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~ Syphn's egotistic punch line to piss people off.

Troll informations
Username Syphn
Type of troll Shit-talker/Narcissist/Witch hunter
Status Active
Profile picture

Syphn, mrsyphn or syphn97 is a shit-talker, spammer, and a rather extremely annoying case of a troll, as well as a YouTube, Twitter and Discord troll active on all platforms. He is also a weeaboo and artist. He is also a Vocaloid remixer, and his YouTube channel consists of Vocaloid remixes and music videos. His YouTube channel has 2k subscribers, while his Twitter account has 1k followers. He also called himself by a few aliases, like more recently Mia, or Ramona in the past.

Biography[edit | edit source]

His name is Eddie, and he/she lives in the Ireland. He is a Caucasian male, born in September 2000 (Making him 20 years old). He is supposedly transgender, and has a girlfriend. He is a fan of anime, and Sonic The Hedgehog as well. A self-proclaimed artist on deviantart. He has now become a voice remixer for Vocaloid. It is speculated he is not actually transgender and only does this to fit in a community of LGBT people, and gain some sort of sympathy or to shield against criticism against him/her.

Politics[edit | edit source]

He is very left wing, and a supporter of socialism. Also very mocking towards conservatives or anybody on the right, even centrists. He is an avid member of the LGBTQ+ community, using words like 'cis'.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]


He likes to shit-talk, smack talk, be rude to other users to piss them off, whether it is on Twitter, Discord, Youtube or Deviantart (Now on Discord so he can hide his trolling habits in front of everybody including his fans). Essentially acting like an asshole for his own amusement.

He does not do this to his fans however, and puts on an act as if he really cares about them.

He has shit-talked and provocated others by calling them names or by mocking them

He has made fun of Theryan26's real life job/occupation on many occasions, as well as his personal interests in books, video games and movies, to spite, patronize and piss him off. This was evident in a voice call with him.

He excessively says "Syphn is Epic" or "I am Epic" egotistically to piss others off, including Theryan26. This was also evident by him excessively and repeatedly changing the discord group chat name to an insulting and mocking demeanor towards Theryan26, including 'waaaaa im ryan', 'ryan is not epic', 'ryan is fat', or changing it if Theryan26 retaliated against Syphn by using the first two aforementioned quotes.

He made obnoxious, unpleasant noises and mockery in past discord voice calls to piss Theryan26 off. Examples include "WAaaaaa im ryan im (insert derogatory insult here)", or by making obnoxious infantile whining and crying noises. This was also in discord chat, by group chats and servers.

He is very manipulative and deceitful to others, by making up lies about other people for his own amusement.

He likes to spam or excessively using insults towards others like "incel", "autistic", "virgin", and other derogatory insults. As well as immature insults like "fat", and "stinky".

His YouTube channel cover art is very provocative towards Theryan26 "The Fucker of Ryan's Mom". Syphn could potentially backpedal this as any person named Ryan, but it is extremely obvious it is directed towards Theryan26 because of the ongoing two years of shit-talking, mocking and insults towards him in the past to present on discord, and other platforms.

He has baited Theryan26 by asking him if he is sexually attracted to certain anime characters who are underage, via Discord direct messages. In a desperate attempt and excuse to call him a pedophile. Which Syphn has mastermindingly planned to do since the very beginning, because Syphn is aware that accusing someone of pedophilia is very damaging to someone.

He participated in catfishing Theryan26 with two other discord trolls who were mainly responsible for doing.

He is a serial mass flagger and has asked his fans to mass flag a persons accounts or channels, whether on twitter, or YouTube, including harassment campaigns to harass and spam a certain individual, using his fans as a weapon against certain people. An example included when in 2018, he mass flagged Theryan26's backup channel and got it suspended.

He also used cancel culture tactics to "cancel" Theryan26 for "misgendering" him through Twitter at one point. (Once again by sending a harassment campaign with his fans as mentioned before)

Syphn is also a stalker, who loves to stalk a user by the name of BethanyJayVA, and her Tik Tok account.

