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Michael Coombs, a rabid racist white supremacist who has sent me more than 3000 messages in the last year, from at least 4 different sock puppet accounts, as well as my live events. The police are aware, as at least 2 crimes have been committed.
~ Adam Rutherford[1]

Michael Coombs (main online pseudonym: Mikemikev) is a neo-Nazi malicious troll and cyberstalker from UK who owns hundreds of accounts on Twitter. Coombs is most notorious for online identity theft, creating fake accounts and stalking individuals on social media. He never owns up to his malicious online behaviour preferring anonymity and is a habitual liar who when identified pretends to be someone else, blames his accounts onto innocent people or claims (without any evidence) his accounts were hacked.[2]

Coombs has a history of supporting far-right political groups and claims to have been a former member of the British National Party. Many of his accounts post Holocaust denial and racism. Coombs (who uses the pseudonym Mikemikev) is active on the white nationalist forum Stormfront. He has also been blocked on Wikipedia on hundreds of accounts.[3][4]

He has been banned on many websites for trolling, impersonations and harassment.

As of February 2021 Michael Coombs is trolling Twitter on the accounts @Felicit52636930[5][6] and @Thunder77784216 (aka Thunderstruck).

On 7 January 2021 one of Coombs stalker victims Adam Rutherford noted "Mike, you should know that I filed a criminal report with the Met yesterday, They concluded that two crimes were committed: Malicious communications and Harassment."[7]

Coombs is a poster on the neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer where he has made racist comments inciting violence against black people, writing "Niggers only 'oppose racism' to get more gibs from YT. In reality they're the most small minded tribal apes around" and "Nigger riots defended by Nigger MP (imagine my shock). I long for the day when they use live ammo on these clowns."[8]

Since Michael Coombs (aka Mikemikev) never tells the truth about his online activities - a subpage has been created to provide evidence to assist the police in their investigation.

Coombs is currently thought to live in Cardiff, Wales[9] where his sister Rachel Coombs (Reynolds) @rachelrenno lives.

After reported to police - Michael Coombs in March 2021 abandoned the Twitter account Felicity. In April he reappeared on Twitter on yet more accounts.

Michael Coombs is still actively vandalising, trolling and impersonating users on RationalWiki, see: Michael Coombs/RationalWiki for a list of his accounts.

Michael Coombs mom, Lorraine Coombs can be contacted about her son's deranged internet activities at: https://www.facebook.com/lorraine.coombs.7

Troll informations
Username Mikemikev
Type of troll Malicious stalker
Status Active
Profile picture
Michael Coombs.jpg

Background[edit | edit source]

He uploaded his CV online.[10][11] Michael Coombs was born on July 2 1978 in Cardiff, Wales. His parents are Steve Coombs and Lorraine Coombs. Steve died in 2019; he was 70 years old.[12] Coombs studied BA Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sussex, England followed by an MA at UCL. He worked in 2009 at Sear Rogers International School, Hong Kong teaching ICT and mathematics to 11-18 year olds; he also worked at North China Electric Power University.[13] He later returned to UK. The overseas students he was teaching were unaware of Michael Coombs' neo-Nazi political views and his notorious internet trolling. When posters on the forum Kiwi Farms contacted a female university student Coombs had met in real life named Ellasy Lee - it emerged Michael Coombs lives a double life on the internet and does not promote any of the racism or anti-Semitism he posts online in the real world.[14] Coombs' family do not share his far-right political views, nevertheless they've been criticised for defending him when individuals made contact and have complained about him harassing and stalking them while using computers from his parents house.[15]

Coombs owns hundreds of email addresses (see below) but his main email address is [email protected] At some point Michael Coombs created a separate email for his business [email protected] after people were Googling his other email and discovering he's an insane stalker and neo-Nazi internet troll.

Wikipedia activity[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia Mikemikev ban.png

Michael Coombs aka Mikemikev since 2010 has been blocked on hundreds of Wikipedia accounts for harassment, sockpuppetry, racism and impersonations.


Metapedia activity[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs used to post on the far-right wiki Metapedia inserting Holocaust denial. However even his fellows racists banned him and described him as a troll and trouble maker.

