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Welcome to Trollpedia!

Images, features, etc may be missing. You can help Trollpedia by replacing the images if you see fit, the rest will be dealt by MarioSuperstar77 who is the site's webmaster. If you encounter any bug due to the transfer process and whatnot, please contact an admin immediately via Technical Support to get this resolved.

Trollpedia is the biggest encyclopedia of everything related to trolls, their culture and trolling. Feel free to sign up and add more content to the website!

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Random featured article

Kiwi Farms is a forum made for general-purpose discussion and for the purpose of talking about "Lolcows" in different selective boards.

It is currently one of the most popular forums in internet culture, being oftentimes mentioned on Youtube or other websites for both the good things it does and the bad things it does, most particularly the latter.

The website is split in two with the other half being known as, view at your own risk...


  • Import all the images from the other TP iteration.
  • Update the logo.
  • Fix the high priority issues per the page "Troubleshooting".
  • Elect one moderator.
  • Have 5 active moderators -> Remove the extension Moderation since the mods can deal with vandalism much more easily.
  • Have 60 active users -> Create a Patreon page since there is a lot of activity on Trollpedia.
  • Have a new URL, which costs money.
  • Being self-hosted, which requires a lot of money since it's expensive. Once the Patreon is up, I'll wait until we get around 800$ per month to reach this goal.

More goals may be added at my own discretion.

Improve Trollpedia!

If you do not feel competent nor creative enough, or if you've never met a worthwhile troll in your life that you want to share with us, then here's a handy guide on things you can do to help us improve Trollpedia.

  1. Improve stubs or bad articles.
    • Correct spelling errors and grammar mistakes, check the rules regularly to see what the article failed to deliver, add content to the page, you can use Google, Bing or Yahoo and gather information about a troll. We will never punish attempts at improving an article eventually if the article still remains a stub or a bad article.
  2. Add on-topic pictures to articles if they miss them. All thumbnails. No more than 10 pictures would be ideal (Only signed-in users can upload pictures).
  3. If something is incorrect, then correct it, provide a link to back-up your edit, so we can verify if what you wrote is genuine.
  4. Add, remove or modify the categories on any article.

Your help is very appreciated, so go ahead and help us improve Trollpedia.

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