He is very secretive of his trolling habits towards his fans and unknowing friends, and puts on an innocent pseudo-victim act so he can play the victim and act like the 'nice person'.

He resorts to laughing in all caps after something shitty happened to someone (getting their channel or account suspended, terminated or banned), in a very unpleasant, spiteful demeaning manner. He also does this simply just to mock and spite another person.

He has boasted to others about his sub count, even though from 2018-2019, his sub count was below 100.

He is very petty and immature in his "critiques" towards other people, by making fun of them for misspelling, grammatical errors or voice stuttering.

On discord, he regularly spams created mp3 voice clips from a past voice call with Theryan26 to piss him off. He also photo-shops, or draws derogatory traced memes with Theryan26's face or OC designed to piss him off. He does this to other associates as well, but mostly Theryan26 and anybody who criticizes Syphn himself.

Because he is an artist, he has drawn explicit porn of Theryan26, and his other targets to piss them off.

He uses past screenshots as ammunition, some if not all are usually taken out of context, he then accuses the person of being a "pedophile", "creep", "stalker", or "sociopath".

He has excessively and repeatedly kicked or banned people from discord servers to piss them off, and when joining back, kicking them again to once again, piss them off. One example of this is back in March 2018 when he did this in a server, and kept repeatedly kicking Theryan26 off of the server multiple times to piss him off. He took pride in his asshole behavior, and sent a smiling picture of a smiling anime girl to piss him off on top of that.

Throughout 2018-2019, he uploaded derogatory shitposts that were designed to piss off theRyan26. The latter half of 2019 to present, these videos have been unlisted from his channel to cover up his trolling act.

He is very exploitative of others, especially his targets, by showing screenshots of an individual revealing their personal information, someone talking about their past life, or emotions, through Discord direct messages, group chats or servers.

On several occasions, he would rename his Discord account to Theryan26, with Theryan26's avatar as his profile picture, to piss him off.

One of the videos he created was a shitpost, making fun of MrAtAndreiThomas by adding a video clip of him on top of a clip of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This makes him an edgelord.

He drew Theryan26's OC and posted it to Deviantart, in a slightly derogatory manner, this was yet another tactic of trolling to piss him off.

This is the result of pathological unhealthy levels of obsession towards your targets.

Syphn repeatedly called Theryan26 a "pussy" multiple times because he didn't use his voice in voice calls, in a manipulative and spiteful attempt to get him to talk so Syphn would record it and upload it to YouTube for exploitation reasons. Syphn would also repeatedly spam call this user in group chats to get him to join the call, and manipulate him by mocking him "waaaaa im ryan im a pussy who cant use my voice" "waaaa im ryan im a fat incel" in an infantile mocking manner. After all the times he has mocked, and made obnoxious noises in the voice call, Theryan26 finally snapped after Bearcat was resorting to doing the same thing, the final straw is when she mockingly and insultingly asked "Ry-Ryan how does it feel to get fucking owned by Charlotte Grace?".

Moreover, he also loved to show the voice call from 2018 consistently to other people, to piss off Theryan26 to spite, and humiliate him. As well as manipulate them into becoming his friend, and turn them against Theryan26.

He owns a few puppet accounts just to spite and piss off this user. The other sock-puppet accounts that are not listed in the sock-puppet section are owned by Bearcat/lunarbearcat.

He is also an occasional raider on Discord. In one particular instance, this user raided a server one time in 2019, and spammed the server by pinging @everyone, and deleting the channels when given the opportunity as an admin. Overall he is an abusive admin (Evident as mentioned before) and not one to be trusted.

This user liked to spam ping @everyone, in random people's servers he joined to piss people off.

Syphn seems to have a particular obsession with a tweet that Theryan26 made in February 14, 2018, where he ranted on Valentine's Day, and how much of a pointless shitty holiday it is. He simply expressed his opinion, not realizing that trolls like Syphn, The Ceasornator and Bearcat would all use this as "evidence" of him being an "incel". Because of this tweet, it was blown out of proportion, then used as ammunition to "prove" he is an "incel", which Syphn repeatedly used to spam and piss him off on Discord. The Ceasornator accused him of "referring to women as all objects", to excuse Syphn's trolling, annoyance and spamming. Syphn still brings this up a screenshot of this tweet to this day, and cannot seem to stop obsessing over it. Likely to excuse his excessive insults and spamming on Discord from February-June 2018 towards this particular user.

