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Troll informations
Username GZEB
Type of troll Mastermind/Harasser/Drama queen
Status Active
Profile picture
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I am everywhere.

I have not gone anywhere.

I am still watching.

~ GZEB prior to his Oreocle account being deleted

GZEB is a Discord troll active from April to present. He has a YouTube channel, a Reddit account, and over 30 Discord alt accounts. He is a delusional narcissistic egomaniac who loves attention. He is a smart and persistent liar who knows when to strike and knows to exploit someone's weaknesses to get out of a situation. He is a baiter but not in the typical fashion, instead of a reaction, he fishes for a result by lying, manipulating, and of course, baiting. An example of this would be when he and his accomplice claimed GZEB to be another user, they got their desired reaction of the mod team eating up their lies. He is known for infiltrating the moderator team of the Pink Eye ARG Discord server and his attempts to manipulate and dox people.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

GZEB is a delusional narcissistic egomaniac who loves attention and the chaos he causes. He spoiled the solutions to several puzzles and infiltrated the mod team of the Pink Eye server. (he claimed to solve the puzzles by himself but due to GZEB's consistent lying, he might have worked with several people)

He attempted to dox the creator of the Pink Eye server, 2020VISION, and claimed it was because of 2020VISION banning him, although he doxed the wrong guy due to GZEB believing a fake dox circulated behind the scenes by 2020VISION himself (possibly for the ARG; if it was then it was almost definitely scrapped after this incident). He also doxed another user for unclear reasons. In this second dox, it was later revealed that he had again, doxed the wrong person.

One of his many faux motives were to solve more of 2020VISION's puzzles, "fight the system", or spread a possibly faux ideology that involved himself being some sort of divine being. His true motives are unknown. He claims to have a dislike of 2020VISION and the other people running the Pink Eye server.

Unlike his motives, it is publicly known GZEB is proud of what he did or at least framed it that way. He is under the delusion that GZEB made the Pink Eye server more active and "gave people a reason to use the server". There is almost no hint of remorse for any of his actions besides a passing remark of him saying that he had "gone a bit too far" when referring to the second dox.

After revealing himself to be GZEB, he kept on bragging about "trolling the server", giving people "a reason to use the server", that he was one of the original users and was one of the first Loyalists (puzzle solvers) and that he was one of the first mods who "solved more puzzles than anyone else".

GZEB strikes and disappears at the perfect times and knows what he should and shouldn't say. He is well aware that what he is doing is somewhat illegal and so uses the vaguest words possible, despite this GZEB has fallen victim to the most simple of slipups and mistakes. He will even lie and cover up things when he knows he has messed up.


Biography[edit | edit source]

GZEB is (if to be believed) a teenage male with programming knowledge, specifically in Python. He lives in the United States. He created the GZEB Discord account on April 2, 2016, although it is unknown what the account was used for up till March 2021 when it initially joined the Pink Eye server. He seems to have some knowledge of international politics as he joined a political server on May 17, which he continued to talk in until June. According to GZEB himself, he has "a shit ton of alt disc accounts", explaining why most of the accounts were so old, but it still doesn't explain why the GZEB account is older than his own main account by several years.

GZEB's exploitative behavior would show up outside of him being GZEB. During the Team Pink vs Team Black arc of the ARG, GZEB would exploit his alternate account's reputation as a pro-Team Black supporter to gain the trust of the owner of the Team Black discord. Once the owner ditched Team Black for Team Pink, he would hand server ownership to GZEB's alt, which was his goal all along. GZEB would claim to be 21 years old to gain the adult role and would only reveal his true age on his birthday, wherein he would reveal what was said previously: "I lied" "I was tryna get the adult role"

Harassment against the Pink Eye Discord[edit | edit source]

Pre-Harassment[edit | edit source]

GZEB first joined the Pink Eye server on an alt on February 25. This alternate account would solve puzzles and quickly gain a reputation, like GZEB, this alternate account had a profile picture relating to Pink Eye. During the Team Pink and Team Black part of the ARG, this account would switch names and soon become known as a strong advocate for Team Black. He would join a Team Black server. He would later on be gifted the server after the owner ditched team black for team pink. This user would never give the server back to the user even after the events of the ARG. On April 24, the alt would reveal himself as GZEB's main account.

