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Peanut Butter Crackers
~ One of The Ceasornator's stupid and unfunny jokes

Troll informations
Username The Ceasornator
Type of troll Mastermind/Baiter/Shit-talker/Smear merchant/Toxic
Status Active
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The Ceasornator is a massive backpedaler with reverse communication skills, egotistical holier-than-thou asshole, massive edgelord, pathological liar, shit-talker, colossal hypocrite, attention whore, drama queen, baiter, pseudo-victim, traitorous scumbag, and a condescending low-life whitewashing smear merchant who goes around making people angry with his obliviousness, then spreading libel and defamation about certain individuals he had beef with by twisting and distorting every situation he is in (via out-of-context screenshots), then shifting the blame onto the target because said target got pissed off at him, or Syphn in particular for Syphn's toxic shit-talking behavior. His YouTube channel has over 400 subscribers. The Ceasornator is an extremely stubborn, smearing narcissistic hypocrite with a holier-than-thou attitude acting as if he holds some sort of moral highground; projecting his or his own friends problems onto you, taking every situation he is in out of context, then using your own angry reactions as a result of Syphn shit-talking, bullying, mockery and insults, against you to try to prove how much of a "victim" he is. He stubbornly dismisses all of the valid criticism thrown towards him regarding Syphn's toxic behavior, while claiming that he "accepts" criticism. He downright defends/or is perfectly fine the actions of internet trolls all for the "lulz", but then virtue signals about morality in his "Autism Aspects" videos, trying to present himself as this holier-than-thou hero in his hypocritical and disingenous "Autism Aspects" videos when he is in no room to talk since he is guilty of doing very dirty underhanded things himself. In reality, The Ceasornator is a disingenous lying traitorous scumbag who gets off by making people angry, by using them for his own amusement, and then making a video about them while claiming he "criticizes" them when it is nothing more than shit-talking, him playing the victim and spreading defamation and lies about people who simply deviated from his narrative. The Ceasornator in summary is the biggest hypocritical troll next to Keemstar combined, considering he has a very common tendency to criticize others for the exact same shitty things he, Syphn or Bearcat does. All of the underhanded shit he does, he brings on himself by luring unknowing users, but then deflects the blame on the target because said target got pissed off, retaliatory or counter-trolled as a result of Syphn or Bearcat shit-talking, bullying and mocking said target, as an excuse to harass, bully and mock them further. His whole persona is to act like "Mr. Good Guy Holier-Than-Thou Ceasornator" when in fact he is an underhanded smear merchant piece of shit, who gets off by screwing people over because the target again got frustrated and angry over him being an obstinate asshole who is unwilling to listen, or the fact he defends Syphn to infinity no matter how toxic and how much it comes to bite him in the ass of how much of a scumbag Syphn is, even when a user by the name of Theryan26 already knew this from the start, when Theryan26 called out Syphn for his toxic behavior.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Ceasornator is a YouTube, Twitter and Discord troll active from 2016 to present. He is a teenage male who lives in Long Island, New York. He is of Sicilian-Italian descent, his real name is Luis and he was born in 2002.

He looks a little too excited.

Why he is a troll[edit | edit source]

Look at the channel description

He is a self-admitted troll.


He makes shitposts designed to piss people off, people he associated with. They consist of photo-shopped pictures of said people and putting them in TV shows, movies or videos. These shitposts are also stolen from other clips from twitter, and other social media sites.

On Discord, he participated in trolling a user by the name Theryan26 alongside Syphn to presumably 'get back' at him for unknown reasons. The Ceasornator seethed the idea of Theryan26 trolling UriahHeepisAwesome/Painkiller99 for favoriting cub porn art on Inkbunny, this angered and annoyed many internet trolls like Mr. Demon Slayer AKA Slayerofdemons99, and Machinehead55. It was more escalating when Theryan26 noticed Syphn's asshole behavior towards him on Twitter and Discord, by talking shit, mocking him, and being overall immature, obnoxious and unpleasant, whether it was in Discord voice calls or chat groups. Theryan26 questioned why The Ceasornator associated with this person and he said "I am neutral" while clearly siding with Syphn. Because Theryan26 criticized him for siding with Syphn, The Ceasornator claimed Theryan26 was living in a "black and white worldview" this logic made no sense because it was clear that The Ceasornator was defending Syphn's actions and trolling and admitted that he is a "good friend" to him, because he supposedly "treated him like a friend". All of this makes him responsible for what he did to Theryan26, by targeting him by trolling and catfishing him. This was a very traitorous act on Ceasornator's part because of Theryan26's "friendship" with and trust in The Ceasornator.

In one instance, The Ceasornator lied to Theryan26 about Syphn, by claiming he is a 'pedophile', to bait Theryan26 into making a parody video on Syphn, to which he did.

On Discord, he has spammed the words "pussy", "nigger", "virgin" and "fat" towards this same person, while tagging his name.

He has admitted on several occasions that when he argues with someone, he is trying to piss them off especially by calling them a 'retard' excessively.

He also has a strong tendency to drop all critism Theryan26 provides as "retarded" just to further hammer in how much of an obstinate douchebag The Ceasornator really is.

He made it seem like he was the victim when one of his IRL friends was in the hospital after being assaulted with a deadly weapon. When his friend was a shit-talker, boyfriend of a sociopathic troll, and mocker.

His 'Autism Aspects' videos consist of shit-talking, insults, and spite towards the people he talks about. Calling them "retarded", "autistic", "pussies", and using edgy thumbnails to piss them off. In fact, most of his 'autism aspects' videos were designed to piss off fans of popular YouTubers like MatPat of Game Theory, or Gab to piss off users of Gab.

Real edgy Ceasornator.

He is the mastermind behind catfishing Theryan26 with a catfish account named 'Charlotte Grace'. On top of this, he calls this person a 'retard' for falling for it. Even though by his own logic, he became friends with Syphn who betrayed one of his friends, when he was foolish enough to side with him. This all happened when The Ceasornator was 15 years old (This is evident that a 15 year old is smart enough to be a master mind troll). The Ceasornator also makes it look like Theryan26 is a pedophile when bringing up 'Charlotte Grace' because he was "dating" a 16-17 year old, 'Charlotte Grace' was also prone to being very gaslighting and manipulative towards Theryan26 (This was Bearcat using the Charlotte Grace account,who is extremely manipulative and cunning at being a guilt tripper), many instances of gaslighting him into believing he is psychologically abusive, while Syphn and Zerorush91 accuse him of being "abusive" towards 'Charlotte Grace' because of her siding with Syphn and ZeroRush91, or Syphn and 'Charlotte Grace' having "conversations" about Syphn's mental illnesses, supposedly "depression" (This depression is not true). There was an attempt to get him to show his face by guilt tripping him "come on show your face, think of it like a message and not your face". This is an example of The Ceasornator blowing things out of proportion to gain traction.

On top of this, in his 'Retarded Responses' video, he tried to cover up his catfish account 'Charlotte Grace' as a real person when Theryan26 accused Ceasornator of being misogynistic in his response to him.

He resorts to backpedaling during arguments and debates with people, which is what internet trolls thrive on doing.

He makes many contradictions and slanderous accusations in his autism aspects videos on ryan26, accusing him being a 'pedophile' after Theryan26 demanded pictures of Ceasornator, Zerorush91 and Syphn when they were talking shit and trolling him. The Ceasornator later retracted this claim as a "joke", in a much similar manner to Turkey Tom.

He is very smart in his masterminding of trolling, by baiting others, deceiving them and gaslighting them. Fabricating his own "evidence" after he trolled the person he targeted which reacted emotionally and angrily, and using it at ammunition against them with screenshots.

He targets anybody who are emotional and eccentric.

He resorts to trolling when he is backed up, and cornered by someone who is criticizing him. Like asking how he is something when he is accused of being something, backpedaling any of the points to deflect criticism from one of his targets.

His act falls under Poe's Law/Schrodinger's Douchebag, because of how clever he is by acting really sincere to maximize his effect at trolling, when in reality he is being very deceitful.

He is also an atheist troll, he would respond to popular right wing christian figures, and quote tweeting them saying "there is no God"

He often puts on an act of being morally superior towards others, when he is no better if not worse than the people he criticizes. He criticizes others for wishing death upon others, wishing suicide on others, even though he and his friends are guilty of doing the same thing.

He has reuploaded Theryan26's videos on his channel after it got terminated by Syphn, to piss him off. In the most heartless way because The Ceasornator seemed to not really care that Theryan26's backup channel was terminated because the descriptions.

He often likes to play the victim by saying Theryan26 started this shit, when in fact he and Syphn all provocated him to get angry and emotional.

He uploaded a voice call with this person to piss him off. Keep in mind, the person in the call did not consent Ceasornator to record him.

He could also be considered a clone of another YouTube troll, Clay Claymore. Because of his text-based commentaries in the past, however he has switched to voice commentary because of his troll friends telling him to use his real voice.

He also trolled and insisted and allowed his other troll friends to bully, harass, mock and shit-talk a user by the name of BethanyJay VA, who has pancreatitis. The Ceasornator also tried to excuse the mocking of her pancreatitis to compare to the 'autism card' which is an absolutely batshit stupid scapegoat to excuse the harassment of this user. Which is ironic because he criticizes TheMysteriousMrEnter for comparing trolls to cyberbullies. This would make him a hypocritical troll. He also shit-talked and talked down to BethanyJay VA for being a christian, and for being "homophobic" because of her not supporting the LGBT community. The Ceasornator tried to excuse Syphn and Bearcat's mockery of BethanyJayy's pancreatitis on Twitter. The Ceasornator also made a few derogatory shitposts designed to piss Theryan26 and BethanyJayy off. Many were of poor quality and made little to no sense.

Two main examples of him being an edgelord is by making fun of 9/11, antisemitic "jokes", and calling other people "niggers", including an actual black person, to get a reaction out of people.


He thrives off attention, and people's reactions. Making fun of people who make long sentences, TL;DR. This is a clear sign that he does not care about the facts that is thrown at him, and only here for his amusement, despite getting angry at others for lashing back at him, seemingly.


He trolls others on Twitter. One example that stands out is trolling democratic candidate Andrew Yang, and by saying "More Like Andrew Wang". After he got suspended from Twitter on his original account. He got mad, and then resorted to hash-tagging "MoreLikeAndrewWang" and tagging Andrew Yang.


The Ceasornator is also a puppeteer, he made several sock-puppet accounts on YouTube to spam the comments section of YouTube Videos, usually these channels were blatant copied names of other user he would talk shit to. He also made a shitpost account called 'Ryan26 No Context' on Twitter, just to piss him off and for laughs.

Another example of his twitter trolling is retweeting others angry reactions which he feeds on.

The Ceasornator is a smear merchant, particularly because he loves to twist words, misinterpret them, and create his own slanderous false narrative on past feuds with other users to shift the blame on them like BethanyJayy, and Theryan26. The Ceasornator often projects his own problems onto others so he can master mindingly shift the blame onto the targets he goes after, by fabricating evidence, using screenshots as "evidence" and playing the victim card (While claiming not to). He loves to call others "pedophiles", "sociopaths" and "retards" for occasional amusement and defamation reasons.

Theryan26 brought up the age of consent of New York after calling The Ceasornator's real life girlfriend "pretty", Theryan26 brought this up so The Ceasornator would not accuse him of being a "pedophile" after calling her pretty (The Ceasornator is 18, and his girlfriend is 17). Despite of this, The Ceasornator went haywire and accused him of being a "pedophile" anyway. This was Ceasornator's irrational outbursts of fit and rage simply because Theryan26 brought up the age of consent so Theryan26 would not look creepy in this instance (Because of The Ceasornator's impulsive tendency of being defamatory and accusatory). This is yet another example of his blowing things out of proportion to make it seem like he is the victim. The Ceasornator also loves to use Charlotte Grace and Ambersun as "evidence" of Theryan26 being a "pedophile", when they were all fabricated and taken out of context by both him and Bearcat.

Throughout April-June 2018, The Ceasornator would repeatedly gaslight Theryan26 into believing that he is a sociopath, and that because he didn't show empathy for his shit-talking friend ZeroRush91 in the hospital, that automatically means that he has no empathy for anyone, when this is obviously not the case. Theryan26 has repeatedly shown empathy towards his friends Ottomagic Critic, and his family. Not towards shit-talking provoking assholes like Syphn, and ZeroRush91 who like to pick fights with people. Narcissists love to gaslight people, and this is a common thing narcissists love to do. He also thinks Theryan26 warranted anger and annoyance towards Syphn's trolling is "sociopathy" when in fact this is The Ceasornator desperately grasping at straws; It is relatively normal human behavior for someone to get pissed and angry at anybody who repeatedly talks shit, mocks and bullies them.

The Ceasornator will often contradict himself when he argues with Theryan26. He will say that "you could have just ignored him" when Syphn was talking shit, being obnoxious and trolling Theryan26, but at the same time expects Theryan26 to listen to Syphn's quote unquote "criticism" claiming that Syphn "criticizied" him for being a "douchebag". He has even admitted to saying that he defended Syphn's trolling, while at the same time getting hostile when Theryan26 got rightfully pissed at him and Syphn.

Two associates of his Bearcat and Syphn take pride in annoying people by spamming insults at them and pinging them, and if the target gets pissed off at them, The Ceasornator will use their angry reactions against them to cry wolf and moan about how the target is the bad guy. When it is obvious that The Ceasornator, Syphn and Bearcat are the one's who were talking shit and trolling them in the first place.

January-November 2016[edit | edit source]

During the former to latter half of 2016, most of his videos were mainly harmless screen-recorded gameplay videos of Super Smash. Bros for the Wii U and Asphalt8.


August-December 2017[edit | edit source]

Around this time is when The Ceasornator would become more of an edgy attention whore, because he associated himself with another troll by the name of Syphn. He uploaded a video on the 15th of August 2017 titled "A Response to Liberals, SJW's, and Trump Haters" which was basically a shit-talking incoherent video consisting of The Ceasornator calling Trump haters "autistic liberals and SJW's" for the riots in Charlottesville, North Carolina. He uploaded other stupid videos like "ZeroRush91 abused me" and "ZeroRush91 Abused Me... AGAIN!!!!!!" which are basically videos strawmanning people who criticize cyberbullies and their actions.

Syphn influencing this user to be an edgelord.
Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 14-25-06 ceas.png
Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 4332.png

The Ceasornator uploaded a nonsensical rambling "rant" video on the 29th of October, 2017. The video 'Ceasornator Rants Episode 1: Cyberbullying ft. Delete Your Account' in question The Ceasornator along with his friend 'jojoba oil' claims that people who are cyberbullying are "criticizing" them, and that "cyberbullying doesn't exist" or that "it shouldn't exist". He then calls the people who are suicidical "suicidal normies" to "shut off their computer" and "go outside" for the sake of being extremely edgy. He then claims that the term cyberbully is a term "a made up concept made by butthurt teenage edgelords who get their feefees hurt when somebody comments on their stupid selfie on snapchat" (How ironic). He then outright admits that he "laughs" when he hears the stories of victims of cyberbullies committing suicide, calling it "autistic and unnecessary" (The same words he uses in his Retarded Responses video). He then uses the PewDiePie incident as an excuse to excuse internet trolls. He then once again calls cyberbullying "criticism". Dismissing the past incidents of stories of cyberbullying, and claiming that a simple "insult" was the reason why they committed suicide. The video overall is nonsensical, barely makes any logical semblance of sense, and falls under Schrodinger's Douchebag. If this video is genuine, and not satirical, this video comes to show how insensitive asshole The Ceasornator really is, showing no form of human decency, and that he is genuinely ignorant about the topic at hand.

Raiding of The Wandering Fanboys'/WanderingKirito's/MXT's livestream[edit | edit source]

Around the 14th of February 2018, The Ceasornator alongside MrConnman123 raided The Wandering Fanboys'/WanderingKirito's/MXT's livestream on YouTube. It is also worth noting that The Ceasornator uses the Max TTS voice at the beginning of his video, which is what Theryan26 teached The Ceasornator how to use on his Macbook in the Discord DM's, to further prove The Ceasornator is an incompetent moron who does not know jack shit about technology and how to use a computer properly. The Ceasornator does not spam the server, he only resorts to saying "I Voted For Trump" in the livestream chat to troll this user.

Overview/Analysis of his "Autism Aspects" and "Retarded Responses"/Commentary Chronicles videos/Smear Merchant[edit | edit source]

Many of the videos in question are blatant rip-offs of other trolls' content, that he blatantly copied on purpose to assumably "own" these users.

He uploaded a second "Autism Aspects" video in March 2018 title 'Autism Aspects #2 - MatPat' which is basically The Ceasornator shit-talking, calling him an "autistic faggot", and not really adding any real criticism to the bunch, and just calling him "retarded". Bitching about this YouTuber because he is an attention whore who is only bitching about more popular YouTuber's than him so he can try and get the attention he craves. It is also worth noting he uses the Tom TTS voice he uses on his Macbook. "and Matpat is always so arrogant" which is ironic considering The Ceasornator associates himself with Syphn who is an arrogant prick who loves to say how "epic" he is. None of the points he made in this video were constructive, and were basically shit-talking ad-hominem attacks instead of constructive criticism.

On 19th of March 2019 he uploaded a remake on the previous MatPat video, his painfully stupid "Autism Aspects" video on MatPat, to further prove how much of a large ego this troll has, he resorts to condescendingly mocking Theryan26 by strawmanning his arguments saying that "why are you making this video, are you just making video to please your hateboner on gametheory". Yet again he just resorts to edgy insults like "disabled nigger", and bitching about the jokes MatPat uses because it does not suit his level of humor. He also bitches about the "tone" of the voice of MatPat, first off it is not even a valid critique to bitch about the sound of someone's voice, second this is ironic because he associates himself with Syphn who has an incredibly obnoxious voice in Discord voice calls. He also resorts to calling YouTube "JewTube" just incase The Ceasornator wasn't edgy enough, he also resorts to calling MatPat a "greedy jew", he also calls MatPat "boring" while not giving any explanation as to why he is, just bitching about MatPat "not being an interesting person", he yet again bitches about the sound of MatPat's voice which is yet again a stupid complaint, "it just seems he's there to talk down to the audience" which is incredibly ironic because that is what The Ceasornator is doing by talking down to MatPat which is condescending remarks and shit-talking. None of the criticism was valid and none of the criticism is worth taking into consideration. Considering The Ceasornator has shown himself time and time again to be an unreliable two-faced sack of shit who only uses people for his own amusement.

