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Troll informations
Username Mr. Demon Slayer
Type of troll Edgelord/Raider
Status Dead
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Mr. Demon Slayer, MrDemonSlayerLives also known as The Slayer Of Demons 99 was a peculiar case of a troll, particularly known for his commentaries on certain users in the slideshow commentary community, who turned into a spamming raiding troll who raided people's servers with gore, and spammed vulgar ableist slurs like "sperg", and "mong" multiple times.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Not much was known about him, other than he was British and was a Caucasian male. He created his channel on the 3rd of November 2015. He was active from 2016 to June 23, 2018.

Why He Was A Troll/Downfall[edit | edit source]

Mr. Demon Slayer made multiple parody videos on certain individuals throughout 2017-Early 2018, which were basically shit-talking mockeries and strawmans of them. Many of these users included: UriahHeepIsAwesome, The Illogical Reaper/Green Star Productions, and other CC members that he had beef with because he had raided their servers with gore and vulgar insults.

He was a massive edgelord who would often use the words "sperg", "mong" in his server to piss people off. He also insighted his server users to raid other people's servers, by spamming explicit images of gore alongside his friends Frozen Angel, Mr. Reiji'02, KrazyThomps44, UriahHeepIsAwesome/Painkiller99, and CephalicTruth/Machinehead55.

Around 2017, he partook in harassing a user by the name of FarhanTheMovieGuy, who received backlash from the SCC.

Around October 2017, he partook in bullying a user by the name of UriahHeepIsAwesome/Painkiller99 because UHIA/Painkiller99 favorited cub porn art on Inkbunny back in July 2017, alongside TheGoldenKoso, Theryan26, Kaiju, Mr. Reiji'02, KrazyThomps44, and Frozen Angel/The Blind Guardian, then UHIA played the victim and was bitching at them to get over it "its like from July 2017" as if he isn't still a furry who enjoys watching furry porn (Which also contradicts Mr. Demon Slayer's Anti-Furry rhetoric). UriahHeepisAwesome often made channels called Vahti Rants which were basically strawmans of his detractors because Painkiller99 has an incredibly big ego who thinks he is always right about everything.

His Friends/Associates[edit | edit source]

UriahHeepIsAwesome/Painkiller99 is a rather annoying, disingenous, insufferable hypocrite who bitched at a user by the name of Theryan26 for trolling him about favoriting cub porn art on Inkbunny back in July 2017, even though Mr. Demon Slayer told his friends to bully/troll this user back in October 2017 and now suddenly around early 2018 it was unacceptable to say he "faps to cub porn". On another note, Painkiller99 would often obsessively talk about furry characters and how "gross" they were on Rule 34. Which was basically Painkiller99 virtue signaling, much like how Mr. Demon Slayer virtue signals about Pedophilia and how drawing underage characters is pedophilia. UriahHeepIsAwesome/Painkiller99 would also ask this user repetitive questions about what music he likes on multiple occasions on Twitter back in 2016-2017. Painkiller99 also sent a photoshopped furry porn image of Ottomagic Critic and Theryan26 sucking eachother off, which further proves how disingenous he is. UHIA/Painkiller99 also made a Discord sockpuppet account of this user to "own" him and strawman his trolling tactics by saying he "faps to cub porn", and as a result Theryan26 made a sockpuppet of UHIA/Painkiller99 back to get back at him. To show that UHIA/Painkiller99 is a massive hypocrite who can't handle the fact that people will mention that he faps to cub porn, which genuinely made him angry.

CephalicTruth/Machinehead55/Machinehead714 is a narcissistic all-knowing furry douchebag and an Antifa member.


Ottomagic Critic (Former)

Theryan26 (Former)

Mr. Reiji'02


Frozen Angel/The Blind Guardian




Politics[edit | edit source]

He was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The only available link related to his channel

Noteworthy Facts[edit | edit source]

He had a particular obsession with calling and/or accusing people of being "pedophiles", "mongs" and "spergs", and made parody videos mocking users of the slideshow commentary community by calling them "spergs".

Around 2017, Mr. Demon Slayer on Twitter once complained about a category on his wikia page, when Theryan26 edited the CC article by adding him into the 'troll' category.

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