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File:gzeb schrodinger douchbag.PNG| An even more ironic example of GZEB being a Schrodinger’s Douchebag.
File:gzeb schrodinger douchbag.PNG| An even more ironic example of GZEB being a Schrodinger’s Douchebag.
File:GZEBdiscordwarning.jpg|The warning issued by Discord Trust & Safety after the reports.
File:GZEBdiscordwarning.jpg|The warning issued by Discord Trust & Safety after the reports.
File:GZEB identity.PNG| GZEB indirectly confirming his identity.
File:GZEB identity 1.PNG| GZEB indirectly confirming his identity.

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~ GZEB's answer to most questions

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Troll informations
Username GZEB
Type of troll Harassers/Illegal Trolls/Impersonators/Stalkers/Puppeteer/Spammers/Snipe Hunting/Smear Merchants/System Abusers/Schrödinger's Douchebag/Witch hunters/Two Faceted trolls/Propagandists
Status Active
Profile picture

GZEB is a Discord troll active from April 2021 to present. He has a YouTube channel and over 20 Discord alt accounts. He is a mysterious, narcissistic egomaniac who loves attention. He is known for infiltrating and causing chaos in the Pink Eye Discord server.

Why he is a troll

GZEB is a narcissistic egomaniac who loves attention. He possibly worked with a group to spoil the solutions to several puzzles in the Pink Eye server. He attempted to dox the leader of the Pink Eye server, 2020VISION, because he banned him, although he doxed the wrong guy. He also doxed a university student for unknown reasons, but it is likely because this student had insulted him many times before. He believes that he is the victim of 2020VISION, being blamed for impersonation and cheating the puzzles.



GZEB is a male believed to be an adult with extensive programming knowledge, specifically in Scratch. He created his Discord account on April 2, 2016, although it is unknown what he did leading up to March 2021.

Harassment against the Pink Eye Discord

Pre-March 2021

According to GZEB, he watched TheTekkitRealm's video on 2020VISION (which claims a lot of false things).

March 2021

On March 26, 2021, GZEB joined the Pink Eye Discord.

April 2021

GZEB would stay silent until April 12, 2021, when he said hello to everyone and asked a bunch of questions in an attempt to look naïve. Members of the Pink Eye server unsuspectingly answered these questions, indirectly giving GZEB motivations he will later use. After mysteriously managing to solve multiple puzzles, he gained a positive reputation in the community, although they were under the impression that GZEB was 2020VISION himself. On April 11, GZEB would break the "show me your duck face" command, leading for 2020VISION to disable the command permanently. On April 14, 2020VISION banned GZEB from the Pink Eye server as he evidently was annoyed of GZEB for spoiling and ruining his puzzles, this ban however would be a prime motivator for GZEB's next actions.

Attempted Doxing of 2020VISION

On April 18, GZEB joined a server run by the CEO of a game development company. He believed this CEO is 2020VISION, although 2020VISION would later say that that wasn't him. On April 19, GZEB got banned from that server for unknown reasons. On April 21, he returned to the Pink Eye server under an alt, where people sarcastically praised his return. He was swiftly banned. On April 22, he returned under another alt, in the middle of an argument with the server's current owner SCRTB (aka Busty Mama), GZEB uploaded a PDF file that claimed to know 2020VISION's identity, address, parents' address and phone number, in reality these were just the personal info of the aforementioned CEO. In the PDF, he challenged possible followers of GZEB to solve his puzzles in order for GZEB to release the CEO's phone number so that his followers could swat 2020VISION live (if this plan were to happen 2020VISION wouldn't have been harmed as GZEB had gotten the wrong person). He was swiftly banned for this but returned under another alt, after a similar set of events, he returned under another alt masquerading as "George Bunchamp". He quickly dropped this act, posted the PDF and got banned again. In between these swift bans, GZEB would threaten 2020VISION claiming he had "bad friends" and that on April 25th they would do something to him. This threat would never happen. He would continue joining under alts and get banned until April 26 but he would stop posting the PDF. He would also make his YouTube channel around this time just to comment on one of 2020VISION's songs.

Paranoid banning of trusted Pink Eye members

After these events, it was discovered that GZEB had a much deeper connection to the Pink Eye server in the form of GZEB possibly having friends on the mod team and other roles. This lead to a mass paranoid banning of mods and loyalists (people that solve puzzles).

Hunt for GZEB's identity by Pink Eye staff

Due to these events, a Discord server was formed by Pink Eye staff to collect everything related to GZEB in an attempt to catch him, this attempt would not lead to GZEB's identity but only lead to the discovery of more double agents in the mod team and numerous arguments.