On the 27th of July 2020, he uploaded an "Autism Aspects" video titled "Autism Aspects #9 - h3h3productions", most of the video just consists of him using the word "autistic" and him being envious of H3H3 because Ethan Klein because he does not have the level of humor as he does. It's also worth noting he calls H3H3 a "greedy jew", shit-talking and mocking him instead of actually giving any real criticism. He also resorts to using Ryan26 in his video by strawmanning" and saying "fuck off faggot" to further prove how much of an incredibly large ego The Ceasornator has. He yet again adds Theryan26 in the video by strawmanning his arguments by saying "nyah you've been saying autism alot, what do you hate autistic people or something? fuck you, you mean spirited fag i mean butt?fil?", then responds with "first, put down your fucking pitch forks cunt" to further prove how much of an egotistical asshole this troll really is. The whole video just consists of him bitching about H3H3 style of humor because it is not the way The Ceasornator wants it to be, because The Ceasornator is incredibly envious of larger and much more successful YouTuber's than him. The Ceasornator is a bitchy narcissist who does nothing but complain about H3H3's style of humor. "In conclusion Ethan's content is fuckingg trash, he has shit commentaries with shit and dead trends and shit humor to go along with it" again The Ceasornator just shit-talking and bitching about H3H3's style of humor because it doesn't suit his narrative, "i think ethan could improve on his channel if he takes some tips of criticism i offer in this video, that he's not going to watch" which is obvious because this video was nothing more than shit-talking bitchfest about The Ceasornator not liking H3H3's style of humor. Also just to add the edgy bit of The Ceasornator's insufferable style of humor he ends the video with "see you niggers in the next video" just to shoe-horn in his pathetic low-level edgy style of humor.

History between Theryan26 vs. Syphn "feud"/Trolling Antics (February 2018-Present)[edit | edit source]

The Ceasornator's whole goal is to take advantage of and/or lure unknowing people who he sees as "lulzy", to have his friends (Whether it is Syphn or Bearcat) troll his targets by spamming nasty shit at them (vulgar/explicit insults, making obnoxious noises in Discord voice calls etc.), and make them angry to the point of rage, then use their angry reactions against them as ammunition to prove how they are "sociopath" when this is obviously not the case, and when in reality he is the one who is the sociopath and master manipulator. On another note, he often likes to call you a "pussy" if you don't join on Discord to bait you into arguing with him or his shit-talking friends, or ban his friend Syphn from the server when Syphn just resorts to spamming insults and being extremely annoying, The Ceasornator will try to present this toxic behavior as "criticism" when in reality Syphn's reasons for disliking Theryan26 as a person are extremely petty and trivial. The Ceasornator in general tries so hard to present himself as this holier-than-thou hero when he is the one who is the scumbag who smears people reputation because the target dares to deviate from his narrative and not side with his toxic shit-talking friends who make fun of people for no warranted reason whatsoever. Whether it is Bearcat or Syphn talking shit about Theryan26's self-portrait, real-life occupation, or making fucked up "jokes" about BethanyJayVA's illness by saying "my pancreas went sploosh".

January-February 2018[edit | edit source]

Right off the bat, even before Syphn started drama with Theryan26 for no reason on Twitter, The Ceasornator partook in shit-talking Theryan26 because he trolled UHIA/Painkiller99 for favoriting cub porn art on Inkbunny, and also insulted his friend Ottomagic Critic by calling him a "faggot" for sending an image of Garfield Rule34 porn for humor purposes. Syphn also tagged everyone in Ottomagic Critic's server.

It all started in January-February 2018, when Theryan26 and The Ceasornator got into a feud with Machinehead55 who got offended when Theryan26 trolled his friend UriahHeepIsAwesome/Painkiller99 for favoriting cub porn art on Inkbunny which inevitably was successful because of how angry and genuinely pissed off UriahHeepIsAwesome/Painkiller99 got over this, Painkiller99 also disingenously "apologized" for favoriting cub porn art on Inkbunny to everybody in Mr. Demon Slayers server, but in the meantime he/Machinehead55 sent a picture of Ottomagic Critic and Theryan26 photoshopped onto a furry porn image to show how further evident it is that Machinehead55 is a furry who loves furry porn (Which Mr. Demon Slayer's community is strongly against, how hypocritical). Machinehead55 also made a parody video on Ottomagic Critic describing his anger and frustration towards Theryan26 by claiming "yeah saying UHIA loves cub porn, isn't fucking childish at all, even though he is extremely unfunny, untalented" in a condescending manner, this pissed off Theryan26 in how condescending, ignorant and hypocritical Machinehead55 was in the video, because of how he is fine with the way Syphn talks shit by being an obnoxious douchebag, but gets offended when Theryan26 trolls his friend UriahHeepisAwesome for favoriting cub porn art on Inkbunny. This really enraged Theryan26 because of how much of a hypocrite Machinehead55 really was during the cub porn drama, and The Ceasornator also got into a feud with him because he supposedly did not side with his "pretentious fuckbuddies" as The Ceasornator puts it, as a result thus was the birth of The Ceasornator's "Autism Aspects" videos (An unfunny rip-off of ChamberofReavers' Lolcow Archives, as much as The Ceasornator does not like his precious "Autism Aspects" videos being compared to Chamberofreavers lolcow archives), which was made on Machinehead55, The Ceasornator got help in assistance by Theryan26 by helping him how to use the Text-To-Speech software on his Macbook (Because The Ceasornator did not know how to use TTS on his own Macbook at the time), and then assisted in writing the script for the Machinehead55 "Autism Aspects" video for The Ceasornator to talk shit and insult this user, and to basically make himself look no better if not much of a bigger hypocrite than Machinehead55 is. The Ceasornator started shit with this user in his server alongside Syphn in the first place and instead shifts the blame onto Machinehead55 instead of taking accountibility of being an asshole himself, The Ceasornator and Syphn also partook in bullying another troll by the name of MrConnman123. As said before, in the Discord DM's Theryan26 helped this user how to use TTS on his Macbook, wrote a script for the "Autism Aspects" video on CephalicTruth, then Theryan26 made his own part of the video which was basically expressing his frustration with this user regarding CephalicTruth getting offended for Theryan26 trolling CephalicTruth/Painkiller99 about favoriting cub porn art back in July 2017. The Ceasornator in DM's would discuss their anger and distate for CephalicTruth/Machinehead55, this later changed when The Ceasornator became friends with Machinehead55 again which Theryan26 did not approve of because of CephalicTruth/Machinehead55 still had beef with him because of the Painkiller99 cub porn drama.

February-March 2018[edit | edit source]

On February 14, 2018, Theryan26 on Twitter publicly expressed his distaste for Valentine's Day and how much of a pointless holiday it is, this was both The Ceasornator and Syphn's opportunity to smear/slander him as an "incel" by blowing it out of proportion, taking the tweet out of context, and claiming that he "hates" or "objectifies women", or when he publicly criticized Tyler The Creator on Twitter for his stance on cyberbullying, this as a result attracted a particular user/troll by the name of Syphn/Mrsyphn (Whom was The Ceasornator's friend at the time and still is) who talked shit to him and said "look at the date" which pissed off Theryan26, which escalated onto a Discord "feud" where Syphn started resorting to being the most obnoxious douchebag troll you could ever think of, The Ceasornator would lure Theryan26 into servers and add him into Group DM's for Syphn to talk shit, spam, and be a generally obnoxious unpleasant person in general. Syphn's "trolling" tactics towards Theryan26 were not limited to: Spamming rude/vulgar insults on repeat like "fat", "virgin", "incel", "pedophile", and "pussy" towards Theryan26 while pinging him in both Group DM's and Servers, spamming @everyone in Discord servers, screencapping Theryan26's angry reactions towards Syphn's shit-talking/provocation, and posting it in Discord DM's, being a genuinely unlikeable asshole both on Discord DM's and servers, once again by being indignant, mocking Theryan26 by saying "WAAAAAA IM RYAN "im a fat incel, im a fat pussy", "Waaaaa im ryan im a fat pussy" (insert vulgar insult here)", repeatedly claiming how "epic" he is by spamming "Syphn is Epic" both on Discord DM's and Discord voice calls, making obnoxious high-pitched squealing and pseudo-baby crying noises in Discord voice calls while mocking him, repeatedly kicking Theryan26 off of servers while in Discord voice calls with Darkscythe, making fun of his Deviantart art and talking shit about it, photoshopping Theryan26's self-portrait onto derogatory memes, and finally talking shit about his real-life occupation which is minimum wage (while not having a real job himself). While claiming to be "neutral" in the situation, The Ceasornator on several occasions bitched and got upset at Theryan26 when Theryan26 would insult and argue with Syphn back. The Ceasornator would also hypocritically criticize Theryan26 the way he trolled/criticized Painkiller99 for favoriting cub porn, which was a massive hypocrisy on The Ceasornator's part because he defended Syphn's trolling. During this time, Syphn and ZeroRush91 were keen on insulting this user for no particular reason, which is what pissed off this user.

Throughout March 2018, Syphn's shit-talking demeanor escalated on discord when The Ceasornator added this user into group DM's and servers with Syphn. Syphn's trolling on Discord consisted of him mocking, spamming in all caps, and bullying Theryan26 in group DM's, shit-talking him by calling him "fat", "virgin", "pussy", and "incel" multiple times while pinging him, in voice calls by making really annoying high-pitched whining noises while calling him a "pussy" to manipulate him into using his voice so he could record this users angry and annoyed reaction then upload it to YouTube, talking shit about his Deviantart art by posting it in group DM's then nitpicking little "mistakes" that Theryan26 made in his drawings which were really just measily attempts to piss this user off, and by talking shit about his real-life occupation, for the sole reason of his job being minimum wage. Other instances include The Ceasornator, Syphn and ZeroRush91 spamming unfunny memes like "person below hella gay" or "person above hella gay". On a few occasions Syphn would also resort to changing his profile picture to Theryan26's Deviantart OC to piss him off, the same with The Ceasornator, Syphn would also talk shit about Theryan26's real-life occupations, even though Syphn is in no room to talk because he is a shit-talking loser who lives in his parents house and doesn't have a job himself other than hand-made drawings he draws in his bedroom, while he has the audacity to talk shit about Theryan26's real-life occupation. A few other examples of his trolling consisted of him spamming mockery towards Theryan26 by saying "Waaaaaaaaa im ryan im a fat pussy", "waaaaaaa im ryan im a fat pizza incel", and by repeatedly saying "Syphn Is Epic" to piss him off, another example of when Theryan26 joined Abortion's server, Syphn resorted to boasting how "epic" he is, repeatedly kicking this user off of the server when Theryan26 joined the voice call with Darkscythe. Theryan26 has resorted to counter-trolling this user by telling him to show a picture of his face, to which The Ceasornator inclined to do and sent pictures of himself on multiple occasions to "try" and prove that he is "tough" and that showing your face somehow makes you superior in the argument.

The Ceasornator convinced this user into deleting his Twitter account called @Theyoutubryan26, which consisted of normal conversations with his friends. The later tweets consisted of angry responses towards CephalicTruth because CephalicTruth got offended when Theryan26 trolled UHIA/Painkiller99 about favoriting cub porn. They also consisted of the Valentine's Day tweet which is why The Ceasornator took it as an opportunity to smear his reputation as an "incel" when in reality Theryan26 was just expressing his contempt for jerks that make fun of people who are single on Valentine's Day.

March-April 2018[edit | edit source]

As stated before, Syphn shit-talked and insulted Theryan26 on Twitter for criticizing Tyler The Creator's stance on cyberbullying which pissed off Theryan26. After the "feud" with CephalicTruth and The Ceasornator, The Ceasornator then buried the hatchet with CephalicTruth/Machinehead55/Machinehead714, despite the fact Theryan26 still had beef with this user because of how hypocritical the user was regarding the Painkiller99 incident, criticizing him for how "childish" it is to troll Painkiller99 for favoriting cub porn art in his "Ottomagic Critic Parody" video. The Ceasornator often added Theryan26 into group DM's and servers, so Syphn would to be an obnoxious prick towards this user for no particular reason, it first started when Theryan26 criticized Tyler The Creator publicly for his stance on cyberbullying, then The Ceasornator would add Theryan26 group DM's and servers for Syphn to piss off this user with his shit-talking, often resorting to spamming insults at this user multiple times like calling him "fat", "pussy" and "incel" multiple times while pinging him, saying "Syphn Is Epic" multiple times, again abusing his power as an admin by repeatedly kicking him off of Abortion's server while in a voice call with Darkscythe, and disabling his ability to see the Discord chat logs in the server, Syphn would also resort to spam-calling this user on multiple occasions in Discord DM's, then make obnoxious noises in Discord voice calls while calling him a "pussy" to manipulate him into using his voice.

Once again, Syphn would often resort to calling Theryan26 an "fat", "incel", "pussy", and "virgin" multiple times or on most occasions spamming this user with said insults while pinging him, on top of that, Syphn would spam-call this user on Discord to get him to join the voice call and when Theryan26 joined, Syphn resorted to mocking this user on multiple occasions, Syphn would also resort to talking shit about Theryan26 being a christian Conservative which is also what pissed off this user. Syphn then created a server called Ryan26 Church which was a server dedicated to making fun of him and talking shit about him, which is what pissed off this user. Syphn and ZeroRush91 often resorted to insulting this user for no particular reason whatsoever, The Ceasornator also called Theryan26 a "pussy" for not using his voice and showing pictures of his face. Theryan26 also resorted to counter-trolling The Ceasornator and Syphn on multiple occasions by calling them "fat", and made his own server dedicating to dissing Syphn. Syphn also sent a fake picture of himself to Theryan26 went Theryan26 asked Syphn to show a picture of his face, to which it was a fake picture of an Indian transgender woman.

April-June 2018 Charlotte Grace Catfishing/Smearing/Gaslighting[edit | edit source]

The Ceasornator confirming he is behind the Charlotte Grace account.

As a result of Theryan26's anger and frustration regarding Syphn's trolling behavior, and The Ceasornator defending Syphn's trolling which pissed off Theryan26, this was the opportunity for Syphn and The Ceasornator to catch Theryan26 off-balance and make him angry to the point of rage to which they succeeded in doing, when in April 2018, ZeroRush91 was supposedly "stabbed in real life by his step-father then sent to the hospital when he came out as gay" (For all we know this could have easily been made-up scheme), when Syphn and The Ceasornator asked for Theryan26's empathy, he showed no empathy as a result of build up of anger with Syphn's shit-talking behavior and being a generally unlikeable douchebag towards him, this made The Ceasornator play the victim card and threatened to commit suicide as a result of this. After that, Syphn, ZeroRush91 and The Ceasornator all pressured/gaslighted this user into "apologizing" for not showing empathy for ZeroRush91 in the hospital, so Theryan26 as a result cowered out and called it a "joke" to which was a big mistake on his part. After The Ceasornator was playing the victim card in his own server, threatening to commit suicide because of Theryan26 not showing empathy for his shit-talking friend (Not to mention ZeroRush91 was boyfriends with Syphn which makes it worse) who started shit with this user for no reason whatsoever, whether it was making fun of/insulting him over his Deviantart art, his real-life occupation, or Syphn spamming vulgar insults like "fat", "pussy", "virgin" and "incel" multiple times towards this user to piss him off. This is what warranted Theryan26 to not show empathy for these users, on several occasions The Ceasornator would bitch at this user for insulting Syphn back like he deserved, which is also what pissed off Theryan26.

The Ceasornator would call this user "pussy" and "retard" multiple times as well too. The Ceasornator loved to call this user a "pussy" for banning Syphn from his server, and would bitch at him to unban Syphn from the server which is what warranted Theryan26 to ban him from 3 servers. Where The Ceasornator banned Theryan26 from his server because he didn't like what he had to say about Syphn.

This also resulted in him using Charlotte Grace to catfish Theryan26 with, to manipulate him into showing pictures of his face (which failed), and by gaslighting him into believing he is guilty for getting mad at Charlotte Grace for siding with Syphn, both Syphn and The Ceasornator took it upon themselves also to pretend as if Charlotte Grace is a real person, when Charlotte Grace finally was revealed, Syphn then laughed in all caps in the Discord DM's, and then Syphn chuckled to himself "Oh ryan, oooooo, oooh im ryan i got fucking owned". Again, The Ceasornator resorted to throwing a massive temper tantrum and playing the victim card on both Discord DM's and his servers because of the ZeroRush91 incident, and threatening to commit suicide, Syphn as usual would repeatedly call Theryan26 a "pussy" for not using his real voice, which The Ceasornator also resorted to doing, after months on end after revealing himself to be Charlotte Grace The Ceasornator went on an unhinged raging temper tantrum, telling this user "FUCK YOU!", hurling insults in all caps, and telling Theryan26 to kill himself on top of that (Meanwhile The Ceasornator tries to make it seem like he's the victim in the situation when Theryan26 shows no empathy towards him and his friends, which are for valid reasons because of their provocation and generally unlikeable attitudes). Syphn's reasons for talking shit and being a generally unlikeable douchebag towards Theryan26 was unwarranted, in addition, Syphn has said one of the reasons he loved to make fun Theryan26 because he was a Christian Conservative, and because "it's funny" which he has admitted before. The Ceasornator also uploaded these stupid unfunny Ethan65 videos which were obvious parodies of Theryan26 at the expense of him, and around April 17, 2018 is when The Ceasornator finally uploaded an "Autism Aspects" video on Theryan26 as much as Theryan26 did not want The Ceasornator to by request. The Ceasornator in both of his "Autism Aspects" and "Retarded Responses" videos fails to acknowledge any of trolling antics Syphn did in his nonsensical debacle, on top of telling this user to kill himself and using the Charlotte Grace account to manipulate him into thinking he is talking to a real person, and just takes Theryan26's angry reactions and counter-trolling towards these users out of context so The Ceasornator can cry wolf by trying to portray himself as the victim in the situation, good guy, like the disingenous slimy smear merchant he is. He just twists the whole story around, and distorts every little thing, taking the whole situation and twisting every little thing around so The Ceasornator can make it seem like he is the victim in the situation. The Ceasornator does not seem to have any concience of common sense as to why Theryan26 counter-trolled him and Syphn in the first place. Syphn on some occasions would also force his political beliefs down Theryan26's throat as if necessary.

The Ceasornator also loves to blow the situation out of proportion by claiming "HE TOLD ZERORUSH91 TO DIE" when in reality Theryan26 was expressing his justification for someone who was keen on white-knighting/defending Syphn which is what made this user show no empathy, also the fact that ZeroRush91 insulted this user on multiple occasions is what made this user show no empathy.

