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Troll informations
Username Leafyishere
Type of troll Witch hunter/Bully
Status Active?
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Leafy was a YouTuber, a vlogger, a ranter, a commentator and he used to be a let's player before 2015.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

He likes to bully people over the internet and especially Youtube. He will often claim his videos are comedy and satire to try to cover his behavior, despite the fact his videos rarely, if not never, fall into the categories of "comedy" and "satire". He inadvertently causes frequent unnecessary witch hunts against those he made a rant on.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Leafy's real full name is Calvin Lee Vail, he's 23 years old, he lives in Seattle and he is Caucasian. He apparently previously lived in Utah. Based on a video by him, he went to Brussels.

His relationships[edit | edit source]

He was in friendly relations with Keemstar, Pyrocynical and GradeAUnderA for a good portion of his lifetime, but during 2016 and 2017 Leafy's friends started to spite him. The reason for the sudden hate Leafy's friends had for him is because Leafy himself is immature and he backstabbed several of his friends (Further discussed far below).

He appears to be quite manipulative, as a matter of fact, people made intros for him, but Leafy allegedly never credited them and never cared about them, but when he was being called out for it, he tried to manipulate his audience into thinking that he was not the culprit in this situation, but that instead he was the victim. In addition to that, Leafy will take someone's video and then never credit them either (Example).

He is known for not being capable of thinking twice before spewing nonsense in his videos which caused several people to end up being harassed by his fans (See witch hunt) like MrBlackDarkness666 and TommyNC2010. This resulted into the creation of more rant videos targeted at Leafy, all of which were made by fellow Youtubers including H3H3, HeyWatchYourMouth, Elvis The Alien and Keemstar out of all people.

Alongside Keemstar, H3H3 is now his number 1 nemesis as of 2020.

In public[edit | edit source]

In a clip used by Idubbbz in his content cop, Leafy was seen being extremely shy and insecure in public which shows he's not really good at being social.

With anybody he deemed "cringeworthy"[edit | edit source]

Feminists, the LGBTQ+, little kids, people with disabilities and eventually both Furries and Bronies were far from being his friends. In fact, he made a video for each type of people above. Feminists, little kids and people with disabilities were frequently being made fun of by Leafy for every imaginable reason in most of his videos.

Furthermore, it seems obvious Leafy does not like little kids particularly and he will always talk smack about them whenever he is given the chance for it and call it "satire" and "comedy". A good example is the fact that he made a lot of videos on youtuber Mishovy Silenosti aka Misha aka the Pokemon Go kid where he started to insult the kid all the way through each video and eventually after making those terrible videos, he was still making hurtful and defamatory comments toward the kid on videos that were completely off-topic.

Content[edit | edit source]

Most of Leafyishere's content consisted of clickbait thumbnails and titles in all caps, clout chasing popular subjects, bullying little kids and people with autism, mental illnesses and eating disorders. The videos in question were commentary over gameplay footage, usually Counter Strike: Global Offensive in a surfing map holding a knife.

All his commentary videos in a nutshell[edit | edit source]

Parody[edit | edit source]

His "Other" Youtube videos[edit | edit source]

Lifetime[edit | edit source]

A lot of things have been happening in his Youtube lifetime, until the very end.

It is Leafy's last Tweet before his account was "compromised".

Before 2016[edit | edit source]

He created his channel on the 7th of October 2011.

At first, he was mostly recording himself playing a lot of Minecraft and although he removed most of his old Minecraft videos likely in shame, there are a few videos that stayed on the channel for unknown reasons (Here comes an archived example from Leafy's channel before it was terminated). He was doing let's plays like most other Youtubers, but he then took a turn in his content by using this gameplay footage and ranting over it which made him gain a lot of attention starting from mid 2015.

His very first rant was on Google Plus and why forcing it down people's throat is a bad idea, uploaded on the 12th of November 2013. His other videos prior to that one were all deleted from his channel, probably due to shame since he deemed them to be "cringeworthy".

When he began playing CS:GO surfer, his rant videos appeared to increase drastically, effectively replacing his innocent let's play videos. It is noteworthy that his rants were also quite innocent at first, but slowly became more clickbait and inflammatory in nature as time passes by.

