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Website informations
Website Name PrettyUglyLittleLiars
Online address
Type of website Harassment
Availability Permanently gone

Pretty Ugly Little Liars (Abbreviated PULL) was the less edgy variant of Kiwi Farms regarding gossiping drama and making fun of people online.

The website is a forum discussing drama or just literally talking shit around celebrities and those deemed to be "special snowflakes".

Why this is a troll website[edit | edit source]

While the website does not condone doxxing, unlike Kiwi Farms, its userbase has no problem coming forward to harass internet users and celebrities when they get mentioned on the website. To put it simply, it is still a place to witch hunt individuals. Excepting doxxing, the website is pretty much identical to Kiwi Farms.

Creation and origin[edit | edit source]

Although, there is currently no known date of origin, it is said to have been created in 2010 by feminists and some TERFs who decided to gather together to shit talk people they don't like, such as Venus Angelic on Youtube.

Notoriety[edit | edit source]

It gained a lot of notoriety between 2016 and 2017 for bullying LGBTQ+ people, cosplayers, voice actors, singers and anime fans, more notably cosplayer and anime fan Venus Angelic who is basically this website's equivalent to Kiwi Farms' Chris Chan (Ironically, the forum slowly became more and more focused on anime over time. There are half most of the forum's users using an anime avatar).

In 2019, it got more negative attention, especially coming from the clique of Comicsgate, because one of the users spread misinformation about a disgraced Anime voice actor who has been defamed non-stop for almost an entire year. The user that spread the misinformation in question has a history of mental illness and poor memory.

Well, at least they are self-aware.

Shut-down[edit | edit source]

An administrator of the website, Nyx, announced on the 20th of July, 2020 that the website was gonna shut-down on Wednesday. Following the announcement, and due mostly to complaints, the website was presumably archived on the day right after, according to Nyx. Lastly, it was finally shut down around mid-August since no more archives of the website exist past the 21st of August. On a github post, Nyx claimed there were deep cultural issues beyond their capacity to fix and closing the site was the best option. Nyx claims to retain ownership of the domain to prevent the site from being rebuilt which appears to be true as of this writing.[1]

Apparently, the reason why the website was shut-down was that the owner could not pay the bills to the web hosting service anymore. Additionally, the owner allegedly sought help from other websites to keep PrettyUglyLittleLiars running but found nobody who wished to help them stay online.

Other noteworthy Facts[edit | edit source]

Kiwi Farms has a similar userbase to that of PULL, although they are far edgier and they are a bunch of sociopaths and doxxers. A thread on PULL was made on Kiwi Farms and multiple people on the thread praised PULL. It turns out not only they like PULL they have alt accounts over there.

While this website has many similarities to Kiwi Farms, the two big differences are that Kiwi Farms mostly has men meanwhile PULL has a considerable amount of women and the second biggest difference between the two websites is whether they condone doxxing or not.

r/Drama on Reddit has similar humor to PULL while it has almost nothing in common with Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Although the website uses a pretty similar language to anti-SJWs (such as "snowflake"), it is very unlikely that any of the users are anti-SJWs, it is quite the opposite actually, the users appear to be feminists, some of them are radical feminists.

When Kiwi Farms shut down earlier in 2017, members of PULL were concerned about the sudden disappearance of the forum. The post is available here: and, 3 years down the line, the permanent shut-down of PrettyUglyLittleLiars left some Kiwis over on Kiwi Farms pretty upset, here's an example:

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