The Ceasornator used Charlotte Grace to lure Theryan26 into thinking he was talking to a real person.

Many of the Charlotte Grace tactics include: Charlotte Grace tactics The Ceasornator/Bearcat used were calculative and manipulative. What Charlotte Grace (The Ceasornator) did was lure Theryan26 from one of The Ceasornator's own servers, while Syphn was playing along with it, asking what fetishes he has, gaslighting/guilt tripping him into showing a picture of his face (which failed), manipulating him into creating a puppet account to "get back" at Syphn so The Ceasornator is criticized for his scummy catfishing antics, when criticized for using the Charlotte Grace account, he instead deflects it onto Theryan26 instead of taking accountability of being a traitorous catfisher who loves to screw people over and make them emotional to the point of rage, or by making their lives miserable. When The Ceasornator/Syphn revealed themselves as Charlotte Grace, it was when Charlotte Grace told this user to join the voice call, which was revealed as Syphn who mocked and insulted this user to piss him off, The Ceasornator also told this user "FUCK YOUUUUUU!!" and told him to kill himself, while Syphn was laughing in all caps, to further prove how much of a scumbag The Ceasornator really is.

The Ceasornator would also hypocriticially accuse Theryan26 of "deflecting" when that is exactly what The Ceasornator would do when Theryan26 made good points about Syphn being a shitty person. He will resort to telling Theryan26 to "ignore" Bearcat and Syphn, but at the same time tell him to ask them if they have whatever, whether it's his personal information or anything in particular.

What the Charlotte Grace account did to Theryan26 was not only damaging but emotionally traumatizing for this user.

Ethan65 videos[edit | edit source]

The Ceasornator literally admitted one time that he thought Syphn was a good friend, then later in the Ryan26 voice call, backpedaled and said that Theryan26 was insisting that he wasn't neutral even when it was clearly obvious that The Ceasornator was siding more with Syphn during this whole debacle because The Ceasornator found Syphn's trolling antics funny, and made a whole video about him. Which comes to show how much of a disingenous liar The Ceasornator is.

On another note, Theryan26 counter-trolled these users back by calling them "fat", and spamming "why are you invisible" multiple times to The Ceasornator because The Ceasornator would constantly ask beforehand why this user is invisible which pissed off Theryan26, and once again, attempting to make Syphn and The Ceasornator show pictures of their faces to get back at them, which only backfired on him when The Ceasornator catfished him with the Charlotte Grace account (16-17 year old girl with blush emoji profile picture), when he/she (Bearcat or The Ceasornator) tried to make/guilt trip Theryan26 into showing his face multiple times to which failed, they also screenshotted personal details of Theryan26 so they could exploit his personal life. On several occasions when Theryan26 got so pissed off and annoyed with Syphn, The Ceasornator bitched at him for lashing back at Syphn which also pissed off Theryan26, they were manipulating this user by catching him off-guard to the point of rage. The Ceasornator would virtue signal about being "neutral" in the situation, when he was in on the trolling just as much as Syphn, so The Ceasornator took it upon himself to screenshot Theryan26's angry reactions and death threats against him (After The Ceasornator would call this user a "pussy" on repeat), so he could smear this users reputation for him trying to side with him in the first place because of his awareness of Syphn's toxic behavior. The Ceasornator also tried to convince his friend Ottomagic Critic to turn against Theryan26, to which The Ceasornator failed to do, and as a result threw a temper tantrum because he failed to convince Ottomagic Critic into turning against Theryan26. In the Autism Aspects video The Ceasornator uploaded, the vast majority of The Ceasornator's "arguments" are screenshots of the situation he took out of context and blown out of proportion so he can smear this users reputation who dared to deviate from his narrative or call out Syphn's toxic shitty behavior on Discord. This is the same type of tactics/behavior that The Ceasornator did with Machinehead55/CephalicTruth or with any user that dares to insult Syphn or dares to deviate from his narrative. Syphn resorted to insulting this user again by calling him a "pussy", "fat", and "virgin" which resulted in Theryan26 threatening to stab Syphn with a knife.

It is unknown if The Ceasornator's ZeroRush91 hospital incident was even a real incident at all and was just a scheme he used to use as ammunition against him all because Theryan26 wanted The Ceasornator to side with him, because what The Ceasornator did was build up this users anger by acting oblivious to Syphn's shit-talking and trolling to the point of rage and threatening violence so he could use it against him to try and prove he is a "sociopath" when The Ceasornator is the one who is the calculative manipulative sociopath in this whole debacle, because he was inclined on defending Syphn's trolling mockery and shit-talking.

The Ceasornator at this point desperately is trying to save face so he can try to look like the good guy in the situation when he brought this on himself, by luring Theryan26 into servers and adding him to Group DM's for Syphn to talk shit, spam insults and mock him for no reason.

It only escalated into more anger and rage for Theryan26, when in April 2018, another particular user/troll by the name of Lunarbearcat/Bearcat, joined in on the trolling alongside Syphn and started spamming, and hurling vulgar nasty insults towards Theryan26 like "fat", "bitch", "pussy" and "incel" while pinging him multiple times, resort to nasty vulgar incest insults, or resort to extremely childish mockery like "WAAAAAAAAAAA IM RYAN I SHIT MY DIAPEY", and bitching at and/or mocking him to use his real voice in Discord voice calls to later manipulate him so they could both exploit him and make fun of him for their own amusement.

Bearcat is even worse compared to Syphn, not only because she is just as annoying (if not 10x more because of her mocking high-pitched voice) but she is the most vile, narcissistic, sociopathic, sadistic, callous, parasitic, malicious, and manipulative of the bunch.

Bearcat's first encounter with Theryan26 was nasty vulgar insults, she first spammed and hurled nasty vulgar insults towards Theryan26 while pinging him throughout April-May 2018 (like fat, bitch, faggot, pussy, virgin and "WAAAA IM RYAN I PISSED MY DIAPEY!" to piss him off and an attempt to manipulate him into using his voice, she also much like Syphn resorted to making obnoxious high-pitched loud pseudo-crying noises in Discord voice calls while mocking him alongside Syphn to piss him off, she is also behind the Charlotte Grace and Ambersun accounts which were used to manipulate him into showing pictures of his face (which failed), manipulate him into revealing his personal information and much more. During this time period, Charlotte Grace is particularly the catfish account which was used to manipulate Theryan26 and smear him as a pedophile (When he was 18 and Charlotte Grace was 16). One time Theryan26 asked Bearcat if she has stolen anything from a store to which she admitted to doing, Theryan26 also accused her of having anti-social personality disorder to which she excused "half of the population has ASPD" to excuse her sadistic anti-social behavior. The Ceasornator has gaslit Theryan26 many times into feeling guilty about his angry reactions towards Syphn's provocation and shit-talking.

Throughout Late April-May 2018, Theryan26 partook in arguing with ZeroRush91 and The Ceasornator for their hypocrisy and ignorance, because all they would do is resort to gaslighting this user for not showing empathy for ZeroRush91 and Syphn, in an attempt to crack through their thick skulls of how hypocritical they are, and especially The Ceasornator in particular when it comes to morality, and

"Autism Aspects" Video on Theryan26[edit | edit source]

On the 22nd of April 2018. The Ceasornator uploaded the "Autism Aspects" video on Ryan26, to try and make himself look like the hero and the victim in the situation.

Many of The Ceasornator's "points" made in his Autism Aspects video on Theryan26 were extremely above and beyond hypocritical, that it is wondering to the viewer if that he is doing this on purpose to try and make himself look like the victim. The Ceasornator's "criticism" made towards Theryan26 were mainly just gaslighting and making Theryan26 feel guilty for not showing empathy for his friend ZeroRush91, which was already established as to why Theryan26 did not show empathy for ZeroRush91, because said person was keen on white-knighting and defending a piece of shit who was insulting, bullying and mocking him for no reason. Also not to mention ZeroRush91 did partake in shit-talking Theryan26 as well which is what angered this user, and warranted no empathy for this user.

The Ceasornator's "Autism Aspects" video on Theryan26 on particular was just him playing the victim and using emotional manipulation to get sympathy from his viewers (Which consist of trolls). (How hypocritical and ironic considering he calls Theryan26 out for this on his "retarded responses" video). In fact alot of the points he makes are extremely contradictory, make no sense and consist of shit-talking, insults and blatant libel and defamation as a result of his narcissistic rage..

One of his most petty "points" in the video he says is Theryan26 using emojis and "XD" which The Ceasornator finds "autistic" and "cringy" (And yet he and Bearcat wonder why their "points" are called petty nonsense by Theryan26 himself) because it does not suit his narrative, yet at the same time he can be highly tolerable of Syphn laughing in all caps and saying "WAAAAAAAA IM RYAN" as if that is not childish and immature. He claims Theryan26 is "the one who's angry" when it was clear that The Ceasornator was angry towards Theryan26 during the Zerorush91 incident which Ceasornator blew out of proportion so he could play the victim and use appeal to emotion tactics to gain more traction and sympathy, Theryan26 was genuinely angry during this whole debacle because of how incredibly oblivious and highly tolerable The Ceasornator was to Syphn's shit-talking, mockeries and insults. He also loves to claim Theryan26 "lives in a black and white worldview", because Theryan26 was criticizing him for siding with Syphn more than him, (when it was clearly obvious, he was defending Syphn's trolling) while claiming that he was "NEUTRAL" in the situation, when in fact he was really on Syphn's side. The Ceasornator claims Theryan26 is a "sociopath" because Theryan26 didn't show empathy for ZeroRush91 in the hospital (when it should be obvious at this point, the reason why he did this was because Syphn and Zerorush91 were trolling and talking shit to him), a narcissistic tactic which The Ceasornator used to his advantage to gain sympathy and some sort of credibility. He accuses Theryan26 of being a "pedophile" because he demanded pictures of The Ceasornator, Syphn and Zerorush91, The Ceasornator then claimed this in the Discord DM's this was a "joke" to piss him off (Sound familiar?).

He criticizes Theryan26 for "dropping all criticism" yet, The Ceasornator has dismissed every criticism that Theryan26 has ever provided towards him, whether it was Discord DM arguments, Discord Server arguments, or Twitter arguments. Also he accuses Theryan26 of "playing the fucking victim" when that is literally what The Ceasornator did after Theryan26 did not show empathy for ZeroRush91, when The Ceasornator threatened to commit suicide and acted like the biggest crybaby in his own server.

A lot of the "points" in this video are just pulled right out of his ass so he can sound legitimate in front of everybody, like saying Theryan26 lives in a "black and white" worldview because he was aware The Ceasornator was siding with Syphn the whole time while virtue signaling and claiming to be "neutral". The Ceasornator also resorts to playing the victim card by saying "ryan26 is some guy who goes after my friends and I" (Despite the fact that Theryan26 didn't go after these people, because they were starting this shit by talking shit to him in the first place and provoking him (Syphn, ZeroRush91 and even The Ceasornator himself were talking shit to him)). "God fucking forbid you don't suck Ottomagic's or Ryan26's cock" yet another a giant hypocrisy on his part because he wanted Theryan26 to befriend Syphn and to "stop being a fucking douchebag to everybody who doesnt share the same views as you!" not to mention he repeatedly loves to say Theryan26 "sucks Ottomagic Critic off while Theryan26 does the same to him" because they so happen to be close friends, yet another example of his shit-talking and hypocrisy, the aforementioned reason of his hypocrisy being that he wanted Theryan26 to side with Syphn and ZeroRush91 even though they were talking shit to him and being annoying. He also uses dramatic music in the video when he mentions Theryan26, yet another example of him using the appeal to emotion tactics to gain sympathy from his viewers (This is a giant hypocrisy but will be mentioned in the paragraph below about his Retarded Responses video). He loves to talk alot of shit in his video by claiming Theryan26 is a "fucking idiotic pussy", despite the fact that The Ceasornator went haywire over the ZeroRush91 incident. The Ceasornator then bitches and moans about how Theryan26 "doesn't use his mic" in a pitiful attempt to get him to unmute his microphone and use his real voice. The same trolling attempt that Syphn kept spam calling Theryan26 to join the voice call, and telling him to join the call in voice chat, and while in the voice call repeatedly calling Theryan26 a "pussy" for not using his voice, and mocking him for days repeatedly.

The Ceasornator tries to claim that he "stood up for this fucking guy" despite the fact that he stubbornly refused to acknowledge many of the valid critiques of Syphn, and going as far as to defend Syphn's trolling and asshole behavior. In speculation, The Ceasornator seemed to blatantly ignore Syphn's shit-talking and obnoxious demeanor on purpose, so that Theryan26 would get pissed off and angry. Which could be an obvious indicator considering The Ceasornator was in it for the "lulz" just as much as Syphn was.

The Ceasornator also accuses Theryan26 of being a "sociopath" while not understanding the definition of a sociopath, The Ceasornator borders on the line of making Theryan26 look like a sociopath by fabricating evidence with his own out-of-context screenshots, or being legitimately mistaken, because of Theryan26 rightful hostile and angry reaction towards Syphn's annoyance, mockery and trolling, The Ceasornator's defense of Syphn's trolling during the feud, and claiming to be "neutral" when it was clearly obvious that The Ceasornator was on Syphn's side because he defended Syphn's trolling on several occasions, and as stated before, he admitted to Theryan26 that he sides with Syphn because "he treats me like a friend". "Aggression and hostility" which is literally what Syphn did by being hostile to Theryan26 by shit-talking him on Twitter for criticizing Tyler The Creator's stance on cyberbullying.

The Ceasornator has an incredibly large ego as shown in his "Autism Aspects" video, he blatantly regurgitates the past points and arguments that Theryan26 made in his parody videos on Mr. Demon Slayer and Frozen Angel, or past arguments Theryan26 made against The Ceasornator in Discord DM's during this debacle will make himself look like he knows what he's talking about. Most of the screenshots that The Ceasornator provides are taken out of context, and is just him pushing a narrative to make Theryan26 look like the bad guy for getting frustrated with The Ceasornator for making excuses for Syphn's behavior, and The Ceasornator and Syphn look like the victim when the shit gets thrown back at them when Theryan26 calls them "fat" or tells them to show pictures of their faces in retaliation to Syphn's douchebag behavior.

Theryan26's Response To The Ceasornator video[edit | edit source]

Around this time, angered by The Ceasornator's Autism Aspects video. Theryan26 uploaded a video title "Response To The Ceasornator" which was mere attempt to call out The Ceasornator on his bullshit, hypocrisy and stubborness when it comes to Syphn being an egotistical asshole.

Theryan26's "Response To The Ceasornator" video was pretty poor in terms of Theryan26 trying to convey his points, which were factual on Theryan26's side of the story, but due to his naivety, his poor snipping tool and wording, it makes his video look poor in comparison to The Ceasornator's video when The Ceasornator tries to push a narrative as Theryan26 as the bad guy when in reality, it is a massive smear campaign against this user because this user retaliated against Syphn, and The Ceasornator himself by calling them "fat", and telling them to show pictures of their faces. He says that Theryan26 "was not trolling" but then tries to convey this as trolling, which comes to show how inconsistent The Ceasornator is in his arguments because he is a lying sack of shit smear merchant clown who clearly made this video to piss this user off. Theryan26 poor attempts at screencapping by using snipping tool was used against him by The Ceasornator to call it "little to none or shitty evidence" to make The Ceasornator himself look superior to this user in terms of dick-measuring contest of how many screenshots said user has. The Ceasornator doesn't acknowledge any of the valid arguments Theryan26 made against him in the Discord DM's regarding Syphn because The Ceasornator is blatantly ignorant, narcissistic and his head is so far up his own ass that he doesn't have the gullet to acknowledge how valid Theryan26's arguments were made against Syphn for being a toxic douchebag and an unlikeable asshole, and The Ceasornator for not understanding why Syphn is toxic douchebag, regardless if he is a troll or not. He also tries to act like he "has the balls to admit" which are in reality a scapegoat to make himself look morally superior, because he says that "he shouldn't have told Theryan26 to kill himself" but then contradicts himself by OUTRIGHT admitting that he does not care if kills himself, and for the exact same reasons Theryan26 does not show empathy for Syphn and ZeroRush91, because The Ceasornator is a hypocritical lying sack of shit who is trying to save face by crying wolf when the shit gets thrown back at him. The Ceasornator is just using Theryan26 as a scapegoat so The Ceasornator can make himself look like the victim in the whole situation, when in reality he is a traitorous lying sack of shit scumbag troll who does not care about the facts thrown at him, his head is so far up his own ass, and he thinks he can try to weasel his way out of Theryan26's valid points made against him, and try to make himself look grandiose, heroic and victim in the situation.

The Ceasornator's "Retarded Responses: Ryan26" video[edit | edit source]

Around May 2018 at the same time, The Ceasornator uploaded a "Retarded Responses" video in response to Theryan26's anger-filled and frustrated "Response To The Ceasornator" video.

He responds to Theryan26's "Response To The Ceasornator" to his advantage to try and look like the good guy in the situation when The Ceasornator doesn't even have the gullet to admit to telling this user to kill himself, and the fact he is behind the Charlotte Grace account. Because he is a hack, and an attention whoring clown who is trying to look morally superior in front of his audience.

The Ceasornator's "Retarded Responses" (What an ironic video title) video uploaded in May 2018 is full of hypocritical statements and contradictions. He responds to Theryan26's response to The Ceasornator most of the "responses" to his criticism are anger filled and bitter, and even downright defamatory. The shit-talking video title should already set off alarms of his mere trolling. Having a holier-than-thou attitude as if he has some moral superiority over him, the fact Theryan26 himself had to bring up The Ceasornator telling Theryan26 to kill himself should really say something "I shouldn't have told ryan to kill himself, but you know what! at least I have the fucking balls to own up to it!".

The other fact that The Ceasornator goes haywire when he didn't show empathy for his shit-talking friends, then at the same time shows no sympathy if Theryan26 committed suicide, for the same exact reason that Theryan26 rightfully got pissed at Syphn for being an annoying attention whoring insufferable mocking shit-talking asshole, rightfully pissed at The Ceasornator for defending Syphn's trolling. The fact he fails to acknowledge that 'Charlotte Grace' is a catfish account that The Ceasornator himself used to "get back" at him should really set off the implications that he is inconsistent with his arguments and is a massive hypocrite. Not to mention that part where he shits on Theryan26's DeviantArt art, and YouTube videos to piss him off, in this part of the video The Ceasornator shits on Theryan26's DeviantArt page, by talking shit about the way he draws or how some are "badly drawn" even though most of the drawings especially the one's with are not supposed to be taken seriously and blatantly satirical, he even comments on the "look at the fucking description" when Theryan26 makes a comedic description of his drawing of Ottomagic Critic, trying to imply that Theryan26 is "sexually aroused" by this drawing. He claims "they really look like it was drawn by a toddler, i mean just look at this shit" (Despite the fact that half of the drawings Theryan26 made to be ironic and satirical for his other parody channel) and then later Theryan26's backup channel (Which was later false flagged down by Syphn) "it just consists of cancerous parody videos", bitching about how Theryan26's videos consist of parody videos on particular users who pissed him off.

