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Trollpedia is a wiki made for the purpose of documenting, archiving and informing about all kinds of trolls within one place and discuss their behavior online. It uses simple-to-follow familiar language and is perfectly suited for any reader who may visit the website. Trolls are fascinating creatures since their behavior may vary a lot from an individual to another, but all trolls exist only for the purpose to annoy internet users. If you have been using the internet a lot you have probably seen at least one trying to get attention from either someone else or you in your life.

The website documents a hefty amount of trolls from different origins and with different opinions as well as entire websites that are filled to the brim by them. We currently documents the following: Trolls that believe in either Atheism or any religion; trolls that are leaning to the Left or to the Right in the political spectrum; Trolls that are cryptic as well as trolls that are obviously trolls to everyone; Trolls that are genuinely toxic as well as trolls that are reserved; And lastly, trolls that are either destructive hackers or just your run-on-the-mill Rick Roll pranksters.

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