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Mariotehplumber is an infamous reviewer and ranter. Despite being well known by most Sonic the Hedgehog and Nintendo fans, he's relatively obscure.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

Mariotehplumber has been known for making heavily opinionated videos bashing mainly on the Modern design of Sonic the Hedgehog and eventually going on to bash "modern" Nintendo games.

He was extremely rude to many people, tending to insult them using mental disorders, as well as using racist, xenophobic and homophobic slurs, and a heavy amount of profanity, all for the sake of pissing them off. When he describes characters, he does so in very sexualized ways, for example, he describes Modern Sonic as "Hentai Shit with quills longer than a fucking dick, and he's got fuckin six DICKS on his head".

He is also known for his angry rages in videos, such as his first "Update", and "Why it's bad to play these characters for us".

Until around 2014, his videos were known for their low production values, due to how awful his microphone quality was, which sounded more ear-rapey than clear, which made it very difficult to hear what he says.

Bio[edit | edit source]

His real first name is John, and he lives in Canada.

Until 2015, he claimed that he was autistic, but in a video where he revealed his trolling act, he admitted he did not have autism. It does not stop him from using it as an insult.

His rants[edit | edit source]

His general opinions[edit | edit source]

He is very egotistical within himself and has frequently said that he is the best person in the world and that he is better than anyone else. Not only this is blatantly false, but he never even properly shows this off.

Despite his selfish behavior, he has occasionally got a calmer side and does nicer things, like give away the many Amiibo he has scalped.

He is also really defensive of TheBalishChannel, and really despises it whenever users betray him and lie about him.

His stance on Sonic[edit | edit source]

When Mariotehplumber originally started, his main aim was to bash on the modern design of Sonic the Hedgehog. He claims that he is the #1 best Sonic fan in the world, yet the only Sonic game he really likes is the first one.

As noted above, he tends to call the modern designs of the characters really weird and childish names, mainly "Hentai Sonic", and "Nigger Knuckles" (only because of the fact Knuckles' songs are rap songs in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2)

His stance on Mario[edit | edit source]

Back until 2012, he was an obsessive Mario fanboy who said that every other game, but the Zelda franchise and Sonic 1, sucked, hence his name. By 2012, he started to lose interest in the franchise, but not until his most infamous accident in 2014.

Despite this, he has occasionally liked some "modern" titles, like Mario Kart 8, "Super Mario Odyssey" and Luigi's Mansion 3.

His stance on Rosalina[edit | edit source]

Rosalina is a pretty infamous topic whenever people talk about Mariotehplumber.

In December 2014, he uploaded a video saying that he scalped 262 Rosalina Amiibo figures just so the fans "can't". In one of his rants, he claims that Nintendo is overusing the character because of "Hentai Fan-service" and has "Ruined the Mario franchise for me".

By January 2015, the video went viral within the Nintendo community, and went to the extreme when his email was hacked by an "Angry Rosalina Fan Cult", who made him do a video where he supported the character.

His stance on Super Smash Bros.[edit | edit source]

Super Smash Bros is Mariotehplumber's most hated franchise.

He heavily despises most of the female characters in the game. His most hated characters are Rosalina (of course, he calls her "Pussylina"), Lucina (loose in ya), Palutena (Pootytanga), Robin (Throbbin), and Zero Suit Samus (Zero Suit Slunt).

In 2018, he tried to get involved with the so-called "Grinch Leak" for Smash Ultimate, which sorta ended successfully for him. As for Smash Ultimate, it is his most hated game in the series.

He dislikes the infamous "Smashers" from the Super Smash Bros fanbase and has said in a tweet from 2020 that he enjoys "fucking around with them".

His stance on The Legend of Zelda[edit | edit source]

As with Mario, he used to love The Legend of Zelda, but by 2013, he began to hate it as well.

His stance on Splatoon[edit | edit source]

Another "Hentai" franchise Mariotehplumber despises.

In May 2015, when a truck containing Splatoon Amiibos in the UK was stolen. Mariotehplumber tweeted his reaction by saying that whoever stole the Amiibo was "a hero". Some people actually thought Mariotehplumber was behind the incident, but since he is Canadian and the stolen Amiibos were in the UK, he was not the person behind the theft.

His stance on Nintendo in general[edit | edit source]

After the Amiibo accident, he has started to hate "Modern" Nintendo a lot more, going as far as to say that any Modern fan has mental illnesses or autism.

His stance on Anime[edit | edit source]

He hates Anime, with the exception of Dragon Ball Z, and as of 2016, Yo-Kai Watch. He claims to be the official voice actor of Goku, which is obviously a lie.

Despite the fact he hates Anime in general, he infamously uses the word "Hentai" to describe characters he hates (mainly Female characters). Some people think he got the term off of Rule 34 and thinks so of female characters that way.

His stance on WWE[edit | edit source]

Mariotehplumber is also a fanboy of WWE, especially Roman Reigns, who's infamous for his "X-Pac Heat" by fans.

In 2016, he joined WrestlingForum as "Roman's Empire". The account was later banned.