The Ceasornator then repeats his edgy joke of Theryan26 being a "pedophile" because he demanded him, Syphn and Zerorush91 to show pictures of themselves after they were talking shit and trolling him. To top it all off, The Ceasornator repeatedly claims that Theryan26 is "playing victim", when The Ceasornator himself was playing the victim in his Autism Aspects video on him. When Theryan26 criticizes The Ceasornator for repeatedly using the term "salty" when he angrily responds to his ignorance, he then claims Theryan26 "contradicted himself", claiming that it was not supposed to be an argument, despite the fact that The Ceasornator REPEATEDLY used this term several times during the arguments with him to piss him off (Despite how The Ceasornator is clearly salty and bitter towards this users response). The Ceasornator often blatantly stole many of the past arguments Theryan26 used against him, to anger the user in question: Like saying "also by your own logic, im a drama queen" when The Ceasornator was being dramatic and playing the victim during the feud. Theryan26 previously used the 'by your own logic' argument in April-May 2018 against ZeroRush91 and The Ceasornator to criticize their hypocrisy about the whole ZeroRush91 incident, this both results in them saying "wtf, you're retarded", while also criticizing Theryan26 for calling The Ceasornator a "retard" for stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the valid critiques made against him and Syphn. He repeatedly tells Theryan26 to "stop being a fucking douchebag to me, not just me Zerorush91 and Syphn who dont share the same views as you! unless you stop being a fucking douchebag!" Despite the fact that Syphn was being a shit-talking mocking 'douchebag' and annoying asshole to this user in the first place.

He then claims "Ryan has a very large ego as shown in the video" which is ironic because he plays the victim card in his Autism Aspects video to gain more sympathy from his viewers by blatantly making up lies about him for the "lulz". It is suspected this whole video was designed to piss him off, but because of how seemingly genuine his angry reactions are towards this users response, it is undetermined. To add the salt on the infected wound, Ceasornator excused Syphn trolling him by using the words "incel" multiple times towards this user by taking the tweet Theryan26 ranting about Valentine's Day out of context and blatantly making up lies about it by saying "you basically said women are objects, and how much of a loser you are because you dont get a girlfriend". Despite the fact that Theryan26 was simply ranting on Valentine's Day, and not being hostile towards women. (This is not a valid reason to repeatedly spam the insult "incel" multiple times to a user to the point of rage).

The fact that The Ceasornator thinks Theryan26's "hostility" is undeserved should really tell that he is a massive narcissist who thinks Theryan26's anger was unwarranted when Syphn was trolling him by spamming insults and being annoying. When Theryan26 criticized The Ceasornator for cowering out when called out for pulling off his "Ceasornator Rants Episode 1: Cyberbullying ft. Delete Your Account" video as "satire", The Ceasornator unnecessarily brought up the definition as satire to "validate" his point as if Theryan26 does not understand what satire means, it is unclear if The Ceasornator misconstrued his point or legitimately did not understand the point he was trying to make. The Ceasornator's biggest contradiction and hypocritical claim to date is him saying that Theryan26 "hurt your little feefees", when Theryan26 reacted angrily towards Syphn and Zerorush91's shit-talking and trolling, and when The Ceasornator told this user to commit suicide. The Ceasornator contradicts himself by saying "I shouldn't have told Ryan to kill himself, but you know what at least I have the fucking balls to own up to my mistakes", then later says "yes, I don't fucking care if you kill yourself and unless you stop being a fucking douchebag to me and my friends" further proving that he's just talking out of his ass. One of the biggest hypocrisies in this video is when The Ceasornator criticizes Theryan26 by mockingly saying Ceasornator "I hurt your little feefees" all while The Ceasornator flipped his shit and went haywire because Theryan26 did not show empathy for ZeroRush91 after all the shit-talking and bullying from Syphn. Not to mention to how he played the victim in his Autism Aspects video, and in fact used appeal to emotion tactics to get people on his side, claiming that Theryan26 "goes after his friends" when he lured this user into group chats for Syphn to piss him off. The Ceasornator clearly shows a holier-than-thou attitude as tries to make it look like he holds some moral superiority over this user in this video. When Theryan26 called out The Ceasornator for telling him to commit suicide, The Ceasornator then superficially claims "I shouldn't have told Ryan to kill himself" (While later saying he doesn't care if he kills himself because he's an "attention whore"; Keep in mind Syphn ignited the fight by talking shit to him and made Theryan26 angry), when Theryan26 falsely accuses The Ceasornator of being a "misogynist", The Ceasornator does not acknowledge the fact that Charlotte Grace is a catfish account used by The Ceasornator himself, and not a real person.

The fact that The Ceasornator fails to mention the fact he told this user to commit suicide, and claim to hold some moral superiority over him is a giant clear sign of his hypocrisy. The Ceasornator then exclaims "you know that if you're going to act like a retarded asshole to me, you know I'm just going to give you more of a bad reputation", while Syphn continues to be a shit-talking asshole towards this user, The Ceasornator stubbornly refuses to acknowledge this (Theryan26's criticism about Syphn) and on top of that defends Syphn's asshole behavior as mere trolling. The Ceasornator talks shit about how Theryan26 shows "shitty evidence" and how "unlike you where I give real evidence, you give shitty evidence", when Theryan26 shows many screenshots explaining about how stupid and hypocritical The Ceasornator is in his *Response To The Ceasornator*, even though The Ceasornator does not realize that screenshots mean little to nothing when it comes to real evidence because screenshots can be easily cropped, edited and made to look worse than it really is. The Ceasornator then tries to justify his banning of Theryan26 from his server by saying "unlike you where I have a reason to ban you, you give no reason other than I'm Ceasornator" despite the fact that The Ceasornator kept repeatedly asking Theryan26 to unban Syphn from the server, when Syphn was spamming the server by pinging and talking shit. the Ceasornator then tries to justify this again so that "we have peace and quiet" implying that Syphn is a peaceful and quiet individual when he clearly was spamming, insulting, provoking and talking shit to this user on multiple occassions, including in the server. Another one of The Ceasornator's baiting attempts like Bearcat and Syphn did was "showing your real name isnt jack fucking shit compared to turning on your mic and using your real voice", The Ceasornator being bitter and angry about Theryan26 not using his voice after all the shit-talking and mockery from Syphn telling him to use his real voice in Discord voice calls, on the other hand Ceasornator does not realize that using your real full name is in fact harmful and can lead to doxxing.

The Ceasornator for the most part bitches and moans; projecting his own problems onto this user. In fact most of the quote unquote points used in the video are blatantly stolen from past arguments Theryan26 used against The Ceasornator about Syphn being an insufferable loud annoying shit-talking douchebag, and how overly dramatic Ceasornator was during the ZeroRush91. The Ceasornator makes Theryan26 anger and hostility towards Syphn and ZeroRush91 look unwarranted when it was clearly obvious that the reason why he got angry in the first place was because of how Syphn was talking shit to him on Twitter about Tyler The Creator, and spamming on Discord, making loud obnoxious noises in the voice call. Theryan26 did not realize Syphn was trolling, and in fact took it as Syphn being a legitimate annoying douchebag. The Ceasornator bitches about Theryan26's DeviantArt MS paint submissions of The Amazing Atheist, and absolutely seems to seethe the idea that Theryan26 hates The Amazing Atheist. Speaking of The Amazing Atheist, The Ceasornator is an edgy militant atheist who shit-talks christians, and comes to the conclusion that because you hate The Amazing Atheist, that must mean you're religious (meanwhile he criticizes Theryan26 for having a "black and white worldview"). He then at the end of the video gives unnecessary unsolicited advice towards this user by saying "Unless Ryan cleans up his act, I hope he does something more production with his life" even though this is colossal hypocrisy on The Ceasornator's part, not only is The Ceasornator's "act" rather despicable, underhanded and shitty (catfishing Theryan26, smearing people's reputation, making fun of someone's illness etc.), it is also ironic because The Ceasornator continuely does outrageous shit (Making fun of BethanyJayVA's illness, posting edgy 9/11 content, shit-talking "Autism Aspects" videos) that upsets and pisses people off.

Around May-June 2018 both Bearcat and Syphn finally shit-talked and spammed this user multiple times to the point of rage, then managed to manipulate him into using his voice, Bearcat hit the final nail in the coffin by asking "Ryan how does it feel to get fucking owned by Charlotte Grace" which enraged Theryan26, and finally made him unmute his microphone to which he angrily hurled insults at him and resorted to regurgitating the things they would say to him in an attempt to get back at them, which failed and only made him look like the loser. The Ceasornator claims that Syphn was "criticizing" him for being an "autistic douchebag" which makes little to no sense because that is literally what Syphn was acting like towards Theryan26. Theryan26 had trust in The Ceasornator, believing that he would team up against Machinehead55 when in fact The Ceasornator was just as much of a backstabbing hypocritical troll as much as Syphn was, he also uploaded videos such as Ethan65 which were designed to piss off Theryan26 and make fun of him while claiming that he is "neutral" when it was clearly obvious The Ceasornator was siding with Syphn as much as he loved to claim he wasn't because he was in on the trolling attack alongside Syphn by talking shit and making fun of this user, he also shifted the blame onto Theryan26 as a smearing attempt for The Ceasornator to make himself look morally superior and holier-than-thou when in fact he is no room to talk. The Ceasornator uses Theryan26 angry reactions towards Syphn's shit-talking and obnoxious behavior against him to "prove" he is a "sociopath" when that is not what that term means, in fact Syphn's actions and behavior are sociopathic becuase of how manipulative and provocative he is towards Theryan26 to manipulate him into using his voice so he can publicly exploit it, talk shit and make fun of him. In fact The Ceasornator is the one who was behind the Charlotte Grace to "get back" at Theryan26, but no real reason is given and it is not over the ZeroRush91, the true implication that The Ceasornator is a troll is when he calls Theryan26 a "lolcow" because he is doing it alongside Syphn just as much for the "lulz".

The Ceasornator loves to spite this user by calling him a "retard" for falling for Charlotte Grace in the most despicable and spiteful way possible, and to downgrade how fucked up it was to what he did with Charlotte Grace account to manipulate this user into revealing personal details. Not to mention The Ceasornator is a massive edgelord who resorts to using words "nigger". He attempted to gaslight this user into believing he was a "sociopath" and "doesn't show empathy for anybody", for not showing empathy for ZeroRush91 in the hospital, but has yet to acknowledge by Theryan26 did not show empathy for his shit-talking friends in the first place. The Ceasornator's whole scheme is to lure unknowing users into group DM's and servers, then smear their reputation if they dare deviate from his own narrative or for one second dare to insult his friends Syphn or ZeroRush91, despite the fact that the two aformentioned users insulted this user first.

July-December 2018[edit | edit source]

This is the phase where Theryan26 suddenly started becoming "friends" with Bearcat, Bearcat was pretending to be nice towards Theryan26 only to exploit him by screen-capping personal conversations with her, she manipulated him many times during his "friendship" with her, including an out of context screenshot where she took a screenshot out-of-context saying Theryan26 something about Supersergeantmario and 16 year old girls. She once pretended to be against Syphn to manipulate Theryan26 into believing she is truely against Syphn to which she is not an attempt to "befriend" her so she could exploit her personal friendship with him. In the meantime Syphn false flagged Theryan26's backup channel Ryan26Backup, which resulted in his channel being terminated, Syphn then laughed in all caps to further prove how much of a scumbag he is, Syphn also then later scammed ZeroRush91 by claiming to get a sex change while on welfare, this is when The Ceasornator finally realizes how much of a scumbag Syphn is (even though this was clear before even this occured), he throws a massive temper tantrum in his Autism Aspects moral fagging about Theryan26 and Syphn, trying to sound morally superior when he is the one who catfished Theryan26 with Charlotte Grace and told him to commit suicide, he also contradicted himself by saying "yes I don't care if you kill yourself" in his Retarded Responses video.

December 2018-April 2019[edit | edit source]

During late 2018-April 2019 is when Theryan26 started turning against Bearcat again because he finally realized how much of a scumbag she really is, 2019 is where Bearcat was at her most destructive and sadistic trolling tactics, she attempted to gain his IP address by using a fake gmail and password "[email protected]" in Discord DM's after Theryan26 asked her for Syphn's password and email to hack into his YouTube account to delete his channel as revenge for mass flagging and terminating Theryan26's backup channel (Ryan26Backup) back in August 2018.

February-Summer 2019/Ambersun Catfish Account[edit | edit source]

Bearcat is the female troll-equivalent of The Ceasornator only 10x more unpleasant and obnoxious. Who is also extremely vague and more insincere than The Ceasornator in comparison.

She threatened to dox Theryan26 in DM's claiming that "you better watch what you say" if he doesn't stop getting angry and resorting to violent threats towards Syphn and Bearcat for their provocation and shit-talking, in 2019 is where it only escalated worse, where she was the most callous, malicious and manipulative, she had manipulated him many times into using his voice by "helping" him unmute his microphone so she could record it and upload it to YouTube (This is obvious), when Theryan26 figured out that his Discord account was hacked by an unknown user that traced to White Plains, New York (Which is close to where The Ceasornator lives, which Theryan26 asked if he hacked into which as per usual denied), Theryan26 started getting worried that Bearcat might have his IP address to which Theryan26 asked her multiple times if she has his personal information which she stubbornly refused to answer by staying silent in multiple group DM's, after the 50th time of asking her if she has his personal information, she then requested him to unmute his microphone by claiming she would reveal if she has his personal information which was just another attempt to get him to unmute his microphone so she could record him and upload it to YouTube (to which she did later on), as a result of her stubborness and refusing to answer his questions, Theryan26 got really angry and frustrated with her and shouted "fuck you!" towards her in Discord voice call, then later punched his microphone as a result of her narcissistic manipulation to exploit his outbursts and upload it to YouTube, before this happened she outright admitted to using a VPN in Twitter DM's towards Theryan26 after his account was hacked on Discord tracing to a White Plains, New York IP address, she also commonly loved to screencap anything he says personal in his life so she can use it to exploit him, she was once again given the opportunity to catfish Theryan26 again with a new account called Ambersun, which was all a big setup used to manipulate Theryan26 into revealing more personal information, it originated on Twitter where the Ambersun account followed him on Twitter, and started talking to him in Twitter DM's to lure him into talking with her to which he did, which then was lead onto Discord, where she after Theryan26 outright admitted to thinking Silver The Hedgehog is cute to get on Oakburr's side in her DM's, the Ambersun account resorted to being seemingly nice and sweet girl (which was Bearcat in disguise), and using blush emojis to appeal to Theryan26, she manipulated him into playing LBP2 with her so she could exploit his rather poorly-made personal created levels when he was 13 years old, she also resorted to being very sexually provocative by using tongue emojis to get him to respond to it in a sexual manner (which succeeded), she then manipulated him many times in showing pictures of his face (which failed), then manipulated him into drawing more MS paint art (as shown on his Deviantart) by admiring his art (Which is Bearcat being a lying two-faced scumbag to manipulate him into drawing more MS paint art), she then manipulated him into drawing a new self-portrait of himself so she could later use it to exploit and spite him, after speculating Ambersun's suspicious behavior, Theryan26 already got suspicious of the account and then asked Bearcat if she is a fake account, to which she responded "you really think I'm ambersun?", or by claiming she is a "Bethanyjayy clone" to manipulate Theryan26 into believing she is real (to which she isn't) regardless of this, Theryan26 blocked the account on Discord, and then argued with Bearcat more in Group DM's for the scumbag she is, and for months on end is when she finally reveals herself as Ambersun when she posted the new self-portrait of Theryan26 to shock Theryan26, to which Syphn laughed in all caps "AHAHAHAAHAHA" (Because Syphn is a scumbag), and The Ceasornator then called him a "lolcow" (To further prove that The Ceasornator is a hypocritical sack of shit with low-moral level reasoning). As of now, she uses Ambersun to smear Theryan26 as a "pedophile" by cropping and taking screenshots between him and Ambersun out of context of Theryan26 complimenting her after sending a picture of herself (an attractive girl), or by blatantly making tongue emojis to get him to sexually respond to it, or by blatantly editing the comment where she said she was 21 years old to 15 years old, and by deleting the Ambersun account on Twitter so she could cover up the Twitter DM's between him and the Ambersun account (Bearcat in disguise). At the same time she would try to convince Theryan26's friends ACWilliams and LorshZontek to "take my word for it", while accusing Theryan26 of "lying" like the narcissistic pathological liar she is. She will desperately try to make it look like he is a "pedophile" for her own amusement because she loves confusing the issue and she loves to smear her targets, and ruin people's reputation for her own amusement. In conclusion, she is a manipulative narcissistic scumbag and an actual sociopath who loves to twist the truth into her own narrative and smear people but she never admits it so she can try to cover it up and look like an innocent bystander and the victim. Ironically both Bearcat and Syphn love to talk shit about autistic people while they are both allegedly autistic, while also extremely likely sociopaths/ASPD mixed in with narcissistic personality disorder. She also got a sick kick out of Theryan26's distress and emotional breakdowns, by manipulating him into believing she has his personal information and by asking her multiple times if she has his personal information to which she stubbornly refuses to answer multiple times to the point where it enrages him, then manipulates him into using his voice AGAIN, by telling him "use your voice in Discord voice call and I will tell you if I have your personal information", and as a result punched his mic and yelled "FUCK YOU!" at her in the Discord voice calls, Theryan26 also once tried to troll Bearcat back by joining and rejoining the Discord voice call but she only used this against him by recording it and uploading it to YouTube, because she is a narcissistic psychopath who uses Theryan26's distress and attempted trolling at her against him. To this day, she will often gaslight him into believing he is paranoid, or delusional or claim he is "making things up" for bringing up actual things that she said in the past or for her sadistic behavior or her dirty underhanded trolling tactics in the past.