I deleted the entire article. Mikemikev is nothing more than a drunken trouble causer. There is a reason why he get's banned from everywhere and there's a reason why I came back after 4 years to do so.
~ User talk:CHM8318

Mikemikev Metapedia.png

Political views[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs is a member of the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront; he has over 300 posts under the pseudonym Mikemikev. He self-identifies as a white supremacist, for example writing "White Supremacism means you think Whites are superior. I do too"[16] and has made anti-Semitic threads on Stormfront.[17] Coombs often denies the Holocaust.[18][19]

Coombs was a former admin on the far-right wiki Metapedia but was banned in 2014. He set up a more extreme (openly pro-Nazi) wiki with other ex-Metapedia admins named Rightpedia. However, the wiki was permanently deleted in 2018 after complaints about child abuse imagery were sent to its web hosting provider.[20][21]

There is a lot of sexism and misogyny in his posts and Coombs is widely thought to be an incel. He is unmarried at 42 and there's no evidence he's ever had a girlfriend. He claims though to have once had a Korean girlfriend (never substantiated and probably made up), but now says he thinks WMAF relationships are a crime and opposes them.[22] That said, he claims (see below) to support sex-tourism and prostitution in East Asia.

He thinks women should not have professional jobs nor even be able to vote, writing: "If only there was a patriarchy, women voting is a crazy idea".[23]

Coombs opposes non-white immigration into UK and supports forced repatriation. He's not been interested in moderating his extreme views and openly describes himself as a racist. He has claimed he supports shooting and killing illegal immigrants. He also wants to close down all mosques in UK.

He especially hates black people describing them as "tribal apes" and claims they're not capable of building a civilisation.[24]


Apartheid[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs supports apartheid and racial segregation.[25]

Holocaust denial[edit | edit source]

Mikemikev Holocaust denial.png

Michael Coombs (posting as Mikemikev) made close to 4000 posts on Political Forum where he denied the Holocaust but was eventually banned there.

Mikemikev Political Forum Holocaust denial.png

British National Party[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs has claimed to be a former member of the far-right British National Party.[26] He has also praised Nick Griffin on Stormfront.[27] In 2009 Coombs claimed to have infiltrated an anti-BNP demonstration by anti-fascists. Most recently Coombs has supported the white nationalist group Patriotic Alternative founded by ex-BNP member Mark Collett.

I attended a UAF meeting at Imperial College, discussing the BNP TV appearance in 2009. The people running the meeting were one goy frontman, flanked on either side by two obvious Jews. They started by poisoning the well with some ridiculous guilt by association argument that the BNP were best represented by David Copeland, then called for them to be given "no public platform", in other words prevent them being allowed to speak by force. Amusingly, the small number of people in attendance didn't agree at all. I walked out of the meeting, refusing to sign their petition. This attempt to recruit some leftist thugs was unsuccessful, but doubtless they had been doing the rounds and I am sure they were more successful in other places. I also went to the television studio to see what the UAF got up to. I noticed the shabbas goy among the crowd, which turned into a small riot, trying to bash down the gates. What a bunch of idiots.
~ Michael Coombs[28]

Supporting genocide of non-whites[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs in the past has supported genociding and murdering non-whites; in 2016 he wrote on a sockpuppet account while debating a Polish nationalist: "Why shouldn’t the white race genocide other races?"[29]

Mikemikev supports genocide.png

More recently, Coombs has flip-flopped on this and changed his position now advocating peaceful racial separation but one can dig up his old posts where he literally supported killing non-whites and also was advocating violence e.g. he posted on the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer his fantasy of shooting black people.[30]

You will notice Mikemikev has recently tried to reinvent himself as opposing "genocide" and trying to adopt a more moderate white nationalist position, however that directly contradicts his postings as recent as 2016. At some point post-2016 Coombs changed from supporting literal genocide and then went on a huge clean up operation that I documented elsewhere. For example he deleted all his comments that incite violence and killing of "non-whites" from Daily Stormer. However all those can still be found on archive.
~ Kiwi Farms

According to Kiwi Farms, Michael Coombs changed his views for one of three reasons:

  • 1. His name became toxic among white nationalists who accused him of being an agent provocateur.
  • 2. His posts supporting genocide made him look like a mentally ill deranged lunatic.
  • 3. Fearful of the legal consequences (since there are strict hate speech laws in UK).

Source: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/mikemikev-michael-coombs-twinkle-toes-velcro-pants.17243/page-694#post-4763160

Homophobia[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs is a homophobe who claims to oppose homosexuality.[31]

Conspiracy theories[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs is a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist and crackpot who thinks the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax.[32] He also is a supporter of 9/11 conspiracy theories[33], denies the Holocaust and promotes discredited racist pseudoscience and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.[34] In a nutshell he's delusional and irrational.

Sex controversies[edit | edit source]

Sexual attraction to 15 year olds[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs has claimed he is sexually attracted to "underage girls" writing he finds 15 year olds attractive; this is despite he's in his 40s. He has tried to rationalise his posts by claiming "most men" find underage girls attractive which is obviously false. He has been widely criticised cross the internet for these sorts of posts including on Kiwi Farms and EDF.

