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This is a subpage of the troll Michael Coombs (aka Mikemikev) and documents his sockpuppetry and impersonations on RationalWiki. Coombs is notorious for creating fake accounts of other individuals and impersonating them thus causing much disruption and confusion. He has been blocked on dozens if not hundreds of sockpuppets since 2013.

Michael Coombs is known to attack himself on some sockpuppets to mislead and confuse. He also has a history of creating fake accounts to espouse political viewpoints he doesn't hold i.e. fake online personas. One of his obsessions is pretending to be an Antifa when he is a self-admitted white supremacist who posts on the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. On other RationalWiki accounts however he criticises Antifa, accusing them of being "anti-white" and "Marxists". In a nutshell, he's an insane person who shouldn't have internet access.

The below list is by no means complete (covering about 60% of Coombs' RationalWiki accounts) but is continuously updated.

Coombs also owns hundreds of accounts on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/Mikemikev/Archive

Mikemikev Michael Coombs RationalWiki.png

Mikemikev (2013)[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs was originally blocked and permabanned from RationalWiki as the user Mikemikev in August 2013 having posted Holocaust denial:

His first sockpuppet was JohnnyFrostbite:

His second sockpuppet was Mikemikev is cool where he showed up attacking some guy named Steven:

Early sockpuppets (2014-2017)[edit | edit source]

Oh, I get it...this is Mikemikev again. This is nearly the same crap. -EmeraldCityWanderer, 15 October 2015

Most of Michael Coombs' sockpuppets and IPs from this period can be found on the archived racialism talk pages:

[In case of TLDR - Coombs is 90% or more of the IPs and at least 75% of the accounts on the racialism talk pages]

He began impersonating an SJW and anti-racist seemingly as a parody:

He also began creating fake accounts pretending to be an Antifa:

Oliver D. Smith (2016 - present)[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs' impersonation accounts and troll sockpuppets using ODS's real name and pseudonyms (Krom, Atlantid):

Smith plays Tomb Raider games and so Coombs has created impersonation and spoof accounts of him using TR related names:

Oliver Keyes (2018 - present)[edit | edit source]

Oliver Keyes (not to be confused with Oliver Smith) is a left-wing activist who Coombs has a history of impersonating.

Davide Piffer (2017 - present)[edit | edit source]

A bunch of Michael Coombs sockpuppets can be found on the David Piffer article and its talk page:

Coombs has impersonated the real Davide Piffer on fake accounts:

Coombs also used the name of another user (commentating on same talk page) named "Zeros" by adding a "2" digit:

Same impersonation (using a "2" digit) of another user:

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard (2017 - present)[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs' impersonation accounts of Emil Kirkegaard (who runs the OpenPsych journals):

Coombs has also been blocked impersonating Kirkegaard on Wikipedia:

OpenPsych admin impersonations[edit | edit source]

Notpoliticallycorrect (2017 - present)[edit | edit source]

Coombs impersonated an Antifa to create the Notpoliticallycorrect article in 2017:

He has also trolled and impersonated the owner of the Notpoliticallycorrect blog:

John Fuerst (2017 - present)[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs' impersonation accounts of John Fuerst:

Socking spree (2018 - 2019)[edit | edit source]

These two years are when Michael Coombs was most active creating dozens of socks:

List to be updated.

Rightpedia (2019 - present)[edit | edit source]

Rightpedia was a wiki Coombs used to admin. In 2019, someone created a Rightpedia article, that Coombs quickly trolled and created lots of impersonation socks on, variously posting racism, pretending at the same time to be an anti-racist on the article while also impersonating other users from Rightpedia (causing much disruption and confusion):

Glamour Sickle - sysop (2019)[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs managed to fool RationalWiki into making him a sysop on a fake account in April 2019.

On Glamour Sickle - Coombs pretended to be an antiracist and Marxist creating the James Watson article: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Draft:James_Watson

The account was blocked after an admin realised it was a parody account.

Edward Dutton (2019 - present)[edit | edit source]

Impersonation accounts of Edward Dutton by Michael Coombs:

More accounts of Coombs on the Edward Dutton article:

Coombs is still impersonating Dutton on fake accounts as recent as April 2021:

Jack Buckby (2019 - present)[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs Mikemikev Jack Buckby impersonation.png

In 2021 Michael Coombs created a bunch of accounts impersonating Jack Buckby on his article:

Earlier sockpuppets of Coombs can be found on the same article history going back to 2019.

Sean Last (2019 - present)[edit | edit source]

Impersonation accounts of Sean Last by Michael Coombs:

A friend of Last's named Alden's Number Kid showed up on RationalWiki and was also impersonated by Coombs.

Recent sockpuppets (2020 - present)[edit | edit source]

Many of Mikemikev's most recent socks can be found trolling the Spiteful Mutant article:

Yet more Mikemikev socks on different articles:

Kiwi Farms records more of Mikemikev's sockpuppets:

Harassing the admin of Trollpedia (2021)[edit | edit source]

Angelo John Gage (2021)[edit | edit source]

In March 2021 Coombs began impersonating Angelo John Gage:

Michael Prescott (2021)[edit | edit source]

Coombs impersonated Michael Prescott on fake accounts in March and April 2021:

Nathan Cofnas (2021)[edit | edit source]

Other impersonation accounts by Michael Coombs[edit | edit source]

Hope not Hate[edit | edit source]

Michael Coombs likes to pretend to be an anti-racist and Hope not Hate member. On some of these fake troll accounts he attacks himself:

Links[edit | edit source]