May 2021

GZEB would go silent from there only speaking from time to time, until May 23, 2021.

GZEB Fanclub

On May 22, 2021, GZEB would create a Discord server called the GZEB FANCLUB. He would send an invite to the server the next day and rumors of the server's existence would spread. The server would slowly introduce more features over time, like a Discord bot, a webhook to catch Pokemon in the Pink Eye server, a webhook that logs messages, and numerous hobby server channels. There was also a puzzle once that involved heavy foreshadowing by GZEB. The meaning of the puzzle is not known but it involves German mathematician and philosopher Kurt Gödel and his Incompleteness theorem.

Doxing of a detractor and subsequent backlash

On May 26, GZEB released two images of what looks to be a school, which he insisted to be art instead of a photo. When asked who "made" the images, he responded with a name and a link to a personal LinkedIn page. GZEB urged members of the GZEB Fanclub to send these images to a specific member of the Pink Eye server because "he will like it". When sent to the specific member, he freaked out and panicked as GZEB not only knew his name, but his school as well. He proceeded to call GZEB out publicly and leave the Pink Eye server for his own safety. GZEB claimed no responsibility for the dox and obnoxiously seemed to think the "paintings" were the cause of the member's rage. He would later purge the server channel the events took place in. These events caused major backlash and arguments on the Pink Eye server, leading for two members to report GZEB to Discord's Trust & Safety team.

Warning by Discord, short resurgence and silence

Thanks to the two reports, Discord issued a warning to GZEB to stop his behaviors or be permanently banned. In one last act, GZEB tells the members of the GZEB Fanclub to remember him and remember that he was never GZEB, but his followers and detractors were. Later that day, GZEB came back under an alt account named "Zodiac". He claimed to want to work with 2020VISION for unknown and purposes and that he "is not allowed to share this information with anyone that isn't 2020Vision". The account acted exactly like GZEB and was immediately surrounded by an angry mob of Discord users. The account ended up telling a suicidal server member that he was more important than her so 2020VISION might respond to him. He was banned after. He then joined under another account and was banned, he then joined again, this time posing as Zodiac's "brother" and was quickly banned again. He would join several more times and get quickly banned. He would fall silent after, probably due to the fact that he was reported again to Discord's Trust & Safety team for behavior that they have warned him to stop.

June 2021

Betrayal by a member

On June 7, 2021, a supposed member of GZEB's group leaked his identity and vanished. On June 10, GZEB indirectly confirmed his identity by saying "i knew i couldn't trust [Member name], fuck". He immediately deleted the messages upon someone asking him if he heard right. GZEB then said that it isn't true that he was this user.

Alt Accounts

  • GZEB#0878
  • GZEB#2900
  • GZEB#8745/not GZEB#8745
  • GZEB#9588
  • WE ARE ALL GZEB#8624
  • GeeZab#4242
  • GZEB#3026
  • GZEB#5392
  • G Z E B#7691
  • GZEB IS LOVE#6397
  • GZEB Fangirl#6644
  • 𝗚𝗭𝗘𝗕, 𝗔𝗞𝗔 𝗙𝗘𝗗𝗘𝗥#0391
  • GZEB#6992
  • G Z E B#1506
  • GAZEBO#0177
  • TEAPOT#1770
  • bob marley#6676
  • The Mouse#5685
  • Lysippos#3210
  • Self-Similar#3318
  • sneakattack#9019/(invite link to GZEB FANCLUB)#9019/cyber#9019
  • Zodiac#2556
  • Zodiac#7640
  • Zodiac#5452
  • Zodiac#3963
  • Zodiac's brother#2082

Noteworthy Facts

At one point, GZEB foreshadowed that he was in fact, a high-ranking member named Feder, when people believed him he mocked them. GZEB is not always responsive to questions, he either answers them properly with 'GZEB' or just straight up says 'GZEB'. But when GZEB is responsive, it shows that GZEB may be smarter than most people think as in between his ideological ramblings is a smart programmer and manipulator. GZEB's name decodes to PINK if you run it through a Caesar Cipher, explaining why the members of Pink Eye initially thought he was 2020VISION. GZEB has outright denied this multiple times despite proof being shoved directly into his face. People accusing him of impersonation is also one of the reasons why he hates 2020VISION which is ironic considering he has impersonated multiple people. GZEB has BetterDiscord, which he frequently uses to taunt and brag his presence on certain servers. GZEB has allegedly rapped in a diss track when he was in collage for a friend. GZEB claims to be from the UK but there's evidence that he lives in the American Mid-West, particularly his sleep schedule.