On March 6, GZEB's main account would join the server and also solve some puzzles. He would gain a similar reputation to his alt who joined previously. Unlike his alt, he became a moderator.

March 2021[edit | edit source]

On March 26, 2021, GZEB joined the Pink Eye Discord. At around this time, a user named SCRTB (Busty Mama in disguise) also joined which would explain why people initially trusted him.

April 2021[edit | edit source]

GZEB would stay silent until April 12, 2021, when he said hello to everyone and asked a bunch of questions in an attempt to look naïve. Members of the Pink Eye server unsuspectingly answered these questions, indirectly giving GZEB motivations he will later use. After mysteriously managing to solve multiple puzzles, he gained a positive reputation in the community, although they were under the impression that GZEB was 2020VISION himself.

On April 11, GZEB would break the "show me your duck face" command, leading for 2020VISION to disable the command permanently. On April 14, 2020VISION banned GZEB from the Pink Eye server as he evidently was annoyed of GZEB for spoiling and ruining his puzzles, this ban however would be a prime motivator for GZEB's next actions.

Attempted Doxing of 2020VISION[edit | edit source]

On April 15, GZEB joined a server run by the CEO of a game development company. He believed this CEO is 2020VISION, although 2020VISION would later say that that wasn't him. On April 18, his accomplice joined as well. On April 19, GZEB and his accomplice both got banned from that server for unknown reasons.

On April 21, he returned to the Pink Eye server under an alt, where people sarcastically praised his return. He was swiftly banned.

On April 22, he returned under another alt and was confronted by SCRTB, in the middle of their argument, GZEB uploaded a PDF file that claimed to know 2020VISION's identity, address, parents' address and phone number. In reality, these were just the personal info of the aforementioned CEO.

In the PDF, he challenged possible followers of GZEB to solve his puzzles in order for GZEB to release the CEO's phone number so that his followers could swat 2020VISION live (if this plan were to happen 2020VISION wouldn't have been harmed as GZEB had gotten the wrong person). GZEB would later claim that his accomplice was responsible for typing out the threats of swatting.

He was swiftly banned for this but returned under another alt, after a similar set of events, he returned under another alt masquerading as "George Bunchamp".

He quickly dropped this act, posted the PDF and got banned again. In between these swift bans, GZEB would threaten 2020VISION claiming he had "bad friends" and that on April 25th they would do something to him. This threat would never happen.

GZEB would clarify on November 2 that his accomplice was the one repeatedly sending the PDF.

He would continue joining under alts and get banned until April 26 but he would stop posting the PDF. He would also make his YouTube channel on April 29 just to comment on one of 2020VISION's songs.

Paranoid banning of trusted Pink Eye members[edit | edit source]

After these events, it was discovered that GZEB had a much deeper connection to the Pink Eye server in the form of GZEB possibly having connections to the mod team and other roles. This lead to a mass paranoid banning of mods and loyalists (people that solve puzzles).

Hunt for GZEB's identity by Pink Eye staff[edit | edit source]

Due to these events, a Discord server was formed by Pink Eye staff to collect everything related to GZEB in an attempt to catch him, this attempt would not lead to GZEB's identity but only lead to the discovery of more double agents in the mod team, numerous arguments, useless info and dead-end theories.

Joining the Discord Bots server[edit | edit source]

On April 27, he would join the Discord Bots server. Soon after, the server's current owner, Busty Mama and a moderator would join the server. GZEB would take notice and begin pinging them and another user who never joined the server for some reason. He would be reprimanded several times by one of Discord Bot's moderators. He would continue pinging them and post an image and insist that he painted it. This image, as usual, ripped off one of 2020VISION's puzzles involving image stenography. The other image hidden in this puzzle was later used by one of GZEB's alts, GRU/missing. After this he would be muted then banned from the Discord Bots server.

May 2021[edit | edit source]

GZEB would go silent (except DMs) until May 23, 2021.

GZEB Fanclub[edit | edit source]

On May 22, 2021, GZEB would create a Discord server called the GZEB FANCLUB. He would send an invite to the server the next day.

