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Stormfront takes over /pol/?[edit source]

I found an interesting take from EDiots on Reddit about why 4chan is such a Nazi hellhole backed up with evidence while I was looking about discussions regarding Encyclopedia Dramatica. All edginess and liberal usage of slurs aside, the EDiots were discussing ED shutting down and someone made a tin fold hat comment about strange occurrences in 2011. This thread extends into someone claiming the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront took over /pol/ while also infecting the other boards and the comment itself includes a link to an image hosted on Know Your Meme as evidence that Stormfront took over 4chan.

File:An EDiot's Take about 4chan's Nazi problem.png
An EDiot's Take about 4chan's Nazi problem.
The screenshot in question.

According to the screenshot itself, Stormfront has a propaganda sub-section of their forum with the name "Swarmfront". The screenshot also provides a link to said sub-section. The person within the screenshots adds that the Neo-Nazis do use dog whistles and cryptic language like "BUGS" and "Mantras" to communicate with each other. The thread within the screenshot goes on to add more links and more context about the bigoted propagandists whom use 4chan at its expense. I'm might add this to the article to explain what was the downfall of 4chan.

Reddit post source!