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Website informations
Website Name Kiwi Farms
Online address www.kiwifarms.net
Type of website Doxxing/Stalking
Availability Online
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Kiwi Farms is a forum made for general-purpose discussion and for the purpose of talking about "Lolcows" on different selective boards.

It is currently one of the most popular forums in internet culture, being oftentimes mentioned on Youtube or other websites for both the good things it does and the bad things it does, most particularly the latter.

A sister website lolcow.farm exists as well. It is not owned by Joshua Conner Moon, nor is it related to Kiwifarms, and actively mocks "Kiwifags". This website is an anonymous imageboard inhabited primarily by female users.

Why is that a troll website

It is notoriously known as a haven for doxxers and disgruntled stalkers. Information about different celebrities are constantly being leaked there on a daily basis. Furthermore, the forum was originally made to stalk Christine Weston Chandler (See origins) as well as the many other people whom they deemed "too eccentric".

Although one quality they have that a lot of other trolls seem to lack is their ability to have empathy for others, that, however, is very situational...

They will show no empathy nor sympathy for you if you are "way too eccentric" for them.

The forum

The website, while mainly accessible via its kiwifarms.net domain, has plenty of back-up links in case they were snatched away from Josh or they were subject to DDoS attacks. Additionally, Kiwi Farms is accessible from the Tor network since it has its own unique onion address.

The forum was created using Xenforo, a paid forum management software. Many other websites such as NeoGAF and RPG.net use this tool to make a stylish forum. At the bottom of the page, it says the look of the forum was delivered by Themehouse.

The forum and website in general is protected and currently registered by Cloudflare. It was previously hosted or registered at Linode, Gandi.net, Offshore Servers, Digital Ocean and Dreamhost. At the bottom of the page, it reads "Hosted by 1776 Hosting" which is presumably owned by Null.

Information about Kiwi Farms.
Information about Kiwi Farms.

Kiwi Farms is entirely administered by Josh, also known as 'Null', and a few other moderators.

The Subforums

The forum is separated into several smaller subforums, which have boards where people can discuss topics, such as "Lolcow Cults", "Lolcow Farms", "Lolcow Salon", "Lolcow Meta" and "Interior". All of them are created for a specific purpose. Lolcow Cults, for instance, is a subforum with several boards made to target one person specifically.

Lolcow Cults

Only the most notable boards are listed.

  • Lolcows: A general board to discuss eccentric people that are not notable enough, think of this as this website's equivalent to Trollpedia's tiny trolls.
  • Internationale Clique: The same as "Lolcows", but the person concerned must not speak English. There are many posts on French, German and Spanish "lolcows", alongside Kiwi Farms users that speak those languages.
  • Boards dedicated to a specific online user: Those boards tend to come and go as time passes and are made solely to target the most notable eccentric people out there. Examples of boards with that purpose: "Brianna Wu", "Jonathan Yaniv", "Gunt" and "Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil".
  • Christian Weston Chandler: Although it goes into the same category as above, Christine's board existed ever since the forum was re-branded in 2013 while Christine herself was the major subject of interest for CWCforum since its inception in 2007. This board will likely never go away.

Lolcow Salon

  • Amberlynn Reid: A board dedicated to the Youtuber Amberlynn Reid. It will probably go away one day.
  • Beauty Parlour: This board is for the beauty and makeup community and for other people that are simply trying to look pretty. The board may cover cosplayers from time to time.
  • Deathfats: This board is for people who are excessively obese because of their mukbang content on Youtube, mostly. This board can be used to talk about obese people of the fat acceptance movement or other kinds of obese people too.
  • Off-Topic: Self-explanatory.

Lolcow Farms

Covers fandoms and internet communities.

  • Community Watch: This board is a general board for internet communities that are not notable enough for their own board.
  • Animal Control: Board dedicated to Furries and Bronies. This board generally takes a priority over other boards on this subforum, so if someone is a Furry and is Transgender, then the person will be featured here instead of "Rat Kings".
  • Internet Famous: Kind of self-explanatory. It is a board dedicated to internet celebrities.
  • Rat Kings: Forum dedicated to talking about big-mouthed and influential people from the LGBTQ+ community who may also be notorious for asking for donations or starting online fights.
  • Weeb Wars: A board about Otakus and other related dramas within the Anime community. It is particularly notorious on online communities for hosting a lot of pro-Comicsgate content.

Lolcow Meta

  • Lolcow General: Discussion about lolcows without targeting one in particular, hence the "general".
  • Lolcow & Lolcow LLP: Board dedicated to hosting legal documents.
  • Shots Fired: This is a board dedicated to target, harass and stalk school shooters and terrorists. It is infamous for hosting the New Zealand's shooter manifesto as well as hosting the video of his deed (Further discussed under Controversies).