The server would slowly introduce more features over time, like a Discord bot, a webhook to catch Pokemon in the Pink Eye server, a webhook that logs messages, and numerous hobby server channels. There was also a puzzle once that involved heavy foreshadowing by GZEB.

The meaning of the puzzle is not known but it involves German mathematician and philosopher Kurt Gödel and his Incompleteness theorem.

Doxing of a detractor and subsequent backlash[edit | edit source]

On May 26, GZEB released two images of what looks to be a school, which he insisted to be art instead of a photo. When asked who "made" the images, he responded with a name and a link to a personal LinkedIn page.

GZEB urged members of the GZEB Fanclub to send these images to a specific member of the Pink Eye server because "he will like it". When sent to the specific member, he freaked out and panicked as GZEB not only knew his name, but his school as well.

He proceeded to call GZEB out publicly and leave the Pink Eye server for his own safety. GZEB claimed no responsibility for the dox and obnoxiously seemed to think the "paintings" were the cause of the member's rage. He would later purge the server channel the events took place in.

These events caused major backlash and arguments on the Pink Eye server, leading for two members to report GZEB to Discord's Trust & Safety team.

Warning by Discord, short resurgence and silence[edit | edit source]

Thanks to the two reports, Discord issued a warning to GZEB to stop his behaviors or be permanently banned.

In one last act, GZEB tells the members of the GZEB Fanclub to remember him and remember that he was never GZEB, but his followers and detractors were. Later that day, GZEB came back under an alt account named "Zodiac". He claimed to want to work with 2020VISION for unknown and purposes and that he "is not allowed to share this information with anyone that isn't 2020Vision". The account acted exactly like GZEB and was immediately surrounded by an angry mob of Discord users. The account ended up telling a suicidal server member that he was more important than her so 2020VISION might respond to him. He was banned after. He then joined under another account and was banned, he then joined again, this time posing as Zodiac's "brother" and was quickly banned again. He would join several more times and get quickly banned.

He would fall silent after.

June 2021[edit | edit source]

Revealing of Identity Setup[edit | edit source]

On June 7, 2021, GZEB's accomplice (unknown at the time) name dropped someone, claimed that person was GZEB, and vanished. It isn't possible that this user is GZEB, as the only connection this user had to GZEB was through GZEB's accomplice (they had spoken once publicly and possibly more times privately) and a JavaScript program he had created which used the mandelbrot set, something GZEB used as a profile picture for one of his accounts earlier.

On June 10, GZEB indirectly confirmed this by saying "i knew i couldn't trust [Member name], fuck". He immediately deleted the messages upon someone asking him if he heard right. GZEB then said that it isn't true that he was this user. It is most likely he and his accomplice had planned this to misdirect people.

Based on this member's history and ties to GZEB, it was later theorized he had possibly spread misinformation to pin the blame on a user who seemingly fit the bill of GZEB, as usual, the moderators initially fell for it but quickly realized the impossibilities of his claim.

This would later be proven true by GZEB himself.

Some activity hinting at something big[edit | edit source]

GZEB would remain active after June 10.

On June 16, he would send a seemingly gibberish message and ping everyone in the GZEB Fanclub. This message decoded from Malbolge reads "GZEB is love, GZEB is life." The only reason the message was decoded was through a second interview conducted by a user, wherein he answered "What is your favorite coding language" with "Malbolgzeb" which was deduced to be Malbolge but with GZEB's name inserted. Another user was DM'd by GZEB stating "Patience. June 25." Nothing would ever happen on June 25.

Joining the Python discord server[edit | edit source]

On June 16, he would join the Python discord server to ask questions related to discord.py, discord bots and python. The questions would involve how to give someone server permissions via a bot. He would also ask if it was possible for roles after being told that giving someone server permissions was currently impossible. He would not be answered. Nobody would know of this until July 27, when one of the people loosely associated with GZEB sent it to a user, who sent it to someone investigating GZEB. This seems to imply that GZEB is preparing something involving discord bots.

