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Troll informations
Username Mad Black Atheist
Type of troll Baiter/Shit-talker/Egotist
Status Active
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Mad Black Atheist (Currently named "Mad Black Atheist" as of 8 November, 2020) is an Otaku and a Gamer that makes rants on a daily basis. He has a total of 9 Youtube channels to which he can post videos. Most of those channels are "public accounts" which are accounts a troll advertises as its own, which is something that is rather uncommon.

Furthermore, he is an edgelord and a failed Youtuber that gained notoriety by insulting and demeaning someone who committed suicide on Youtube. Most of his videos are either bullying, shit-talking or are low-key trying hard to be edgy to get attention.

Lastly, he is known for being a contrarian and having a mindset like youngdefiant and Blackbond with his egotistic personality and by being extremely negative and pessimistic just for the sake of it.

Why he is on Trollpedia[edit | edit source]

Mad black Atheist is notorious for his rants made in order to attack other Youtubers, which is a characteristic that is similar to that of Blackbond. Alongside personal attacks, he made plenty of terrible rants that generally do not receive positive attention.

He is baiting outrage. A good example of the outrage he baited lately was by creating disinformation about disgraced voice actor Vic Mignogna which caused an outrage in return (Further discussed down below) or calling Etika a coward for committing suicide (Also discussed down below).

As said on the header, he is very well known for cyber-bullying people, being an edgelord and being a contrarian. All of that is for the sake of pissing people off, which makes him an outrage baiter.

Lastly, he either uses slurs, calls people Pedophiles or verbally abuses anyone that he does not like, this includes: Digibro, MaSTAR Media, Lost Pause, ForneverWorld, Perfection, Nick Rikieta and Hero Hei (Also see Controversies).

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mad Black Atheist in his car.
Mad Black Atheist in his car.

His name is David Sanford, he is an African American and he appears to be in his forties.

As you can see he has a car and a job too.

Rants and general lack of respect[edit | edit source]

To start off, he rants on several topics that are controversial for the sake of pissing people off just so that the same people respond angrily to him afterward. Most of the topics covered in his rants are related to video games and anime.

MBA's rant on a person of color who lost his job over Football

One of the many anti-SJWs rants he makes

Video mocking Dragon Balls

"And that's all the rants he made??!!"[edit | edit source]

Mad Black Atheist has a tendency to purge the rants from his channels regularly. However, he never learns, so he will make a rant equally as dreadful as the rants that existed beforehand on his channels and then repeat the cycle. If you want to see his rants by yourselves go to "Links" where there are links to his Youtube channels. More self-destructive videos made by MBA are in their respective category under "Controversies" alongside videos made by other people.

So based on this fantastic bio, we can conclude he's a reactionary right-winger and overall a narcissistic unlikable person. We don't need Steven Crowder 2.0.

Like Blackbond, he may, ironically, have a good point from time to time. In one of his now-deleted videos, he calls out Youtuber Ricegum, who has been a hoaxer in the past and made fake gift card giveaways. In his newer and likely to be deleted soon rant, he tells people not to care about Onision because by giving him attention, he can garner money from it.

Behavior online[edit | edit source]

MBA (Mad Black Atheist) has a similar mindset to Blackbond's and youngdefiant's, plus he considers himself to be superior to everyone else with an extremely condescending attitude since he is self-centered and narcissistic and he demeans absolutely everyone he dislikes on his videos. Mostly, Feminists, Otakus and Leftists whom he seems to have a hate boner for.

As said earlier, he is condescending toward people and rude, and far more often than most of the trolls that appear on Trollpedia. He is known to shit-talk anyone he disagrees with and he is not even subtle about it. When he dislikes someone, he will almost always belittle them in one of his rants showing no humility for the person whatsoever.

He makes absolutely no attempt at understanding someone's point of view in his rants nor does he show any form of remorse when he gets called out on his nonsense blabbing or the result from his actions (For example, some of his rants resulted in harassment for the person concerned).

Things MBA opposes[edit | edit source]

Not only Mad Black Atheist opposes and hates everyone mentioned below, but he hates Feminists, Progressives and people who show sensitivity in any given topic whom he calls "weakass SJWs".

As a result, he made a lot of videos on his Youtube channels criticizing the LGBTQ+, Feminists, Progressives and this eventually lead to the video in which he criticizes Etika for committing suicide instead of showing any sympathy for the guy because being insensitive is better than being empathetic.

However, this is not all! Mad Black Atheist hates his fellow otakus whom he calls "weeaboos" because he deems them to be "cringeworthy".

His relationship with Dragon Balls fans[edit | edit source]

Since he hates anything he deems to be cringeworthy and eccentric, he lashed out on the Dragon Balls fandom because he considers them to be insufferable.