Summer-December 2019/Bearcat's trolling[edit | edit source]

Bearcat saw Theryan26 as someone who is easy to manipulate and easy to anger and piss off, and then used the Ambersun account to manipulate him into thinking he was talking to a real person. One of the most disgusting and cruelest things you can do to someone is exploit their personal details by using a catfish account (Ambersun) to manipulate them into thinking they are talking to a real person, she attempted to manipulate into this user into showing a picture of his face to which she failed to do, many of the instances include manipulating him into drawing more MS paint art, so she could exploit it, and manipulate him into drawing a new self-portrait of himself, so she could exploit that and show it to everybody, then manipulate him into playing LBP2 (LittleBigPlanet 2) so she could exploit his personally created levels he made when he was 13, then she resorted to being sexually provocative by using cat tongue emojis and wink/tongue emojis to provoke him into sexually responding, then she edited her comment from age 21 to 15, so she could do that to take all the screenshots and conversations out of context to smear him as a pedophile, and she has done so by means of smearing his reputation and to ruin his reputation for her own amusement to which she succeeded. She has often compared this user to her own personal Chris-Chan, because she has pissed off this user so much by manipulating him into arguments that she would ask him, or by talking shit about things he likes such as Pain (PS3), shit-talking his homestate, shit-talking his Deviantart art, or by blatantly telling him to get over 9/11 to piss him off, or by scaring him into thinking she has his personal information after she attempted to gain his IP address. IN her own server, she would often put on an act of being nice to everybody, as if she isn't this callous manipulative troll who has gone out of her own way to make people's lives miserable. She manipulated this user into using his voice by talking shit to him, she also is part of the Ryan26 account to piss off this user and to strawman all the arguments he has made in his videos just to spite him and piss him off. Bearcat in 2019 uploaded repetitive and stupid videos which mainly consisted of spiteful shitposts on Theryan26, many of which were unfunny and distasteful at the expense of Theryan26. In fact her repetitive videos she made are all designed to piss off this user off, and this is a sadistic tactic she is doing by making him feel self-conscious about his voice after she manipulated him into using his voice. She also clipped Theryan26 voice call into MP3 voice clips on Discord, so she could dedicatively piss this user off in the most sadistic way possible.

Bearcat would also "argue" with this user trying to argue that you can't remember things past the age of 5. A few parasitic questions to get Theryan26 to reveal personal details, included her asking what her earliest childhood memory was, to which Theryan26 responded with "i remember falling out of the crib" when she would stubbornly adhere to Theryan26's childhood memories, trying to argue that you can't remember anything when you're 3-4 years old. Which is what pissed off Theryan26, but now she will use this screenshot as ammunition to spite him and insult him, and then post it publicly on one of her sockpuppet accounts to spite him. The Ceasornator would also talk shit about Theryan26's home-state, and then condescendingly boast about his own state New York on several occasions.

Bearcat is a manipulative sociopath who is ruthless, cruel and manipulative that she will go out of her own way to psychologically torment and smear this person as whatever for her own amusement.

December 2019-March 2020[edit | edit source]

At this time, Bearcat was at her possible worst, she created a server called "ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS" after the past group DM's she was in. She also invited a few of Theryan26's friends into the server with the intent to bully, gaslight and shit-talk this user to cause him grief and distress. Theryan26 engaged in this by arguing with The Great Grantini, who spammed gore and explicit scat porn in people's servers, ironically enough Bearcat did not tolerate this because it did not suit her own narrative of trolling, so she decided to make "rules". The worst thing that happened was when The Great Grantini managed to mass report Theryan26's Discord account to get it disabled and to piss him off, to which Syphn laughed in all caps "AHAAHHAHAAHAHAHA" like he has always done when it comes to something shitty happening to Theryan26.

The Ceasornator also created a Twitter account dedicated to harassing this user called 'Ryan26 No Context' which takes out-of-context screenshots of Theryan26's outbursts of anger in retaliation to Syphn and Bearcat's shit-talking, bullying and trolling of him. As well as out-of-context screenshots between him and the Charlotte Grace account, regarding. In response to this, Theryan26 made an account called "No Context The Ceasornator and Bearcat" which was in retaliation of the aforementioned accounts creation. This account has since been suspended.

During this time on Twitter, Syphn sent a lynch mob of his fans or best described as flying monkeys after Theryan26 to ratio him after Theryan26 called out Syphn on Twitterfor being a fake transgender, and a con-artist. He also spread defamatory spiteful lies about this user on Twitter by taking the Valentine's Day tweet he made back in February 2018 (On Theryan26's old Twitter account) out-of-context, he also used out-of-context cropped screenshots between the conversations between him and the Ambersun catfish account (which Bearcat made on her own volition) to try and prove he is a pedophile, what makes this even more toxic is the fact that Syphn did the Twitter thing by using ww/ pedophilia as most toxic Twitter internet users do.

Theryan26 took a Discord hiatus for the latter-half of 2020 due to the burnout, stress from Bearcat and Syphn's shit-talking, mocking and bullying of him.

October-December 2020[edit | edit source]


The Ceasornator tweeted out an edit of Theryan26 to piss him off, this resulted in Theryan26 responding to it.

Theryan26 did make several twitter accounts due to the fact Bearcat would mass-flag his Twitter accounts, so he created multiple alternate accounts to bypass his suspension. Most of the tweets were him venting out his anger and frustration towards The Ceasornator, Bearcat and Syphn in particular because of how scummy they are. In particular Theryan26 was venting out his anger onto The Ceasornator by quote retweeting his tweets, and spiting him.

January-June 2021[edit | edit source]

He accused a particular user by the name of Ottomagic Critic of being a pedophile, while not directly accusing him. He gives off implications of accusations. Because Ottomagic Critic expressed his opinions on Lolicon, and cartoon characters. It is also quite obvious that he took Ottomagic Critic out of context instead of actually understanding what he was talking about. To further prove he is still trying to bait Theryan26 despite the fact it contradicts his notion that "get over it/leave us alone" because the "drama" has been going on since February 2018 since Syphn started drama with Theryan26 by shit-talking him on Twitter.

Wow you're so clever Ceasornator, also nice adding "autistic retard" to further prove that you're totally not an edgy attention whore and a troll who thrives off attention.


September 2021-Present[edit | edit source]

Harassment/Creation of Ryan26 Sub-reddit[edit | edit source]

If The Ceasornator creating the No Context Ryan26 was not bad enough. To further prove how desperate for attention The Ceasornator is, on the 22nd of September 2021, he created a subreddit dedicating to mocking Theryan26, with out-of-context screenshots that mainly involve the conversations with the Charlotte Grace catfish account, and his anger outbursts and out-of-context anger-filled death threats in response to Bearcat's shit-talking, bullying and trolling of him. To add the icing on the shit-cake, The Ceasornator called Theryan26 a "fat virgin incel" because The Ceasornator is a pathetic shit-talking smear merchant who does not care about the facts thrown at him.


October 3, 2021/Discord Return/The Ceasornator shit-talking provocation and Theryan26 anger/venting out[edit | edit source]

This is when Theryan26 took it upon himself to get lash out and onto Discord, vent his anger out on The Ceasornator by threatening to beat him up and The Ceasornator finally opened up about this user, by revealing how much of an actual scumbag The Ceasornator really is. Bearcat was trolling this user, into making him saying things he might regret later, and derailed him into saying that he confessed to being attracted to 15-16 year old girls which was in reality a mistaken memory he had where he made a joke about Sergeantmariomaker regarding 16 year old girls. As of present, they will often resort to gaslighting this user into thinking he is paranoid, or about events that never actually happened, to basically mess with him. Theryan26 plans to get revenge at The Ceasornator out of anger, by making an expanded article section consisting of over 30,000 screenshots which The Ceasornator will more than likely stubbornly adhere to if it does not suit his narrative. He is a reverse communication engineering troll, who uses sentences that sound legit but in reality are a manipulative way of speech to manipulate a whole audience of people who do not know the backstory. The Ceasornator as of this time since Theryan26 figured out The Ceasornator screwed him over this whole time, has resorted to every nasty vulgar, aggressive, gaslighting, belittling way of trolling by making this user feel isolated and shamed on after 2/1 years of. So now he is using Theryan26's 15-16 year old, because he had a false memory, Bearcat also has a strong tendency to create HTML screenshots, as if fucking with someone's memory is amusing.

Theryan26 not being nice to The Ceasornator and Syphn were all a result of Syphn mocking, bullying and shit-talking him, which is what made this user angry and frustrated not only because Syphn was making an ass out of himself by spamming childish insults towards this user, and mocking him, but The Ceasornator was acting oblivious to it as if nothing was happening at all.

At this point it is only a matter of time before The Ceasornator throws a massive angry fit as a result of his self-entitled narcissism up his own ass, fragile ego, and makes a video responding to this article because his ego is so massive and colossal that he can not handle the fact that he is being called out for the low-life scumbag he is. Not to mention his blind defense for Syphn and Bearcat's unfunny, juvenile, incompetent and childish asses, because said trolls have proven themselves (The Ceasornator included) to be inept from valid points and criticism thrown against them, and deflect all the problems they have on to other users they have beef with.

Targeted Harassment on Reddit[edit | edit source]

The Ceasornator is now spreading misinformation, taking screenshots out of context, and smearing him as a pedophile for the sake of his own amusement, and an attempt to smear this users reputation.

More shit-talking/baiting on Twitter[edit | edit source]
Diaryofawimpykid001 (1).png
Diaryofawimpykid001 (2).png

Harassment/Mockery/Bullying of BethanyJayVA[edit | edit source]

August-September 2018[edit | edit source]

Around August-September 2018. The Ceasornator, Syphn and Bearcat all partook in (unironically) bullying and harassing a girl by the name of BethanyJayVA on Discord and Twitter, they would shit-talk her and make rather explicit/vulgar jokes about her pancreatitis by saying "my pancreas went sploosh", bullied and mocked her on Twitter which comes to show how much of a hypocritical insensitive shitstain The Ceasornator is when it comes to morality and when it's only for his own convenience, but when Theryan26 doesn't show empathy for his shit-talking white-knighting friend ZeroRush91 in the hospital, that is unacceptable.

The Ceasornator would often upload distasteful shitposts on his now terminated backup channel (The Ceasornator 2.0) dedicating to mocking BethanyJayVA's pancreatitis.

Around the 6th of April 2019. The Ceasornator uploaded "Autism Aspects" video on BethanyJayVA which was basically a whole cavalcade of shit-talking, spite, and excuses for their harassment towards this particular person. Making batshit stupid claims that "BethanyjayVA uses her pancreatitis like the autism card" which is a scapegoat to excuse their harassment, mocking and insults towards this user, and the distasteful "jokes" about her pancreatitis.

Hypocrisy and Secretive Behavior[edit | edit source]

Jesus Fucking Christ this guy is on a whole new level of hypocrisy
~ The Ceasornator in his narcissistic rage-filled "Retarded Responses" video. Can be used against his own hypocrisy.

The Ceasornator out of any troll has got to be one of the most disingenous hypocrites on the internet. He always claims to have some sort of moral superiority, and tries to gain sympathy from his viewers after he and his "friends" troll his provoked targets, and when the provoked targets react angrily towards them, this is when The Ceasornator makes it seem like he is the victim.

He often resorts to deflecting any criticism by saying "what points?" and demanding every detail to be explained, and even if explained the way he wants it to be, it will only end with him deflecting and backpedaling. He also demands you show a screenshot in order to validate his point and will only end with him saying "what does this screenshot even prove?". Speaking of deflecting, he criticized Theryan26 for deflecting yet is extremely guilty of deflecting himself, as the aforementioned paragraph is explained.

Examples of The Ceasornator's Hypocrisy[edit | edit source]

The Ceasornator is massively hypocritical, he will drop all valid criticism you provide, criticize you for the exact same things he or Syphn did, backpedal his previous point, then do a 180 and deflect the blame onto you. Since this troll is incredibly psychotic, he has no consistency with his arguments, he will say one thing then say another thing that contradicts the other.

Demanding people to have empathy for his friend but let his asshole friends mock, stalk and harass someone because he/she had a different opinion than them.

Made a stupid point about Theryan26 shitting on people who don't share the same views as him, yet he fails to criticize his friends that are exactly like that, and is guilty of doing this himself.

Claims that Theryan26 "sucks Ottomagic Critic off", yet he does the same to ZeroRush91 and Syphn at the time because everytime Theryan26 would insult Syphn back after Syphn would shit-talk and bully him, The Ceasornator would get offended.

Criticizes Theryan26 for picking "low hanging fruit">Criticizes low hanging fruit bandwagons like BenTheLooney and Onision.

Criticizes Theryan26 for "not having the same views of him". Spoon fed Syphn and Bearcat's bullshit ideologies and shits on BethanyJayy for having a different set of beliefs.

Second you know that you're going to act like a retarded asshole around me, you know I'm just going to give you more of a bad reputation
~ The Ceasornator implying that he will smear this users reputation if he keeps getting angry and pissed off at Syphn's shit-talking and bullying.

He has criticized Theryan26 for "low hanging fruit" yet does the same thing by jumping on popular bandwagons dissing on Onision, Shane Dawson and benthelooney, calling others pedophiles obsessively to fit in the crowd of trolls he surrounds himself in, because it is the "cool" thing to do. One of his trolling habits is to find something to shit on someone with, whether its screenshots of someone being "creepy" or "pedophilic" in his eyes, because he loves to stir drama.

The Ceasornator is perfectly fine with him and his friends mocking someone (BethanyJayyVA) with pancreatitis, but flips his shit and goes haywire when somebody does not show empathy for his shit-talking friends who started the flame war by provoking them (ZeroRush91 in the hospital).

The Ceasornator loved to call Theryan26 a "pedophile" for demanding pictures of Syphn, ZeroRush91 and The Ceasornator after they were talking shit and ridiculing him, claiming that he did this because "maybe you like to save pictures of teenagers and jack off to them in your room", because Theryan26 was 18 years old, while The Ceasornator was 15, Zerorush91 was 16 and Syphn was 17. This argument falls flat because Theryan26 while legally being an adult, was still a teenager. He also loves to use the 'Charlotte Grace' and 'Ambersun' accounts as "evidence" of him being a "pedophile", when in reality all of what happened was the purpose of being psychologically damaging and exploitative of him to exploit his personal endeavors. The Ceasornator may steer away from the fact that this happened and claim it was "catching a pedophile" or "to catch a child predator" when in fact the aforementioned are the reason why he used 'Charlotte Grace' to catfish him, because of Ceasornator's bitter disgruntled crybaby attitude because he couldn't handle that Theryan26 didn't show empathy for his shit-talking friends. Bearcat also resorts to doing the same type of dirty tactic when confronted about the issue at hand.

The Ceasornator defends Syphn's annoying, provocative and trolling behavior (Mocking him in voice calls, talking shit, spam pinging him, spamming insults at him, kicking repeatedly off servers) but at the same time criticizes Theryan26 for trolling Painkiller99 about the cub porn in late 2017 to early 2018. The Ceasornator has some sort of "standards" when it comes to trolling, but if it is trolling Painkiller99 about favoriting cub porn on Inkbunny, then that is "unacceptable" to him.

The Ceasornator oftens confuses criticism (as in constructive criticism) with hate and insults. He is fully in support of the idea of someone being an insufferable shit-talker while criticizing them. This nonsensical ideology of "destructive criticism is REAL criticism" stems from MegaDoopTV and JWB79, who both use the same argument of "talking shit is REAL criticism". They all often love to use the "go outside, turn off your computer, get a job, deal with it" argument to steer away from the destructive mentality of internet trolls.

The Ceasornator hypocritically criticizes Theryan26 for insulting people for supposedly "not sharing the same views as him" while Syphn and Bearcat do exactly this by insulting and harassing people who are right-wing or centrist. This baseless argument is only used as a base of an argument that he pulled out of his rear-end, disregarding the fact that the reason Theryan26 insulted The Ceasornator and Syphn in the first place was because Syphn was being an indignant annoying asshole to him, while The Ceasornator was blindly defending his behavior.

The Ceasornator narcissistically disregards all criticism by criticizing Theryan26 for calling him a retard "for not understanding his point which never had a leg to stand on in the first place". Which further proves how much of a stubborn narcissist Ceasornator is, because no matter how valid your critiques are of him and Syphn, he will blatantly avoid and disregard all the criticism towards him and Syphn's obnoxious insufferable behavior, like a typical narcissist does. This is all while he criticized Theryan26 for "dropping all criticism" in his "Autism Aspects" video. This is also a massive hypocrisy because The Ceasornator replied Theryan26 a "wtf, you're retarded" when Theryan26 used Ceasornator's own logic against him and ZeroRush91 during a heated argument in a group DM in April 2018.

The Ceasornator believes himself to be morally superior to his targets, and that anybody who criticizes him is a "retard", "sperg", or "autist", any criticism from his targets should be dismissed and prejudice.

The Ceasornator seems to have a seething hatred towards people who are more successful than him, such as H3H3productions and MatPat of GameTheory.

The Ceasornator claims that Theryan26 "went after" him, ZeroRush91 and Syphn when The Ceasornator lured Theryan26 into his servers and group DM's for Syphn to piss him off with his loud, mocking, spam-pinging, insulting, and shit-talking demeanor. Another example of The Ceasornator being a narcissist by playing the victim, while REPEATEDLY criticizing Theryan26 for "playing the victim" in his "Autism Aspects" and "Retarded Responses" videos on him.

The Ceasornator genuinely seems to believe that Theryan26 is not accepting of anybody with different political views, but fails to realize that a few of his friends are liberal and left wing, and Theryan26 does not hold this against them. The Ceasornator hypocriticially criticizes him for supposedly doing this, while Syphn and Bearcat harass and talk shit about right-wingers and centrists. It seems that The Ceasornator is only grasping at straws for reasons to talk smack and criticize him.

He hypocritically criticizes people for being "scummy", while he is perfectly fine with catfishing people and making up lies about them. He is also highly tolerable of Syphn and Bearcat's sadistic trolling habits.

The Ceasornator has admitted that he enjoys watching Theryan26 being bullied by Syphn and Bearcat in servers, and will repeatedly gripe and talk shit by calling him a "pussy" repeatedly for not talking in the server instead of talking to him in direct messages, which Theryan26 has done for a valid reason that Syphn and Bearcat will throw red herrings by derailing the argument at hand. The Ceasornator does not care about criticism, despite the fact that he criticizes his targets, but does not care about criticism thrown at him, and if they are valid he will get irritable and talk shit. The Ceasornator will also repeatedly tell you to unban Syphn or Bearcat after they spam the server, if refused, he will call you a "pussy" if you ban him, Syphn or Bearcat from your server, because of his high tolerance of Syphn and Bearcat's insufferable spamming, shit-talking and trolling. He claims that he calls Theryan26 a "pussy" for supposed "criticism", despite the fact that the reason why Theryan26 banned Syphn, Bearcat, and even Ceasornator himself because they were spamming, talking shit and trolling.