Joining the Discord.py server[edit | edit source]

About 30 minutes after joining the Python Discord, GZEB joined the Discord.py server. There he would ask questions related to discord.py, show some code, and expose the name of his PC in the process. The questions he would ask involve his bot, GZEBCENSION, and how to make his bot give him a role on message. GZEB was less than accepting of his code being wrong and seems to want to use the original code, despite not working. He would abruptly end the conversation with Discord.py members by accidentally revealing his modded Discord client (BetterDiscord, confirmed by one member saying they use the same one), denying it, then making up extremely strange excuses for having his bot's permissions on the screen ("my cat walked on my keyboard and edited the HTML to show the bot permissions", "must be some sort of glitch", "I would never break discord terms of service"). GZEB's behavior is a lot more human in the Discord.py server, albeit still a bit strange. This would mean that this is possibly GZEB's personality outside of Pink Eye.

Briefly moving to Reddit[edit | edit source]

About a month before, the 2020 VISION subreddit was unprivated. On June 29, GZEB posted "I heard you folk were good at solving puzzles, can one of you lend a hand?". The post was noticed by a user 18 minutes later. This post was immediately shared to the group of Pink Eye staff investigating GZEB. This short-lived move would be confirmed by GZEB on July 2 when he replied to a user stating "I am always here. I am always everywhere. Reddit, YouTube, your closet." GZEB's Reddit account would respond to DMs twice a few days later then become inactive.

July 2021[edit | edit source]

Mass deletion of alternate accounts[edit | edit source]

On July, a massive amount of GZEB's alternate accounts would be deleted (even ones unknown at the time). This would also indirectly confirm that Zodiac is GZEB (despite GZEB denying it).

Real Identity?[edit | edit source]

On July 25, a trusted member of the server sent an image to someone investigating GZEB. It showed the user who betrayed GZEB earlier admitting to someone that he, and a group of loyalists were all GZEB and that one of the users is the 'main' GZEB. The truthfulness of what he's saying is debatable since the user isn't all that trusted by anyone (and it contradicted his own claims as seen earlier). The image was sent to this trusted member by another person who isn't considered trustworthy either, further putting the image's authenticity to debate. On September 8, the user who betrayed GZEB would double down on his questionable claims to a trusted user of Pink Eye, who came to him for Python lessons. After this, he would unfriend the trusted member.

On July 27, another user loosely associated with GZEB sent a templar (moderator) of Pink Eye a piece of code from one of GZEB's bots. The code basically makes the bot say a certain phrase that another user who used to be in Pinkeye said. This user also made a bot similar to the ones GZEB made. This made the templars come to the conclusion that this user was GZEB the whole time.

August 2021[edit | edit source]

Resurgence[edit | edit source]

GZEB would come back by randomly pinging everyone in the GZEB FANCLUB, after pinging once more, he would stop talking there. Meanwhile, he was sending random images to a user. This user was able to trick GZEB into clicking an IP-grabbing URL shortener. GZEB sent more and more random images then made a group DM consisting of this user, an untrustworthy user, and a trusted user from the Pink Eye server. He would then send images relating to the time when he doxed someone back in May. He would send a few more messages hinting he is still in the Pink Eye server then demand that someone send a certain image to the user he doxed back in May so that he can "reveal himself". This user ended up reporting GZEB to Discord Trust & Safety again. 13 hours after GZEB clicked the link that grabbed his IP, he clicked it again, this time on his PC.

Switching to alternate account[edit | edit source]

On August 14, GZEB would change the name of sneakattack (impersonation account) to Oreocle. He switched to his Oreocle account after his main GZEB account possibly got locked/suspended. On August 18, he would contact a user and tell them to solve his puzzle, he would gradually send more and more clues to his puzzle. He would also send multiple smiley faces for an unknown reason. GZEB, using his Oreocle account, would tell everyone in the GZEB Fanclub "Poor Feder… He was the perfect scapegoat But he was innocent @everyone". A user again, managed to obtain GZEB's IP address and device information. This user would then report to Discord's Trust & Safety Team. GZEB would fall silent after that.

