Preacher Gerald White

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Troll informations
Username Preacher Gerald White
Type of troll Harasser/Doxxer
Status Dead
Profile picture
Gerald White.jpg
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Preacher Gerald White is a troll who has harassed several thousand people on Google Plus, developing a reputation as a particularly notorious troll. He is known to use social engineering skills & has doxxed numerous individuals on the site. Some have speculated that he is a hacker.

Why is he a troll[edit | edit source]

He has been harassing, doxxing and blackmailing several people on Google+, sometimes to the point of making them commit suicide and he made several bigoted comments on social medias (farther elaborated below) in an attempt to get a reaction from many different types of people.

He has made racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic, ableist, atheophobic and misotheric statements on Google+, Twitter, and in particular, Youtube, seeking attention & instigating conflict with his controversial stances. Additionally, he presents himself as a pedophile and a Christian, leading to actual Christians being blamed for the repugnant, disgraceful actions of this troll.

To summarize, he is hypocritical, hate-mongering troll, who also engages in illegal activity online.

Lifetime[edit | edit source]

Gerald seems to have been active since early 2012, but ceased all activity in mid-2016. Taking in to account his past Twitter routine @GeraldW27921470, it's likely the troll behind that persona decided to stop posting his sociopathic thoughts & beliefs, and in spite of the unlikelihood, perhaps even getting a life.

There have been allegations that he had been arrested in the past. However, the reason for his arrest is unknown, it is unclear if his arrest stems from someone reporting him for pedophilia or doxxing/harassment.

Online persona[edit | edit source]

His online persona is an old man who believes in Jesus Christ and is a Christian Puritan, he hates sinners and animals since they don't have a soul and believes they deserve to burn in hell. Additionally, his online persona is based off a former pedophile who's been arrested, it's probably to parody actual preachers being pedophiles in real life. His profile picture, that is really infamous nowadays, was taken from a stock images website.


His behavior online[edit | edit source]

He really likes to use "sinner" as an insult.

Preacher Gerald White was known to make racist, sexist, etc comments on a daily-basis on his profile page and he supported his comments by using Christian stereotypes or taking something out of context from the bible, for instance he made several comments about how animals didn't have a soul and therefore it was "ok" to abuse them and claim they will all be burning in hell. Furthermore, he was known to dox people, blackmail people and eventually harass them as well which caused several of his accounts to end up being banned from both Google+ and Youtube consecutively.

He passed himself off as a pedophile by stalking kids and making deranged statements about them or making deranged comments about said kids on his public profile. Whenever he does not make deranged sexual statements about kids, he goes after other women like a rapist would do, for example whenever he blackmails a woman he often asks her to send him nudes or at least force her to do something else about as grossly humiliating and sexual in nature as humanly possible.

When he was not doing any of the things above, he would be seen discussing with his friends, he was mostly discussing about pretty generic and controversial things such as animal abuse, LGBT rights and Nazism. This behavior can, however, only be seen on private communities and private posts (Thanks to a former troll, We got this information).

If you don't like him and go after him, he'll call you a "sinner", this is one notable trait about him and the other puritans alike.

Motives[edit | edit source]

It is suggested he trolls people both to get a reaction from them and make religious people look bad which suggests in reality he's an atheist that despises Christians. The fact his online persona is a pedophile reflects the fact several preachers were caught as being actual pedophiles in recent years.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Based on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/delizchico (http://archive.is/JV624), thanks to https://exposingfaggots.wordpress.com/, his real name is Gabriel Rafael Deliz, he lives in Kansas in the US and he's a Caucasian in his twenties. (This is information that has been available publicly for some time)

Puritans[edit | edit source]

He's apart of a Neo-Nazi troll organization called "The Puritans", he's one of the more popular members being highly respected by most if not all the trolls of that organization. The organization itself seems to have died out since late 2016.

The Puritans relocated to Discord to continue their shenanigans since they lost interest in Google+ ever since Preacher Gerald White became inactive and the website eventually shut down entirely.

Suicides[edit | edit source]

Preacher Gerald White and several other trolls of that organization managed to make several Google+ users commit suicide in the past few years since a good portion of the puritans love to harass other people on a daily basis and they bragged about that on their personal wiki while saying those who killed themselves were "sinners".

Other notable members of the Puritans[edit | edit source]

Since on their own, they are not infamous enough to get their own page, we decided to include them on this page for the purpose of letting you know they exist.

