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Troll informations
Username Robin Hyperlord / Robin the God
Type of troll Harasser
Status Active
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Robin Gilliver, also known as Robin Hyperlord, also known as Robin The God, is a narcissist, a basement dweller and an incel with no life who harasses people over the internet acting like he's all-knowing and superior to you. Several of his accounts are banned due to his behavior and for harassing other users on Youtube and Google Plus.

His videos on Youtube appear to be a lot like videos from Chris Chan's channel, consisting of incoherent rants and vlogs, which hints he may have a severe case of Aspergers.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

As stated earlier, he is a harasser, even possibly a stalker.

In addition to the fact above, his videos tend to be extremely condescending and inflammatory, sometimes even racist or intolerant.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Selfie of Robin Gilliver.
Selfie of Robin Gilliver.

He is a 25 year old Caucasian male living with his parents, he exhibits strong symptoms of being autistic, although it is impossible to know whether he was diagnosed as being autistic or not.

He is using his real name, which is obviously "Robin Gilliver", as his online name.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

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Being an online troll and harassing random people was not enough, so he had to go further, he had to try to kill his own parents with fly poison on July 12, 2020. That being said, after attempting to poison his parents, he returned to YouTube 3 months later under the username Robin the God.

His other notable controversies appear below.

Feud with CyberRobotnix[edit | edit source]

In the span of 1 year, between 2016 and 2017 more precisely, it seems Robin Gilliver was allegedly harassing CyberRobotnix and his friends.

According to his own claim, CyberRobotnix first met him on a video covering a controversy about the video game RIME where he saw Robin Gilliver berate other people for feeling sorry for the developer. After interacting with him, Robin Gilliver allegedly went into CyberRobotnix's Google Plus profile, so he could harass CyberRobotnix.

One group of friends spammed Robin's comment section in retaliation with the sentence We won cracker. Later on, another friend called "Straight Outta Tampons" would presumably get harassed by Robin Gilliver. On the video below, it is clearly shown that Straight Outta Tampons has to deal with Robin Gilliver, however, the full context of that issue is missing.

CyberRobotnix would eventually made a video on Robin Gilliver being the first person to call him a "psychopath" online.

After he finished his rant at nearly 5:47, a video straight up taken from Robin Gilliver's channel started playing, the video shows Robin Gilliver ranting about a Google Plus user called "The PK Boys". The exact time when the video was shot is displayed on the video itself.

Fact fiend destroys Robin Gilliver with facts and logic[edit | edit source]

Kyle Karl Smallwood, better known as Fact fiend, made a video reacting to a video made by Robin Gilliver about himself.

The video in question appears to no longer exist on Robin Hyperlord's channel.

His most controversial videos[edit | edit source]

Ambox important.svg The videos might be very upsetting, you are advised to not watch them if you are easily impressionable.

Noteworthy facts[edit | edit source]

He hates people who were born Libra for whatever reason and he did actually make a video on them, available here. This point is brought up in CyberRobotnix's rant above.

He has a skewed view on morality since he believes that maturity, pacifism and being funny, among other things, are bad and that you should be a wrathful and hateful individual who should kill or harass other people when that is needed because violence is good, apparently.

He is a self-proclaimed Conservative and he has a burning hatred for Liberals.

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Archives/Sources[edit | edit source]

Most of his videos are archived here, made by Robin Gilliver (CW: Usage of slurs and asking people to commit suicide) (This archive is handled by CyberRobotnix) (G+ profile)


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