A subforum for generic boards that are for casual discussion. All the boards are self-explanatory and there is rarely anything worthwhile on this subforum, so it will be skipped.

Autistic Thunderdome

Includes two generic boards, one called "Deep Thoughts" and another one called "Happenings".


  • Forum Discussion: Self-explanatory.
    • Spergatory: Contains all the boards that were removed from the website, such as the board dedicated to the forum's wiki, Mr. Enter's board labeled "John Enter & the Entersphere" or the board dedicated to a raging Capitalist called "True Capitalist Radio", and you can also find a board dedicated to Gamergate, it was probably removed because Kiwi Farms did not want to be associated with the movement anymore since the members now make fun of a lot of Gamergaters who are a part of the movement. Spergatory exists solely for archival purposes.
  • Take that off the god damn Internet!: Board dedicated to mock legal actions taken against Kiwi Farms.


There is one board that doesn't appear to exist at first glance called "Proving Grounds". It is hidden, so the best way to find this board is to find a post with a direct link to it. This board was made so before a post about a lolcow could make it into the main boards, it could be judged by the community and they decide whether it is a good thread worth considering or not.


Screenshot; it reads: "Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes".
You damn right!

Due to its nature, the website attracted a lot of animosity from other trolls and from the average internet user, especially considering that the users of the forum were hypocrites in a way or another or pissed off everyone by doing things that were seen as outrageous. Most people despised the entire website and wanted it gone.

From as early as 2013, Kiwi Farms harassed people on the internet and did so for a good decade. Moreover, the site would occasionally spread some misinformation about certain people in order to smear them.

Harassment and suicides

A Transgender woman who is known as Chloe eventually committed suicide by burning herself to death after being bullied by Kiwi Farms' trolls relentlessly which sparked an outrage on both Twitter and Tumblr and this led to the belief that Kiwi Farms was an alt-right Nazi forum.

Unfortunately, that person was not the unique casualty, a woman called Julie was the first known victim to commit suicide following Kiwi Farms' cyberharassment. Many more would follow, however.

On June 29th, 2016, 19-year-old Julie Terryberry (FIRST KiwiFarms' Official Victim) was found dead after hanging herself at her home in Ontario, Canada. Following her death, many speculated that the Kiwi Farms documentation of her online life may have contributed to her suicide.
~ Editor from Know Your Meme

On July 19th, NY Mag’s Select/All published an article titled “Kiwi Farms, the Web’s Biggest Community of Stalkers,” which accused the Kiwi Farms community of choosing targets out of a disdain for the mentally ill.
~ Editor from Know Your meme

Screenshot from Kiwi Farms.
There is zero accountability here.

Even more recently, there was an outburst of anger on Twitter because Kiwi Farms pushed a non-binary Furry to the brink of suicide. That person, who is known online as "Near", is a well-known developer who revolutionized the emulation scene decades ago, especially regarding SNES emulation by making an almost perfect cycle-accurate emulator dedicated to play SNES ROMs. People have shown their condolences to Near on several sites and forums and the news that they had passed away spread like wildfire.

There is a total of 5 recorded casualties due to Kiwi Farms' cyberharassment. They go as follow:

  1. Julie Terryberry (29th June 2016)
  2. Chloe Sagal (21th June 2018)
  3. Nicholas McCrary (19th September 2018)
  4. Chance Carmichael (3rd October 2018)
  5. Dave (Near/Byuu) (27th June 2021)

Null threatens rape and murder

In January 2012, the owner of Kiwi Farms attempted to get a girl called Clara Lovett from the Blockland Forums to give him her home address and since she was being defensive and denied him her address, Null threatened to rape her and kill her parents. It is unknown why Joshua wanted her address, but doxxing is a likely reason.

Terrorism incidents

In February 2015, after being radicalized on the website DeviantArt, one member of the forum tried to start a mass shooting in Halifax, Illinois. That member was known by the name of Lindsay Kanittha Souvannarath, going by the username "Heretics on Holiday" on Kiwi Farms and going by the username "snoopyfemme" on DeviantArt. Additionally, she was a part of a nazi forum called the "iron march".

She was later shunned and mocked on Kiwi Farms for complotting to start a mass shooting and failing.

Excerpt 1: [1]

Excerpt 2: [2]

ED article: [3]

Another member, who is known by the name William Edward Atchison and going by the username "fuckyou", who also happens to be a member of Encyclopedia Dramatica under the name "AlGore", made a successful mass shooting attempt on the 7th of December 2017 against the Aztec High School and, exactly like for Lindsay, he was shunned and mocked on Kiwi Farms afterward.