Revealing his alt again and vague messages[edit | edit source]

On August 30, he revealed another alt of his, Gazeb Reynolds, and made enigmatic and vague messages before being banned again. In those messages he repeated the same statements of "I am always watching", "You all follow me but don't know", etc. In GZEB FANCLUB, GZEB said the same statements of "I am watching" then proceeded to send a link to Sandia's Nuclear Incident Response Program website, referencing the time 2020VISION jokingly told members of the server to hack into Sandia.

September 2021[edit | edit source]

GZEB account deletion[edit | edit source]

On September 6 (August 6, accounting for the 1 month it takes for Discord to delete your account), GZEB's main account, and subsequently his bot, would be deleted under unknown circumstances.

Oreocle account deletion[edit | edit source]

On September 29/30, the Oreocle account was deleted. Since it takes a month for Discord to delete accounts, this would place the account deletion on August 29/30. Around the same time GZEB logged into Gazeb Reynolds, possibly due to his account being disabled and later deleted.

Gazeb Reynolds account deletion[edit | edit source]

On September 29/30, the Gazeb Reynolds account was also deleted. Since it takes a month for Discord to delete accounts, this would place the account deletion on August 29/30. This would imply shortly after revealing himself in the Pink Eye server, his account was disabled and later deleted.

Main account alt[edit | edit source]

His main account was also among the other accounts deleted on August 29/30. As a result of this he would join under an alt on September 11. On September 18, he would start messaging and claim to be his main account. He was vetted to be who he claimed to be. (he would also mention about being given his old roles once)

October 2021[edit | edit source]

Second main account alt[edit | edit source]

On September 20, GZEB would create a new main account alt. He would join the Pink Eye server on September 29 and immediately beg for his old roles. Unlike previously, he would beg for roles quite intensely. It got so bad that he would often ping several moderators and 2020VISION to give him his roles back. Under the belief people didn't think it was him, he created a group DM called "i am the real [main account name]" and added a single user to prove to him he was his main account. He was vetted to be this user a few days prior however (via email), the Pink Eye staff just really did not want him back on the mod team.

The Big Reveal[edit | edit source]

On 5:00 AM, October 15 (UTC), this mod would reveal that he was GZEB, although he would never directly say yes, he would reveal info and upload images GZEB used, but unedited.

More reveals[edit | edit source]

On the same day, he would admit that his accomplice knew his identity.

On October 16, he would reveal that he still has "someone there right now".

On October 21, he confirmed that he indeed attempted to impersonate a prominent user back in April. On the same day, he revealed that this THINK AGAIN image was a fake Ascension (mod bot) ban embed he had created himself to spook the moderators, which evidently worked, leading to the April paranoid banning of trusted Pink Eye moderators.

Unlike previously, he would directly admit to being GZEB on October 24, stating: "ive already trolled the server" "everyone knows im gzeb now" (sic).

Amidst all of these reveals, he was constantly joking, bragging or attempting to justify his actions.

Backpedaling and alt[edit | edit source]

One of the questions asked to GZEB would be about the second doxing. He would deny it being doxing but confirm to be behind it. He individually confirmed that he had called the user by his first name and sent photos of his old high school. He denied posting a person's LinkedIn, despite there being proof. He denied any accusations of doxing, and others and simply call it "trolling", or acting as if what he did was something normal.

On October 18, an alternate account of GZEB's, Zwxy, would join the Pink Eye server. It would act as if it didn't know the server for a few minutes before reveling himself to be GZEB. The account's profile picture is a reference to one of the final GZEB DMs before his account was presumably deactivated and deleted, when asked "what happened to kron btw", his response was "He knew too much.", coupled with Zwxy's current profile picture.

November 2021[edit | edit source]

On November 2, GZEB would reveal that his accomplice was the one behind the swatting threats in the PDF and was also the one constantly spamming it, meaning that GZEB was at one point not one single person, but two.

He and his other alt was permanently banned on November 30.

December 2021[edit | edit source]

A new alt account of GZEB's would be created on December 21. It would join the Pink Eye server on December 25.

January 2022[edit | edit source]

On January 6, GZEB's new main account would change profile pictures, which would tip moderators off of GZEB not being entirely inactive. On January 13, the newest GZEB alt account would confirm itself to be GZEB.