Scumbag Behavior/Insufferable style of trolling[edit | edit source]

February-April 2018[edit | edit source]

Syphn's antics of trolling are particularly sadistic, extremely annoying, and rather insufferable, a user by the name of Theryan26 got angry and annoyed with Syphn in the first place was because starting from February 2018 Syphn was talking shit and being an asshole to him on Twitter, when Theryan26 criticized Tyler The Creator's stance on cyberbullying, Syphn then indignantly replied "look at the date" then talked more shit to him for no particular reason. Then where it escalated on Discord, to which The Ceasornator added this user to Group DM's and servers, where Syphn would make fun of this users Deviantart art by posting it in the Discord DM's, or his real-life occupation, or by mockingly insulting him, talking shit (vulgar insults included: fat, pussy, incel, and virgin), mock him in a demeaning obnoxious way in voice calls, and by calling him a "pussy" because he didn't unmute his microphone. Syphn repeatedly throughout March-May 2018 repeatedly called Theryan26 a "pussy" and mockingly insulting him by saying "waaaaa im ryan im a fat incel", "waaaa im ryan im a fat pussy who's too scared to use my real voice", "im ryan im a fat pussy", run of the mill unpleasant shit-talking in a very plea attempt for Theryan26 to get angry and unmute his microphone, both in Discord chat logs and Discord voice calls. If that was not bad enough, Syphn obnoxiously made unpleasant high-pitched pseudo-whining noises in the Discord voice calls to top the spamming, shit-talking, annoyance and loud mockery. At one point, Theryan26 joined a users server called Abortion's server, to where Theryan26 joined a voice call with Darkscythe, and Syphn would repeatedly kick this user off of the server, and then disable his ability to see the chat logs to piss him off. If Syphn was not annoying enough, around April 2018, a new user by the name of 'Bearcat' joined in on the trolling and resorted to spamming vulgar insults towards this user like "fat", "pussy", "bitch", and "incel" while pinging him multiple times in several group DM's he was in. When Theryan26 would join voice calls with these two users, they would resort to mocking him in a very despicable demeaning way and talking shit to him, for no particular reason at all other than them to be the most unpleasant people ever. (As if acting like an obnoxious person for no reason is funny). The Ceasornator insisted by defending this behavior because he thought it was funny.

May 2018[edit | edit source]

While Syphn was spamming insults towards this user, by calling him "fat", "pussy", "incel" and "virgin" multiple times while pinging him, The Ceasornator was catfishing this user with the Charlotte Grace account. To which Syphn played along with the Charlotte Grace account to mess with Theryan26 to think he was talking to a real person. Now if The Ceasornator with the catfish account was not bad enough, Syphn still insisted on calling this user "fat", a "pizza incel", "incel" and "pussy" on multiple occasions, for no particular reason. Syphn would also resort to making derogatory memes of Theryan26's self-portrait to piss him off. On some occasions, Syphn would change his profile picture to Theryan26's Deviantart OC to piss him off, rather than the usual Kokichi Ouma smiling profile picture.

June-December 2018[edit | edit source]

After multiple spamming incidents of Syphn calling this user a "pussy" for not using his real voice, Syphn managed to anger and piss off this user so much that Theryan26 unmuted his microphone and he actually did speak to Syphn on one occasion to which Syphn responded with "you sound normal" to manipulate this user into thinking his voice was normal. The final straw and what pissed off Theryan26 most, is when Charlotte Grace was finally revealed in the voice call, and Syphn mocked Theryan26 by laughing at him, and insulting him. Around June 2018, is when things turned for the worst, when Bearcat said "Ry-ryan how does it feel to get fucking OWNED by Charlotte Grace" to enrage this user, to which they succeeded, and resorted to bullying this user for no particular reason other than he had a real-life occupation. Around August 2018, Syphn false flagged Theryan26's backup channel (Ryan26Backup) to which Syphn laughed in all caps "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" like any scumbag would, which consisted of music playlists and liked videos which are now long gone.