Michael Coombs attraction to 15 year olds.png
Mikemikev Michael Coombs underage girls.png
I think most men are attracted to underage girls. Did you ever have sexual thoughts about 15 year old for example?
~ Michael Coombs


Defence of Nathan Larson[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs is friends with the pedophile white supremacist Nathan Larson. In November 2020, Coombs made edits defending Larson on RationalWiki.[35][36] In December, Larson was arrested and charged with child abduction and child pornography offences.[37]

Mikemikev also created the deletion request page for Larson's article on RationalWiki.

  • 18:30, 12 November 2020 CircularReasoning (talk | contribs) changed visibility of a revision on page Nathan Larson: edit summary hidden and username hidden (Personal or potentially identifying information: Again, fuck off Mikey)
  • 02:18, 10 November 2020 Rockford the Roe (talk | contribs) deleted page RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/Nathan Larson (Harassment: More mikemikev nonsense)

Support for sex-tourism in East Asia[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs has claimed to support sex-tourism in East Asia and himself lived in China and South Korea for around 5 years.[38]

Our main problem here is propaganda fuelled miscegenation with imported negroes, not overseas white men playing around with the local girls, as they inevitably will... Surely a white man that works to defend his land is a good white man, and the fact that he stuck his dick in a more than willing foreigner one time is utterly trivial.
~ Michael Coombs[39]

History of online harassment (2010 - 2021)[edit | edit source]

Mathsci[edit | edit source]

For some time now a group of single purpose editors [Mikemikev] has acted in concert to add material to wikipedia articles overrepresenting the minority point of view that it is a proven scientific fact that the negroid (black) "race" has lower "general inteligence" on average than the caucasoid (white) "race" for genetic reasons connected with "race".
~ Mathsci Wikipedia (talk) 11:43, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

In December 2010, Michael Coombs (editing as Mikemikev) was indefinitely blocked and community-topic banned from editing race-related articles on Wikipedia where he had made racist comments; in October of the same year he had began to create sockpuppets with anti-Semitic names such as Juden Raus (he had received earlier blocks in August 2010). After returning on sockpuppets, many of which were also banned - he blamed an editor known as Mathsci for getting him kicked off the wiki who had complained the most about Mikemikev's racism. In response, Coombs created attack pages about Mathsci across the internet in 2011 and 2012 including on Stormfront,[40] as well as created fake accounts of Mathsci (in foreign languages).[41] Coombs later created a page attacking Mathsci on Encylopedia Dramatica (see below) but was deleted by Michael D. Suarez.

Mathsci Mikemikev.png

Michael D. Suarez[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs created an account (using his main alias Mikemikev) on Encylopedia Dramatica in 2011. Coombs was quickly banned for creating an "attack article due to some grudge" on Mathsci.[42] The admin who banned him was Michael D. Suarez aka JuniusThaddeus. In response to his ban - Coombs created accounts to troll Suarez on ED including "Jewnius Faggayus".[43] Coombs later created various attack pages on blogs about JuniusThaddeus and described him as a "faggot" on a Wikipedia Review thread in 2013.[44]

Coombs was still creating website pages to attack Suarez in 2015.[45] In 2016, Kiwi Farms posters described Coombs and Suarez as "dipshits" for "screaming in rage at each other for like years".[46] Suarez created the Mikemikev article on Encylopedia Dramatica in November 2013.[47]

Oliver D. Smith[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs creates fake accounts impersonating Oliver D. Smith. The screenshot is a fake RationalWiki account blocked in 2016.
Mikemikev's entire life revolves around Oliver Smith. It's really sad. It got so bad he became a bigger lolcow.
~ Encylopedia Dramatica[48]

In 2013 Coombs clashed with Oliver D. Smith on a number of wikis including Metapedia and RationalWiki.[49] After losing a debate to Smith about population genetics (Smith simply pointed out human population genetics is mostly clinal) Coombs began creating fake accounts of Smith on a number of websites[50] (this is a typical behaviour of Coombs who when loses in an argument resorts to bizarre antics such as setting up fake accounts to impersonate his debate opponents) as well as falsely accusing Smith of being an "Antifa" and "Marxist".

The online dispute between Michael Coombs and Smith lasted several years to the extent Kiwi Farms and Encylopedia Dramatica documented it.[51][52] In June 2018 Michael Coombs created more than a dozen Twitter accounts to harass Smith, then an archaeology postgraduate student. All these accounts with Mikemikev and a combination of digits in the name (e.g. Mikemikev9000, Mikemikev9001 etc) were suspended.[53][54][55] Coombs also created fake book reviews of Smith's publications on Amazon and set up countless website pages to attack him.

