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This is a sub-page made to categorize people who are both a Nintendo fan and a troll by definition, but whom are not infamous enough to get their own article on Trollpedia.

List of trolls[edit | edit source]

  • Super Nintendo Boy: A troll that harassed many people and who is basically a Super Minecraft Kid wannabe, he managed to humiliate several youtubers which caused them to leave youtube, that said they never had above 100 subscribers on their channels. Furthermore, he stole several videos from other youtubers and claimed said videos to be his work. He suddenly ceased all activity on the 21th of June 2018. Youtube page:
  • Mario Da Best: Same as above, except the troll has an atrocious spelling.
  • The Real Jay Stone: He likes to force his opinion down your throat and call you a "corporate slave".
  • Master of Doom: He makes comedic videos on Youtube. What makes him a troll is the fact he purposely call the protagonist of the video game "The Legend Of Zelda" Zelda, he knows it offends Zelda fanboys since they are extremely spoiled and sensitive. Regardless, it still makes him a troll, a baiter more precisely. He has over 100 thousand subscribers on his channel.
    Master of doom often responds back to comments on his videos.
    He often responds back to comments on his videos. The screenshot is from that video specifically.
  • The True Mario Fan: Alt account of CyberRobotnix, parody of The True Sonic Spirit.
  • UltimateNintendoFan64: Troll using a voice changer. Oddly similar to Super Nintendo Boy, but with almost no subscriber whatsoever.
  • ELRealMario64: Is the owner of TME on Roblox and was the owner of Anti Sonic Enterprise on G+ before its closure which was a UTTP proxy. Interestingly, they are a Brony who hates Furries (Not just Sonic The Hedgehog).

Trolls with their own page[edit | edit source]