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Troll informations
Username Griffin Gaming
Type of troll Leafy 2.0
Status Active
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Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg Do not mind the many comparisons made between Griffin Gaming and Leafyishere. This troll absolutely seethes to the idea of being compared to Leafyishere, so that is why so many connections between the two are drawn on this article.

Not to be confused with Peter Griffin.

Griffin Gaming is a Youtube gamer semi-notorious for being the second coming of Leafyishere after the actual Leafy lost all relevancy on the platform due to his antics. He has a hefty amount of subscribers, over 200 thousand to be more exact.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

Griffin Gaming is a bully and a shit-talker who loves to say "literally" every two sentences.

He will frequently go after anyone who does not share his opinions (nor thinks positively of him) and make response videos to send his fans to dogpile those concerned. Moreover, he bragged that his fans, who witch hunted a streamer called HippoZoned, were trolls and effectively replaced all of HippoZoned's fans because the latter deleted his channel several times out of mental breakdowns.

Leafyishere would, at the very least, talk shit about him in one or two videos and leave it at that, but what makes Griffin Gaming so much worse is that he is effectively a stalker who checks every single one of HippoZoned's videos to see if he uploaded something recently.

Feuds[edit | edit source]

Griffin Gaming made himself many enemies on Youtube in the gaming sphere for dogpiling a bunch of Youtubers, most of whom were critical of Doom Eternal. Regardless of whether you believe the criticism was warranted or not, this is not how you tell someone that they are wrong.

HippoZoned[edit | edit source]

He is a martyr on Griffin Gaming's channel, a little bit how Billy The Fridge was the punching bag of Leafyishere (Except to a much lesser extent).

HippoZoned first appeared on Griffin's channel on the 7th of February 2019 on a video titled “PC Gamers are Entitled Spoiled Brats” | According to Epic Games Store Defender HippoZoned.

The harassment toward HippoZoned got so bad that one of Griffin's fans doxxed him and then spread his doxx on Griffin Gaming's subreddit.

Furthermore, since HippoZoned got doxxed that means Griffin Gaming knew his telephone number, so he sent him creepy messages.

Fun fact: Griffin Gaming and his goons made him delete his Youtube channel 5 times and made him delete absolutely all the videos that Griffin did not like.

Dreamcast Guy[edit | edit source]

A clickbaiter was frequently appearing on Griffin's channel, he would start catfights with him on Twitter. That person is known as Dreamcast Guy.

Griffin Gaming would talk shit about the way Dreamcast Guy talks and looks while actually criticizing the clickbaity content he would make.

When Griffin Gaming started going after about Dreamcast Guy on Twitter, he managed to get himself banned from the platform.

Because Griffin Gaming likes to parrot and mock people, he started to use the same intro as Dreamcast Guy for his Youtube intros, the famous "Hey what's up gamers, Dreamcast Guy here". Griffin Gaming would instead substitute Dreamcast Guy's name for his own name, so the intro sounded more like this "Hey what's up gamers, Griffin here". Eventually, Griffin Gaming got tired of it and stopped using that quote as his intro.

The first video about Dreamcast Guy on Griffin Gaming's channel was uploaded in 2019 after new year's eve and was titled DreamcastGuy's "Angriest Rant Ever!" | The Soulja Boy Game Console.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

Like Leafyishere, Griffin Gaming likes to rant about feminists and anyone he deems to be cringeworthy. However, unlike Leafyishere, he only does so in the gaming side of Youtube rather than being really generalized and talk about current events in the world.

Griffin Gaming has a second Youtube channel simply called "Griffin".

Links[edit | edit source]

His Youtube channel

His suspended Twitter account

His Instagram

Second Youtube account

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