Excerpt from Kiwi Farms: [4]

ED article: [5]

It has to be noted though that although Kiwi Farms disavows the mass shootings and the mass murders, the website is still put into a liability for allowing these incidents to happen in the first place.

The New Zealand controversy

There has been a terrorist attack in Christchurch leaving 50 worshippers dead. The terrorist Brenton Tarrant was a regular of 8chan, another website ran by Null.

Since the attack, Kiwi Farms hosted the video file of the attack including the terrorist's manifesto.

This prompted a detective from New Zealand to ask Null to give them personal information of the 8chan poster and Kiwi Farms users (Likely the ones who re-uploaded the video file and the manifesto) to which Null refused in the rudest and most condescending manner possible.

This caused the whole website to be unreachable from any IP address located inside New Zealand and the users who shared the video or the manifesto were arrested according to the news. Reportedly, they can land to jail for up to 10 years.

I don't give a single solitary fuck what section 50 of your faggot law say about sharing your email. Fuck you and fuck your shithole country.
~ Null / Joshua Conner Moon from Kiwi Farms

Threats of terrorism incident

In 2020, Null received a visit from FBI agents who asked him for private information regarding one of KF's users, SIGSEGV, because he made a threat of terrorism. Null made an announcement for this particular incident, then added that he was gonna ban anyone who makes any threat of terrorism whatsoever from now on, regardless of whether it is credible or not. The full text announcing this change and complaining about the community is available here.

Afterward, the user that got banned, SIGSEGV, would spawn Lolcow.org which he operates. Another splinter site known as Onion Farms was then created by Kengle and administered by SIGSEGV, and became somewhat of a joke.

SIGSEGV would later be unbanned from Kiwi Farms and then continue posting on there.

The ESA controversy

Still in 2019, there has been a leak during E3 causing thousands of people to get doxxed due to a readily available document on the official ESA website which was reported to have existed ever since February of the same year. Kiwi Farms got a copy of the document and archived it on their website. Only god knows what they can do with it.

Kiwi Farms' pushbacks


Vordrak was awarded £10,000 payout for defamation from Dynastia, LikeICare and ED after being accused of being a Pedophile.

Following that lawsuit, more were made to take down the website, which ultimately was fruitless.


Distributed denial of service attacks

Kiwi Farms has suffered a major DDoS attack in September 2018 that caused the forums to be suspended from Offshore Servers, one of their previous hosting providers which made Kiwi Farms unavailable for 24 hours.

Kiwi Farms would be subject to another DDoS attack in 2021 due to a suicide directly caused by them (See further above).

On the 27th of July, 2021 the website would temporarily redirect to Cytube because it was once more the victim of a DDoS attack.

Doxx incidents

In January 2017 (possibly a bit earlier), Null, the owner of the forum, was doxxed and his family was at risk of being the target of trolls (or worse), other members of that forum were presumably doxxed based on claims. Null himself was doxxed by none other than Vordrak who managed to get Null's mom fired from her job (Which is further expanded below). This caused the entire website to be shut down temporarily after Null making a few comments, available here. Ironically, it was the first time ever Null acknowledges there was something wrong with his forum.

On September 2019, there was a leak from Kiwi Farms which caused all the accounts on that website to have their passwords leaked and spread around the web, waiting to be compromised. It is likely the users got doxxed in the process. A post made by Null discussing the issue is available here.

Stinking hypocrisy

Despite being a forum that is heavily anti-Feminists and anti-"Tumblrism", several of the members appeared to be Leftists or TERFs, and it was eventually found out some of them had their own Tumblr account (Receipt).

To make it more ironic, despite making fun of eccentric people, autistic people and Furries, a good portion of the members on this forum do have autism and/or are Furries themselves, notably, a lot of the forum's users have an anthropomorphic animal as an avatar.

The cherry on top of the cake is the fact they target Pedophiles, but some of the members, including Null himself, are presumably Pedophiles based on multiple sources to make the matters worse.

Origins of Kiwi Farms

Kiwi Farms was first created in 2007 and branded as CWCki Forums when a group of 4channers decided to gather together to harass Christine Weston Chandler because of her online comic infamously known as "Sonichu".

It was later renamed to "Kiwi Farms" on February 2013, alongside the creation of a wiki dedicated to Sonichu and Christine (Available here), due to the fact that Chris Chan was unable to pronounce the name of the website correctly.

