending on how much information the victim has released out to the public.

Most of the trolls on Encyclopedia Dramatica may also come from other websites such as 4chan, and KiwiFarms, two notorious websites that are known for internet troll culture and safe havens for trolls.

Drama related to ED[edit | edit source]

Furthermore, the site has a long story of controversies, starting from the fact it was made popular by 4channers that were banned from using Wikipedia. Other controversies are as follow:

  • Getting involved in Chris Chan's life by writing an article on him in 2007 which allowed trolls to learn about him and subsequently harass him. Chris would eventually upload a shitty pornographic drawing in an attempt to shock ED, but that did absolutely nothing.
  • ED is particularly infamous for its attacks and general harassment toward people who have been featured in any article on the website (See witch hunting), most of the people targeted are autistic people, Transgender people and other minorities in a similar vein to Kiwi Farms.
  • Several people fought back against the website and in both 2016 and 2017 people filed lawsuits to get the website taken down. In addition to that, people filed complaints to hurt the visibility of Encyclopedia Dramatica online, one notable example was back in 2010 when someone filed a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission to get an article from ED removed on Google per the RDA.

General Consensus of ED[edit | edit source]

Encyclopedia Dramatica outside of the internet's troll culture is generally not taken seriously because of its excessive use of slurs and derogatory, vulgar language, mocking demeanors, use of edgy memes, and the main purpose of the websites so-called "satire" as the website hinted to be. Most trolls find their articles amusing, but in reality, they are usually seen as trying too hard to be offensive, and sometimes juvenile even by internet culture standards.

It is generally agreed upon that Encyclopedia Dramatica is extremely biased, through 4chan humor and selective writing where certain articles will praise the subject in question and others will lambast it. This is best shown on articles such as "Troll", "Furfag", "Homosexuality" and "Hitler".

All the wrongs with the website itself[edit | edit source]

Up until last year and for a good decade, the website was filled with advertisements and JavaScript popups that would often lead to pornography websites. It was impossible to visit ED without a proper ad-blocker at the time, only recently Encyclopedia Dramatica removed all the popups and the advertisements and even stated that they removed them so you should disable your ad-blocker while visiting the website (Turns out no one asked for the popups, but a former admin, Zaiger, did put those popups and adverts to gain money for his own good rather than help the website itself). Lately, they eventually asked for donations, ironically.

The single article called "offended", which is just an insanely disturbing, repulsive, obscene page composed of gross-outs, gore and pornography, is so awful that many people still talk about it to this very day. Don't take Ipecac syrup if you need to vomit, simply open (NSFW) and scroll down.

The administration is always catastrophic, somehow managing to cause the website to shut down on several occasions. ED actually acknowledges this issue.

If you, like us, feel that while the history of ED has been filled in equal measure with delicious drama and poor management you’ll feel comforted knowing that it’s currently being rebuilt by people who genuinely want to make sure it’s the best it can be and contribute any way you can to help make that a reality.

Some articles may be inaccurate and misleading because of the misinformed or blatant misinformation pushed by the editors, and even supposed doxxes can be very inaccurate at times. It is better to research after checking an ED article to confirm whether a statement is true or false.

Fun fact: The page "offended" caused Encyclopedia Dramatica to be dropped out by several web hosting companies

Origins[edit | edit source]

The website became a reality when a user from a blog discussing drama,, named Sherrod DeGrippo, found a lot of drama on LiveJournal to which she wanted to write documentation on, but there were no wiki dedicated to drama and gossip. Encyclopedia Dramatica was created on the 10th of December 2004, and when it was created, Encyclopedia Dramatica was not as infamous and nefarious as it is nowadays. The website itself was based on other satirical encyclopedias and dictionaries such as The Devil's Dictionary and the website was doing what it meant for, archiving dramas and gossips into one place.

Later on, 4channers were reportedly getting banned from writing articles on Wikipedia, so they looked for an alternative. This is at this time period that Encyclopedia Dramatica had a blow-up in popularity since the 4channers were accepted there, however, that is when the website started to go downhill until eventually the creator of the website herself started to hate her own creation.

Due to all the nasty stuff that started to show up on ED, as well as trolls doxxing Sherrod DeGrippo in 2006, she attempted to shut down ED and make a replacement for the website called OhInternet on the 14th of April 2011. It did not work at all and, eventually, it was shut down entirely too, but not before someone revives Encyclopedia Dramatica from its ashes.