To add the icing on the shit cake, The Ceasornator spites and dismisses Theryan26 as a "laughing stock" and is highly tolerable of other insufferable trolls talking shit about him. Disregarding any valid critique of him because The Ceasornator only does this for his own amusement and enlarged ego. (While criticizing Theryan26 for supposedly having a "large ego")

Speaking of which, in Ceasornator's "Retarded Responses" video, The Ceasornator criticizes Theryan26 for having a "large ego" in his angry response to him, despite the fact that The Ceasornator is guilty of doing this in his Autism Aspects video, yet another example of The Ceasornator projecting his own problems onto this user. Theryan26 clearly angry in the video makes many valid critiques of Syphn being an annoying shit-talking asshole; The Ceasornator being blind and oblivious to the situation, while The Ceasornator only downgrades them so The Ceasornator can boost his own ego. The Ceasornator also tries to cover up his own problems, shit-talking, trolling and hypocrisy, on some occassions even blatantly stealing past points Theryan26 made against him, in a very plea attempt to piss him off.

Nonsensical stupid videos, blatant ignorance, narcissism and more hypocrisy[edit | edit source]

Lul, you still have a hateboner on me. You're giving me what I want, you're my puppet. Oh boy I can't wait to get dislike bombed, it's gonna be hilarious.
~ The Ceasornator at the end of his "Autism Aspects #1 - CephalicTruth" video

When it comes to his videos, The Ceasornator is extremely contradictory to his points and often trying so hard to be edgy for the sake of being edgy. Using terms like "retard", "autistic", "nigger", and "pedophile". The Ceasornator to top his hypocrisy on other social media sites has always been a giant hypocrite when it comes to his "Autism Aspects" "Commentary Chronicles", and "Retarded Responses" videos on people who were trolled by either him, Syphn or Bearcat.

The fact that Theryan26 tried to get Ceasornator to listen to him when he was criticizing Syphn for being an annoying shit-talking asshole to him, should really set off the obvious that he is a stubborn narcissistic obstinated troll who does not care about the facts that are thrown right at him. The Ceasornator was obviously siding on Syphn's side more than on Theryan26's side during the whole "feud" between Theryan26 and Syphn. The Ceasornator's excuse for this at the time was, "he treats me like a friend".

Anytime Theryan26 responded to The Ceasornator's videos on him, he would just brush it all off as just "no u arguments". During arguments with The Ceasornator via Discord DM's about the videos in question, The Ceasornator would just backpedal any valid critique of his videos and deflect every criticism by asking repeated questions about things that were so blatantly obvious. This makes him a concern troll.

To top off his hypocrisy, before the whole ZeroRush91 hospital incident, The Ceasornator would often add this user to Group Direct Messages to piss him off, and to add the cherry on top, for Syphn to bully, talk more shit, provoke him in voice calls, spam ping and insult him. The Ceasornator also uploaded satirical "Ethan65" videos to satirize and make fun of Theryan26 while claiming he is "neutral in the situation and takes no sides", when it was obvious that The Ceasornator was plotting the trolling against him from the start alongside Syphn.

Even though he associated with himself with Syphn throughout 2018, it was until August 2018 when Syphn blackmailed and scammed his ex-boyfriend ZeroRush91, for Ceasornator to finally realize how much of a bonafide piece of garbage Syphn is (Even though he has been since the whole time, which Theryan26 tried to get Ceasornator to understand but didn't listen, and then has the audacity to call Theryan26 a "retard" for falling for the 'Charlotte Grace' catfish account).

Took you long enough to realize that?

Politics[edit | edit source]

He used to be more right leaning centrist, then left-leaning as he became "friends" with Syphn and Bearcat. This is evident because he constantly berates, gripes and talks shit about popular right-wingers on Twitter. He is very critical and bitchy towards anybody who is remotely right-wing or centrist, so he is not heavily dog-piled by his quote unquote "friend" Bearcat who is a malicious troll and left-wing elitist feminist. He also makes these same gripey, shit-talking remarks in his "Autism Aspects" videos on well known right-wingers like Paul Joseph Watson.

Psychology[edit | edit source]

It is not entirely known what his psychology is, it is speculated he has multiple personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder. More than 99% likely a Covert-Narcissist, because of how sadistic, deceptive, manipulative, obstinate, deceitful he was towards Theryan26 by acting oblivious to Syphn's behavior, his untruthfulness and insincerity of him playing the victim; projecting his own problems onto the people he criticizes smearing as whatever he can, taking what his targets said out of context typically of their angry reactions towards him or his troll friends who provoke, bully and harass the target. He is not seen as very smart by his peers, because of his oblivious nature and immaturity. He has once threatened to shoot up his own school because of his anger and frustration towards his school, and has threatened violence against his parents. He is also known to have gotten very angry towards other users, by spiting them and insulting them, regardless if the other person insulted him, this makes him an irritable troll. He most particularly and very well likely might be a sociopath and a narcissist, he projects all of the shitty things he's done to people, plays the victim when the targets reacts angrily and emotionally towards his or Syphn's bullying, mocking and trolling, and if the target dares deviate his narrative, or criticize him for defending scumbags he will stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that are acting like a scumbag, go the levels of defending people who are scumbags, even when it is clearly obvious how much of a scumbag said person is. Despite the many slanderous accusations of people projecting his own shitty behavior/shifting the blame onto other users who he enraged and pissed off. He is also a massive gaslighter in the way he makes the target feel guilty for their angry reactions towards his shitty actions, or Syphn's bullying, mocking and shit-talking. He will act oblivious as to what is going on, and will to the levels of defending said shitty people, such as Syphn because he claimed "he treats me like a friend", then finally realize how shitty they are when they do something shitty to him (Syphn blackmaling ZeroRush91 etc.). When The Ceasornator goes to these levels of hypocrisy, contradictions and blatant smearing of people he talks shit about, it is obvious that he is doing this to get a rise out of you, and when he knows that this pisses you off, he will bait you into joining servers so he can watch Bearcat and Syphn bully, torment and mock Theryan26 in the most disgusting, vulgar and despicable way possible whether it is in Discord servers or Discord DM's, mocking his real life occupation, talking shit about his stutter and mocking his stutter, . A lot of the shitty things he is guilty of, he will project onto the users he criticizes, he will call others "scumbags", and call other people "scummy" as if he is one person to talk about morality when he is guilty of doing scummy things himself, to which he will never admit to doing in his videos, he will never acknowledge the fact that he smears people as whatever slanderous accusations he can think of, while trying to look like the good guy in every situation he involves himself in when it comes to his shit-talking friends who mock and insult people for no reason. His whole series Autism Aspects are designed to smear people's reputation, talk shit about them, and make very edgy and despicable joke at the expense of the target he's talking shit about.

In fact when you call him out on his scummy actions, he will resort to saying "oh boo hoo, cry me a river, oh it was 3 years ago, you're a grown man, get over it" to downplay his shitty behavior, and Syphn's shitty behavior and toxicity, and his smear campaigns against people who he talks shit about, all for the sake of being edgy, taking whatever individual says out of context, then smearing them all for the "lulz". And he has the audacity to accuse Theryan26 of "having a very large ego". The Ceasornator has got to be one of the despicable, and smearing scumbag hypocrites when it comes to internet trolls. When you criticize him for his past scummy actions, he will ask "proof?" and even when you post some screenshots, he will call it "poor or shitty evidence" to spite you and make you look like you're making things up. He bitches about Theryan26's "playing the victim" when that is literally what the fuck The Ceasornator was doing in this whole debacle after the ZeroRush91 incident which he blew out of proportion to make Theryan26 look like the bad guy, even when Syphn was talking shit, mocking him and make you look like you're making things up (A same tactic that Keemstar has resorted to doing), even when he is clearly aware of what he is doing, and pissing off the person that is trying to reason with him. He will repeatedly claim that he is, The Ceasornator presents himself as this innocent morally superior guy who acts he knows what he's talking about, even when he clearly doesn't, because he accuses his targets of doing things that HE or his shit-talking troll friends did themselves, then projects his own problems onto other users, for example: by denying he is angry in his Autism Aspects video and then project the anger onto Theryan26 (Although Theryan26 was just as angry if not more infuriated because of The Ceasornator's stubbornness and unwillingness to acknowledge Syphn's shitty and very childish scumbag behavior) then contradicts himself in the "Retarded Responses" video by outright ADMITTING that he was frustrated and angry, or when he accuses Theryan26 of acting like a "fucking douchebag" towards Syphn and The Ceasornator WHEN that is literally what Syphn was acting like towards this user from February-April 2018 by acting like a childish 9 year old vulgar shit-talking hurling very childish insults, spamming very vulgar and explicit insults, insulting his real life occupation because it is minimum wage, and making fun of his Deviantart art. He will virtue signal and go on and on about being moral, and acting all morally sound when he is guilty of doing shitty scummy things himself. Not to mention he was acting oblivious to Syphn's shit-talking, bullying and mocking, and on some occasions defend Syphn's trolling to piss off Theryan26. What's also evident of his sociopathy is how he is morally corrupted, he will go and defend Syphn's scumbag behavior towards Theryan26, but then act like he is morally superior in his videos when he is in no room to talk about ANYTHING when it comes to morality, because he is guilty of doing scummy shit to people himself. He was in on the trolling just as much as Syphn as much as he doesn't want to admit it, he backpedals EVERY argument he makes when you debate with him. When Theryan26 got pissed off to the point of threatening violence, The Ceasornator used this against him to "prove" that he is this evil guy who when he is clearly aware of Syphn being a shit-talking bully and a prick towards him, insulting his real life occupation, spamming very vulgar and extremely childish insults like "Theryan26 needs his diapey" and "WAAAAAAAA im ryan", spamming and calling him a "pussy" multiple times to manipulate him into using his voice.

The Ceasornator on several occasions has flip-flopped his arguments, he will claim one thing, then contradict himself and make another claim. He would argue that the Ryan26 No Context account "provides evidence", and "shows proof of Theryan26's being retarded", even though this is a massive contradiction, evidence is not taken out of context, and ACTUAL evidence is supposed to give context of the whole drama altogether, and screenshots can be easily fabricated, taken out of context at the expense of anybody to smear them as whatever. In summary: You can NOT have the latter if you do not have the former.

Blowing Things Out Of Proportion/Smearing[edit | edit source]

Similar to Keemstar, The Ceasornator has a reputation of blowing everything out of proportion for the sake of trying to look smart in front of his own audience or to suit his own narrative.

Keep a reminder that The Ceasornator is the biggest pseudo-victim and smear merchant you could possibly think of.

The ZeroRush91 incident (April 2018)[edit | edit source]

After all the shit-talking, bullying and mocking of this user and managing to piss him off by acting oblivious to Syphn's behavior, and having Syphn mock him, insult him and act like a douchebag towards him. Theryan26 expressed justice and celebration for ZeroRush91 in the hospital. The Ceasornator misconstrudes Theryan26 as "TELLING" ZeroRush91 to die, when it is obvious that Theryan26 was simply expressing his justice for someone who was keen on white-knighting and defending Syphn which is why this user showed no empathy for this user. He desperately tries to use this as "evidence" to try and prove Theryan26 is a sociopath, when it was clearly obvious why this user did not show empathy towards ZeroRush91 and Syphn in the first place. The former being a white-knight and insulted this user in the first place, the latter being self-explanatory and toxic. Yet at the same time shows no empathy for Theryan26 by telling him to commit suicide for counter-trolling Syphn and him by calling them "fat" (Even though Syphn called this user "fat" in the first place), for the exact same reasons Theryan26 does not show empathy for Syphn and ZeroRush91 which makes him a colossal hypocrite.

Charlotte Grace (April-May 2018)[edit | edit source]

Instead of taking responsbility for the (Actual) emotional damage he did to this user with this account, he deflects the blame onto this user by desperately wanting to use this as "proof" of pedophilia, even though there was literally only a 2 year age difference. As Charlotte Grace was 16 and Theryan26 was 18 years old at the time. Which makes The Ceasornator a massive scumbag, because not only is he refusing to take responsibility for the Charlotte Grace account, he is willingly going out of his own way to smear this users reputation because he simply does not like this user.

Ambersun Account (February-April 2019)[edit | edit source]

Deflecting the blame and gaslighting this user to which Bearcat is fully responsible for doing. Instead of taking responsiblity Bearcat did with the Ambersun account to parasitically get more information about him, manipulate him into playing LBP2 with her, manipulate him into responding in a sexually aroused state, she shifts the blame onto Theryan26 and accuses him of being a "groomer" when in fact Bearcat was the one who lured this user in the first place on Twitter, by luring him into the Twitter DM's, then onto Discord, where she reveals herself as a 22 year old, who lives in the UK, but then edits her comment to 15 to mastermindingly shift the blame onto Theryan26 and accuse him of "pedophilia".

Yet he uses the Ambersun account as "evidence" of pedophilia when most of the screenshots in the DM's are taken out of context to make it look as worse and unflattering as possible. He acted oblivious when Theryan26 told him that they were accusing him of pedophilia and said it was "cursed".

The Ceasornator has an extremely common tendency to backpedal any argument he makes AGAINST ANYBODY. He is a liar, scumbag and a smear merchant and he knows that he is. He will act one way, then act in a contrary way to make it look like. The Ceasornator twists the whole story into his own narrative, so he can try to make himself look like the victim when he is one who added this user into group DM's and servers.

Age Of Consent Incident (February-March 2020)[edit | edit source]

When Theryan26 called The Ceasornator's girlfriend "pretty", The Ceasornator was fine with that. But when Theryan26 brought up the age of consent in New York so The Ceasornator would not call him a "pedophile" for calling his girlfriend "pretty", The Ceasornator threw a temper tantrum and accused Theryan26 of "pedophilia" which comes to show how much of an oversensitive moron this troll really is.

Associates/Friends/Viewers[edit | edit source]

Syphn: Read the article.

Bearcat/lunarbearcat colloqually known as Goomy: This user who is most certainly a troll is a different beast all-together. She is known to be influential to Ceasornator to become left leaning and elitist like her. Bearcat is not well-known or popular enough to have her own article. She shows signs of sociopathy, because of her constant deceitfulness, manipulation, insincerity and sadism in the way she trolled other users, by catfishing them, making repetitive shitposts on her channel on them to piss them off, most specifically towards Theryan26. She has manipulated Theryan26 into thinking she despises Syphn, even though both trolls are close friends, catfishing him with two discord accounts 'Charlotte Grace' and 'Ambersun' to not only exploit his personal life, emotions, but to frame him as a pedophile, for cancel culture purposes and her own amusement. She is responsible for the catfish account 'Ambersun', that was first used on twitter via Twitter DM's and account, later deleted to cover her own tracks, then later lured into Discord direct messages, the types of tactics she used for 'Ambersun' was to frame this user as a pedophile, by editing the comment where it said the age from age 21 to 15 years old, and where she lived, being sexually provocative towards him, manipulating him into showing his face (which failed), and asking him what his personal life is like. During this catfish attempt, Theryan26 already has suspicions of this account yet being another catfish account (Asking Bearcat if 'Ambersun' is a real account, and her claiming Ambersun is a "BethanyJayy clone". Theryan26 asking the Ambersun account (Bearcat) herself to prove that she is real by using an old screenshot of the oldest post she had.) on a few occasions and as a result, left the account and blocked it. Bearcat waited for weeks and months on end for Theryan26 to come back and talk to this catfish account, only to realize that he was catfished yet once again by this troll, she manipulated him by attempting to showing his face in his own discord server and using his voice to record it and piss him off.

Bearcat is a 21 year old woman (while acting like a 9 year old spoiled juvenile brat) living in the United Kingdom likely in the Scotland region, her supposed real name is "Jess Dare" however this has yet to be disputed and is suspected to be a fake name. Her birthdate is April 8, 1999. (Wait to see if she plays the victim because Theryan26 knows her birthdate while having a Discord server dedicated to harassing and stalking him). Her political beliefs are very left-wing, and she is a radical feminist who used to use Tumblr. She also dismisses anybody who is right-wing or centrist, by making fun of them and insulting them.

Speaking of Bearcat's derogatory shitpost videos on her channel. She disguises all of them as some sort of genuine "criticism". Bearcat on even one occasion made a "happy birthday" video on his birthday to Theryan26 which was designed to piss him off, while disguising it as some sort of "happy birthday" video, even though the video was clearly meant to piss him off. Bearcat kept trolling and "arguing" with Theryan26 about this video, claiming that the video was once again a "happy birthday" video and that he was being "mean". While Theryan26 wonders if she would make yet another video on his birthday the next year, however no video has been uploaded for months as of 2021, possibly in some sort of sadistic attempt to scare him by not uploading videos and unexpectedly uploading another derogatory shitpost, because she knows that they piss him off. A clear sign that Bearcat has no form of genuine human decency, nor any form of having a sense of human morality.

Another similar thing is Bearcat making a fake ID photo of Theryan26, while claiming it is "real". When argued about this she will insistently call this fake ID photo clearly created by her "real".

Bearcat also made the thing with Ambersun look worse than it actually was, by making it look like Theryan26 was "grooming" Ambersun, when in fact Bearcat was fabricating this by cropping out of context screenshots in Discord direct messages to blow things out of proportion in an attempt to cancel him. The fact is Theryan26 simply called the Ambersun account "beautiful" on a few occassions responding to fake pictures of Ambersun (In reality Bearcat's real life friends when they were minors). Using fake pictures of her own real life friends for the sake of getting back at Theryan26 could be seen as pitiful and traitorous.

She has also manipulated Theryan26 into signing into a fake discord account, by using a fake email and password, to gain his IP address which traced to a VPN IP address because at the time, Theryan26 was using a VPN much to Bearcat's dismay, but even though this was the case. To possibly stalk, and find out his home address, and where he lives. It is also speculated she is a hacker, as she did attempt to gain Theryan26's IP address through Discord logins with a fake email and password she created in the DM's. When Theryan26's discord account was logged into in 2019 which traced to White Plains, New York, she claimed to be the hacker who signed into Theryan26's discord account through Discord, and Twitter direct messages. When Theryan26 found out that Bearcat attempted to gain his IP address, this user started repeatedly asking her questions if she has his real and personal information, which she kept refusing to answer, and once again, manipulated him into using his real voice by discord voice call, which she then claimed is when she would tell him if she has his personal information. This resulted in this user getting frustrated and angry with her, which she found funny.

