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Troll informations
Username PsyCheLea
Type of troll Stalker
Status Active
Profile picture

PsyCheLea could be a Pedophile (Or enabler), a weeaboo and a basement dweller who projects her own insecurities to other people, she is likely a sociopath as hinted by the fact that she appears to be manipulative.

Why she is a troll[edit | edit source]

She harasses random people on Deviantart since that's the only thing she's good at.

She has also an offensive description on her deviantart profile which is meant to piss off people who read it.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Psychelea speaks Japanese and likely originates from there. However, based on her timezone, which seems to span from 2PM UTC to 4AM UTC, she likely lives somewhere in America.

Gaslighting and harassment[edit | edit source]

She's harassed plenty of people on Deviantart, including CyberRobotnix by gaslighting him, stalking him and spamming his notifications, Teeyu by calling one of her artworks "diarrhea", The Cunning Condor by calling him and his art "abnormal", The-Power-Driller by telling him to stop drawing altogether, even though he hasn't uploaded a single pic onto DA, and some kid called Bravejet.

She also posted a pic of literal shit on Solar Sands deviantart profile. (Scroll down the profile and you'll see none other than Psychelea.)

The list could be far longer.

Psychelea boasting about hacking.
Psychelea boasting about getting Bravejet banned.

Drama with Bravejet[edit | edit source]

She had a feud with Bravejet (And his alt accounts) in 2017. She would fight off Bravejet's white knights on the way.

Since all of Bravejet's accounts are gone, you only know what went down by going to Psychelia's journals where she would obsessively talk about Bravejet.

She managed to find and ban all his accounts such as Bravejet, Eyeofpeace, King-Bumblebee and Jazzy-Buns while claiming to be bullied by him.

In fact, she taunted Bravejet several times, including one time where she made a shitty drawing as a gift for him and pretended to enjoy his work.

Since she is a hacker, she got Bravejet banned by breaking into his account and posting offensive imagery until he gets banned and then got a screenshot directly from the person's account.

Friends of Bravejet made a journal detailing all of Psychelea's hacking exploits.

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