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Troll informations
Username MegaDoopTV
Type of troll Edgelord/Shit-talker/Egotist/Raider
Status Active
Profile picture
~ MegaDoopTV

MegaDoopTV, Professor Kuhtoonz, Bro Broman, ToxicStar984 or PKMC is a YouTube troll and former commentary community member. He deleted his own YouTube channels and most videos of his have been archived from other YouTube channels. He started out as a commentary community channel, then turned into a smack-talking ranting troll. People have fallen for his trolling many times which have resulted in commentaries and responses to him.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He is an African-American male who lives in the US, presumably California.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

He claimed himself to be "The Ultimate Ranter", setting off implications that he is an egotistical troll.

He has "baited" people into believing he will commit suicide one day. In some sort of attempt to stop them from making videos on him.


He along with his fans do raid discord servers by spamming the same words, tagging or with gore.

He likes to shit-talk others in his YouTube videos consisting of calling them "autistic", "spergs" or "retards".

In general, on twitter or discord, he resorts by being rude to others, calling them "spergs" or "retards", or telling them to "stfu". He calls others 'retards' excessively to piss people off.

He likes to shout over people.

He is very contrarian in his videos to gain traction and attention, making him a contrarian troll.

He is very arrogant, snobbish and patronizing in his videos, to piss others off.

He has admitted to being a troll

He likes to smack talk other well known popular youtubers like SuperMarioLogan, TheMysteriousMrEnter and people in the cartoon community.

He is very similar to another YouTube troll, by the name of Clay Claymore.

He is an anarcho-communist supporter, like most trolls who pride on acting like neo-nazis to try and gain attention. Anarcho-communism is popular in this community to jump on the bandwagon. Whether he actually believes in anarcho-communism or not is irrelevant, because he uses his anarcho-communism to get attention and cause controversy. This is not to say all anarcho-communists are trolls.

His support for LeafyisHere[edit | edit source]

He supported Leafyishere and claimed him to be the 'last hope for YouTube'

His defense for Turkey Tom[edit | edit source]

He defended Turkey Tom and accused Pyrocynical of being a pedophile, for the sake of gaining a reaction and having a contrarian opinion. He also put the 'minor' on the pedestal for the sole reason of being a minor, even though minors are also responsible for their actions, and are capable of doing sociopathic and sadistic things as much as fully grown adults do. Much like Turkey Tom, he has an obsession with accusing people of being pedophiles.


Encyclopedia Dramatica page on him:[edit | edit source]

The encyclopedia dramatica article on him unlike most articles on there was actually well documented and (mostly) civilized. It seemed more like ranting on a troll material than bottom of barrel mocking and shit-talking, besides all the racial, sexual, slurs that were shown.

The article was deleted presumably by fans of MegaDoopTV, or Megadoop himself. All thanks to one of our users, a screenshot of the whole article has been saved.

His fans[edit | edit source]

His fans are often very praiseworthy and idolizing of him, they are very similar and egocentric like he is. They are also trolls themselves.

Exposure Videos[edit | edit source]

Arguments on discord with other users[edit | edit source]

Reuploaded Videos[edit | edit source] (One of his most popular videos) (Consists of him calling him a 'retard') (Reacting to Leafy, by another potential communist troll, Darkscythe/Guerilla Enby, who has trolled people in skype calls and discord calls) (Further explaining his egotism and arrogance) (The Destruction of the commentary community) (Ranting on MrEnter)

Videos ranting on him[edit | edit source]

Young Hero Speaks: The Day MegaDoopTV Died (Inconsistent and slow rant, but to the point)

The Problems with MegaDoopTV

The Problems with MegaDoopTV Part 2

External Links[edit | edit source] (Bro Broman channel)

Sources[edit | edit source] (Take this wikia with a grain of salt, it is very much like ED in its immature slurs, despite giving important information about said commentary community members)


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