2019-Present[edit | edit source]

Syphn is generally unpleasant and annoying to everyone on Discord and always had been, now he loves to spam MP3 voice clips from a voice call from 3 years ago which he recorded, half of the time to fill in unnecessary petty drama that he started in the first place (By being an annoying shit-talking prick). Syphn has always been an unpleasant asshole to everybody on Discord, and even towards his own supposed "friends". As stated before, he started shit with Theryan26 by talking shit to him on Twitter, then on Discord, so he could spam insults like "incel" and "fat", and call him a "fat pussy" or "fat pussy incel" for not using his real voice in voice calls, repeatedly doing the same manipulation tactics by mocking him saying "im ryan im a fat incel", "im ryan im a fat pussy", or "im ryan im a fat pussy who's too scared to use my voice" make the most obnoxious noises imagineable in voice calls in hopes Theryan26 would snap and rage at him. To top his annoyance, in Discord voice calls he is generally loud, unpleasant, obnoxious and mocking towards others, including Ceasornator. His annoying laughter is also very noticeable in voice calls, especially when he uses "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" in all caps in Discord servers or group direct messages after one of his targets gets their channel suspended, or flagged down by him, or by another troll. Or simply just to spite, mock and ridicule them.

On Twitter, Syphn used his thousands of followers as a weapon to send a defamatory harassment campaign against Theryan26 by accusing him of pedophilia with out of context screenshots with the 'Ambersun' account, which Bearcat fabricated as "evidence" in an attempt to cancel Theryan26. Bearcat was being sexually provocative with emojis, and took every conversation out of context, and blew it out of proportion by making it look worse than it really was (This is while Bearcat does not give the whole context of the story and simply says "15 btw"). This resulted in a "ratioing" and raid campaign against Theryan26, Syphn told his followers to also falsely mass flag his account in an attempt to get his suspended to piss him off on top of this. This is a prime example of Syphn's destructive narcissism and egocentric sociopathy.

On another note, Syphn's narcissism is quite obvious. Needing excessive validating from his fans, using Vocaloid to gain subscribers for validation and to spite his trolling target (Theryan26), abusive towards his girlfriend, and boasting about how "epic" he is by saying "Syphn is epic" multiple times to piss people off, especially Theryan26. This egotistical direction towards Vocaloid is quite similar to FuturisticHub's direction towards making Minecraft animations, to gain more subscribers and make more money.

One example of his sociopathy is his disingenous attitude towards every situation, and pretending to care about situations when he is indifferent or really does not care. One example of this is back in 2018 when the ZeroRush91 incident occurred, Syphn played the victim, and made it seem like he was emotional and the "victim" in the situation. When in fact he does not care about anybody, and only cares about boosting his ego and claiming about how "epic" he is.

He blackmailed one of his Ex-boyfriends by claiming he was going to get surgery and needed money for it, only by scamming him out of money while Syphn was on welfare.

In 2018, he manipulated a user on discord by the name of ryan26 to use his voice, and by showing his face, by means of using provocative, loud, mocking insults, as well as obnoxious noises, like mentioned before, infantile crying and whining noises, and calling him 'scared'. This resulted in Syphn recording a voice call with him and another troll, and uploading it to YouTube, without theryan26's consent, to piss off, exploit and humiliate him.

He has gained a large following of people by using Vocaloid as his weapon to spite one particular user who criticized him. He now has 2k subscribers.

It was rumored by another troll that he abuses his girlfriend.

As mentioned before, he mass flagged Theryan26's backup channel and got it suspended in August-September 2018. This resulted in Syphn doing the all caps laughter like he always does to spite the person who he flagged down. As a result, this angered Theryan26, and Syphn laughed in all caps as per usual to piss him off even more. The name of Theryan26's backup channel *Ryan26Backup*, which consisted of rants, parody videos and custom playlists. The fact that Syphn did this, showing no care or remorse for what he did, for the sole reason of pissing this user off, is a sadistic and sociopathic behavior. On another note, prior to Theryan26's backup channel being suspended unfairly, Theryan26 flagged Syphn's channel for bullying and harassment (specifically for his Ryan26 voice call, and derogatory shitposts towards him) which he did on several occasions, but ultimately failed. Now that Syphn has gained a following for his use of Vocaloid, Syphn being the psychotic and sociopathic troll he is, is fully aware that his channel is less likely to be suspended for bullying and targeted harassment.