2016[edit | edit source]

Starting from this year, things were becoming interesting. At the time, Leafy had surpassed his milestone of 1 million subscribers. Several trolls started to spam "hisssss" on non-leafy related videos to annoy the creators of each video concerned, but that's not the extent to which Leafy was spreading his rabid fanbase. On other social media such as Twitter, Facebook and eventually Google Plus, a community of trolls had started to proliferate under the alias of "The Reptilian Army", purposely bullying people on said social media. Additionally, some of the trolls were closely related to the lizard squad, the puritans and the big cheese crusaders to make it more ironic.

Online feuds[edit | edit source]

In January, LeafyIsHere himself uploaded a video mocking one of MrBlackDarkness666's videos where he is actively harassed by children. Following Leafy's video, his wife quits him and tells him what amounts to "Grow a pair/Be a man". MrBlackDarkness666 then makes videos about Leafy, including one where he 'curses' him in the hope to get rid of him from the platform. Spoiler alert: It kind of worked!

Later on the 19th of March, LeafyIsHere uploaded a video onto his Youtube channel deriding vlogger TommyNC2010 for being awkward in public. Leafy would then be criticized by H3H3 Productions for making the video after TommyNC2010 makes a video crying about being cyberbullied by Leafy's fanboys.

Mid 2016[edit | edit source]

Starting from mid 2016, Leafy's actions started to backfire causing him to get several rants made about himself. However, despite this obvious warning on his behavior, he did not change at all and stayed the same bully who still made extremely defamatory rants on other Youtubers which eventually started more witch hunts and people spamming Leafy's signature word "hisssss".

Late 2016[edit | edit source]

Despite all of this, Leafy was still going extremely strong and was gaining thousands of subscribers per week, but karma had the last word on him.

After bullying Keemstar and sending his fans against him, iDubbbz released a content cop on Leafy which will effectively ruin his entire youtube career.

(Uncensored archive)

He responded to the content cop in the worst possible way and ended up being smacked by everybody, including some of his former fans who now considered Leafy to be a shit talker who is seemingly insecure about his own appearance. Furthermore, Youtube heavily promoted iDubbbz's rant on Leafy, which meant more people got to see how terrible of a person Leafy is in reality.

2017[edit | edit source]

Leafy appeared a few times on Drama Alert and made several apology videos during his lifetime, but since 2017 he began to make apology videos more often, apologizing for not posting much. This behavior heavily hints he was depressed at the time and lost his joy of making videos. Despite this, he still remained the same bully who constantly ranted anyone/any topic he found to be "cringeworthy".

In the same year, Leafy was doxxed and his nudes were leaked on social media, causing him to get bullied for a while. It is noteworthy to add that Keemstar had quite the same treatment, minus the leaked nudes.

Eventually, he started uploading a video once every 2 weeks, then once a month, then he ended up on a hiatus. This behavior seems to have existed since April 2017 precisely. On the 12th of December 2017, Leafy would upload his presumed very last video, ranting about a video talking about depression (the irony) before abandoning his entire channel.

Meanwhile, he abandoned his Twitter account sooner on the 22nd of May 2017, claiming he had been hacked by an unspecified individual.

2018[edit | edit source]

Leafy was last heard on Keemstar's interview, uploaded on the 25th of October 2018. He cleared some things up to why he left youtube. TL;DR: TOO MUCH CRINGE ON TEH WEBSITE!!!1!1!!

2019[edit | edit source]


On October 8th of this year, Leafy updated his channel to add a new featured channel while purging his other featured channels.

The account is available on this link.

Note that the account was created in 2013.

2020[edit | edit source]

Leafy came back to Youtube to call iDubbbz a "cuck" in a short not really edited video. Other than that, this year was still rather uneventful and Leafy is still unlikely to come back to Youtube, luckily.

Leafyishere then changed his Youtube channel's banner, uploaded a few more videos on his channel to get back at those who wronged him and he created a new Twitter profile on which he is fairly active. Now, it is officially unknown whether Leafyishere will actually come back or not especially since he seems to have a grudge against Youtube as evidenced by the few new videos uploaded onto his channel.

The last straw that broke the camel's back[edit | edit source]

On the 21th of August 2020, Leafy's Youtube channel was swiftly terminated by Youtube. A few Youtubers celebrate his death while others are sad that Leafy is gone. Moreover, Leafyishere was singlehandedly terminated by Pokimane after he made a video on her.