Accounts[edit | edit source]

Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg These lists are not ordered. The accounts are added at the bottom whenever they are known.

Discord[edit | edit source]

  • GZEB#2485/ZEBG#2485/(prominent user's name)#2485/Np Cn Pa Ra#2485/G Z E B#2485/Deleted User 4a853b1d#2485 (Deleted)
  • GZEB#0878
  • GZEB#2900
  • GZEB#8745/not GZEB#8745/BEZG#8745
  • GZEB#9588/WE ARE GZEB#9588/???bezg/George Bunchamp
  • WE ARE ALL GZEB#8624
  • GeeZab#4242 (Deleted)
  • GZEB#3026
  • GZEB#5392
  • G Z E B#7691 (Deleted)
  • GZEB IS LOVE#6397
  • GZEB Fangirl#6644 (Deleted)
  • 𝗚𝗭𝗘𝗕, 𝗔𝗞𝗔 𝗙𝗘𝗗𝗘𝗥#0391 (Deleted)
  • GZEB#6992 (Deleted)
  • G Z E B#1506 (Deleted)
  • GAZEBO#0177
  • TEAPOT#1770
  • bob marley#6676 (Deleted)
  • SHINY DITTO#2846/PARTY POOPER#2846 (Deleted)
  • The Mouse#5685/SQUEAK
  • Lysippos#3210
  • Self-Similar#3318 (Deleted)
  • GRU#5041/missing#5041 (Deleted)
  • Oreocle#9019/sneakattack#9019/discord.gg/xW8hXgDB#9019/cyber#9019 (Deleted)
  • Zodiac#2556 (Deleted)
  • Zodiac#7640
  • Zodiac#5452
  • Zodiac#3963
  • Zodiac's brother#2082 (Deleted)
  • Gazeb Reynolds#5018 (Deleted)
  • SAD#4949
  • Bubbles#5343
  • Zwxy#0295

Reddit[edit | edit source]

  • u/GZ3B

Noteworthy Facts[edit | edit source]

GZEB is not always responsive to questions, he either answers them properly with 'GZEB' or just straight up says 'GZEB'. But when GZEB is responsive, it shows that GZEB is smarter than people think as in between his faux ideological ramblings is a smart manipulator.

GZEB's name decodes to PINK if you run it through a Caesar Cipher, explaining why the members of Pink Eye initially thought he was 2020VISION. GZEB has outright denied this multiple times despite proof being shoved directly into his face. People accusing him of impersonation is also one of the reasons GZEB used to explain his hate for 2020VISION which is ironic considering he has impersonated multiple people.

GZEB once said that his "full name" was "GZEB EUCLIM", which decoded to PINK KAIROS in caesar cipher. Kairos is the name of the main character/antagonist of the Pink Eye ARG.

When forced to pick a new name by 2020VISION, he initially picked CVAX, which is just GZEB, but shifted 4 times in the caesar cipher.

GZEB's nickname was at one point COXRA, which decoded to FRAUD in caesar cipher, this was before GZEB began to show his hate for 2020VISION, hinting that GZEB premeditated his plan. (this was hours after he first spoke in the server, possibly a bit before 2020VISION began to notice GZEB's existence).

GZEB has BetterDiscord, which he frequently uses to taunt and brag his presence on certain servers. He possibly has ShowHiddenChannels, MessageLogger, AccountDetailsPlus, and StaffTag.

GZEB knows a minimal amount of Python.

GZEB claims that YouTuber TheTekkitRealm is a "good friend". He also claims that "Jerry" (an anonymous source who allegedly contacted TheTekkitRealm about 2020VISION) is "one with GZEB". However, he is definitely just lying as he also has a negative history with TheTekkitRealm and his discord. (a moderator banned him in TheTekkitRealm's server as retribution for banning him in the Pink Eye server)

There does not seem to be activity from any of GZEB's accounts (main accounts, alts, GZEB accounts) which hint that he existed prior to February 25, 2021.

Unknown if ironic or not, but GZEB has stated that he wanted to be in an actual cult.

Sometimes GZEB will purposefully play a character which is often ridiculous or condescending and often claim it as a joke after the fact.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

External Links[edit | edit source]

YouTube Channel

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