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Introduction & Explanation[edit | edit source]

What is a harasser and what is the act of harassing?

A harasser is someone who continually speaks to someone in a rude, intimidating or condescending manner, in more extreme cases there can be death threats and insults thrown at the victim. The difference between a harasser and someone shit-talking someone else is that harassers tend to attack someone over something trivial and continues to attack that person restlessly after being told to stop, meanwhile people who tend to say shitty things about someone they dislike will start doing something productive after saying what they had in their mind. On another note, there is sexual harassment which is more a form of stalking than intimidation, but it is worth noting.

Not all harassers are trolls, but trolls can be harassers. In this context, however, trolls will pick a target and harass them by aggressively dogpiling them and possibly blackmail them just to get a reaction out of them.

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