Smith was Michael Coombs' main target and victim before he began stalking Adam Rutherford.[56][57]

In 2020 Coombs was still creating pages attacking Smith on the internet with misinformation such as calling him an "Antifa", "Marxist" and "terrorist".[58]

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard[edit | edit source]

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard owner of the OpenPsych forum banned Michael Coombs (who created an account using his main alias Mikemikev) in February 2016 for anti-Semitism and being a "well known troll". [59] In response, Coombs has created fake accounts of Kirkegaard on RationalWiki and Wikipedia.[60][61] The trolling is complicated by the fact Oliver D. Smith has been in a feud with Kirkegaard for several years and knowing this Coombs has created fake accounts of Smith to attack Kirkegaard. On his social media, Kirkegaard has pointed to the confusion not knowing who certain accounts belong to, either Smith or Mikemikev (probably the latter).[62]

More recently Coombs has been impersonating an "administrator" from OpenPsych (so Kirkegaard) while attacking Smith, seemingly to blame these accounts on Kirkegaard - this is despite RationalWiki sysops easily identify these impersonations as Mikemikev.[63][64] In other words, Michael Coombs tries to create further animosity between Kirkegaard and Smith by impersonating them both on fake accounts. In 2018 Kirkegaard filed a libel suit against Oliver D. Smith but lost it by discontinuance in May 2020 (winning no damages).[65]

In February 2021 Coombs was suspected by an anonymous user of creating an entry for Emil Kirkegaard on Wikipedia.[66][67] This has caused confusion and trolling that has spilled onto RationalWiki and a number of blogs.

Mikemikev Emil Kirkegaard.png

Nick Lowles[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs was suspended on his first Twitter account Mikemikev in May 2018 having sent Nick Lowles of the anti-racist organisation Hope not Hate thousands of abusive tweets and denied the Holocaust.[68][69]

Sarah Olson Michel[edit | edit source]

Mikemikev Twitter Sarah Olson Michel.png

In January 2020 Michael Coombs spammed the blog of science writer Sarah Olson Michel while also attacked her on Twitter.[70]

Adam Rutherford[edit | edit source]

In May 2020 Michael Coombs became obsessed with British geneticist Adam Rutherford and sent him thousands of abusive tweets on an account named R2D279247959.[71] Once he was identified as Michael Coombs - he lied about his identity, variously pretending to be an American, a female named Karen and an Indian man.[72] The account was suspended in June 2020. Coombs created another account in July 2020 named JohnnyR84030075 to harass Rutherford.[73] After he was suspended again, Coombs created another in August 2020 named Antifungal16,[74] followed by another named TrofimLysenko4 in November 2020.[75][76] The former account was suspended while the latter restricted (most its tweets removed). At the beginning of December 2020 Coombs created another account pretending to be a female named Sandra to harass Rutherford.[77][78][79][80] In 2014, Coombs was banned on a forum for trolling and pretending to be a female with a similar name, Ksandra.[81] Therefore it is easy to identify him based on a long history of repetitive use of names.

Adam Rutherford Michael Coombs Mikemikev abuse Trofim Lysenko.png
Michael Coombs sent Adam Rutherford thousands of tweets of abuse while pretending to be an Indian man and using a fake avatar on his profile.[82]
"Christoph, fyi you are conversing with a white supremacist racist called Michael Coombs, who sets up accounts until he is banned to harass me and others. This is his third this year after being banned twice, having sent close to a thousand messages to me."
~ Adam Rutherford[83]

On December 18 2020, Coombs created yet another account to attack Rutherford named Felicity (and stealing someone else's photo for an avatar). Curiously after it was pointed out he could be sued for malicious communications and libel he changed his profile description to "my opinions are my opinions".[84]

My stalker has set up his 4th new account to troll me and everyone I interact with. @ felicit52636930. Do feel free to report him. His name is Michael Coombs, and he is a antisemite white suprematist who runs dozens of sock puppet accounts.
~ Adam Rutherford[85]

Michael Coombs obessive troll.png

Rutherford has documented that Coombs has sent him over 4000 tweets of abuse calling him a "moron", "imbecile" and a "Marxist charlatan".[86][87] A few examples:

