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Website Name Fundies Say The Darndest Things
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  • Debunking religious fundamentalism
  • Debunking sociopolitical extremism
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Fundies Say The Darndest Things (FSTDT for short) is a blogging Website and message board forum launched in 2003 to archive "…the most hilarious, bizarre, ignorant, bigoted, and terrifying quotes from fundies [fundamentalists] all over the Internet".

Members believe that, by “calling out fanatics and nuts” and treating them with harsh cruelty, even to the point of encouraging them to commit suicide[1], they can contribute to creating a less bigoted world, insisting that the ends justify their means.

Users register at FSTDT without email addresses, allowing them to remain completely anonymous if they choose. Once registered, they submit quotes copied from many different Websites which they deem to be overly religious and/or not scientific enough, too far to the political right, too far to the political left, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, elitist, pedophilic, psychopathic, or generally insane. These quotes are almost always labeled with searchable hashtags, and users are encouraged to comment on them with a mocking, ridiculing, even libelous tone.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Like RationalWiki, the site is primarily aimed at and entirely consists of leftists, mostly but not always atheists and agnostics, with many commenters being brutally honest and one-sided about their viewpoints. While a good number of quotes they find are extreme enough that even sensible conservatives, centrists, and people of all religions would agree that the quotes are repulsive or laughable, there are still plenty of innocent people who get quoted by FSTDT for merely expressing non-fundamentalistic religious beliefs or mainstream conservative positions.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] As one might expect, they have low tolerance for criticism of atheism[12] and cannot stand politically incorrect commentary even when its intended tone is humorous.[13]

When targeting people and commenting on quotes, FSTDT’s populace frequently uses argumentum ad hominems, or personal attacks, including politically-charged insults like “wingnut”, “dingbat”, “bigot”, or “Nazi” and demeaning nicknames that often employ vulgar puns, unimaginative sex jokes, and lazy parroting of things others say with a few words changed.[14]

One time, they even accused Mary Ann Mendoza, a grieving mother and associate of then-President Donald Trump, of “racism” when she condemned illegal Mexican immgirants for killing her son Sergeant Brandon, a police officer from Arizona.[15]

Worst of all, once FSTDT finds a target, they make it a point to follow and spy on that target for life, or at least until that target stops saying things with which FSTDT disagrees or finds worthy of their scorn.[16]

General trolling[edit | edit source]

FSTDT’s main mode of trolling is to call out their targets for what they perceive as anything they do not approve of in hopes that most readers will turn into detractors against or actively oppose the site’s targets. They also have a habit of victim-blaming and insist that their targets are only sabotaging themselves.[17] This is a scare tactic used to make people afraid to speak their minds, lest they be quoted by FSTDT.

Notable trolls[edit | edit source]

Not all FSTDT users go to the extremes that the following individuals do, but there are some noteworthy users who exemplify the site at its worst.

Niam2020[edit | edit source]

Regular user Niam2020, who lives somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a compulsive liar and manipulator who admits to suffering from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), and his weak conscience compels him to act like a sociopath entirely for the sake of it.

In one outrageous example of his trollish behavior, from August-September of 2020, he played an elaborate prank on DeviantArt user Colonel-Knight-Rider, whom he frequently stalks and targets simply for sharing mainstream conservative views, that copied the plot of the obscure 1989 horror film Society, in which he played multiple roles named for characters appearing in the film. He also deceived CKR into giving him his email address so he could sign him up for various pornography Website accounts to impersonate him and mischaracterize him as a homosexual pornography addict (likely to get petty revenge on him for alleged homophobic commentary).

CKR did not previously know that Society existed until a friend informed him, causing the entire scheme to unravel. Afterwards, Niam tried to gaslight him into questioning his conservative family values based on what he wanted CKR to learn from their interactions.[18] A few weeks later, CKR learned to his surprise that Niam is actually a sociopathic bully from his high school graduation day.[19]

Anon-e-moose[edit | edit source]

Anon-e-moose is a British user noted for his gratuitous use of bolds and italics to frighten, threaten, and intimidate his targets into submission. Specifics are too numerous to mention, but a complete list of his “Take that, you idiot!”-type comments may be read here. He also has a history of encouraging people to commit suicide, which, even if his targets are genuinely insane, still counts as attempted murder in the second degree.[20][21] [22]

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