According to Josh, he started setting up the website in 2012 (With his own account dating back to Nov 14, 2012) and there was allegedly splinter sites made to spite Kiwi Farms back then (Receipt). One of them was called the CWCki Club.

Noteworthy facts

The politics on Kiwi Farms tend to be either far-right or far-left depending on where you look at, the community is not very homogeneous.

This website has a lot of ties with Encyclopedia Dramatica in regards to drama and shit-talking. Ironically, both websites are run by 4channers, albeit not for the same reasons.

Several Kiwi Farms members have accounts to another witch hunt type of forum called PrettyUglyLittleLiars which is a more radical feminist and a less edgy variant of Kiwi Farms. The members have complimented the website itself on a thread, available here. On an unrelated thread, someone complained that PrettyUglyLittleLiars was gone for good, that person's comment is available here.

Several users of Kiwi Farms meeting on PULL.
Several users of Kiwi Farms meeting on PULL.

However, another part of Kiwi Farms mocks PULL for shit-talking and ranting about the disgraced voice actor Vic Mignogna on a completely different thread, available here.

It has to be noted that the people praising PULL and the users criticizing PULL from each respective thread are not the same.

On that same note, Kiwi Farms shit talked DeadHorseInterchange too on yet another thread, available here.

Null supports Donald Trump and made stupid edgy comments like this one and this one, which caused him to be labeled an alt-righter on social media. Although his political stance is not clear enough for such an assessment, it is worth noting.

The forum was programmed so that instead of letting the users call other people ableist slurs or use words in an ableistic context (Such as using "autism" as an insult), every comment would automatically get censored into "Exceptional". The context is still the same, however, the word is different. Some people who "study" eccentric people on the web take pride in using the word "Exceptional" in places where you could still use ableist slurs or "autism" as an insult without getting punished for it. One such example is The Exceptional Detective on Youtube.

There is a wiki focused on documenting content from Kiwi Farms, it is currently inactive: kiwifarmswiki.com. According to that same wiki, Null once developed 8chan.

A thread on Kiwi Farms, which was very critical of the MGTOW movement, got the attention of a member of MGTOW. Kiwi Farms was then branded as terrorists by that same member (Though some of the former members literally were, see Mass murder incidents). The thread itself is available here: https://kiwifarms.net,/threads/mgtow.10373/page-70#post-6368358

MGTOW member raging about Kiwi Farms: Source/Archive

On the 4th of July 2020, YandereDev was hacked by Null and the source code of his game, Yandere Simulator, was made public on Github. When that happened, Null took the liberty to flaunt himself to the users of the Yandere Simulator subreddit. Afterward, he banned all the moderators and unbanned anyone who was originally banned from the subreddit.

YandereDev hacked.
YandereDev hacked.
I am Null, the infamous internet terrorist. I am wanted for the shooting of Christchurch and organizing gamergate (9/11 of the internet). Suck my balls.
~ Null / Joshua Conner Moon to the r/Yandere_Simulator users

Due to the administration's lax policing, impersonation is easy on the forum and while in most cases it is obvious that the account does not belong to the person they're impersonating, in other cases it may appear that the account reads out as if it was created by the person concerned rather than a troll, which in turn, leaves them to be harassed on Twitter for allegedly using Kiwi Farms.

Here are some examples:

Per above, Kiwi Farms let juveniles run rampant on their forum, despite the fact that they are explicitly banned from the site.

How to not end up on Kiwi Farms

If you are scared that one day you might end up on the website, then here are some steps to follow to NOT end up there. It has to be noted that being mentioned on the website is common, especially if you are popular, but what we mean by saying "then here are some steps to follow to NOT end up there" is that you don't want to end up being doxxed and made fun of there, do you?

  1. Do not be annoying: If you are known to be passive-aggressive or you are being judged for talking a lot, then chances are you might end up on the forum.
  2. Do not give out any information about yourself: As stated earlier this forum is a safe haven for doxxers. Stay anonymous.
  3. Do not start dramas: Try to not be controversial, if you start drama you might attract the attention of the members from Kiwi Farms.
  4. Trolls may also end up on the website: This is not Encyclopedia Dramatica. KF users target anyone they want.
  5. If you have any mental illness, try to hide it: The trolls on that website are ableists by nature and they like to talk smack about extremely autistic people or people they deem to be irritable or weird.
  6. Do not overreact: If there's something going on, people will generally overreact and that'll attract the trolls from Kiwi Farms, most of the people who are being made fun of on the website have overreacted to something they deemed to be wrong and that's how people started to talk about them on the website.
  7. Avoid talking about this website: Same rule as for ED. If you talk about someone, then you're more likely to be noticed by that someone.
  8. Do not engage with members of the forum, block them instead.

