Gang Bang

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NOTE: This definition is only accurate in the world of video games. Don't Google that, unless it is discretionary and you are not bothered by NSFW content. Definition from Wikipedia.

Definition[edit | edit source]

What a gang bang would look like.
What a gang bang would look like irl.

A gang bang is a form of harassment in video games in which a group of people will start targeting one person relentlessly. It can come from both teammates (griefing) or foes from any given multiplayer online game. Oftentimes, this type of harassment has people talking shit about the person they harass, see an example down below:

While trolls can resort to that tactic, it is not excluded to them only. The toxic Smash Bros fanbase has something called a "taunt party" and whenever you enter a game with a taunt party if you play the game normally, you'll automatically get gang banged by the 3 other players, see examples below:

The players are not trolls, they are just bored assholes who have got nothing better to do to waste their time. Lighting a bunch of TNT in Minecraft is a better alternative to taunt parties.

To note: Brawlhalla, a Steam game inspired by Smash, has allegedly the same issue regarding gang banging.