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  • 15:24, 19 June 2021Sockpuppet accounts on Trollpedia (hist | edit) ‎[278 bytes]Theryan26 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Trolls that have attempted to sabotage and strawman Trollpedias articles. This includes the previous iteration of Trollpedia. BuddyBoy600alt: Masquerading as an AUTTP member,...")
  • 04:25, 29 May 2021GZEB (hist | edit) ‎[14,445 bytes]Unfunny322 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Quote|GZEB|GZEB's answer to most questions}} {{Infobox|GZEB|Harassers/Illegal Trolls/Impersonators/Stalkers/Spammers/Snipe Hunting/Smear Merchants/System Abusers/Schrödinge...")
  • 15:05, 26 May 2021Waller Joel (hist | edit) ‎[2,360 bytes]MarioSuperstar77 (talk | contribs) (Salvaged a deleted article from RationalWiki. Seems fitting for the site, but requires a general cleanup.)
  • 10:36, 26 May 2021Tattle Life (hist | edit) ‎[2,047 bytes] (talk) (Created new page about the UK harassment site.)
  • 12:50, 12 May 2021Minecraft trolls (hist | edit) ‎[1,261 bytes]MarioSuperstar77 (talk | contribs) (Created a new article for more small petty trolls.)
  • 20:27, 3 May 2021Homosexuality (hist | edit) ‎[5,865 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with "'''Homosexuality''' is a sexual orientation where a person is romantically or sexually attracted to people of their own sex/gender. Men who are romantically or sexually attrac...")
  • 14:15, 18 April 2021Michael Coombs/Wikipedia (hist | edit) ‎[311 bytes]imported>Jack Burton (Created page with "* * * https://e...")
  • 07:41, 18 April 2021Emil Kirkegaard (hist | edit) ‎[3,667 bytes]imported>Jack Burton (Created page with "{{Infobox|Emil O. W. Kirkegaard|Anti-Muslim|Active|Emil Kirkegaard.png}} '''Emil O. W. Kirkegaard''' is an Islamophobic troll who uses his social media to attack Muslims. Kir...")
  • 17:22, 17 April 2021Naked Ape (hist | edit) ‎[994 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with "'''Naked Ape''' was an Anti-SJW and Anti-Atheist YouTube channel active from 2015 to 2018. Naked Ape was also a Leafy clone who added his own shit-talking demeanor in his vide...")
  • 03:53, 17 April 2021Skeptic Community (hist | edit) ‎[716 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with "'''Skeptic Community''' is a YouTube community active from 2009 to present, they are notorious for their anti-Theistic rhetoric then later Anti-SJW videos, == List of Skeptic...")
  • 02:44, 17 April 2021Predator Poachers (hist | edit) ‎[2,158 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with "{{InfoboxNT|Predator Poachers|Catching predators|Terminated|}} '''Predator Poachers''' or '''Chet Goldstein''' is a self proclaimed "predator catcher" and YouTube channel whi...")
  • 02:33, 17 April 2021Public Prank Channels (hist | edit) ‎[451 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with " {{Quote|1=It's just a prank bro!|2=The common fallacious defense of public prank channels}} '''Public Prank Channels''' also known as '''Public Pranksters''' are a group of...")
  • 02:20, 17 April 2021Predator Catcher (hist | edit) ‎[6,943 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with "{{Notice|This article is not to defend sexual predators, but to document the trolling behavior of the community of self-proclaimed predator catchers and catfishers.}} '''Pred...")
  • 09:33, 14 April 2021Anatoly Karlin (hist | edit) ‎[2,481 bytes]imported>Jack Burton (Created page with "{{Infobox|Anatoly Karlin|Anti-Vegan|Active|Anatoly Karlin.png}} '''Anatoly Karlin''' (online alias '''Akarlin88''') is a Russian far-right anti-vegan troll who uses his socia...")
  • 12:39, 13 April 2021TheFutureKing (hist | edit) ‎[1,452 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with "{{Infobox|TheFutureKing|Shit-talker|Active|TheFutureKing-PFP.jpg}} '''TheFutureKing''' is a pessimistic shit-talking edgy nostalgiatard who bitches, gripes and moans about ho...")
  • 20:28, 4 April 2021Moderator (hist | edit) ‎[2,034 bytes]imported>Theryan26 (Created page with "'''Moderators''' or simply known as '''Mods''' are users of a forum, wiki, or website who are granted access to the posts and threads of all members for the purpose of ''moder...")
  • 18:36, 26 March 2021Sociopathy (hist | edit) ‎[166 bytes] (talk) (Created page with "Sociopathy AKA Antisocial Personality Disorder, is a mental disorder defined by being cold hearted, impulsive, egotistical, lying, charismatic, controlling and has a lack of e...")