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Website informations
Website Name RationalWiki
Online address https://rationalwiki.org
Type of website Debunking Pseudoscience
Availability Online
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DoNotFeedTroll.png This article is not for a troll, but rather someone involved and/or known in troll culture.

RationalWiki is a science wiki made for the purpose of "debunking pseudoscience" and the anti-science movement. It was created on May 22, 2007 as a counterpoint to Conservapedia.

Reliability & General bias[edit | edit source]

While RationalWiki can occasionally be a reliable source of information on certain subjects and articles such as KiwiFarms, it is not without its heavily opinionated demeanor and political bias. They mainly target those who are on the right, hold right wing views, conservative views, or even centrist views. It can often be perceived as being politically biased with liberal, atheist, left-wing and radical feminist ideologies.

Content[edit | edit source]

The website is generally firmly well-written, but it can and often does drift into complete nonsense. For instance, the first paragraph on the Obama article was nothing more than a bunch of conspirational beliefs all crossed-out which added little to nothing to the actual article and some editors were vehemently opposed to this being removed (Whatever the reason may be).

They can blindly use political-related insults, and call people "wingnuts", "bigoted", "nazis", "tankies" or "commies" liberally, and use categories such as "centrist stupidity". This can put-off some people who visit their wiki.

Past trolling with Conservapedia[edit | edit source]

In the early days of the wiki, many RationalWiki users would troll Conservapedia and dedicate entire "how-to" articles about vandalism and trolling, all of which was used to cause chaos on Conservapedia. However, in recent times, the tables have turned and Conservapedia users are now resorting to that petty behavior (as expanded below).

Currently known vandals[edit | edit source]

RationalWiki is frequently subject to vandalism, especially coming from those affiliated with the alt-right who do not view them positively for a number of reasons. Said vandalism tends to be continuous, with several trolls vandalizing the website for no little less than a year.

Michael Coombs[edit | edit source]

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Michael Coombs was banned from RationalWiki originally in 2013 using the pseudonym Mikemikev having posted Holocaust denial. He has returned to troll and vandalise the wiki on dozens if not hundreds of accounts as well as harass RationalWiki admins by sending them abusive unsolicited emails. Coombs is notorious for his online impersonations and has created many fake accounts of other people on RationalWiki. Examples of his impersonations: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9],[10], [11]

Archives/Sources[edit | edit source]

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax[edit | edit source]

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Abd ul-Rahman Lomax was banned from RationalWiki for disruption and legal threats. He is known to have created dozens of sockpuppets and has impersonated other users or used their names to cause confusion. Lomax's personal blog is mostly dedicated to attacking and smearing RationalWiki admins who have blocked his multiple accounts.

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David Morris[edit | edit source]

David Morris, also known as "DMorris" on Conservapedia and "What A Wonderful World" on RationalWiki, is a recurring vandal who repeatedly targets RationalWiki.

He used to be an editor at RationalWiki, however, he was banned permanently for doxxing and harassment. Ever since that incident, he regularly comes back to RationalWiki to vandalize the website.

Here are some of his known alt accounts:

  1. Zablet (Banned indefinitely)

Archives/Sources[edit | edit source]





James Wilson[edit | edit source]

James Wilson, better known as "Elvis is King", is a recurring RationalWiki vandal who used to write essays for the wiki.

Oftentimes, he will make alt accounts on the wiki just to vandalize multiple articles at once.

Before the ban, he was criticized firsthand for making extremely Conservative essays that mocked Liberals, for insulting Transgender people on talk pages and for using autism as an insult which makes it almost surprising he didn't get banned on-sight. He does not respond well to criticism either since he blanks his talk page or hides comments made by others whenever his questionable behavior is pointed out.

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Jordan Lasker[edit | edit source]

Jordan Lasker, also known as "BerlinburgerTor" on RationalWiki and Wikipedia, is a "race scientist" (Racist also works) who got angry at RationalWiki for not writing a positive article on Emil Kirkegaard, he lashed out at random users on their talkspace and the Saloon Bar. According to an IP user, it is an impersonating alt account of Michael Coombs rather than Jordan Lesker himself.

His alt accounts:

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TAOB FACT[edit | edit source]

A gender essentialist, a NoFap admirer and possibly a Transphobe who repeatedly targeted the wiki's articles pertaining to Gender and Sexuality. For example, they vandalized the articles titled "Gender", "Gender Binary" and "Masturbation".

User TAOB admitting to using a range to vandalize the wiki.
User TAOB admitting to using a range to vandalize the wiki.

Their name was directly inspired by their IPv6 range that they use to vandalize RationalWiki, which is 2a0b:f4c2, and for that matter, despite being banned from the website repeatedly, they continue to use that range to vandalize RationalWiki.

Of notability, they made multiple sockpuppets to vandalize the wiki more efficiently which include:

  1. Xdlol (Banned indefinitely)

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PROДP-DPAUK[edit | edit source]

A gibberish username who is a big fan of Encyclopedia Dramatica and whom took offense to RationalWiki having an article on the troll wiki.

They will always vandalize articles at random proclaiming that "PROДP" is a god and the only god which hints that this troll might be a little narcissistic.

Other than that, the troll has a newly-made Reddit account and a Discord account.

The troll claims on his Reddit account that he created a new troll organization called "DPAUK" or "Dirty Paki Association of the United Kingdom" which is based after the GNAA troll organization.

Archives/Sources[edit | edit source]

https://archive.is/Lzwcw (Reddit post)

A E[edit | edit source]

Allegedly an alt account of TAOB FACT or Michael Coombs (Both of whom are mentioned above).

They moved an enormous amount of pages on the wiki which caused immeasurable damage which the admins then had to revert. It took about a day to clean up while the troll took no less than a few minutes to cause the damage. Ultimately, the admins reportedly removed the ability to move pages for autoconfirmed users.

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