For more information, refer to this video made by MoistCr1tikal.

After Leafyishere was banned, he started making vlog videos on new Youtube channels. His very first vlog titled "I'm back" was focusing on his ban on Youtube and blaming H3H3 over it.

Not long after, his new channel and his newly-made Twitch account were banned. He was banned on Twitch for using the N-word.

Leafy at a protest[edit | edit source]

In late August of 2020, Leafyishere allegedly took a gun to a protest.

This allegation was brought further into the public's knowledge because of Keemstar and H3H3. Keemstar, while interviewing Leafy, recorded him saying illicit things such as threatening to start a shooting while also confirming that he did take a gun to a protest. Meanwhile, H3H3 re-posted the clip video onto Twitter.

Another clip has surfaced on Twitter where Leafy recorded himself at a protest in Brussels, the original video where the clip comes from is unknown and it is unknown whether this is connected to the latest stunt of Leafy to gain some relevance or not (Source/Archive/Full video).

Behavior on Twitter[edit | edit source]

Leafy's brand new Twitter profile.

Since he believes to be mister satire himself, Leafy made many insensitive tweets on Twitter such as saying "imagine actually being gay wtf ahahahahaha" and saying the n-word casually on his public timeline.

Leafy would get banned from Twitter around April 16th, 2021. He made a video about it too!

Memes[edit | edit source]

Oftentimes, trolls, especially those coming from 4chan, have a great affinity with memes. Leafy was not an exception to the rule, he created several memes in his lifetime, either made to mock him (similar cases being Mariotehplumber and Super Minecraft Kid) and memes made to promote him. Some of the more popular memes go as follow: No chin (#nochin), Leaf A Like, "Is this person fucking retarded?", "This is a fucking XX years old grown man" and Nice shirt (#niceshirt).

In Summary[edit | edit source]

Inspirations[edit | edit source]

Because of the popularity of Leafyishere, he has spawned a cavalcade of 'commentary channels' which chase and talk about whatever popular subject is currently trending, or about some hot take on Twitter.

These users include Turkey Tom, Bowblax, diesel patches, Griffin Gaming, Optimus, sensitive soci3ty, BriZ, Scrubby, Cyrus, Pegasus and Prison Mate Luke. All sharing the same opinion and not giving their own unique take on the subject to prevent backlash.

Most of these users are from their teenage years to 20s. The same age range as Leafyishere when he started his channel.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

Pyrocynical still supports Leafy, despite Leafy and Keemstar going after him in the past. It is unknown whether he wants Leafy back on Youtube ironically or unironically.

The date when Leafy created his channel, the date of his very first rant, the date when Idubbbz made a content cop on him, the date when he abandoned his channel and the date when Keemstar interviewed him always end up on a month near the end of the year, specifically either September, October, November or December. It is a quite strange set of coincidences that is worth noting.

Leafyishere was also the one who invented the repetitive drinking 'bleach' joke, which was an edgy suicide joke used to describe an action when someone is cringing at something.

Leafyishere did a video on a potential racist anti-semitic neo-nazi troll named Evalion, who praised Adolf Hitler and wished him happy birthday. She also called black people "niggers". This user has since been terminated from YouTube.

A Youtube account named LinkOnDrugs is allegedly owned by Leafyishere.

External links[edit | edit source]


Leafy's alternative Youtube channels (1) (2)

New Twitter: https://twitter.com/Leafy

Old Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeafyIsHere



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Archives/Sources[edit | edit source]

Most, if not all, of Leafy's videos are archived here and freely available for viewership. This archive is monitored by u/BrodyArgo.

https://odysee.com/$/invite/@LeafyIsHereArchive:1 (An archive of Leafy's videos)

https://www.tracle.tv/channel/_22yHb29WFo/videos (Another source of his archived videos, made by SmirkyPrawn)

https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Pzr8oxdVRnuq/ (Yet another archive)








Recent archive of Leafy's channel: https://web.archive.org/web/20200820055051if_/https://www.youtube.com/user/LeafyIsHere/videos

The front page of Leafy's channel: https://web.archive.org/web/20200820054949if_/https://www.youtube.com/user/LeafyIsHere

Leafy's Twitter account: https://web.archive.org/web/20210402043802/https://twitter.com/Leafy








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