She has spammed towards this user on Discord by calling him a "fat incel", "fat pussy", "pussy little bitch", "nigger" while spam pinging him, or by mocking him by saying "WAAAAAAAAA" and "waaaa im ryan i shit my diapey".

She also was a user on Encyclopedia Dramatica to make an article on Theryan26 to piss him off, after he made an article on her. She has also trolled other users on Twitter and Tumblr, but her safe haven for trolling is on Discord. She trolled other users on Twitter by pretending to be a K-Pop stan. In April-May 2018, both Syphn and Bearcat, played a role in manipulating Theryan26 into using his voice by spamming insults at him, spam pinging him, use of loud mockery, insults and obnoxious infantile whining and crying noises in past discord voice calls to piss him off. She is also indirectly responsible for the recording of a past voice call with him and Syphn on Discord in 2018, as she told Syphn to record the voice call, and told Syphn to join the voice call insistently, after mastermindingly pissing off Theryan26 with mockery, shit-talking and insults. She is also responsible for clipping parts of the said past voice call with Theryan26, on Discord using mp3 voice clips to spam, and creating multiple derogatory memes directed at him to piss him off. This can also be used to deflect any criticism of her, as she is not worth anybodies time when trying to reason with her. When joining a voice call, she will constantly repeat the same mp3 voice clips from the voice call to piss off this particular user. and on top of this, repeating what the person said by mocking him. This user has also made a few imposter/troll accounts to piss off this particular user:,

Bearcat would also often as parasitic questions, whether it is Theryan26's knowledge about sexuality or the continent of the United Kingdom, him answering these parasitic questions would result in Bearcat taking the answer or conversation out of context to exploit him and ridicule him for her own amusement and egotistical gain. To add the cherry on top she is an unhinged narcissistic obsessed stalker of Theryan26, she manipulated him into using his voice and has obsessions with the 2018 voice call, particularly with his voice. Bearcat is a generally unpleasant and vile person. Her manipulation skills, on top of that using her manipulation skills as a weapon to exploit and humiliate someone who did nothing wrong to her, because she thinks she is doing something right for the world.

Bearcat is also very condescending and narcissistic because she loves to boast about how going to University is special and how supposedly smart she is, while talking down to Theryan26 for having a real job and occupation. Particularly because it is a minimum wage job, so therefore it is somehow excusable. Bearcat has an obsession with the voice call because of the stutters, and "lulzy" little errors he made for the "lulz". In a much similar way to how an obsessed deranged cyber-stalker is. Bearcat also tries to be as petty as humanly possible, by nitpicking any small mistake Theryan26 made by stuttering or making a small grammatical error to piss him off. While at the same time shits on him when confronted by others for calling her arguments 'petty nonsense'. Which she has proven time and time again that this is factually true, because of the petty and stupidest potshots imaginable. (nitpicking the size of a screenshot, making fun of theryan26 for the way he sounds, and his real life occupation). Bearcat is particularly sadistic in her ways of trolling because she uses the 2018 voice call, and clipping it into small parts at MP3 voice clips as ammunition to spite and piss off Theryan26 because of his apparent "shame of his voice". She also shows these same MP3 voice clips to other users in some sort of attempt to "scare" him.

Much like Syphn, she has an unhealthy pathological obsession with Theryan26, because of what he looks like, where he lives and his real life occupation. She is an obsessed unhinged stalker of his, who looks at Theryan26's social media accounts constantly to see if he will uploading something, for instance YouTube, on YouTube he can upload a video and Bearcat will immediately comment on the video. Her personality is also very similar to that of Syphn, because of how she makes fun of people for misspelling, grammatical errors and voice stuttering. It was also further confirmed that she influenced Syphn to become left wing and elitist like her. She has also pretended to be "friends" with users she associates with, people who are younger, or unaware of the situation at all, at any given opportunity when any of these supposed "friends" are present, she will play the victim and make it seem like Theryan26 is the one who is attacking her, when she provocated everything by pissing him off, bullying him (for the way he looks, and where he lives), being manipulative, and sadistic. A discord server named 'All Cops are Bastards" dedicated to bullying and making a harassment campaign against Theryan26 was made to lure Theryan26's former friends and to bait Theryan26 into joining the server and argue with other trolls on the server, and possibly for a troll by the name of The Grant Grantini to mass false report his Discord accounts multiple times to get his accounts deactivated. This same potential psychopathic user has confessed to having obsessions with gore and has spammed very disturbing and explicit pictures of children being skinned alive, snuff porn and scat porn. This user has a history of serial mass reporting other people's Discord accounts getting them disabled and Twitter accounts suspended to piss them off. The simple fact that one of Theryan26's former friends, had their Discord account disabled as well left suspicions. This user is 16 years old.

To further hammer in that she is a stalker, she has looked into other peoples profiles, by looking into their's, reddit profiles, Tik Tok's, YouTube playlists and now has recently joined Trollpedia to stalk and look into what her #1 target has been doing.

She has also attempted to do the same with newcomers she lured into her 'Cops Are All Bastards' server, by playing the victim and making it look like Theryan26 was being mean to her, when she started everything by once again, being provocative, shit-talking, and manipulative. The whole aforementioned server was a harassment campaign designed to stalk, harass and bully him. It is further evident of how she is a sociopath because of how extremely manipulative she is to other people, pathological lying, and being callous and malicious towards other users she targets. By once again, manipulating others into showing pictures of their face, using their voice in discord calls, and gaining their IP addresses by using fake emails and passwords, and also being parasitic by being exploitative of her targets, by extracting personal information out of them by baiting them into answering her questions, screenshotting anything her targets said in a Discord direct message, Twitter direct message, and Discord Server, taking anything they said out of context for her own amusement (which she has admittedly said before). It is further evident because of how sadistic and psychologically tormenting she is of this user by manipulating him into things he may regret in the future, or by being pathologically manipulative by once again, manipulating this user into using his voice in Discord calls because of this said user asking her if she has his personal information. When during an argument, she has often baited this user about serious subjects, like toddler childhood trauma, which she denied exists, this then resulted in her asking a question of what gave this person childhood trauma, this only resulted in the person answering the question only to be humiliated, spited and bullied with a screenshot because of his answer. She only does further damage to the other people she targets, by being parasitic, manipulative, and sadistic, she is not loyal to her peers, does not show compassion for others, has no sense of respect or morality, she is a pathological liar, insincere and deceitful, and only pretends to show respect and morality under superficial charm.

When Theryan26 was joining and rejoining the call repeatedly in an attempt to get her to angrily react, this only backfired at this user because Bearcat recorded this to upload it to YouTube only to exploit him, making him seem like he was the one who was angry. Syphn also seemed to get genuinely pitiful and slightly irritated about this by saying "god...", a slight implication that it pissed him off but this is not exactly clear. Bearcat does not seem to understand why people get frustrated and angry with her, and why this user Theryan26 gets genuinely pissed at her, not realizing her provocation and annoyance is what pisses him off. Doing this method of trolling the troll to Bearcat will not work, and will only result in her backfiring you trolling her at you by recording or screenshotting your actions to exploit you. However, what really seems to get her mad is spamming pictures of gore, because she has called it "fucking pathetic" in the past, and she has removed this user from group chats.

Multiple videos of her are designed to piss this user off, with no hesitation as if necessary. Using multiple MP3 clips of Ryan's voice in the past voice call of June 2018, to use in videos to piss him off. In fact her trolling tactics on Discord result in her uploading Theryan26's angry reactions towards her, one example of this is punching his microphone, frustrated and angry; because she stubbornly refused to answer his question multiple times if she had his personal information after attempting to gain his IP address through Discord logins, and after all the times she used scare tactics by claiming "I have your information, you better watch what you say". She then asked to "unmute your mic, and use your real voice and I will tell you if I have your personal information", which Theryan26 refused to do because he knew that she would record him using his voice, this only resulted in someone yelling at her "FUCK YOU!" at her, because of her arrogance, stubborness and refusal to answer his question multiple times. She is extremely clever at being manipulative like this, and finds it amusing to be exploitative to people by pissing them off to the point of rage.

She does have a tendency to kick users repeatedly out of servers to piss them off. She also does the same by removing users from Discord group chats she owns, then adding them back.

She is a toxic sociopath and narcissistic troll and has a extremely strong tendency to deny anything she has ever done, and gaslight whoever accuses her of doing something shitty in the past of "you are making things up" and demand proof when she obviously knows what she did or has done in the past. Even when quote unquote "proof" or screenshot/evidence is shown right in front of her, she will call it "fake".


Since this troll is incredibly narcissistic, she constantly denies everything she has ever done in the past, whether it was her sadistic trolling habits, her bullying and harassment, stalking, manipulation, and her being a generally shitty person. She denies every single criticism thrown at her, by deflecting, backpedaling and asking unnecessary questions about how she is like this, or when she did the aforementioned, and instead projects her bullying and shit-talking onto the person she provoked and targeted. Demanding to have screenshots shown, which mostly results in her calling the screenshots "fake". She even does this to her own supposed "friend" Ceasornator.

It is unknown if The Ceasornator is too oblivious to realize that Bearcat does not care about him, is not honest, and is using him for her own amusement, or The Ceasornator knows this but simply does not care because he is insecure.

She has once admitted to being anti-social when one user asked her if she has stolen something from a store, which she answered 'yes'. When accused of doing something in the past, she will accuse the person of being a liar, project her problems onto said person, demanding screenshots to be shown, and for the most part, will call the screenshots 'fake'.

She also accuses others of being 'pedophiles' for the sole reason of liking NSFW art of underage characters, and Lolicon or Shotacon. Whether you think Lolicon or Shotacon is child porn or not, these drawings are entirely fictional. While on the other hand, real life Child Pornography is actual child pornography.

On Twitter, she has attempted to "catch" this user lying when he criticized her for "until we get more information out of Theryan26, he doesn't sound 18", which only ended up biting her in the rear end because what the user in question accused her of doing was proven to be true because this user has a screenshot of her saying this in her own Discord server. She will also ask how she is manipulative and sociopathic, to derail, deflect and backpedal the argument at hand. Much like Syphn, she laughed in celebration when this users Discord account was mass reported and disabled by another Discord troll. She is a baiter, smear merchant, narcissistic troll, shit-talker, sociopath, sadistic troll, stalker and pseudo-victim.

This user also believes JonTron is a nazi because of the past livestream debate with Destiny vs. Jontron. Even though Jontron explained this thoroughly in a video of his later on.

Bearcat has also resorted to petty nonsensical arguments like criticizing the size of the screenshots Theryan26 provides, calling them "hot garbage" or "too small", or by simply making fun of, and ridiculing his style of screenshotting, or his style of drawing on Deviantart.

Syphn and Bearcat would constantly and repeatedly both spam the same MP3 voice clips over and over again in Discord group chats to piss him off, and repeatedly say the same unnecessary voice clip via discord voice calls to piss him off as if necessary. Almost as if they are autistic because they feel the need to repeatedly do this over and over again, but clearly it is an unhinged obsession with these said voice clips in a destructive way to scare Theryan26 and make him feel self-concious about his voice.

Bearcat is a particularly manipulative and sadistic individual, and is extremely unhinged and destructive in her ways of trolling. She will do any dirty underhanded tactic in a very destructive attempt to cancel someone, or to humiliate and spite them in front of her peers. She is extremely manipulative because of all the past stuff she did to manipulate Theryan26 into doing things he might have regretted, or to simply exploit him, which she has a history of doing. Whether it was through her parasitic questioning, or by manipulating him with the Ambersun account to play LittleBigPlanet 2 with her to screenshot everything on her PS3 on her account in another very underhanded way of her exploitative behavior.

When Theryan26 was already suspicious of the Ambersun account, he asked her repeatedly if she was a fake account, which Bearcat replied with "shes a bethanyjayy clone". As a result, Theryan26 blocked and stopped talking to the account, only for weeks later for her to reveal herself as the perpetrator behind the Ambersun account. This is a particularly destructive, sadistic and manipualtive example of her trolling, and is a clear sign that she is a sociopath. Not to mention her destructive way of trolling by taking everything he said out of context with the Ambersun account, and making him look like a pedophile. Bearcat first made the Ambersun account on Twitter, to lure Theryan26 into talking with him, which Theryan26 complied to do. This lead to them talking in Twitter DM's, Bearcat was being superficially charming by acting cute and when Theryan26 complimented her, this was her slanderous opportunity to yet again frame him as a 'pedophile' this was yet another example of her taking everything out of context and making him look like a pedophile, because the Twitter DM's on twitter took place before the Discord DM's where Ambersun supposedly said she was 15 years old (Even though the comment where she said she was 15 was edited). Bearcat could be extremely manipulative as usual by gaslighting you into believing that this isn't true, and demand you to show "evidence" to prove her wrong when confronted for her destructive and sadistic tendencies. She has a history of doing this, especially by asking "when" or "how so?" when you criticize her for something she obviously did in the past. This is yet another narcissistic attempt of her trolling you. She does realize the destructive actions she does, and still continues by doing it by pathologically lying, and being a deceitful dishonest scumbag. She is in fact proud of her sadistic behavior, and takes pride in doing so, like saying she "outsmarted" Theryan26 because he fell for Charlotte Grace and Ambersun, when as explaned before, Theryan26 already had suspicions of the Ambersun account long before it was revealed to be Bearcat. She comes up with a ton of lies, and she finds it funny.

Bearcat also impulsively spends her money on certain things, she once spent money on Discord Nitro without her mothers permission which lead to her getting upset with Bearcat. Bearcat saw no moral consequence of this and did it anyway. To top this, she sent this to Theryan26 simply to spite him right after she warned him not to click on any links which could reveal IP addresses, knowing that Theryan26 is aware of her attempting to gain his IP address through logins with the fake discord email and password. Theryan26 ignored this offer unknowing that this link was not spoopy, this resulted in her calling him a "retard".

Bearcat will also often accuse Theryan26 of "having no friends" when he has a few friends in his Discord List, and YouTube. Bearcat will desperatebly try to cover up her own sadistic behavior by accusing the critic (Most particularly Theryan26) of "lying", or "making stuff up", when she is fully aware of what she does.

Bearcat as mentioned before, is an unhinged stalker, and will check to see any of Theryan26 channel to see what he has uploaded. One example of this is when Theryan26 uploaded a parody video, criticizing Elijah Davallos, she commented immediately on the video.

Bearcat is a machivallianist mastermind, who plans her trolling attacks on her targets so she can spread lies about them and defame them. Like manipulating people into using their voice by talking shit using mocking insults, and loud obnoxious infantile noises. The final straw being when she said "Ry-Ryan how does it feel to get fucking owned by Charlotte Grace?" Bearcat has once admitted that she knew that this would piss off Theryan26, and used a devil emoji to congratulate herself on her sadistic trolling habits. She is aware that The Great Grantini mass reported his Discord account that he no longer has access to past conversations with the catfish accounts 'Ambersun' and 'Charlotte Grace' to disprove Theryan26's supposed "pedophilia". She will on some occasions make up her own story about 'Charlotte Grace' and 'Ambersun', and on most occasions not even acknowledge the fact that it was a catfish account, treating Ambersun like it was a real person.

Like any psychopath/sociopath, Bearcat cannot be trolled, she will only use your own trolling attempts against you to exploit you. If you spam in her DM's, she will remain calm and silent, then screenshot your trolling attempts to exploit you. Like when Theryan26 was joining and rejoining a voice call to piss her off, and only ended up her recording it and uploading it to YouTube, making Theryan26 look like he is angry when he was doing this to make her mad.

On February 14, 2021, to further hammer in her obsession with this user. She copy-pasted the same tweet from February 2018 to simply spite him. This tweet was taken out of context by The Ceasornator himself, Syphn and Bearcat too. Because of his rant on Valentine's Day, this was blown out of proportion as an excuse to spam the insult "incel" and use it as an insult towards him. To add the cherry on top Bearcat also has kept the same out of context screenshot as her Twitter backround since early 2020, because she knows this would piss him off. This was all in an attempt of her toxic narcissism to get him to come back to Discord to argue with her again after 3 years of nonsensical flame wars, her trolling, and drama.

Bearcat will also resort to whitewashing, in an attempt to cover up her sadistic provoking behavior. By deleting her tweets trolling and shit-talking other people, and including the Ambersun catfish account on Twitter so she can cover up all the things she did, and Theryan26 is unable to use evidence against her. On another note, if you also criticize Bearcat for any of the sadistic trolling habits she did in the past, she will gaslight you into believing you are making everything up, and manipulate the people around her into believing you are lying.

Unhinged, obsessed, narcissistic attention whore.
870798-44 The-R26 - YouTube.png

Important Notice/Her Vandalization:[edit | edit source]

On January 21, 2021. A user by the name of Materialscientist joined the Trollpedia website, who was known to be notorious for being a subjectively abusive admin for Wikipedia. It is speculated, if not entirely possible that this user was Bearcat, or Syphn in disguise to vandalize the Trollpedia website by editing Trollpedia articles by shortening the gaps between sentences into one whole paragraph or correcting small little spelling errors as if necessary (While claiming the pages as correcting errors and "too much swearing", "offensive swearing", or editing other pages or users, petty little mistakes that were not necessary to edit) and its articles which did occur, considering that Bearcat has a history of impersonating other users, such as Theryan26, igz egz, and using catfish accounts on Discord to troll other users. The user talk section of Materialscientist consisted of fabrication in order to confuse other users into believing that it is a real and verified account, this is yet another manipulation tactic by Bearcat to fabricate everything and fool people into believing that is obviously not true, look into the sociopath category. This user also sent a message towards one of our users Theryan26, impersonating Materialscientist. This was designed to confuse or deceive him into believing it was a real person, but was later revealed to be an impersonator after the user was proven to be an impersonator by one of the Miraheze admins and was banned/deleted from Trollpedia by the Miraheze admin. In real common knowledge of why would a Wikipedia admin be vandalizing Miraheze and Trollpedia articles is beyond the common eye.

Her vandalization
To prove it was an impersonator.

