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Memetic speech is a form of speech designed to spread a specific opinion/ideology/agenda quicker and, in some cases, as a rallying cry or dog-whistle. They are not uncommon in political circles on online forums such as Twitter

If you see any of these, you are recommended to ignore them, you are probably not concerned by any of this to start with.

Examples of memetic sentences and their effects[edit | edit source]

Sentence Description Ideology
Hitler did nothing wrong Probably the most infamous of the memetic sentences. It is often parroted by Holocaust denialists, literal Nazis and antisemites in support of Adolf Hitler. It assumes Hitler did not kill anyone (Or those he slaughtered deserved it) which means it denies all the deaths due to labor camps and the Holocaust. People who argue with this in mind rarely account for those who died during WW2. a
Stalin did nothing wrong Same as the one with Hitler, it is often parroted by tankies. Like above, it makes the statement that nobody has ever died under Stalin's reign which includes, all the people who have died inside the gulags, all the people who were labeled "kulaks" and stripped from their resources to be starved to death and, more obviously, it discounts the 70 million, or so, who died during WW2 because of the USSR. d
There are only 2 genders This sentence, which is spoken as if it was a fact, is often parroted by Conservatives and Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists. This memetic sentence is used as a means to discredit the gender spectrum and those who discuss about it by conflating gender with sex. It works because most people already believe that gender and sex are synonymous. b
A transgender kid is like a vegan cat... A simple sentence that was designed to discourage people from seeking counseling if their kid showed symptoms of gender dysphoria. The sentence basically tells you that Transgender kids don't exist literally like Vegan cats don't exist and that if a kid is Trans that means the parents forced them to be Trans, likewise if a cat is Vegan, then the pet owner forced the cat into that diet. However, despite the effective nature of the sentence, it is a false equivalence since kids can suffer from gender dysphoria and may not be a stereotypical boy or girl by the definition of the terms. Additionally, if nothing is done, the symptoms are more pronounced once the kid becomes a teenager and that may push them into depression. b
All cops are bastards (ACAB / 1312) This sentence is used by Anarchists, anti-Fascists and Socialists to raise awareness about police brutality. While being a generalization, the sentence does a good job at rallying people to the same cause of fighting racial injustice and police brutality. f
Despite being only 13% of the population... (13/50) Blatantly incorrect statistics spoken as if they were facts. This sentence is pushed to promote white Nationalism and normalize racism against people of color. The full sentence reads as follow: Despite being only 13% of the population, blacks commit over 50% of all the crimes! a
Epstein didn't kill himself It is the most popular memetic sentence on this list. This memetic sentence is used to promote the idea that perhaps the death of Jeffrey Epstein could not be by suicide. Many people consider the death of the rich Pedophile to be dubious due to many factors. When Jeffrey Epstein was declared dead, the memetic sentence skyrocketed in popularity to the point it made to the front page of Know Your Meme. g
He killed himself with two bullets in the back of the head This contradictory sentence is often used by conspiracy theorists to point at someone's dubious death and is oftentimes used by conspiracy theorists who believe that Hillary Clinton orchestrated all the murders in America. g
Taxation is theft "Taxation is theft" is a sentence often used by Anarcho-Capitalists to label taxation as being theft. People who support this are generally anti-government and believe that all their hard-earned dues are to allow them to use them in the free market, this is THEIR money after all. Regardless, the message spread with this sentence has rallied many people to fight for lower taxation in their respective country. c
Safe space is a code word for echo chamber This sentence is often used to convey disapproval of safe spaces and compare them to echo chambers where the opinions of one will never be challenged in any meaningful way. This sentence turns out to be surprisingly effective at spreading the opinion that safe spaces are bad, however, it is no longer a very common sight for whatever reason. b
God created Adam and Eve... This sentence, which reads God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, is oftentimes used in its fullest to insinuate that homosexuality is both unnatural and immoral. This sentence is often parroted by Conservatives and homophobes as an argument against gay marriage. b
Good night, alt-right This anti-fascist slogan is used as a rallying cry against the neo-Nazis in the USA and to encourage other anti-fascists to knock down Nazis. Originally, it was a song made by STRAY FROM THE PATH which is currently available on Youtube. This sentence is similar in nature to "Punch a/the Nazi". The slogan has its own unique flag. f
Around blacks, you never relax Racist slogan for a racist caricature drawn by A. Wyatt Mann. a
N The first letter of racial slur. It originally appeared as a meme in a picture of Neo Cortex which would be plastered on pictures of characters being racist or on pictures of people of color to hint at the obvious, but without saying the slur outright. This letter would later be used by Stonetoss in his alphabet comic as a racist dog-whistle and by Mikemikev as his username whenever he comes to vandalize RationalWiki. It is not to be confused with the "N-word" which is a word used to substitute the racist slur whenever it is needed. a
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white Based on a racist conspiracy theory called "The Great Replacement" where white people should inevitably be replaced by other races of people. People of color are often considered the perpetrators within this foolish conspiracy theory. The term itself stems from the belief that opposing racism is a bad thing based on the aforementioned conspiracy theory. a
Viva la revolution! A rallying cry for revolutionists whenever they are about to overthrow a government and reverse the economic system. It is also a dog-whistle among Left-wing groups. e
Love Trumps Hate An anti-Trump catchphrase to rally people against Donald John Trump between 2016 and 2020. It was a somewhat effective motto as more and more people rallied against Trump. e

Legends[edit | edit source]

4chan -pol- logo.png Authoritarian Right

Connecticut Republican Party logo.pngTrue Right

Gadsden Flag Colored Rattler Details.svg Libertarian Right

Commonist.svg Authoritarian Left

Crystal Clear action flag.pngTrue Left

Circle A red.svg Libertarian Left

Great Seal of the United States (reverse).svg Conspiracy

Propaganda images[edit | edit source]

Memetic imagery are pictures made for the purpose of pushing a certain belief or narrative. Keep in mind however, that memetic imagery is not the same as a funny caption picture, henceforth called "meme", although they can overlap.

Image Description Author
Nazi Lithuanian poster.jpg The happy merchant is a caricature of a jew. These images alone made many people all over the world hateful and turn them into antisemites. The most well-known iteration of that antisemitic memetic image has a character with a big nose wearing a kippah while rubbing his hands together[1]. Multiple
His Little Hawaiian Game Checkmated political cartoon 1894 (retouched - HR).jpg During the 19th millennium, imagery mocking or disparaging people of color were very present, in cartoons on TV, in comics, etc. That generally normalized racism among the population for that time period. Multiple
461.jpg This picture is a direct reference to slave labor in the US which targeted people of color the most. The artist was widely criticized for drawing this picture. RealAnonTheAnon
Stonetoss Racist.png Make-believe tokenism. Stonetoss
082.jpg In CyberRobotnix's own words: In one of the bad endings, Akechi (also known as Crow) shoots the protagonist and then you hear a guard screaming about how the protagonist committed suicide. If you don't get the bad ending and instead choose the right options to continue the story, then you'll hear Akechi say out loud in the speakers that he is going to kill the protagonist and lie to the population by calling it a suicide. This meme is extremely subtle, so you could post that on Twitter with no context and that'd work like a dog-whistle to everybody who've actually played Persona 5. CyberRobotnix
MrpumpkinfaceMiner.png This picture is meant to reference an infamous clip of Joe Biden which got him labeled a Pedophile on Twitter. MrPumpkinFace
Elections 2020 meme.jpg There are many pictures showing the 2020 elections graph. Some are even edited to make a punchline (Like on the image provided). They exist to make the past 2020 elections appear fraudulent. Multiple

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