He has gaslighted and guilt tripped others, (especially Theryan26) into believing they are paranoid for being demanding and questioning of Syphn's, or his troll friends actions.

When Syphn was boyfriends with a particular user who was likely a troll (he did make fun of and insult Theryan26 on many ocassions), and who was assaulted with a deadly weapon in real life, then sent to the hospital, and when Theryan26 expressed no empathy or respect towards the provoker, Syphn inevitably played the victim and put on an act to make it seem like he cared.

Syphn has made sadistic comparisons to his target Theryan26, to "a squirming worm".

Syphn loves to come up with a bunch of lies, and he finds it funny being the pathological liar he is. He even deceives his fans by making up lies about Theryan26, claiming he is a "pedophile" with screenshots taken out of context in Discord DM's of Bearcat's catfish account Ambersun to witch hunt this user. Syphn also accused Theryan26 of drawing the self-portrait he made was when he was 19 or 20 years old, when in fact he drew that self-portrait when he was 16 years old. Because of the repeated spamming of the image of his self-portrait, Theryan26 deleted the post of his self-portrait on Deviantart to stop Syphn and Bearcat from spamming the same image over and over again on Discord. This was likely the intention, for Syphn to make up this lie, like the machiavellianist he is.

He loves to start witch hunts towards anybody who calls him out.

Syphn is a massive narcissist, he believes himself to be special or in his own words "epic". Boasting about his supposedly "epic" he is, and how big his subscriber count is. Because he used Vocaloid to his advantage to narcissistically spite his own critic. He would constantly in a narcissistic demeanor go on and on about how "epic" he is repeatedly in group DM's and servers towards Theryan26 to piss him off. Syphn has a very large ego, and is aware that anybody who criticizes him for his past actions that he will use his own subscribers/follower base as a weapon to witch hunt anybody who criticizes him, and spreading lies about them on top of that.

When given the opportunity as a moderator for Discord servers, he will abuse his power as a mod by kicking or banning people off of servers to piss them off. He will also disable settings for users in Discord servers so they are unable to see what is being said in the server, one instance of this was back in March/April 2018 where he did this in one server to Theryan26 to piss him off, repeatedly kicking him off the server while he was in a voice call. He will also repeatedly change the name of several user's nicknames, or give them a derogatory and insulting mod, and if the user changes their username back Syphn will repeatedly do the same thing over and over again. As mentioned before, he will also repeatedly change the name of a group DM from Theryan26, "Syphn is an asshole" or "Syphn is a retard" to "Syphn is epic" over 20 times.

Hypocrisy and Cowardice[edit | edit source]

He often projects his sociopathy onto others by making others believe they are sociopaths when in fact he himself is a sociopath.

He accuses others of being stalkers, but stalks his targets on a consistent basis, by looking at their social media accounts constantly, like Tik Tok, YouTube playlists, and Twitter.

He disregards all criticism by going quiet anytime somebody criticizes him. This is noticeable on Discord.

He has drawn pornographic NSFW art of Theryan26, and The Ceasornator as well (Who was 15-16 at the time), so by his own logic, that would make him a pedophile. So not only does he target people who he deems as "weak", "autistic", or "incels". He spites and shits on his own supposed "friends" by making derogatory shitposts making fun of someone's condition or food allergies. (For example Theryan26's real life occupation/job, The Ceasornator's real life peanut allergy, and where Theryan26 lives)

He loves to talk a lot of shit about Theryan26's real life occupation, yet Syphn himself does not have a job in real life, and works at home by drawing professional art and making Vocaloid edits in his bedroom (Long before the Covid-19 pandemic). A 20 year old basement-dwelling hypocrite who acts like a 9 year old who loves to act like how apparently "epic" he is, how he is better than you, spams people's servers, spouts immature insults and shit-talking occasionally by spamming said insults.