Nowadays, the website is infested and administered by trolls and 4channers.

Meet the "geniuses" who administered ED and managed to get it to shut down[edit | edit source]

A page of ED begging for money.
ED begging for money.
ED Online vs ED Wiki.
ED Online vs ED Wiki.

-Back on the 18th of December 2008, Encyclopedia Dramatica was running out of funds to pay the hosting fees, so as a last-ditch effort to save the website, Sherrod DeGrippo begged for money from the readers through donations (See picture). She eventually pulls the plug off ED in 2011 (Further elaborated above).

-In 2011, the new owner of the website known as Ryan Cleary was arrested for being allegedly a pedophile and participating in a troll hacking group called the "LulzSec". This caused the entire wiki as well as the forums to be shut down. Later on, everyone on the website was doxxed as all the email addresses registered on ED were leaked. Not only that, but a lot of the members had pictures of themselves posted online either to spite them or sell the pictures.

-One year later, Garett Moore, the new admin, attempted to find someone who wanted to host the website but was unsuccessful in doing so.

-In 2014, a sysop on the wiki, who was called Zaiger, registered ED's domain using the false alias of "Daniel Brandt", someone going by that name then claimed the domain by calling the current host of ED which caused ED to go offline (However, it has to be noted that Andrew Auernheimer did the same mistake, but without any consequence. He registered the commercial domain with the pseudonym "Joseph Evers").

-Fast forward to 2017, Zaiger was sued for $750,000 by Jonathan Monsarrat, keep in mind that he was in debt by $80,000 because he paid a lawyer to deal with the lawsuit. That eventually caused the website to get shut down because he could not pay the hosting fees anymore. That admin was arguably the worst one since he is a crack addict who spent an enormous amount of money on drugs. That being said, compared to all the other admins, he controlled the wiki the longest, from 2012 to 2017. This admin is mentioned briefly several times on our article.

-In early 2020, a previous owner of ED called Conrad Allen Rockenhaus got arrested for DDoSing servers after he was fired from his job which caused the servers that hosted the entire website to be seized which rendered Encyclopedia Dramatica unavailable for two months, learn more here. After further consideration, the link to the post update made by ED regarding that person wasn't added since it contained personal information.

-After several months, the website suffered from successive bad gateway errors that last weeks at a time. It is unknown whether it is the current sysop's doing or if it is caused by the host, It was Jacob Stellmach's fault according to his article on Encyclopedia Dramatica online. Additionally, he allegedly intended to sell the website to make money.

-On the 22nd of November of that same year, the online domain of Encyclopedia Dramatica was used to host a brand new wiki. By December first, that new instance of ED was put to function (As evidenced by the editing in "Recent changes") to replace the other poorly maintained instance that stopped working properly. Following that spawn, the wiki would be made publicly available 4 days later, on the 5th of December. By the 11th of December, the wiki domain finally went back online, but with pretty much everything missing.

-Jacob Stellmach would shut-down his splinter site Encyclopedia Dramatica wiki after experiencing a brand new database error that happened on the 27th of July 2021.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

How to not end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit | edit source]

You know you are on Encyclopedia Dramatica if at any given time you find rainbow-colored text like this.

If you are extremely paranoid that one day someone who uses Encyclopedia Dramatica decides to write an article on you, here are the steps to follow at any given time to avoid being exposed to ED and its users and hopefully never end up there.

  1. Do not start drama: Avoid being controversial and avoid other controversial people, if you are controversial or if you attack someone because they said Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong chances are you're going to end up on this website. The name of the website and the catalog of users here should tell you that rule is the golden rule to never break.
  2. Try to make good content: If you are on Twitter try to make interesting posts; if you are on Youtube use better editing software and make videos that are interesting; if you are on soundcloud make good music; etc. Encyclopedia Dramatica users generally don't mind people that are putting some work into their creations.
  3. Do not talk about the website: Best way to get attention from something is by mentioning that something. Oh yeah that's ironic, isn't it?
  4. Do not be a white knight/simp: If someone gets bullied and especially gets bullied by trolls, while that person is also very popular, it is better to step away from the drama. You can set up a private chat where you can ask people to report the trolls and try to get them banned, but do not step up against them alone because that's going to bring you more problems than anything (See ED's article on BlueCatRiolu, a Pedophile with a bunch of white knights. A lot of them are now on ED because they tried to defend Riolu).
  5. Avoid taboo subjects: People on Twitter are especially guilty of this. If you say something along the lines of There are more than two genders or Racism is a two way street, then you might as well attract the EDiots.
  6. Avoid getting exposed: Did you get doxxed recently? Did you say the N-word years ago? Have you caused drama which cooled down? Then you are prone to be exposed in a way or another and generally, Encyclopedia Dramatica likes to feast on this particularly.
  7. Don't say something that is wrong or idiotic: If someone exposes your lack of logical thinking/knowledge, then you can become a target of EDiots. One example of this is saying something that is scientifically inaccurate like The earth is flat.