Kiwi Farms only targets people who are infamous or eccentric after all. You might want to watch what you post online if you don't want to come across as either.

Notable members

Joshua Conner Moon's face. Null Kiwi Farms.
Meet Joshua "Null" Conner Moon, creator of Kiwi Farms!

Null - The mentally unstable creator and owner of the forum.

Vordrak boasting about doxxing Null.
Vordrak boasting about doxxing Null.

Vordrak - Also known as Samuel Collingwood Smith is a troll who owns the Matthew Hopkins news blog and who used to be a member of Kiwi Farms. He doxxed Null and put the whole website on red alert after he got Null's mother fired from her job by telling the manager about Kiwi Farms and accusing Null of being a Pedophile. Additionally, he allegedly sent Null's dox to 100 anti-Fascists so they gang up on him according to Oliver D. Smith who also posted Null's dox in a thread on the website. The reason Vordrak did what he did was likely in retaliation to a post made against him on the forum - It is currently available here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/samuel-collingwood-smith-vordrak-sam-smith-benvolastar-matthew-hopkins-news.16771/.

A-Log - An infamous user of the website, he got doxxed by one of his own for being insane and attacking Chris Chan restlessly. A wiki was made against him called the "Logattopedia". The name became a verb in Kiwi Farms and related Chris Chan discussions and it means someone having an incessant rage about someone deplorable (Chris Chan for example) just to feel better about themselves because that someone is afraid to be bullied because they are miserable themselves. Basically, this is a term for insecure trolls who participate in harassment campaigns against someone else they deem worse than they are themselves.

Mr. Metokur - Frequents the website for all public information available on Furries or Social Justice Warriors. Mr. Metokur is a politically incorrect streamer who loathes furries, bronies and anyone he deems to be a "degenerate", up to his own interpretation.

Michael Coombs aka Mikemikev - neo-Nazi internet troll who has one of the longest threads on Kiwi Farms with over 700 pages and nearly 1,000,000 views. Mikemikev has several dozen accounts on the forum, however, his most active account with thousands of posts was banned; he's also been blocked on numerous sockpuppets in his own thread.

Analog Devolved - The Comicsgate participant who stalks Pamela Swain, and protects the Mortal Engines film adaptation as a "holy sacrament" from what he sees as lies, defending Koncorde, BatteryIncluded, JustARandommer, Boo999, and MechQueste. His cohorts include FROG and Smug Freiza.

SIGSEGV - He managed to get himself banned from Kiwi Farms, but would later return. Also, he is the founder of lolcow.org.

CatParty - Is very active on Kiwi Farms. He is a recognisable figure.

Meowthkip - He was a moderator for the forum, but he retired. More importantly, he went to a Furry convention.

AnOminous - A recognisable figure, longtime user and retired moderator of the forum.

Wolfetone - Peculiar edgelord who is being made fun of by some and is respected by others. He is widely considered to be Kiwi Farms' local lolcow outside of the website.

Dynastia - Also known as Dyn on the forums, is a troll who sent pornographic imagery to Zoe Quinn and plenty other people. That same user would spam random Twitter users with more pornographic imagery. They are allegedly a close friend of Null.

Jaimas - Not to be confused with Jaiman. He is an edgelord extraordinaire, a long-time recognisable figure and an ex-moderator of Kiwi Farms. His real name is Jaime Cassidy.

Editor's Note

Here's a little misconception with the forum: While I, personally, saw a lot of neo-nazi trolls in the past (look no further than Preacher Gerald White and /pol/ on 4chan) I was kinda surprised to see lots of people considered Kiwi Farms to be a neo-nazi website, that is completely untrue. In fact, I am pretty certain they are mostly Leftists (Although sure, there are some far-right nutcases). If you did some research, you would know the users here never mention alt-right figures, support them nor make jokes/memes against feminists (all of which are things /pol/ 4channers love to do). It is still ironic, self-loathing and hypocritical coming from them to make fun of, autistic people, Tumblr users and leftists when they fall into those three categories though.

Now that I think about it there were Leftists who acted extremely edgy on Twitter and r/ChapoTrapHouse and I found a PSA on Twitter saying "If you're a Socialist and say awful bigoted shit, then call yourself a National Socialist instead.". Humans are tribalistic in nature and don't wanna have the name of their movement (Or the labels they associate with) stained, that's why people tend to label the edgy bigoted Socialists as alt-Right or Nazis. Moreover, TERFs are labeled as such because Feminists don't wanna be associated with them. TERFs are still Feminists, although their opinions on trans people suck.

External links

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