His stance on Autism and other disorders[edit | edit source]

Despite what people say and claim, Mariotehplumber doesn't have Autism or any kind of mental illness, even though he once pretended he had it simply for attention.

It's shown throughout his videos that he hates autism and in reality, anybody who has it or any kind of mental disorder, as hinted by the fact he uses Autism as a personal insult towards modern Nintendo fans (or pretty much anybody he dislikes), as well as "Retard", as well as the fact that he is incredibly cruel to them.

In case you're wondering, don't bother consulting him about what Autism or any mental disorder actually is, he won't listen.

His choice of insults[edit | edit source]

Mariotehplumber is also known for insulting a lot of his haters. Here is a list of them you'll hear almost all the time in his videos:

  • Fag or Faggot (His personal choice of insult, although in videos made before 2013 or 2014, it sounded more like "Feygit" or "Feggit" due to his accent)
  • "Modern Moran" (Until around 2013, he says and spells "Moron" correctly nowadays)
  • Idiot
  • Hentai
  • "Slunt" (A made-up word that's a cross between "Slut" and "Cunt", normally used to describe Rosalina)
  • Autistic (towards any fan of "Modern Nintendo")
  • Nigger (Used in one video not as a nickname for Knuckles (which he usually did), but to racially insult someone. Ironically, he hates racism nowadays.)
  • Retarded (one of his main insults of choice, been used more than Modern Moran as of 2014)
  • Stupid
  • Bitch (to women and about female characters)

Other interesting facts[edit | edit source]

He cannot form a single coherent sentence without using "fuck" or "fucking".

Mariotehplumber nowadays[edit | edit source]

He hasn't uploaded a video since June 2019, and nowadays mostly spends time on Twitch playing with his best friend, TheBalishChannel, who he has known since 2010.

Despite this, he still shares the same opinions as his trolling persona and still says he's better than anyone else in the world. It is unknown when he will get back to making videos again.

His channels[edit | edit source]

  • mariotehplumber - His main channel
  • SONIC1SONICHEDGEHOG - His alternate channel
  • MTPMoranguides - Created in 2013 after his main account got terminated. This one was also terminated over his Game Grumps rants.
  • mariotahplumber - Created in 2013 to replace the above channel. Was terminated in October 2013.
  • Mariotehplumber - Yet another alternate account. Was abandoned when he got his original account back.
  • Testies125 - A guy who acted similar to Mariotehplumber, but is unsure if it's really him. Another troll named Ih8heels confirmed he was behind this account.
  • Richestplayerinrs - An old account that contained rants on Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

~ In the comments section of "Stop the Rosalina harrassment", as a reply to a "Rosalina" trolling channel.

I am glad someone stole a truck of amiibo should have drove it into the ocean where it belongs. This person should be a hero to everyone.
~ In a tweet posted in May 2015 about a set of Splatoon Amiibo being stolen.

I came to the cuntclusion that people who are current Nintendo fans usually like shows such as Stevens Universe which is for autistic kids.
~ In a tweet posted on October 19, 2015, where he claims that every Steven Universe fan is Autistic, despite the fact he's never even seen the show.

Only you would put it as an insult because I was simply stating the truth. Not my problem if you are too biased against me to think it was an insult towards your kind.
~ On a Wrestling Forum post from January 22, 2016, where he defends himself from using Autism and othermental disorders as insults.

More Nintendo related Leaks coming out real soon. I hope people rage cuz I don't care about any of you fans. Maybe just maybe I leak it on different usernames? You don't know and I clearly don't give a fuck. Playing Sea of Thieves now you losers.
~ In a tweet posted sometime in Late-2018, where he admits he is trolling Smashers for the sake of raging "Modern Nintendo" fans.

Fucking with the smash community is so fun when the next shitty installment is in the works I will do it again surely because this game is for fucking faggots who do nothing but obsess over nintendo and petty things while being biased towards other shit because its a disease
~ In a tweet posted in July 2020, for the same reasons as the above quote.

It actually took you retards long enough to understand Nintendo has been shit for the last decade. Just remember I was always right about it. It isn't just about the events it is shitty business practices, lazy games, and scamming their customers but you are too obsessed to know.

If you still support a shitty company with evidence as this that show their true greed. Then it is absolute fact that you are a sick obsessed ill freak who developed autism because of this company. This isn't a joke a real thing. The games will always be shit and low effort.

You continue to support a company like this then you will always get lazy rehashes with no effort, "definitive edition" collections with barely nothing changed. I mean which one of you morons gave 3d all stars a pass? It is the most lazy and piss poor collection in gaming.

Even with the Nintendo hate. I still believe you ill freaks will give them another free pass in a week. You people have no standards as long as it is Nintendo it is okay for you. I have no faith in the Nintendo fanbase to do the right thing they will still lick Nintendo's boots.

~ In a series of Tweets posted on December 7, 2020, criticizing anybody who still supports Nintendo following the then-recent Nintendo controversies.

You are all brainless morons and I am better in every shape and form than all of you put together.
~ A tweet posted on January 9, 2021, which summons up his usual self.

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