These two trolls really have mental issues.
Puritan trolls Discord
  • Review God USA: Probably one of the most respected trolls among the puritans besides The Christian Girl and Preacher Gerald White. He mostly made controversial statements and aid his troll friends rather than going after other people being the pacifist that he so obviously is. His online persona is based off a Youtuber who's known under the alias of "Review Tech USA".
  • Lord Of The Flies (LOTF): He likes to talk smack about people on Google+, taking their profile link to post it on his own profile. Notable thing about him is the fact he's particularly rude compared to the other trolls among The Puritans and he made several hurtful comments about the other users of Google+.
  • TheGameplay Ness: He is not as active as the other trolls in this area, but he loved supporting the puritans as well. He had a Youtube channel where he often hacked into other people's Minecraft servers using cracked clients and he would often cause heavy damages to said servers while at the same time harassing the owners, moderators and members of said server. Some sources suggest he hacked into other people's accounts on social medias.
  • Yulenka O'Toole: Allegedly The Christian Girl's sister, she was a pretty forgettable troll, but she was still a pretty respected member. Like The Christian Girl and Preacher Gerald White, she often made controversial and racist statements to cause havoc and give herself some attention. She never went after anyone, but rather she would often post on communities with lots of people to be noticed.
  • Arnold Braunschweiger: He's more focusing into harassing other people on the website rather than causing controversies. His online persona is based off Arnold Schwarzenegger for unknown reasons. It is noteworthy that he uses Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • Pastor Lucius Lancaster: A forgettable troll like the many other Preachers and Pastors of that troll organization. Like most of the trolls here, he liked to make controversial statements with a pinch of Christian stereotype to cause havoc around him.
  • George Hampton: Another pretty controversial, but also pretty forgettable troll who does basically the same things as all the trolls previously cited, plus he actually harassed and sometimes blackmailed other people on the website.
  • MrTorgue/Pastor Josef Mengele: Another controversial, but rather generic and forgettable troll. He is one of the trolls who harassed people the most, alongside Arnold above.
  • Shane Ballance: Another one of the puritans that harass people on a daily-basis rather than being controversial for the sake of getting attention. He caused so much drama that he ended up being, ironically, doxxed by a Kiwi Farms member and after a while he's been banned for his sociopathic behavior. On Google+, he was also known under the alias of "Mr. Disabler Fuck Shannon Up" which already says a lot about him.
  • Super Spooky Scary Skeleton (SSSS): He's a troll that loves RPGs with an obsession. He's been slandered by other trolls due to how controversial he was and how poor his understanding of the English language was, making him get his own special spot here, on this list. It is noteworthy that he was a hacker as he managed to hack into someone's account during his lifetime, either that or the person he hacked was particularly stupid. He's apparently been doxxed too.
  • Art Sloan: Also a harasser and a hate-monger like the previous trolls on the list. Additionally, he had impersonated several people based solely on claims.
  • Dispossessed: A common sight on the Puritans troll group, but not really an active troll he would rather discuss with his fellow Puritans most of the time. You can see him on profiles and Discord servers that were raided by the trolls from time to time too!
  • Lord Christopher: The troll describes himself as "A doxxer, 1337 haxor and downright bully of a troll. Probably the most successful "emo hunter" to ever grace the bowels of G+. He was known for doxxing his victims and threatening them into doing his dirty deeds and even suicide. Unlike most other Puritans, Lord Chris was a true warrior and even branched out to pull off successful raids and targets with trolling communities he created. He was the leader of TrollSquad, The New Troll Order, APEF (Anti Pathetic Emo Faggots) and Velvixia. Lord Chris acquired his skills in the early days of 4Chan /b/ and was an active member of Anonymous Global. A true Irishman and lifetime member of the IRA, this is a troll that made many regret challenging him. He was never doxxed and never lost an internet battle. Lord Christopher stayed active until the end of G+, carrying on the Puritan name. He can still be found in the Dark Web spreading havoc and despair. A diehard Metalhead \,,/, shredding guitarist and downright charming gent. Lord Chris had all the ladies creaming in their panties." -Lord Christopher

Not all the trolls that are/were apart of The Puritans are listed here, but the most controversial ones and the ones that are the most well respected are all there.

Other troll organizations he's linked to[edit | edit source]

Although he basically owns an organization nowadays, his trolling activities and all his troll friends are highly suggesting he is/was apart of other troll organizations beforehand like "the big cheese crusaders", "trollsquad" and "the big dick bandits" before being the Preacher Gerald White we all know and love.

There are a lot of troll organizations centralized around Google+ and Youtube, but the Big Cheese Crusaders is the organization he was the most likely affiliated with since people there love to make fun of Review Tech USA and make hateful statements that are quite similar to the daily comments made by Gerald/Rafael himself. This is further suggested by the fact several trolls from said organization like TheGameplay Ness and Review God USA joined Preacher Gerald White's circlejerk after all.

Members of the Big Cheese Crusaders[edit | edit source]

  • Review Pirate USA: Has notably harassed Mundane Matt and Review Tech USA.
  • Review Hell USA: It's an actual youtube channel which is also parodying Review Tech USA. It has fewer than 100 subscribers.
  • Something [Notorious Michael Jackson Shekour]: This troll is both forgettable and has a long name to help it. He is presumably one of the friends of TheGameplay Ness. He is barely active, which hints he is not as passionate at being a troll as the other trolls. According to comments found on his profile before he went silent, he claimed to own a private troll community on Google+.
  • DarkSydeFrancis: Actually makes videos on youtube, mostly to make fun of Review Tech USA and DarkSydePhil, the latter actually deserves it. It is noteworthy that he's been on Youtube for a very long time and has 816 subscribers which put him above of being a simple nobody.
  • ReviewChinaUSA: Another "review [something] USA" troll and he is forgettable since his name is generic.

Fun Fact[edit | edit source]

The Puritans are so hateful that even Kiwi Farms users hate them out of all people.

At least one of the puritans uses Encyclopedia Dramatica.

There are so many Peacher Gerald White profiles online that it's genuinely impossible to find out which one is the real one. Eventually then, the real one could have lost all his online profiles in the meantime.

Links[edit | edit source]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05Amf_P_dQs (https://web.archive.org/watch?v=05Amf_P_dQs)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJjJwYO3X4w (https://web.archive.org/watch?v=kJjJwYO3X4w)

Meme video for Preacher Gerald White https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe-48pwmQiM&app=desktop (https://web.archive.org/web/20200312172558/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe-48pwmQiM)

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