When Rutherford confronted Michael Coombs and pointed out he was clearly the owner of all these accounts harassing him - Coombs said there is no evidence connecting him to the accounts because it is "identity speculation" as then changed his profile description to pretend to be a "trans black" person.[88][89] The evidence Coombs is behind these accounts is though overwhelming and it's rather a moot point he doesn't admit to owning them because he's a pathological liar. Despite trying to mask his real identity, he was dumb enough to re-use some of the same account names (e.g. Antifungal16, Felicity) to harass Rutherford that are logged on his Wikipedia sockpuppet archive and blocked under his name on RationalWiki.[90][91] He is also easily identifiable based on his behaviour, use of repeated phrases and common spelling errors in his tweets while he follows the exact same few accounts.[92][93] Coombs is further identifiable based on his GMT log in times (he lives in UK and has the same online pattern) and the fact he often uses a long amount of digits in his Twitter account urls e.g. Thunder77784216 (see below), JohnnyR84030075 and Felicit52636930, as well as using the digit combination R2D279247959.[94]

Michael Coombs shows no sign of giving up his stalker obsession with Rutherford to the extent he spent Christmas day attacking Rutherford on Twitter.[95]

On 7 January 2021 Rutherford reported Coombs to the police for malicious communications.[96]

In response to police reports being filed against him - fearful of the legal consequences Coombs rushed to change his Twitter account(s) profiles now pretending his tweets are a parody and he is an anti-racist.[97] Coombs is active on yet another Twitter account named Thunder77784216 aka Thunderstruck.[98][99] The attempt at pretending to be an anti-racist didn't last long and Coombs is back to posting racism and anti-Semitism on his accounts.

Felicit52636930 (aka Felicity) was temporarily suspended from Twitter on 23 February 2021 for hateful conduct.[100]

Evidence Michael Coombs is Felicity[edit | edit source]

See Felicit52636930

A subpage has been put together presenting evidence Michael Coombs owns the Felicity (@Felicit52636930) Twitter account after he began in February 2021 to outright lie and claim he doesn't own the account. The evidence will hopefully assist the police in their investigation and result in a conviction.

Alden's Number Kid[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs has impersonated a user named Alden's Number Kid. He first did this on RationalWiki in November 2020.[101]

The real person using this pseudonym has complained about Coombs impersonating him, writing "Coombs is insane".[102]

Jack Buckby[edit | edit source]

In March 2021 Michael Coombs created a bunch of accounts impersonating Jack Buckby on his article:

Nathan Cofnas[edit | edit source]

In April 2021 Michael Coombs has been creating fake accounts of Nathan Cofnas:

Twitter harassment again[edit | edit source]

In April 2021 Coombs reappeared on Twitter creating more accounts to harass and impersonate individuals.

A least one of these accounts has been restricted: https://twitter.com/TriggersMax

Online identity theft[edit | edit source]

Examples of Mikemikev creating fake accounts using real people's names on RationalWiki as impersonations (including Adam Rutherford and Oliver D. Smith) as well as racist account names.

Michael Coombs aka Mikemikev is notorious for online identity theft by creating fake accounts of real individuals and impersonating them. He has been caught doing this and banned from multiple forums and blogs.[103][104] Some of his Twitter accounts are impersonations, e.g. in 2018 his account Abreen1488 was a fake profile of a woman named Sam Ambreen.[105]

He has created fake accounts of Nick Lowles and Hope not Hate across the internet.[106][107]

Oliver D. Smith has complained Coombs has impersonated him not only on fake accounts but also his family members.[108] This includes stealing his parents photos and using them as avatars on forum profiles.[109]

On 25 November 2020 Coombs created a fake account of Adam Rutherford on RationalWiki.[110]

Michael Coombs has been accused of impersonating many different individuals on the same wiki going back to 2017 if not earlier.[111][112][113][114][115][116][117][118][119] His Wikipedia sockpuppet archive also logs impersonations.[120][121]

Harassment and impersonations by emails[edit | edit source]

Each time Michael Coombs creates a new Twitter account he requires a new email because his previous accounts he signed up an email address with - were suspended. He demonstrably therefore owns lots of emails, as many as hundreds. Various people have complained that Coombs sets up fake email addresses in their names to impersonate them (aka email spoofing) and sends other people abusive unsolicited emails including pornographic images:

Mikemikev (Michael Coombs) has been emailing me inappropriate dick pictures on a fake email. I have had about ten of these from Michael. The guy is clearly not well in the head. I will probably remove my attached email on here, I am tired of Mike's drama and impersonations. Please just block this troll on sight.
~ Johns[122]

Website bans[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs was banned on the forum Stumble Inn using his main pseudonym Mikemikev after he harassed a female poster asking if she wanted to be gang-raped.

Michael Coombs has been banned on many websites (forums, blogs, wikis, social media etc) for trolling and harassment:

Close up photo of Michael Coombs' face[edit | edit source]


Michael Coombs photo ugly face.png

Links[edit | edit source]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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