He made several videos mocking Dragon Balls and saying it was dead. Additionally, he called Dragon Balls "Dragon Jizz" to show how funny and original he is with words. It is obvious that he does not like Dragon Balls anymore if he ever did.

Recently, he mentioned in a livestream that he found Dragon Balls to be boring because it had too many overpowered characters.

Harassment & Controversies[edit | edit source]

Mad Black Atheist has a very long history when it comes to feuds and controversies. MBA has been bullying, shit-talking, disrespecting, defaming and demeaning people for over a year, which caused him to get brigaded by fans and other youtubers alike, in response.

Feud with Tommy Sotomayor[edit | edit source]

Two years ago, in 2018, MBA made himself known by harassing other anime Youtubers and by making a ton of rants against them.

While a lot of his rants are gone due to him trying to damage control, one of his rants made against MaSTAR Media has survived the test of time and is available here. It is notable that rant was one of many MBA made on Anime Youtubers back in 2018.

Moreover, it is alleged that MBA asked his fans to harass said content creators. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove nor disprove this claim. That being said, Mad Black Atheist does start dislike brigades against other Youtubers, mostly those who do not speak positively about him. Additionally, his own rants do generally result in harassment even if MBA did not encourage his audience to harass anyone.

In return, Tommy Sotomayor exposed him on a livestream which lasted 1 hour. Mad Black Atheist was not happy about this at all, neither were his fans!

Feud with Scrape God Ars[edit | edit source]

Following all of this, a documentary was made on him by Scrape God Ars, available in this link. In the said documentary, he deconstructs all the defamation he, one of his friends Pirate King Buggy, and Shaz received from Mad Black Atheist.

Additionally, he alleges to get doxx threats from Mad Black Atheist which foreshadows the moment when he threatens to doxx someone else (Learn more under the section "Feud with Nick Rekieta and demeaning Vic Mignogna's case").

Demeaning Etika's death[edit | edit source]

In circa June 2019, Mad Black Atheist made a rant on Etika calling him a coward for committing suicide while disregarding the fact Etika had a history of mental illness. As demonstrated time and time again, this rant caused his entire channel to get brigaded by Etika's fans for being disrespectful and unempathetic toward Etika.

When that happened, MBA tried to damage control by deleting the rant and making some of the videos on his main channel private. To this day, MBA still shows no remorse for disrespecting a deceased person.

Later on, he would private/delete most of the videos on his Youtube channels, the reason as to why he did so is unknown. Shame or damage control is the most probable cause.

Feud with Perfection[edit | edit source]

Xavier, also known as Perfection, has been harassed by MBA.

When MBA was invited to Nick Rikieta's livestream alongside Perfection, he kept calling Perfection a Pedophile. When he was told to stop, he continued his shenanigans. The livestream is available here.

It is noteworthy to add this feud seems to have started due to Perfection being narcissistic himself (Go figure). Furthermore, Perfection doxxed and harassed other people and one of those other people could have been a peer of MBA.

Furthermore, other Anime Youtubers going by the names of ForneverWorld and Geekdom were called Pedophiles, suggesting MBA has a tendency to label anyone he does not like a Pedophile without any evidence whatsoever.

Feud with Nick Rekieta and demeaning Vic Mignogna's case[edit | edit source]

Back in October of 2019, Mad Black Atheist made a rant about how Vic Mignogna's lawsuit will never work and he said it was a complete waste of time. He added Vic was being manipulated and said Vic did not care about his fans, which pissed them off. Additionally, he harassed and possibly threatened some of Vic's fans on Twitter, before shutting down his entire Twitter account. To put more salt into the injury, Nick Rikieta pointed out MBA made doxx threats against he and his family.

A member of ISWV called ThatUmbrellaGuy made two response video to MBA, both of them are dated 7 November, 2019: and in the second video, MBA is seen saying he was quitting Youtube and he apologizes for threatening Nick's family.

Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg ThatUmbrellaGuy has made private his videos on MBA, reason as to why is currently unknown.

The lawyer Nick Rikieta and an edgelord known as Mister Metokur have made a stream in which they discuss MBA's threats of violence. Available here.

It has to be noted that Mad Black Atheist has, for the first time since ever, threatened to doxx and attack someone. It has to be noted too that he alleges to have been doxxed by someone within the ISWV movement, either before he threatened to doxx Nick Rikieta or after he threatened to doxx him. Anyway, that does not make it right for him to doxx Nick since he has never doxxed MBA to begin with, and it is nefarious to doxx anyone over a petty argument either way.

In his community tab, TUG made a reference to Tommy Sotomayor, the person who put MBA on blast one year ago.

TUG mentioning MBA.
As seen on Youtube.

