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Trollpedia is a website dedicated for studying trolls and their behavior online, in this article we discuss what makes one person a troll, or not.

Tiny list of controversial people that are genuine[edit | edit source]

SammyClassicSonicFan[edit | edit source]

Despite being seemingly the same type of troll as Super Minecraft Kid, he is not even close to that. He often hints that his opinion is genuine rather than being inflammatory to annoy people for the sake of attention. As a matter of fact, his video on Sonic, which is what made him popular to begin with, has a lot of reasoning behind it and several valid points.

The reason why he is as infamous as he is nowadays is because he did not manage to express his reasoning properly since he was really irritable and was seemingly having a mental breakdown while recording the video. Super Minecraft Kid has, however, no reasoning behind all his statements. He will insult you, scream at you and tell you to stop hating Minecraft, FNAF and such, but he will not further argue his points.

Another thing Super Minecraft Kid was inspired from Sammy was his video calling out Call Of Duty, to which he made a video attacking Team Fortress 2, saying it sucks and such. The difference is, Sammy has a reasoned opinion while Super Minecraft Kid screams at you and he keeps telling you that the game sucks. For all that matter, Sammy is much closer of being a Sonic fanboy, than an actual troll.

Another fun fact is that not only he is remembered as a troll, but people also seem to believe he is only a Sonic fanboy while that is true on its own right, he made several videos defending Mario and The Legend Of Zelda too, those videos are about as questionable as his videos on Sonic.

Christine Weston Chandler[edit | edit source]

Some people believe it's all an act and that Chris is just a troll who claims to be autistic and such to get attention, but an actual troll, regardless of your opinion on the subject, will NEVER go outside to harass people and act completely insane for the risk to impact their own reputation, which is what Chris has been mostly doing.

Justin RPG[edit | edit source]

Same as above. Furthermore, everybody is digusted by him more than Chris and he has more serious mental problems.

Tiny list of people that are not trolls, despite appearing to be trolls[edit | edit source]

Michael P[edit | edit source]

At first glance, he appears to be a troll to some people, but as a matter of fact, he is not. He is actually a comedian that roleplays a Christian kid who plays Roblox and whom is seemingly stuck in 1998. Unlike a real troll, he does not try to annoy people, he makes videos for fun and probably because he wanted to become a meme of some sort, but not for the sake of becoming Super Minecraft Kid 2.0. That being said, nobody should take him seriously because they're definitely going to get pissed by how much he screams.

Minecraft Awesome Parodys[edit | edit source]

Quite the same as above, looks like a troll at first glance, but he does not try to annoy anyone, he just makes bad music videos for fun.

What makes a troll, a troll...?[edit | edit source]

There are 3 traits that all trolls share in common:

  1. They are disruptive. (Topic derailing, starting Flamewars, Spamming, Baiting, Harassment, etc)
  2. They cause disruption on purpose and for no reason whatsoever.
  3. They always look for attention.

You found a troll if they meet all 3 criteria. Below, you will find additional traits that trolls tend to have:

  • Some trolls are right wing extremists with opinions that are often really toxic. Some of them love Adolf Hitler, the KKK and such things unironically. Additionally, their humor is very dark as they love to make 9/11 jokes, Hindenburg disaster memes and racist jokes. This type of troll is the most common on 4chan's /pol/ board.
  • Some trolls go as far as doxxing people or hacking their online accounts. It is something more common among the left-leaning trolls and trolls that love to witch hunt and blackmail "for the heck of it". Luckily, this type of troll is rather rare in general and they tend to get arrested in the end for their actions.
    • Some trolls SWAT their victim after they doxxed said victim.
  • Trolls are often sociopathic in nature and love to see people die/commit suicide. Not all trolls are like that, but a good portion of trolls are like that.

Remember to not feed the trolls by ignoring them.

How to deal with a troll[edit | edit source]

Applies to assholes too.

  • It is common sense, but if you're a moderator, ban the troll!
  • Block the troll!
  • Report the troll!
  • Let everyone know the person concerned is a troll!

Things that doesn't necessarely make someone a troll[edit | edit source]

  • If that someone uses slurs like the F-word, it does not make them a troll, it just makes them homophobic.
  • Disagreeing with your opinion is not trolling.
  • Being extremely hard to live with does not make one a troll, an example being DarksydePhil on Twitch.
  • Being delusional or mentally ill does not make one a troll, an example being Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist.
  • Being disruptive for a reason. If someone harasses someone else out of spite then they no longer fit the basic criteria for a troll and is an asshole outright.

If you're a shitty person, then you're a shitty person, that doesn't automatically make you a troll. Trolls pester people to get attention, you probably get people's attention because you're just a shitty person. This applies to:

  1. Onision
  2. Paul Joseph Watson
  3. Madame/Princess Ash
  4. Trisha Paytas
  5. Donald Trump
  6. Stonetoss

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

It has to be noted that some people are in the gray area about whether they're trolls or not, one of those people is Memeulous as he raided a few Facebook groups in the past "for the heck of it". However, Memeulous stopped after that and did not do anything else that could be seen as intolerable. Another one is QuackityHQ and like Memeulous, he raided several websites and is mentioned on 4chan's article to supplement the 4chan Habbo Hotel raid. Like Memeulous he stopped raiding websites and is instead working on a talent show that was on both Discord and Minecraft at some point.

You may write an article on anyone who's not a troll if you wish to (ONLY APPLICABLE IF THE PERSON CONCERNED IS HEAVILY CONNECTED TO TROLL CULTURE, OTHERWISE THE ARTICLE WON'T BE ACCEPTED HERE), but you have to point out the fact they are not a troll, we also suggest you write that article on another wiki which would be better suited. Everytime you write an article on a troll, you must specify why that person is, indeed, a troll on the section "why is he/she/that a troll".