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Username Mark Dice
Type of troll Conspiracist
Status Active
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Mark Dice is an ultraconservative pundit, author, conspiracy theorist, Trump supporting Youtube/Twitter troll and grifting con-artist who has made videos making fun of leftists and liberals on a daily basis, particularly CNN anchors, and US president Joe Biden. His videos mainly consist of him poking fun at democratic presidents, and him blindly supporting Trump regardless of Trump's actions.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mark Shouldice is an American Caucasian male in his 40s. He was born in 1977.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

Mark Dice is a blind staunch supporter of Donald Trump, and never thinks he does anything wrong regardless of Trump's incredibly large ego and actions.

Mark Dice has said outrageous things like "liberalism is a mental disorder".

Mark Dice has resorted to trolling on Twitter on multiple occasions, usually by misgendering people or by targeting the BTS fans.

He has said outrageously stupid things like "I support global warming" which was designed to get a reaction out of people.

He made a tweet acting oblivious to the capitol riots in January 8, 2021, by claiming that there was nothing really wrong going on.

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