MBA calls for a quit[edit | edit source]

Mad Black Atheist deleted every single video he has ever made in all his 4 channels: Always The Dollar, League Of Darkness, League Anime and That Smoke (Not counting the sockpuppets like Mad Black Trollin) and called for a quit and the reason behind it seems to be because he was being harassed (The story repeats itself).

Mad Black Atheist complaining about being harassed on Youtube.
Mad Black Atheist complaining about being harassed on Youtube.

Afterward, MBA nuked his channels and deleted all of his videos and made the comment above in his community tab saying he might start uploading again after he finished the kill stream.

He made some of his videos available again on his channels as of 10 November, 2019 and made a comment on his community tab stating that he was just going to ignore the Vic Mignogna case.

Mad Black Atheist confirms he made his videos public again.
Mad Black Atheist confirms he made his videos public again.

More rants against MBA[edit | edit source]

As said earlier, over the years, MBA made himself a lot of enemies by harassing, threatening, disrespecting and shit-talking other people, mostly people within the anime community. This resulted in people responding back to him by making rants and vents.

Here's a short collection of rants that did not make the cut inside the other sections of this article.

Sockpuppets and alt accounts[edit | edit source]

Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg This section is difficult to read with all the strikethroughs and it does not help anything that MBA regularly renames his accounts. If you believe you can help, feel free to edit this section.

Mad Black Atheist does have many alternate accounts, all known alt accounts are listed down below. Note that he changes the name of his accounts regularly.

Mad Black Atheist (Renamed to Black Storm Always The dollar Syndicate Dollars Count Stackulas): Main account, consists of rants and shit-talking.

League Of Darkness (Renamed to The Outfit back to League Of Darkness): Commentary channel.

The Darker Path: Appears to be new since the first video on this channel was one day old when the article was first written (26/06/2019).

Mad Black Entertainment (Renamed to League Anime The Black Syndicate Major Stacks): Secondary channel, same deal as the main channel, except more of his videos are on anime.

Welcome To Ruin: Only one video, relatively new channel. His first and only video is about as pessimistic as most of his videos.

Mad Black Fire (Renamed to That Smoke Syndicate Smoke Game of Stacks): This channel is more centered around video games.

Mad Black Trollin: No video whatsoever and it does not appear in his featured channels.

Mad Black Vlogs: For vlogs as the title suggests, the account is relatively new (It is likely one of the channels above, but with a different name. However, that detail wasn't caught in time, so for the time being it is considered as an alt account).

Mad Black Highlights: For his livestreams, the account is relatively new (It is likely one of the channels above, but with a different name. However, that detail wasn't caught in time, so for the time being it is considered as an alt account).

The troll had an account called "Black Flash" which is likely one of the alts above which was later renamed to "Syndicate wars" "Dark Territory" which focuses on politics.

The troll had an account called "Mad black revival" which is likely one of the alts above which was later renamed to "Syndicate anime" "No Stacks No Life" which is similar to his main and second channel.

It has to be noted that he does not seem to use hidden alt accounts to defend himself, his ego or anything he may or may not say in the comment section of his videos, unlike many other trolls you may find out there. The sockpuppet "Mad Black Trollin" suggests otherwise, he might actually use it to attack people in comment sections on Youtube or give himself likes on his own videos. This has yet to be proven true, though.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

He is a weeaboo or otaku since he seems to talk a lot about anime, alongside his videos on games like youngdefiant.

As noted earlier, his mindset can be traced back to that of Blackbond's and Steven Crowder's. The latter is not a troll, but he is still an anti-SJW like MBA.

The very first video on his main channel was about Digibro, an anime-related channel and it was a rant, obviously. Unfortunately, it was removed.

His profile picture of Joker which used to appear on some of his alt accounts and some of his videos proves that he is, in fact, a GAMER.

From time to time, he may livestream on one of his Youtube channels while still being vitriolic and keeping the same attitude he has in most of his rants.

MBA had a Twitter account under the alias of @madblack28, but it is no longer available.

Out of every troll on Youtube, it must be the one that you can find the most rants about, despite having on average of about 2 thousand subscribers across all of his channels.

Similar to CyberRobotnix, he often acts like a victim due to his anti-SJW beliefs and more importantly because of his half-assed rants against people he does not like (Etika, Vic Mignogna, etc) and his several attempts at defamation which quickly turned sour for him.

Mad Black Atheist makes a hefty amount of rants about his fellow people of color which led to feuds. It is likely due to his narcissism, he is afraid that what black people do will ultimately impact his own reputation. This sense of self-worth may explain why most people who despise him are black people, rather than white people. He recently made rants on modern Black rights movements such as #BlackLivesMatter with titles such as "Why Black Political Groups Always Fail" (Source).

External links[edit | edit source]

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Secondary account: Also see Archives with $

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