Psychology[edit | edit source]

It is not obvious enough that he is a sociopath who's behavior is reckless, disregarding the safety of others by false flagging their channel, sending lynch mob of his fans to flag others twitter accounts or YouTube channels, and harassing them. He is also very narcissistic, one example of his narcissism is that he has a victim mentality of calling others "mean", "hurtful" or "stalkers", by claiming he is the victim of his detractors when he himself provocated the flame-war in the first place by being mocking and insulting the individual he targeted. He is also very unpleasant given how he acts in discord calls by being obnoxious, loud and mocking. He is also an impulsive pathological liar who likes to spread lies about other people for his amusement. Along with another internet troll who is his close friend, he has an unhealthy pathological obsession with Theryan26, given how much he shit-talks and spites him on a regular basis, as well as dedicating his life on making derogatory memes, and voice clips directed towards him to piss him off. He is overall sociopathic, narcissistic, egocentric, spiteful and destructive towards his targets. It is also obvious he has ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) because of how hyperactive and annoying he is on Discord, by spamming mp3 voice clips of Theryan26 voice call, spam pinging, mockery and insults, derogatory memes aimed at users he targets, and using all caps repeatedly. He was also born with autism.

Sudden shift on YouTube[edit | edit source]

From 2012 to 2019. His YouTube channel consisted of gameplay footage from video games like Kingdom Hearts, and Sonic The Hedgehog. In 2018-2019 it consisted of derogatory shitposts aimed at users like Theryan26, and other users. These shitposts consisted of edited voice clips of Theryan26 in the voice call, photoshopped videos of Ryan's head in notorious clips from commercials, TV shows or movies. From the latter half of 2019 to present, these videos were unlisted by him, he shifted his focus towards Vocaloid to gain more subscribers. It is unknown why he chose this route, but it is speculated that he did this to both spite Theryan26's smaller sub count, and scare him into thinking he will use Ryan's voice by sampling his voice on Vocaloid, which he has done, but not publicly.

Syphn is a massive narcissist, he knew that his derogatory videos were designed to piss off Theryan26, that he used Vocaloid in the latter half of 2019 to his advantage so his channel wouldn't be flagged for bullying and harassment. Not only this, but he used his whole subscriber base as a weapon to target anybody who criticizes him or calls him out on his behavior.

His Followers/Fans[edit | edit source]

His quote unquote fans are very delusional, and brainwashed kids and teenagers who do not know any better as to how Syphn actually is in real life. They will go to lengths as defending him despite his past actions and being a terrible person in general, they will often use the "oh its all in the past, so he's a better person now" excuse.

Noteworthy Facts[edit | edit source]

He is a Sonic fanboy, as evident by his drawings of Sonic The Hedgehog on DeviantArt, past conversations about the Sonic The Hedgehog series, and about how he likens Sonic to himself.

He is also a fan of Kingdom Hearts.

He is a massive Otaku, a fan of anime and manga, such as Danganronpa and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. He usually uses anime characters as his profile picture on Discord, Twitter and YouTube.

External Links[edit | edit source]


https://twitter.com/MSyphn (He has a tendency to impulsively lock and unlock this account)



https://www.deviantart.com/mrsyphn (Inactive Deviantart)

https://soundcloud.com/syphnsyphnsyphn (His vocaloid remixes)

Sock-puppets[edit | edit source]

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYG41ZNDB2UM_r50hvP-w8A (One of his other accounts is a troll account made to piss off Theryan26, This account was created by Syphn himself which was made to piss Theryan26 off. If it was not for his Vocaloid following, he would have likely uploaded the derogatory shitpost to his main channel. This is not the only type of channel that was created to piss off Theryan26, but a close friend of Syphn's who is an internet troll has made a few imposter, and shitpost channels to piss him off.)


Gallery[edit | edit source]

The thumbnail of the Theryan26 voice call, how nice.

See Also[edit | edit source]

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