Following those rules may not be enough to avoid Encyclopedia Dramatica entirely, some people may end up on this website due to certain traits of their personality.

Depending on who you are and what's your personality, you might be more exposed to ED and heavily at risk to end up there, here are some of the traits that ED's users will often take a closer look at, if you are part of any of the social groups below, then you must be more careful if you don't wanna end up on ED.

  1. If you are popular, Encyclopedia Dramatica will eventually make an article on you based on what drama your fans have caused. This is the main reason why websites and media in general end up on ED, it is not because the media or websites concerned are bad, but because the people that represent it were either annoying or started a lot of drama.
  2. People who use DeviantArt are more likely to end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica, especially if their drawings are awful. The website has a good portion of it dedicated to Deviantartists. Surprisingly enough, this rule only applies to DeviantArt users and will never be applied to Picsart users, Artstation users and Pixiv users to some extent.
  3. If you are a Furry or a Brony, you are more likely to end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica. This rule really only applies to Furries and Bronies to our knowledge, it does not apply to Weeaboos, Five Nights At Freddy's fanboys, Undertale fanboys, Sonic fanboys, Mario fanboys, etc.
  4. People who are mentally insane or get pissed off easily and often are more likely to end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica. If you were born with schizophrenia, BPD, autism or Tourettes, beware.
  5. ED targets LGBTQ+ people, Progressives, Neo-Liberals and Social Justice Activists a lot more than other people. Consider yourself safe if your political ideology is centrist or right-wing.
  6. Extremists like literal Nazis, Fascists and Soviet Communists are more often targeted than moderates.

If you are not part of any of the social groups above, there's still a chance you end up on ED if you cause drama, but overall you are safer than these social groups in a way.

Likewise, there are several traits of your personality that will make you go under the radar, you don't have to worry much if you are part of the following groups.

  1. For some reason bland and generic people are a rare sight on the website. For example, Jaystation, Saffron Barker and morgz are extremely controversial and several popular Youtubers spoke about them and their horrible videos, despite this, they have never been featured in any article on the website. Additionally, other extremely awful, bland and generally unlikable Youtubers have never been featured in any Encyclopedia Dramatica article either.
  2. "Dank Memers" such as Emplemon, Dolan Dark and Grandayy are not likely to be featured on the website anytime soon. For that matter, Emplemon was mentioned in one of the articles on ED, but in a positive light, which is rare here. Consider yourself safe if all you do is uploading memes on a daily basis.
  3. Trolls will generally never end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica, unless time to time when the users think the person is legit (See article on Super Minecraft Kid), but they often end up saying Ahah just kidding, the dude's cool because they never rarely delete articles, even if the individual concerned is a dank memer or a troll. All of that being said, it rarely happens. If you are a troll and you're obvious enough you won't end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica (This rule does not apply to failtrolls who will end up on ED regardless, under a negative light).

Notable users of Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit | edit source]

Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg Usernames and pseudonyms are highlighted in bold-italics while real names remain bold.
Sherrod DeGrippo
Inventor of the website. She has attempted to kill her own website and replace it with OhInternet. Formerly known as "Girlvinyl".
EZ PZ/Oddguy
Former administrator, has a youtube channel with lots of subscribers. He regularly makes rants against TV shows that have a more progressive outlook on issues, such as Steven Universe. He administrates another wiki called "Bad Webcomics Wiki".
Andrew Auernheimer
Former administrator and DeGrippo's co-sysop. He appeared on a news article due to his antisemitism and he is the owner of the fringe right-wing news website that is known as "the daily stormer" and the freedom of speech social media that is known as "Gab"(The website is actually owned by another Andrew, Andrew Torba more precisely). He is best known by his online name "Weev".
Ryan Cleary
He inherited sysop from Sherrod DeGrippo and used to be an admin of the website, but he got arrested for alleged pedophilia and for participating in a troll hacking group called the "LulzSec". His administration only lasted a mere few months.
Garett Moore
An ex-sysop. He managed the website after Ryan Cleary's departure, but he did not run the website for very long.
Brian Zaiger
A "lolcow" who inherited the website from Garett Moore. He was shamed and mocked for not doing his job and filling the website with pop-up adverts. He had several wives all of whom were drug addicts. He was arrested for assaulting one of his girlfriends because she did not want to pay for his drugs.
Conrad Rockenhaus
He used to be a sysop of the website and hosted the website from one of his servers. However, he was arrested for DDoSing the servers of the company he was working at after getting fired because he was caught sabotaging the servers, so that they hire him back.
Jacob Stellmach
The previous official admin of ED who runs the .wiki iteration. He is also known as "Aediot". The wiki keeps running into "Bad Gateway" errors that last weeks at a time. Eventually, the wiki was considered dead due to Jacob's sheer incompetence and everyone moved onto the next iteration. He used to have a girlfriend going by the online alias "Adezero", she eventually decided to expose him repeatedly as a form of vengeance. Because of her, his new nickname across ED and KF is now "Ass Napkins".
He was a moderator on ED until he got banned, he then attempted to doxx everyone on ED. He is a notable figure within the METOKUR troll organization.
Onideus was an admin and a babyfur on the website, he is hated by almost everyone for being insufferable. He administered the website from 2012 to 2013 which was a short period of time, back when Zaiger was running it.
William Edward Atchison
See kiwi Farms' article.
He is a deceased ED user who is featured under a special article on all deceased ED users. He was the boyfriend of Sherrod DeGrippo.
The new sysop of the wiki who would have inherited that role from Jacob Stellmach. Interestingly, they have a banned Reddit account and they were active on r/memes and r/dankmemes. Additionally, he has made a MLP mod for Team Fortress 2. Unsurprisingly, they have a Kiwi Farms account under the alias "UMK", available here and, under the same alias, a Steam account as well. According to their KF bio, they live in Chicago, and their Steam bio proclaims they live in a suburb in Illinois.
A long time running editor for the wiki. According to Wikipedia, Hipcrime was an online troll for far longer than ED's existence, however, it is unknown whether that person's username was stolen from the legendary Hipcrime or if they are that legendary Hipcrime.
Not to be confused with Girlvinyl above. She is a notable editor on the wiki and now an administrator.
He is one of the moderators of the wiki.
Michael D. Suarez
An ex-ED sysop who banned Michael Coombs.
Ariel Rose Sapeda
The PR person for Stellmach's own Encyclopedia Dramatica. She is a trans woman who runs the ED Twitter account and has appeared on a news article for assaulting her grandmother over OnlyFans. She goes by the names Putrid on Kiwi Farms, paim6n, maleabuser on Twitter, and archangelsk, presumably on OnlyFans.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

The website is not consistent in its writings, having some articles ranging from writings that seem like they were written by heavily mentally challenged 9 years old trying to be edgy (See article called h8r or Atrocious Youtubers wiki) to something professionally written with several edgy jokes and several well-written thought-provoking lines (See article on Pepe The Frog or the one on Jews). Additionally, the "better" articles have more content, more context and include more links, unlike the poorly-written articles.

Output VYkKM6.gif

Despite the fact that Encyclopedia Dramatica is run by trolls, it still remains rather accurate on online topics, like internet memes, sometimes internet personalities, and websites in general. Not everything should be taken seriously with this website, however, especially articles pertaining to real-life such as the aforementioned article on Jews which is extremely antisemitic in nature.

External links[edit | edit source]

Check the wiki website's availability

Check the online website's availability

Umkemesik's forum account (Not Kiwi Farms)

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Archives/Sources[edit | edit source]

Ambox important.svg Some links to ED were omitted as they contain doxxing material. With that being said, if you find interesting information to source the article, feel free to let us know. (nsfw) (nsfw) (Warning: While it does have factual data, it is a rather opinionated source) (Warning: While it does have factual data, it is a rather opinionated source)


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