On January 22, 2021, After the imposter Materialscientist account was deleted off the website, Bearcat or Goomy again went on the Trollpedia website, created multiple accounts and sock-puppet accounts to potentially vandalize any article. This is further evident because she is stalking and obsessing over him after almost 3 years of nonsensical shit-talking, and malicious trolling. These sock-puppet usernames include: Bearcat, Goomy, Goomyy, REALtheryan26, HyperseaShell, and TommieMoses5972. (Do not be fooled by the username, it is another one of her accounts to deceive other users and vandalize articles as an undercover impersonation account while claiming it as "constructive edits")

On January 24, 2021, Goomyy vandalized The Ceasornator article by spamming and quoting a tweet Theryan26 made on Twitter in February 2018 about Valentine's Day, not long after, Goomyy uploaded a downloaded image of one of Theryan26's OC's from Deviantart on the website to piss him off, the Goomyy account was eventually blocked from the Trollpedia website, and REALtheryan26 impersonation account was disabled. Keep in mind this "feud" between Bearcat, Syphn and The Ceasornator has been going on since April 2018, if you count the relentless shit-talking and harassment from Syphn on Twitter and Discord, which dates back to February 2018.

It takes a special kind of talent to be this manipulative and deceitful as an imposter account.
The image that was added to his profile.

As of April 2021, Bearcat changed her entire Twitter account to simply Goomy, dedicated to Animal Crossing. Deleting any of the shit-talking trolling attempts she did to cover up her shitty behavior.

Covering up everything you did Jess?

Sockpuppets[edit | edit source] (Also The Ceasornator's sockpuppet)

Channel Links:[edit | edit source]

Youtube|Repetitive as all hell obsessive Theryan26 shitposts

ZeroRush91: His IRL friend. He is the ex-boyfriend of Syphn. He uploaded calls of others trolling particular users which he has since, deleted, privated or unlisted. On discord, he also acted on being indignant, insulting, mocking and shit-talking towards Theryan26. Sometime during the feud between Theryan26 and Syphn, he was assaulted with a deadly weapon IRL by use of a knife, and sent to the hospital. When Theryan26 showed no respect or empathy towards him, this was later used as ammunition against Theryan26, for Ceasornator to play the victim card, shit-talk and make a video on him. He also influenced The Ceasornator to become a weeaboo.

Channel Links:[edit | edit source]

LivingTrashCan: An extremist leftist elitist on the far left with a high and mighty, pretentious, know-it-all, holier-than-thou attitude who loves to smack-talk and condescendingly act like he knows everything about politics. He likes to talk down to people who are right wing, centrist or even left wing centrist, he is in support of communism too. He also likes to call people who like Lolicon or fictional drawings of underage characters pedophiles, and criticize other trolls for spamming gore in discord servers, which is also what Syphn and Bearcat think, despite the fact they are trolls themselves. Turns out some internet trolls are some supposed standards. He seems to have some sort of obsession with people being attracted to minors under 18, calling them "pedophiles". He also accused Theryan26 of being a "potential predator" after Bearcat used the Ambersun catfish account, because he made a few compliments. He also is a massive Anti-O (Anti-Onision), who pretentiously talked down to Theryan26 for his reasons for disliking Onision (for his manipulation, narcissism, and exploitation of his girlfriend Shiloh who had a seizure), but for the fact that Onision dated minors, which he seems to have a massive hatred for. Further proving his holier-than-thou persona is how he talks down to people who spam gore, or favorite drawings of underage characters, particularly Benthelooney (as if he wasn't unnecessarily talked enough about), as if he has some sort of moral superiority. Based on his holier-than-thou attitude, claim of moral superiority, and spiteful attitude towards people who are not far left like him (While criticizing Theryan26 for "not sharing the same views as him"), he appears to be a massive narcissist. Given how grossly pretentious he is about how preachy, all-knowing and holier-than-thou he is when it comes to morality, his left-wing communist political views and how he believes the left the supposed "superior" political side, condescendingly talking down to anybody who is right-wing, centrist or even left-wing centrist. He is also a massive feminist who vows for Anita Sarkeesian, and mocks Anti-SJW's.

His real name is Colin, and he is 18 years old.

Channel Links:[edit | edit source]

Machinehead55/Machinehead714/CephalicTruth/Amortyzowac/Raziel Soul Reaver: A former anti-SJW turned antifa-communist leftist elitist, he is speculated to be a troll because he loves to piss people off by making them angry during arguments, he also has a very know-it-all attitude, is condescending to others and boasts about how smarter he is than other people he targets. He is also a furry. He follows an anarcho-communist by the name of Darkscythe. His favorite insults to use are "tryhard", "twelvie", "chud", and "sperg". He got pissed at a user by the name of Theryan26 for criticizing and trolling another user on Discord by the name of UriahHeepIsAwesome/Painkiller99 in 2017 for favoriting cub porn art on Inkbunny, Painkiller99 "apologized" for this to his friends, and was proven to be a furry because he favorited cub porn art, and would often make photo-shopped edits of users he disliked into downloaded furry porn art. This trolling of UriahHeepisAwesome/Painkiller99 for favoriting cub porn on Inkbunny made Machinehead55 so angry that he made a 'parody video' on his friend Ottomagic Critic, to "get back" at him, in the video he claims Theryan26 is "extremely unfunny!!" "isnt fucking childish at all" mocking Ottomagic Critic. He has a very yes-man and crony-like persona, sucking up to people who are popular in a community. As of 2020, he has privated every video of his except one. They mostly consisted of him doing guitar solos of metal songs, or mediocre shitposts. This user also loves to act know-it-all and claim about how much "smarter" he is than Theryan26, to prove how much of a narcissist he is.

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(Old Twitter Account

TheGoldenKoso/Leviathan Empire: is a former friend of Ceasornator's, he liked to annoy other people on Discord, and send derogatory drawings to other users on Deviantart, which makes him a troll, he is barely active on Twitter and YouTube nowadays. He has a short "feud" with The Ceasornator, which resulted in The Ceasornator making a cringe compilation on this user.

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(Secondary Twitter Account

TheCoolguyFoe/Sailor 'AKA' Nick TheCoolguyfoe is a 16 year old boy, who is obviously insecure and does not know much about the internet. In 2019, he was bullied and exploited by both Syphn and Bearcat for their own amusement. when they recorded him on Discord voice chat cooking chicken nuggets. One day, Theryan26 turned against this user because he defended Syphn and Bearcat in one of Theryan26's own servers, which resulted in Theryan26 showing no empathy for this user, and asked him what he should do. Theryan26 responded with telling this user to essentially "go fuck himself" when he said he was depressed by telling him to "lay in the middle of the road". Because of his defense for Bearcat and Syphn, this was a big mistake on Theryan26's part because now Syphn and Bearcat will use this as ammunition against him to try and prove that he is a "sociopath" when this is obviously not the case. Theryan26 is easy to anger, and piss off, which is what made Bearcat and Syphn make this user have emotional outburst and threaten death to them multiple times. Because Syphn and Bearcat have established themselves to be parasitic scumbag trolls who thrive off being pieces of garbage who love to harass, stalk and agitate other unknowing users. He is also a hinted contrarian just like The Ceasornator is.

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ZED99 Is an associate with The Ceasornator who partook in shit-talking Theryan26 because he trolled Painkiller99 about favoriting cub porn.

.zer Is a close real-life friend of Lunarbearcat/Bearcat. This user came across Theryan26 sometime in 2018.

Oakburr W. Feathertree/Eternity/GothicGhost A disingenous exploitative pseudo-victim who accused Theryan26 of "predatory behavior" because he complimented her a few times in Discord DM's, she is also the mastermind behind the Ambersun account as claimed by Lunarbearcat/Bearcat.

His Videos/YouTube Channel[edit | edit source]

His videos mainly consisted of unfunny edgy shitposts which were photoshopped faces/heads of his targets onto cartoons or whatever clip he could find, or distasteful 9/11 shitposts memes for the sake of being edgy. His Autism Aspects, Commentary Chronicles videos were basically him shit-talking, using edgy insults like "nigger", "disabled", and bitching about the people he is commentating on. He also made a parody video one time on CephalicTruth during a "feud" with him when Theryan26 requested this user to make a parody video on him, his first "Autism Aspects" video was made when Theryan26 teached this user how to use TTS on his Macbook, and made his own section of the video by making a script.

Noteworthy Facts[edit | edit source]

The Ceasornator and Syphn can dish it, but they can't take it (Referring to Theryan26 being retaliatory).

The Ceasornator's 98% of the screenshots he provides are taken out of context in an attempt to push his own narrative about certain individuals he does not like. The Ceasornator is a pseudo-victim and a lying coward who thinks he is clever in the way he can manipulate certain individuals he sees as vulnerable, then smear their reputation if they dare for once get pissed off at Syphn being an annoying shit-talking prick.

He is an avid-fanboy of the animated TV series Spongebob Squarepants and remembers each and every line from each episode of the show.

His mother is catholic conservative, which is likely why he turned into a left-leaning social justice warrior.

When you criticize The Ceasornator for his shitty behavior, he will just resort to copy-pasting your comment to piss you off. In addition he is also extremely stubborn when you try to argue with him, he will either just backpedal, resort to ad-hominem attacks like "retarded" or "autistic" or resort to bitching at you to show "proof" or "evidence" even when something the opposition is pointing out is EXTREMELY obvious.

He posted Syphn's real name and pictures of this users face after Syphn blackmailed this users friend ZeroRush91 out of money.

The Ceasornator will often resort to using the appeal to ignorance fallacy, when accused of doing something shitty in the past that he obviously know that he did, then demands you to show screenshots and if you don't comply he will call you a liar. Just like when he said he "never called" Charlotte Grace a "cunt" (His own catfish account), then demanded Theryan26 to show a screenshot even when it was clearly obvious and The Ceasornator knew that he said this.

He is also a hinted contrarian, given how he prefers the Wii U over the Nintendo Switch. He also hates the Nintendo Switch, and he also prefers Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U over Super Smash Bros. Ultimate despite the arguably better improvements of the latter game.

He often loves to use clown emojis a lot on Twitter to "disprove" the opponents argument. Much like any toxic Twitter troll does, which is ironic because The Ceasornator bitches about how "retarded" the people are on there.

Much like Keemstar, The Ceasornator will also try to weasel or snake his way out of the shit he's done, whether it is his sockpuppet accounts, his manipulation tactics, or his smear campaigns against people who simply deviated from his narrative. He also tries to present his screenshots as "evidence" when in reality they are used to push his own narrative and made to look worse than it really is, because he is a smear merchant, a hack and an attention whoring clown who deflects the blame onto his targets instead of taking accountibility for his actions.

The Ceasornator would also often tell Theryan26 when this user would ask him about anything Bearcat, Syphn or BethanyJayVA has done, to "why don't you ask her?" to manipulate this user into talking to Bearcat and Syphn, even though that literally goes against his main point that this user should leave.

The Ceasornator also often contradicts himself on many occasions, he will claim that Theryan26 is a "sociopath" in his Autism Aspects video, then drop it, then accuse him of being a sociopath again, which shows how inconsistent he is with his quote unquote arguments.

The Ceasornator egotistically loves to say "no evidence" to try and make himself look like the one who knows what he's talking about when in reality he is taking everything out of context, distorting/twisting the whole story to suit his own narrative because Theryan26 simply wanted him to side with him because of how toxic Syphn was acting like towards him.

Much like Keemstar, he criticizes other for the exact same shitty things he does, whether it is being manipulative, or him and Syphn not showing empathy for people, or accusing others of being "sociopaths" for the sake of being misleading.

The Ceasornator has no form of human decency, yet he always try to portray himself as holier-than-thou and morally sound in his "Autism Aspects" videos. When in reality he is an insensitive asshole, and a sad pathetic insecure edgelord with poor, very low levels of moral reasoning, he is highly tolerable of Syphn's toxic behavior by making fun of Theryan26's deviantart art and self-portrait and how that would not be a problem. He has no consideration for other people, and he thinks he, Syphn and Bearcat are always the innocent victims in any situation when a person gets pissed off and annoyed with them. Regardless if they're trolling it does not excuse for someone to act like a scumbag by being a bully, and an indignant shit-talker. The Ceasornator is a toxic, vile despicable piece of shit, who tries to make himself look like the victim when it comes to Theryan26 situation, pulling every batshit stupid accusation out of his own ass to try and make himself look grandiose.

By The Ceasornator's own logic, he would be a "pedophile" since he dated his girlfriend who was 17 and he was 18 years old, so that would make him a "pedophile" by his own logic.

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Sources[edit | edit source] (Yes, they actually included his stupid and nonsensical bitch-fit videos and quote unquote "commentaries" as an article for the official commentary community fandom wikia. Just as you thought the commentary community could not sink any lower, because they actually include internet troll commentaries up in their listings.)

His Twitter[edit | edit source]

His Twitter consists of him bitching, shit-talking and moaning at right-wing figures like Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson and other right-wing figures for the sole reason that he is friends with Syphn and Bearcat, assumably to suck up to them because he has no set of individual beliefs of his own. As of the 25th of September 2021 his pinned tweets consists of him whining about how YouTube's terms of service when his YouTube channel gets a strike, how "disheartening" it is, and that YouTube "has their sticks up their asses", when he makes these unfunny, over-the-top edgy content making fun of 9/11, and smear campaigns against people's reputation because said people got pissed off as a result of Bearcat and Syphn's shit-talking, mockeries and trolling. The Ceasornator is probably one of the biggest hypocrites when it comes to any situation, and he just makes "Autism Aspects" videos shifting the blame onto the target instead of taking accountibility for Syphn and Bearcat's toxic and shitty behavior, regardless if they are trolls is irrelevant.

What a big sore-loser baby, who throws a tantrum when the shit gets thrown back at him, and when his account gets terminated. Probably the biggest crybaby you could imagine.
His Twitter profile
His previous Twitter profile he had for a while
The Ceasornator shit-talking and bitching at YouTube

His raging fit about his article[edit | edit source]

On the 16 of September 2021, The Ceasornator went on these rambling fits, nitpicking and shit-talking parts of the wikia page, claiming that Theryan26 was "stalking" his Twitter account, and insisting that Theryan26 is an incel based on the Valentine's Day tweet that was (totally not) taken out of context and blown out of proportion at the expense of this user so The Ceasornator could excuse Syphn's spamming of the word "incel" insults multiple times towards this user for no particular reason.

The Ceasornator insulting Theryan26 for the amount of words he used making the article.
Theryan26 insulting The Ceasornator out of anger and frustration in the DM's. Then The Ceasornator taunting Theryan26 and calling him a "bitch" and "pussy" because he blocked him.
Stupid contrarian tweet
Shit-talking Christians, to possibly piss off Theryan26 and BethanyJayVA.
The Ceasornator playing victim and trying to make it look like he is the victim when Theryan26 comments on his videos with insults out of anger and frustration. Depsite the fact that The Ceasornator keeps coming back onto YouTube which is why his videos are pissing him off.
Syphn and him "jokingly" accusing eachother of being pedophiles
The Ceasornator bitching about the part of the article disproving that Theryan26 as an "incel" and threatening to make a video response to the article. To further prove how much of a large ego The Ceasornator has, and how his fragile ego feels threatened by this wikia page.
Shit-talking about the wikia and claiming how much of a "masterpiece" it is. While also shit-talking, claiming that "no one is gonna to read it". To further validate how much of a large ego this user has.
Making a batshit stupid argument at another user that the alt-right website Gab is not above "criticism" or "mockery"

YouTube Backup Channel Termination/Temper Tantrum[edit | edit source]

On June 16, 2021, The Ceasornator's backup channel (The Ceasornator 2.0) was terminated, then threw a giant temper tantrum about it, bitching and moaning about YouTube terminating his The Ceasornator 2.0 account, even though many of the videos were edgy shit-talking rhetoric and distasteful videos consisting of edgy titles containing the words "nigger", "faggot", and edgy 9/11 memes to poke fun at 9/11 because The Ceasornator as usual is an insufferable edgelord, and The Ceasornator has the audacity to talk shit about Theryan26's backup channel and his "cancerous" parody videos. Even when Theryan26's backup channel was mass flagged and terminated by Syphn back in August 2018, The Ceasornator didn't seem to really care that much, but yet here he is throwing a massive temper tantrum about his second channel being terminated.


New YouTube Channel[edit | edit source]

After his tantrum about his channel being terminated, he created a new channel called *Ceasornator: Live and Reloaded* (To basically confirm that The Ceasornator should not be taken seriously) on the 15th of August 2021, many of which are just reuploads of his shit-talking smearing "Autism Aspects" videos.


Sockpuppets[edit | edit source] One of his sockpuppets he used to strawman Theryan26's videos to piss him off, also used by Bearcat. The Ceasornator also loves to deny he was behind this account, but then later say ZeroRush91 used it, but then later say Bearcat used it which further proves how disingenous he is. Also the fact one of the videos has the Mac TTS voice proves that this user was behind this account.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

To further prove he is a baiter
The Ceasornator really thinks his "Autism Aspects" videos are really that high-tier of IDubbz's Content Cop. When in fact his Autism Aspects videos are nothing more than disingenous shit-talking and defamation campaigns.
Shit-talking, spite and baiting
The Ceasornator showing how much of a condescending scumbag asshole he is.
The Ceasornator sucking up to YouTube, and calling Theryan26 a "pussy".
The Ceasornator showcasing that he is inept and stubbornly adheres from ANY valid criticism/points thrown at him.
His argument with other trolls he had beef with. Showing how obstinate, stubborn and inept he is from criticism from the opposition.
Ceasornator-sh t-talking2.jpg
Ceasornator-sh t-talking3.jpg
One of The Ceasornator's illogical and batshit stupid tweets.
The Ceasornator keeps running his mouth about the article. Also the argument is illogical and batshit stupid.
Then why are you on YouTube in the first place if you think of yourself like that? Unless you're trying to gain sympathy from other people.
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 00-09-39 Ceasornator User Profile DeviantArt.png
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 00-09-29 Ceasornator User Profile DeviantArt.png
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 04-19-46 Steam Comm4unity MrBoombastic724.png
Temper tantrum about his YouTube channel getting strikes.
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 22-48-20 Ceasornator on Twitter.png
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 22-48-44 Ceasornator on Twitter.png
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 22-52-07 Ceasornator on Twitter.png
Because calling someone a "retard" totally is disproving someone.
The Ceasornator being a hypocrite.
Being an attention whore and desperate for attention.
Mocking another trolls YouTube channel being terminated, but it's only tragic when his accounts get taken down. Because The Ceasornator knows everything and the world bends to his will, and he can never do wrong at all!
Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 23-32-40 Tweets with replies by Ceasornator ( Ceasornator Alt) Twitter.png
The Ceasornator shit-talking, narcissistic fit and playing the victim card.
Totally does not have a large ego at all!
Sounds actually genuine due to his reverse communication skills he uses in his trolling techniques, The Ceasornator the disingenous piece of garbage is in reality talking out of his ass.
Notice in his extremely toxic rambling "response" to Theryan26 on parts of the article, he contradicts himself in the same exact sentence.

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